Splash 09 ch11 For Frib Special

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    and now,i want to write some
words that are releated with our
second hq frib/accuracy.as you
read in the news'n'rumours part,
he left the c64 scene last month.
we could not believe this and ho-
ped this was not true.but it un-
fortunataly it was true.

    how can we resist this anxiety
that all of accuracy family feel

in every small part of its nature.

    yo frib! who can forget a cool
dude like you? you were one of the
builders of the friendship and fun
family -accuracy-.you were the guy
that gave pain for this group to
rise up.you were the guy that not
only acy-guys but also all of the
scene loved.you were the second
leader and more than it you were
like a symbol for our mighty group
accuracy.you were the guy that
helped me and fix(at that time ro-

se) when we came to the scene and
started swapping.you were the guy
with loved graphics.

    well man,you were defeated in
the war against the real life and
you had to go to the dark and nar-
row ways of the real life.

    but we want to say one thing
last.don't forget that we,the all
accuracy family,will never and ne-
ver forget you.we will all the ti-
me try to do our best to rise up

this group that you entrusted to
us.and don't forget that we will
always look for the day that you
return to the scene.don't forget
your days in accuracy and don't
forget all of us.we wish you a
life full of success,goodness and
everything that you want.goodbye
our dear leader! we will miss you!

            signed:anxious falcon
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