Splash 09 ch14 Did You Know

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    welcome to another favourite
chapter 'did you know that...'.we
will again publish some funny but
true events.why are you looking at
my face,start enjoying them:

    did you know that...

    ...accuracy now has a house
belonging to only accuracy members

in bakirkoy/istanbul.can you gu-
ess the fun?

    ...the boss now could watch
rtl-plus and sat one from his pla-
ce bandirma.so friday and saturday
nights rules! hehhe.

    ...wollo had to play 16dm for
the  boss' new  year present.who
knows perhaps the post costed more
than the present itself.

    ...royal left accuracy only to

have a change.

    ...frib/accuracy will join the
army next year.

    ...wollo tried to leave the
scene three times but he couldn't.
and in the last one he even was
out for three days but he came
back again (phycological pressure
from us).

    ...the boss has 'sand' in him.

    ...the unforgiven is the best
song in metallica's new albume.

    ...and in m.jackson's 'dange-
rous' the best was 'give in to me'
which slash/gund n'roses play the
guitars in!cool!

    ...the schools in turkiye had
long holiday because of the heavy

    ...during that snow,mr.dj was

in coma as the electricity in his
town went and the roads were clo-

    ...ac/dc is the best rock'n'
role band around turkiye.

    ...there is a jeverlery shop
in ankara called topaz.

    ...mr.dj used to call up bo-
ards legal and at the end a telep-
hone bill about 2500# came.

    ...wollo and tyrant kick asses
of all lamers in bad-berleburg.

    ...falcon is in need of new
contacts on c64 and lamiga so you
must write him to swap with.

    ...falcon got his driving li-

    ...wollo,the bayern and soccer
freak is playing in a team and he
is the team-captain.

    ...penthagon of enigma reached
to an amount of 479 contacts on

    ...this is the end of this
chapter.sorry it is a bit short.
do not forget to send some.

          signed:falcon & the boss
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