Splash 09 ch03 News and Rumours

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    welcome to the news'n'rumours
chapter.we left another month be-
hind and just start another while
the life goes on with its full po-
wer.as life is going on,events ta-
ke place.do you want to know what
had happened in those events? then
you must go on reading this chap-
ter.i tried to collect the latest
scene news for your knowledge.
    so take the control of your
joystick and start reading them:

>important: we in accuracy had and
=========== have never any members
in >argentina<    so beware of the
lame name rippers!

  cash is lash is voyage! and he's
>not< a member of accuracy.

    -after  ikari,action,hotline
another legend  also went  to his
reserved place in a dark corner of
the  garveyard.this  time it  was
>x-ray.most of the members joined

ass kicking group enigma.

    -nowadays ruling co-op between
varsity+acrise  is  going  more
stronger day by day.escipecially
acrise gained lots of new members.
latest acrise members are:mason
killer and phantom lord (ex-trai-
tors),)rebel(ex-topaz beerline),
exult and merlin (ex-astec).also
two new coders joined acrise too.
they  are  rip from  denmark  and
artlace from hungary.

    -the current boards of acrise
      corrision of comfornity
      central park (ex-freedom)
      the temple

    -accuracy lost austria section
as dragon left and joined wow.he
also changed his handle into stri-
der.also frib the second hq of ac-
curacy left us and the scene.(ed:

read the article about this.we
will miss you frib.

    -accuracy will release a co-op
demo with the famous demo group
faces.the demo will be released
after the demos 2 years faces and
supremacy 2.(ed:it will be a new
demo by accuracy.)

    -the joker crew,one of the
oldest group of turkiye is dead.
steve joined accuracy as a cracker
and swapper.

    -accuracy also got some new
members.they are rasher and ranger
from sweden.and dozo(swapper),bj
(swapper) and golem(coder,swapper)
from turkiye.

    -three handle changings appe-
ared.lls/rush(ed:it means long
letter sender) changed his handle
into reign.dth2/varsity changed
his handle into aggregat.and leo/
hoodlumbs changed it into rawhead.

    -lorus(ex-camelot) joined var-
sity as a musician,graphician and

    -tat did not die but lost some
members.mc-t-fly left in order to
join triad.beachtiger left to join
antic.extract  left and  joined
bassline.patch also left too.

    -another war come to the end
and the peace come back to the
czechoslovakia.yeah,the war bet-

ween reign/rush and pina/trash is
now over.

    -also czechoslovakia's first
music group  has born.its name is
torture of music.it  is a  music
section of trash.the composers are
mateus and catch/cadaver.

    -tanis joined heartbeat as a
swapper, original supplier  and

    -triumwyrat's new demo is on

the way.

    -there will be a tat and trc
party in austria.the date will be
published later.

    -depredators current member
status is like that:

 blockbuster (crack,modem,swap,hq)
 the hero (crack)
 slator (crack,swap,code)
 skarabee (crack,swap,gfx,modem,
           group organization)

 godfather (crack,swap,code)
 infocomie (crack,swap)
 count (code)
 panorama inc.(swap)

    -dreamland is no more ddt's hq

    -lightnis/acrise left and joi-
ned silicon ltd.

    -airtec/decade quitted the
scene and his contacts were taken
over by vengeance/akrak.

    -stella got 2 new members cal-
led tomcat and violent.

    -stash left maniax and joined
wrath design.

    -bizzmo didn't join the unbea-
tible crest.

    -tom/ex-hotline,pandora joined
hysteric while twin was kicked out
also skimdhead/hysteric joined de-
adleline as a secon group.

    -abyss connection has got a
member.he is rrr(ex-paramount).

    -maduplec and tiger both ex-
nato,joined crest.

    -although some members left
traitors they try to stay alive.
they got a new board in canada.by
the way also numskull left trai-
tors and joined offence as a main

    -werwolf is dead and hecki +
knobby joined lore of arts.

    -slice/ex-weird designs joined
virtue because of some problems in
wds.also patto and opus both of
ex-incense joined virtue too.cur-
rent member status is like that:
wasted,psychic,paratwa,max mix,li-
gaya,scorpion,slice,opus and patto

    -caprix and kirk joined topaz

    -shade/x-contrast joined flash

    -tg-acme/x-duplex joined cross

    -success got two new members.
they are rough/ex-chromance and

    -axl/accuracy will get a te-
lephone line soon.then you can
call it for supporting splash.

    this is the end of the news
that we have in this issue.we have
some more but i don't want to wri-
te them as everybody knows them.
don't forget to support us by yo-
ur latest news.

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