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Mitch stopped by!!

Yoho everybody.

A good friend of mine has sent me a contribution for
this, the last, issue. As you can see of the headline
then this cool buddy is no-one else than MITCH of
CyberZound Productions and Crest. I would like to
show my grattitude towards you Michael. Thanx a lot
for this nice chapter from you.

Actually he sent me 3 pieces of paper with each a
chapter, but I decided to put 'em all together into 1.
So check it out.



Once agian I'm puzzled over how the scene puts up
with the way the charts look today. It's easy to see
why many people quit the scene when they don't re-
cieve the appreciation they very well deserve. If
someone could explain the following things to me I
would be more than thankful:

a) WHY do musicians/grafixers who haven't made any-
thing the last 2-3 years end up at the top 10 in the
b) WHY do people think friendship-voting leads 2 more
popularity among those the vote for?
c) WHY don't the mags sort out the OLD votes that're
clearly out of date?

A few examples to prove my point about the music-
charts are these musicians who definately have been
unactive for a looooooong time: Scortia, Jeroen Tel,
Red Devil, A-Man, Edwin van Santen and many others.
Also it's very doubtfull what the sceners actually
vote for: quality combined with activity or old achie-
vements? It's really frustrating to read the charts
when all you can see is a list of unactive and in many
cases untalented crap-coders, musicians and gra-
fixers. What you mag-editors should do is to make a
'spring-cleaning' of you charts!

The problem also is, that it takes too long for chan-
ges to be noticed in the charts. That's probably the
reason why some guys still are in the Top 10... I have
no hopes of seeing my own name in the charts as I am
confident that the friendship-voting is a wellrooted
disease that won't be driven away that easy. Besides
that I'm not keeping in touch with the scene in gene-
ral (my friends are only other musicians on the C64 -
(Well this doesn't really counts for me does it? - bk)
and just by this I've given up to see my name in print.
I'm just hoping that all the people around voting on
the scene will be a bit more genorous and encourage
innovative musicians,grafixers and coders. The scene
will undoubtly be watered-down on REAL talents if
this goes on any further.
Let's Make Things BETTER!

Nuff said - mITCH&dANE/CREST/CZP


So, for the first time I've put myself in the hands of
inspiration to write about what's bothering my tired
head at the moment. Not the easiest task - I know -
but there IS actually something that is slightly irri-
tating regarding the scene and sceners of today.
INTERNET. Sure it's a good idea, but aren't the draw-
backs just as many as the advantages?

First of all, let's ask ourselves this question: "What
is the scene about?"
I guess the most common answer would be: Friendship.
Therefore I must ask you WHY the sceners of today
alienate others by simply DEMANDING that EVERYONE
should have Internet-access?! I've never in my life
seen proof of such laziness and lack of tolerance.
So, what reasons do you have for this behaviour? The
cost of normal mailing?! Well, if you're not a mega-
swapper you shouldn't use this for an excuse. The
mailing-cost for a "normal" scener isn't that high, as
you probably already know, and therefore why not
stick to this a bit more "personal" way of trading and
keeping in touch with. Internet has more become an
excuse for not keeping in touch with old friends,than
beeing the link between sceners. Ok, do you have any
hints on what to do if you're NOT accessing Internet?
Guess not! I, for one, don't have any friends nearby
who has access,and because of that I'm not recieving
ANY hot wares at all...
Have got myself to blame. Well, so be it, but I'm also
trying to preserve the old traditions that made this
scene what it is (or maybe WAS) today. This has no-
thing to do with me envying those who have access,
but it DOES has to do with the fact that I'm seriously
disturbed by the attitude on the scene. I have expe-
rienced this myself, as a fact, as I haven't recieved
any preview-parts of the KRESTOLOGY-demo, and this
is because of the extreme laziness. I know several
guys who share this opinion, and we actually feel a
bit left out on the good stuff happening on the scene.
As I pointed out quite clearly before, it has nothing
to do with envy: it's the bottom-line and the old tra-
dition of what this scene is based on that's been lost
while the technology advances...
Thanks for the word, and I'll appreciate any com-
ment on this.

Signed: mITCH (Without dANE for the moment)/CREST.



Yes, I know - this is NOT my business, but I thought
we should credit the author the only way we can,
simply by a freaky interview. Here we go, Jesper!

Q: Question
A: Answer

Q: What are your spontanious feelings when finishing
the last issue of this leading mag?

