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    phew,at last we are back! yes
it's been a preety long time (abo-
out 6 months) since we said 'good-
bye for now'.but here we are back!

    you will find many differences
with this issue of garf...he? yes,
that's right.the major difference
in  this mag is actually the name.
from now  on,the name of  this mag
editorialed by  accuracy is not

garfield news but ...

**** ****  *      ***   **** *   *
     *   * *     *   * *     *   *
***  ****  *     *****  ***  *****
   * *     *     *   *     * *   *
***  *     ***** *   * ****  *   *

    why did we need to change the
name?well,why not? everything is
changing in this world,everything
is renewing itself.as we are back
from a huge delay this is like a

new start for us.so we wanted to
present you a magazine with a new
style.so we started from the name.
then,as you see nearly everything
is changed.one thing didn't change
it is the quality text you are now

    more about the name.is splash
the best name? surely not.although
it is a nice one it maybe could be
a lot better,but who cares it so
much? the aim is to change the at-
mosphere a bit.

    but so why that long? well,we
firstly couldn't decide what to do
at  the beginning  we decided to
change the name.then we gave up
this idea and came back to the old
name.(mr.dj actually,hehe..)but
afterwards  we again  decided to
change the name again. and mr.dj
throw the outfit  to  the rubbish
basket and kadem started to do it.
so here is the result.

    we had a lot of quarrels du-
ring that period.there were guys

who didn't like the name(the boss)
there were guys who didn't want
the name change(wollo,falcon) but
at the end,what majority wanted
happened and the answer has been
found which you are seeing on your

    the second big chance in the
mag is our style.from now on every
thing will be a chapter itself.and
also the chapters will be level-
packed.also there are many various
chapters with different subjects.

we got reactions that there are
some useless chapters.but this is
a very cruel and stupid idea.if
you don't like one of those chap-
ters then simply don't load it.
there isn't any obligations.are we
right or ...?

    what do we have in this issue?
infact i must ask like what don't
we  have in this issue.info about
the  chapters will  follow in the
next page.


    as our old habbit goes on in
this issue too.a bit old news.as
you guess,that's the result of
coming back after a huge delay.
there will be hotter news next ti-
me.but please help us with this,

    after sleepless nights of two

nights because of vote calculati-
on,its result is in here.

        wanted & waiting

   the addies for you to select a
guy to contact with.


   this month we have two intervi-
ews done with remix/clique and
slash/role.i advice you to read

        did you know

    we present you some did you
knows where you haven't read them


    this month you can read some
demo and movie reviews.


    a new corner that no mag has
started.there you can
bout the world-famous teams etc.


    some thoughts about some e-
vents.read and think about them.
also you can send any kind of ar-
ticle for this magazine.


   do you want to know all the
words of the latest hits? that's
the right chapter for you.

         another scene

   read and laugh about what kind
of a scene there could be?

    these were only some little
titles from this issue.there are

more of comics,music scene,mea-
nings etc. in this magazine.as you
see you can not finish it in ten

    just take a look at the mag
and  decide what's  it's gonna be
like in  the following issues as
this is just like a new start for
us.and you know,you must not be
hard for a new mag.but ofcourse
do not forget that splash is
ex-garfield news and please remem-
ber this name when voting.

     credits for this issue...

     code & graphics by kadem

           musics by axl

head fucking & de-bugging by mr.dj

 loader by tch of brutal (thanx!)

text:falcon, the boss,mr.dj,wollo.

editors are: falcon, the boss and

  > important:splash is a trade-
mark of accuracy.no part of this
publication may be reproduced,
transmitted,in any form of means
without permission of *accuracy*
except for backuping.

    as all the things changed too
much i won't publish the reacti-
ons that we got.

    please and please supply this

magazine with your latest news,
les,different ideas,party reports,
all kind of reviews.send them to
our world famous address.

          s p l a s h

    also you can call our boards
for dropping some mag stuff.call



         maniac castle


       cryogenic chamber


     all of them are 24 hrz.

    now,come on and get start rea-
ding the hard-working done.never
forget supporting and voting for
this magazine.

             signed:falcon and
                    the boss.
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