Splash 09 ch12 Demo Review

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          demo review

   welcome to thiz part written by
mr.dj of accuracy. in the lack of
time i have only one demo reviewed
and it'z  timewaster 2 by the cool
guyz in x-factor. next time i hope
to do much more work for diz chap-
ter. ok time is money so let'z go

>timewaster 2 / x-factor

   first,this demo iz said to be
exist of old coded parts... but da
quality is very high and it kicks
much demos which are produced now-
adays.well,x-factor iz a very good
demo group. but i'm sorry to say
that we can't see them so much in
da charts.hope ya will put 'em in
a higher place of your vote-sheets
while they really deserve it! ok,
now let'z start...

intro: this intro consists of some
screens. there iz a star-routine
moving in z position.also a border
scroll on another screen. hmm, diz
intro like an demopart.

part1: here you can see zooming a
fractal. nice work...

part2: diz iz a dot part which iz
able to see in all x-factor demos.

part3: a very nice painted picture
iz on the screen, and on it is a
sprite multiplexer. it'z ok.

part4: now we are in the best part
of the demo i think.  there'z a
coool line-vector scroll on da

part5: a stretcher on a fli-graph.
not able to see in all demos. very
well coded.

part6: 40 chars single dypp here.
and not more than just a logo.any-
way diz dypp iz the first one ever

part7: a dot scroller! real cool

end part: a fli upscroller also
moving in x-direction.thiz iz x-f!

rating >%84
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