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Yep, once again it's that time. What time you might ask
yourself. Well it is the time and place where you are
going to see the feedback and the reactions for the
previous issue(s) of this magazine. As I've mentioned
before then some magazines see this kind of chapter
as pure waste of disk space and as a sort of ass-
kissing towards the readers. Hmm, I will give the same
answer as I did the last time. BULLSHIT!!!
I seriously see this chapter as one of the most im-
portant ones for the excistence of a mag. This is the
direct way to get input for the issues to come, so be
sure that Skyhigh will continue as always. If other
scenemags see this as nonsence then let it be their
problem, coz it definetely isn't ours..

Ok, enought about that. Let's get right on with the



This is Electric speaking. I'm writing this note while
reading the new Skyhigh... and I'll include this to my
next sending...

THA BIZ-MIX:     Remember that I am also old-style-
mailer. I like to get letters, comix, vhs etc, via mail.
Skyhigh is at the moment my fave magazine (it has
been for a long time, maybe I just haven't said it..).
So, I'm on your side in this "boardmags vs. mailmags"-
case. That means I'll help you every way I can, which
as you know means covers & gfx. Anyway Skyhigh is
in my opinion the second GREAT one after "Script",
which STILL is unbeatable (Just miss Remix & his ex-
cellent texts...)

CHARTS:     Well, maybe Shuze should get a lesson in
scenehistory. Too many (handle)/???..
For ex. : "Atte/???", which of courz is "Atte/Extend"
Also "Zardax/???" in the music charts (???=Origo)!
Just give him a friendly SLAP on the face, :)

Kewl. You're an atheist too... (So am I..)

COVERCRUISE:     What can my not so old eyes see!!
"Duce (ex-Extend, Domine Lilith)", slow a bit. Duce is
a member of Extend as before, but he is also a mem-
ber of our graphic designing label "Domine Lilith" (or
in short: Domine-L). Btw, just noticed the same thingy
with me. Correct it please!
....oops read few lines below and there you get the
correction, sorry 'bout this, but you know -the press
has got the effect to people..
Ps. You're dropping members from Ext one by one. Heh

Hangman/ex-Accuracy is Finnish person (my ex class
mate actually)..

Suicidal/ex Men At Work = Suicidal/Doom Patrol/Palace

Ok. Took 3.5 hours to read this through (not so deep-
ly, but most of it; you know I am the busiest man in
this galaxy).
Anyway, great mag, the new outfit works better than
the old one. Is there a mouse-driver (Amiga)? Didn't
have any time to try, if not, please get it!! Ok, your
mag is more and more like a desktop. If you could get
a loader that recognizes the different sides of the
disk, so you don't have to push the button - just turn
disk.. (seen kind of only in a old "The Ancient Temple"
demo.. Still remember how we in Extend lost our hope
finding out how it worked). That'd be a dream..

Keep it on.. (I mean the mag..)   ehh :)

Yo Tommi.

Nice to get a reaction from one of the busiest men in
the scene today!! He-he!! Seriously, it's great to hear
that you support me in the mail vs. board saga!! Sure
there are nothing which beats the excitement of get-
ting a special sending with a VHS or a comix by mail!
And you know what! I belive we are not the only ones;
on the contrary, I really think that most sceners
feel this way!. So come on ya'll, give us your support,
show us what way we shall choose. I would also like
to use the opportunity to thank you for your offer
concerning your help in the shape of gfx. I would also
like to salute you once more for the brilliant logo,
you did for issue #20.
Concerning the charts!! Well I think I will pass it
on to Shuze. Slap!!!
Covercruise!! Ooops, you were to quick on the
trigger this time, but you corrected it yourself, so
who gives a flying fuck!!

3.5 hours.. wuahhh, do you know how much time I have
spent so you could use lousy 3.5 hours to read it??
He he.. I know, I know!! This is the way it works. Hope-
fully some people think about how much work we put
into an issue of this magazine, but hey, read Tha Biz-
mix for more!
You end your reaction with critizism concerning the
outfit. First some roses; Thank you!! Next you bring
up some constructive suggestions.  A mouse driver!!
Well as far as I know then it should be ready soon. I
think and hope it will be ready for this issue, but see
for yourself. About the turn disc thing.. Well we have
been talking about this too (Raz and me!!), so I would
not be too surprised if it will be installed soon!! So
just wait and see!!

