Splash 09 ch07 Interview two

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    hih! i am back from my break.
well,as all mag editors know that
editing a mag is not an easy work.
for taking attraction of your rea-
ders,you must write all the time
interesting,different and readable
things.for doing this,you must gi-
ve break between the chapters.

    now,i can continue because i
feel myself for starting another

chapter.in this second interview
corner i planned to have an inter-
view with another famous swapper
the barthere/hysteric.but,i think
its cause of the lame post i could
not get it.so now i will write an-
other interview which is done by
slash/role on paper some time ago.
our interviewer is wollo.it starts
just on the next page.you know
what to do.

      -:wollo  +:slash

    -:hello slash!can you give in-
formations about yourself?

    +:ofcourse i can,my real name
is david,i'm 16 years old and live
in belgium.my eyes are blue,hair
blond and my heavynes is 60 kg.is
that enough? when you want to see
my picture look in rock'n'role is-
sue 14.

    -:how did you come up with yo-
ur name?

    +:well,my name comes from the
coolest dude in gun's'roses,just
listen to his discribtion on the
cd 'silver bullit'.

    -:how did you get your compu-
ter and when did you come into s-

    +:that's simple,i bought it in
a computer shop.i came in the sce-

ne on,let me think,...early 1990
or lately 1989.but who cares?

     -:what's your job in your

     +:first of all i am a swap-
per,second a cracker but these ac-
tivities can switch places in some
months and some months ago i was
making making grafixs.

     -:if you  could make a new
group  and could get  anyone join

your new group,who would you ask?

    +:it would be a cracker group
with a good original supplier and
some active coders to make cool
intros.first of all i would ask
vinzz of wow to join then mephisto
of compagnions,allready 3 crackers
and 2 swappers and 1 little coder
(vinzz).then a cool coder,crossbow
of crest.a mega swapper,stormlord
of wow.a guy who know what graphix
are like gotcha or/and redstar and
at least a musician like drax or

a-man.there is also a hq needed
isn't it? i would tak cmr/role.

    -:do you visit ever a copy
party and when yes where?

    +:simply no.i was intent to
go to venlo but there was no place
anymore left in the car from cruel
of wow.

    -:what do you think about the
c64 scene and what can we do to

    +:we need more top-lamers so
we can kick them in the ass.every-
one should have an own lamer which
he can hit when he feel pissed off

    -:what is your opinion about
the best group ever built?

    +:all groups are trying to be
on top,just look in the charts and
you will see the best ones on top.

    -:what is your job in your re-
al life?

    +:i am a student.

    -:do you have a girl friend?

    +:no regular ones.(ed:ah,anot-
her example for my article about
swapping.don't you understand it?
then read the article about and
understand what i mean.)

    -:now it is time to greet some
pals,who would you greet here?

    +:vinzz my best scene friend,

all the role members but escipeci-
aly luke,skywalker,chris,micheal,
boz and cmr.also greets to cruel
of wow and all my contacts.

     -:what is your future plans?

     +:getting a prof cracker,some
first releases and making lots of
fun.and may be starting to code,we
will see!

     -:ok,thanks a lot for the ni-
ce interview.goodbye and good luck

    again the end of a chapter has
come.go back to the main menu and
select another chapter.

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