Ok, Tommi this was all for this time. Stay just as you
are; a real friend.. I will see to that I keep it up..
erhm I mean .. keep it on.


After a trip to Finland I will travel on to my English
& German speaking Polish pal. Take it away Rafael!

Yo Biz Kid!

Rap/ Onslaught here!
What can I say? You killed me again! How many times
am I supposed to be killed? Just don't answer, the
more the better. As you know I haven't reacted for
quite some time, but now I have to!
Texts: traffic as always, nothing to add, I've always
liked yours & co texts.
Music: ruling (hi Qbhead)
That ??? a great job! (God knows what he wrote -bk!)
From now on, I regard you as a compulsive textwriter
and I expect you to go right way. If SKYHIGH had van-
ished from de scene, I would have killed myself
(would I?). Anyway I wanna say something to the staff
aswell. Sorry 4 my talkin' to BIZ KID only, I know you
are all in charge with all the facilities. Just do it
(Intruder, Chaotic, Shuze & rest) I am takin' a bow.
And by the way Jesper, pleez remove my addy from
the addycorner, thanx!


Ps. this reaction is a bit emotional.. but, who knows,
maybe I wanted you to work away with the mag? (pos-
sible?) Otherwise you'll face the music (Kiddin')

Yo Rafael.

Nice to hear from you again! It seems like you really
dug the 20th issue of this magazine. That's cool!!
I also like that you are talking to my other editors,
without them it couldn't be done. So on behalf on the
entire Skyhigh staff I would like to shout out a huge
Thank you! About killing yourself; hm, I wasn't allowed
to answer that one, so I better don't - hehe!
Ok my friend I hope you will like this issue too, and I
hope to hear from you here again - soon!!
I'll see to that your addy will be removed. A b c ya!!


Ok I will stay in the land of strange words : Poland!
Next in line is another cool buddy of mine. Please say
hello to Druid of Agony & Avantgarde.

Small reaction:

Skyhigh as always was x-cellent, but I started to
laugh, when I noticed some stuff charts.. Do you know
Bizzie, that here in Poland, a big amount of sceners
only votes for Polish guyz! There were some state-
ments in some 'lame' zines like : "Vote only for Polish
men, we are better than others". Only Poland makes
it possible ;-) .
So dear sceners, don't take this charts too seriously
or if you see an unknown group or zine (like Polish -
Astoria, Always, Prawda), just forget all about them.


Typical Polish anticlerical guy! Fuck the system!

You Robert.

So what's up my friend. Nice to hear from you in this
chapter. Also nice to hear that you really liked the
previous issue of this magazine.
About the Polish zines... Well I am glad to get some
reactions on this subject. I feel just like you (and so
does the next reaction from Hornet!!). We are seeing
way to many unknown Polish mags in the charts these
days.That some people wrote this kind of shit in their
mags is a shame. But then again, they can write what-
ever they feel like. What I think is the real point in
this matter, is that people perhaps are too influ-
enced by the Polish mags (or rather the editors).
.They should wake up and smell the coffee. Time for
a reality check. Sure it is great to support ones own
country. I would have done the same. Voting for some
bad, Polish written, not well-spread, unknown mags
just to put Poland on the Scene map is lame. Normally
I hate when this word is used, but this is just the
way I feel at the moment. Come on Polish people...
vote for quality and stop all this friendship voting!!
It is proven so many times that you have to earn the
votes by doing something extraordinary, not by hav-
ing a lot of freinds. Think about it!!!

Ok I think that was all. No more nagging for now. Stay
cool my friend. I'll be seeing you sometime!!


As mentioned before then I'll stay in Poland a little
longer, to hear what Hornet of Agony/Acrise+Excess
has to say. Take it away Miro!

Hello Bizzie!

...and I made it again! I am the mosquito and my aim is
to disturb you as much as I can! I'm Hornet, a modest
member of Agony and Acrise (+ Excess).
After reading issue #20, I've had only one thing to do:
write a reaction, I wouldn't regret it but also you
would miss me wouldn't you? he he.
In general look issue #20 was a killer. It is obvious
that major magazines celebrate their anneversary
with something special. But what we have got from
Camelot last time was totally outstanding! personal-
ly, as I am oldie lover, I liked most those interviews
with Chris Huelsbeck and JCH, that was GREAT! Geeez,
I had to wipe my tears..
... as always, Golden Quartet (BK, Shuze, Cupid & Mad)
has proven that they really know for what people
have invented a mag. But I've also noticed some more
wise words from sceners like King Fisher and Metal.
(btw, text about IRC was GREAT! looking for the se-
quel!!) Nothing more to say, just WELL DONE!
Ofcourse, I am quite satisfied with your answer about
musics, although I still miss more musics, I've found
quite ok solution: it is not hard to decrease the vol-
ume and start my FT350 stereo set, huh?

Outfit is mindblasting, much better than the previous
one, really powerfull coding! But this is a reaction,
not asslicking, so let me criticize it a bit, ok?
First impression after loading Big Twenty was that
the mag didn't work with two drives (at least not on
my own ones.) Anyway, would be nice if next issue will
work with two floppys, particulary becoz there was
said that Skyhigh will stay on two disks.
Furthermore I noticed that zine destroy itself, even
when I disable my AR card. What about removing that
bug? Btw. "ZIP" gives no special results, I have to
tape SYS64738.
I was also negative surprised that keyboard is not
active in mainmenu. Hmmmm.. I really hate joy control-
ling. Could you please do me a favour (and not only
me) and enable keys next time? Ofcourse leave joy
control for all those who love it!
Uff, now last thing which I don't like. Surely I am not
blind but I had problems while leaving sub menu's,
because the "sensible" area (Marked with something
like "X" letter) is too small.
Beside that, outfit is OK!

Charts.. I am not happy to see them as they are again
some bugs have occured. Funny, but this is NOT Shuze
fault, but some Polish LAMERS who have no idea how
to vote. Anyway, as I'd like to suport Skyhigh as much
as possible I've prepared a 'blacklist' of things that
should not be present in the charts. Further I'll ex-
plain why.

Magazines: Trawnik, Astoria, Always, Vitality, Viadro

... those magazines are all written in POLISH and does
absolutely nothing for the worldwide scene! I think
that votes given for those zines should not be taken
into consideration in Skyhigh's charts. Imagine that
some Danes have started to vote for XXXzine written
in Danish, and don't give their votes to an internatio-
nal zine like Skyhigh, Relax or other ones. Would it be
FAIR? I guess NOT. Just cut those names off and the
charts will look fair and normal. If my thoughts are
not enough, ask someone from Germany, Netherlands
or England what e.g. "Astoria" means to him. Just
nothing!! Btw "Astoria" is an Agony mag (and I am the
boss, ha!). So now you're sure that I'm fair if I wrote
the name of Agony's own zine among others which
come from Poland. Remove it too.
I know that this is only one kind of charts that can
be changed by Shuze without any suspection from
other dudes.. Hmm, other charts also seems stupid,
single look over them is enuff to say that charts we-
re filled in Poland.
Hey Shuze, don't take it as a personal offence. You
are NOT responsible for it! Some Polish men really do
not know how they should behave, doing such things
is a sign of less scene knowledge. Or to say it in
stronger words: this is just lameness. Scene in Poland
is not as bright as some western magazines stated,
here I bring you the proof. Many people laming around
and it seems that it would not change too quick.
Ha, oldies charts! Surely Cupid is right - how to define
an oldie-scener.... Hmm, let me try to describe it. For
me "Oldie" is a scener/group who left the scene be-
fore 1991 or is unactive since 4 years. Ofcoz it may
be changed, I just express my opinion. Also I know
this topic shouldn't be discussed only by me, BK or
Cupid. Each dude who is in love with oldies should say
his own opinion. Gathering their words should help
building such kind of charts. I am SURE that there'll
be action! XAKK, MON, Sarge, Contex, 801 DC etc - I
feel excited. Try it - do it - have fun. That sort of
charts will bring back the mystical atmosphere, don't
you think?

Ok, as I said it somewhere before, I am the insect and
there is no cure. Beware! After # 21 you should ex-
pect another bunch of words from me, hope you will
live in painfull expecting...
About my English: Any progress noticed?

Best wishes and warm greetings to entire Skyhigh
staff, especially those two (BK and CUPID) who
lives were in real danger, but they found enuff
courage to me face me! Ciao friends.


Yohoooo Miro..

Damn what a long, and cool, reaction from you this
time. So you liked our effort with issue #20 of Skyhigh
That makes me quite happy.

Just a minute......... Ok I am back again. I was just gone
looking for my anti-mosquito-spray. So you cannot
scare me - hehe... If you get too close you will get a
portion. So better take care.

Ok back to the reactions; Nope we haven't installed
2 drives loader system. And to tell you the truth, I
don't know if it is possible with Glasnost's loader,
but I will pop the question on to Raz. But I seriously
think that it's unnecessary to install it. Wait and see!
So you are also an oldie-freak. Cool! Yeah I really
think we came up with some crunchy bites for you in
the previous issue. Especially the interview ?!? with
JCH was strange to do. Damn that man talks a LOT!! I
willl see see if we can find more of this kind..
Concerning the roses for the editors!! I will pass
'em on, to the guys.. As you can see, then Kingfisher
did one heck of a chapter for me, and as I talked to
him on TP5, he told me that I probably could expect
more in the future. So go ahead Linus, send, send.....
The IRC chapter by Metal was also a great chapter,
in my eyes. So beware that it will return.
Hmmm, you still want more tunes in the magazine..
Well you got my answer last time, so you know how I
feel (eventhough I may have put it a bit hard last
time..) But I see that you have found a great solution
to the problem. Way to go, Miro..

The outfit:
Hmmm, I haven't had any problems with the outfit de-
stroying itself. I know that Raz doesn't use anything
besides his AR when he is checking and seeing Skyhigh,
and as far as I know then he haven't got any probs.
I never use anything but Final Cartridge 3, and I have
never had any problems either!!
About the missing keyboard controller.... Hmm Miro
if you had read the note on the disk, you would have
seen the reason why!!! We were totally out of time.
But this time it is installed.
"X" - Yep I agree 100%. The 'button' is too small!
But it will be corrected for this issue

You're not the only one who're complaining about the
charts. Or to put it more correct; the Polish Mags..
You give us some examples, of Polish magazines which
is written in Polish, which shouldn't be included in the
charts. My deepset respect for including your own
mag aswell. This is a fine gesture my friend....
I do not know many of the mentioned magazines, for
the exacts same reason as you mention yourself. We
(the western countries) don't know them. And to tell
you the truth, then I back you up 100%. I too think
they should be removed. I would feel bad, if someone
voted for a mag written in Danish. I would for sure
give it another thought whether it should be included
in Skyhigh. I'll pass it on to Shuze. I suggest that we
leave them out!!
Oldiecharts.. Hmm, yeah what an interessting concept
Maybe we should give it some deeper thoughts. On the
other side I think it will be as good as impossible to
make some proper rules. What does the readers say
about this??? let me hear the readers Voice!! Some
might even say that we should live in the present and
not in the past. Somehow they are right, but still
there must be these flashbacks, as you get in every
issue of this magazine.

Ok Miro, I guess that's all for this time. You weren't
bugging me that much, so I'll put the bug-spray away
again - hehe! I would ofcoz like to get another piece
of reaction from you after this issue. Please don't
write it in TUC's noter again.!!!! Use a normal upscroll
or Face-text noter format!!
About your english.. Yep I do see some progress. Sure
there is errors here and there, but what the heck. I
know that I too make errors. We just have to keep
working on it to make it better - right!
Ok my friend, I am looking forward to your next sign
of life. 'Till then stay cool!!



Ok I guess that's all for this time. (Perhaps for the
last time..) So I guess it is time to give my colleagues
a chance!! Meet you out there...

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