A: Well what can I say. Hmmm, you see it is with mixed
emotions that I am ending the Skyhigh saga. I am sad
that it is all over, but in the same time happy that I
have choosen to drop all the hard work. I better try
to explain what I mean. See as I started up this mag
I had some ideas about how it should be. I had some
visions about what I wanted to do and to achieve
with Skyhigh.

My plan (and hope ofcoz hope) was to reach the top.
And as you all know then I reached my goal. There
were a lot of non-believers when the 1st issue came
out, but I guess I really showed them! It have costed
me a lot of hard work in the time which has passed.
But I don't want to complain about that, coz I really
dug that. I don't know if you could call me a worka-
holic, but I sure enjoyed spending hours in front of
my dear C64. In the beginning it was fun!!!! But in the
last few months (last year, I guess) the fun went
away. See it is VERY hard to keep up the spirit when
you have no goals to reach. Please understand me
right.. When you have been the number 1 magazine for
almost 1.5 year it is very difficult to keep up the in-
spiration. You have reached your goal, and you can't
keep comming up with new ones. To be a bit cynical; I
was number one, what more could I be??? Someone
maybe will see this as bragging, so what.

As mentioned then my dream has come through and
I had to come up with new ideas to keep track of the
race. To tell you the truth then I believe that I did
one hell of a job to keep the quality since Skyhigh
was voted number one. But there is a lot more to it..
When you have more editors you will face a lot of new
problems. (Especially when they are spread out all
over Europe!!!). Deadlines become more and more flu-
ent. You have to send out verbal slaps, in the shape
of notes, to your co-editors to tell them to finish
their contribution in time. When all the text, music,
graphic and whatever was collected I had to edit all
the chapters once again, to check out the layout and
stuff like that. Then all the chapters had to be pack
ed. The outfit had to be updated with the chapters +
eventual modifications and improvements. The outfit
then had to be packed and crunched. (Same goes for
the tunes + extras!!). At this time everything has to
be checked to see if it was working. Finally I had to
make the directory look nice, and then test it all one
more time. This takes time! A lot of time!!!!! Eventually
I got fed up with all this. Combined with moving place,
having a real life, (and now even loosing my job!) and
all the above mentioned it was a quite clear decision
to me.

Did this answer your question, well I don't think so.
Ok lemme try once more. I am glad to push all this
slave job away, but I am a bit sad about burying my
magazine. I haven't lost my interest in doing mags, I
just didn't want to do all the hard work anymore.. It
simply takes up too much of my time!!) It will all be
so much simpler just to sit down and write and then
send it away to another person who can do the slave
job! So my feelings go something  like this:

I am a bit sad, but I think it is much better to stop on
the top, than ruining Skyhigh with low quality issues
in the future. Just like Take That I am stopping while
beeing on the top - HEHEHEHE!!!! No serious I actually
feel quite comfortable with my decision.

As I have always said: Skyhigh is a Biz Kid mag!! There
fore no-one else should take over the hard work for
me. If I let this happend Skyhigh would not be Skyhigh
anymore - period.. So I feel good!

Q: Have you experienced any great drawbacks/pro-
blems while being an editor?

A: Well yeah, there have been some problems now and
then. Ofcoz there was the problem with collecting my
chapters in time, but I guess this is quite normal! Be-
side this, there is this story with a former editor of
mine. We had our stroggles back then, and we don't
really talk that much today. Really silly I think, but
I belive it is no more on my shoulders.. Nevermind.
Another problem is that some people simply couldn't
grasp why I was so nice. I am a firm believer in friend
ship and in a friendly/polite attitude. Correct me if I
am wrong, but I really do belive that it will lead you
a lot longer than if you are an arrogant asshole!!
But I guess this perhaps was not really my problem,
but other peoples problem. But otherhand then No I
don't really remember other problems.

Q: What's the best thing about being an editor?

A: Well I guess its depends on the person. I would be
a liar if I won't admit that the popularity doesn't mat
ter.. Sure I like the feeling of being a known scener.
Well ofcoz there is quite a few socalled asslickers
who think I am their friend just because they have
seen my name in Skyhigh, but that never was a prob-
lem. The good thing is that many people send you
things to you before other sceners get it. A good
example would be when I get a newsletter from F4CG.
I have been sent insider news from different people;
stuff that was for my eyes only. But this you doesn't
get sent just beeing an editor. It takes time before
people do so, and it depend on you aswell. The key-
word here is trust!!!! Another essential thing is that
it is quite easy to get friends and meet people when
you are a bit known. And what is better to get you
known that a magazine??
Another, quite different, thing is that I had the chan
ce to sit down and write.. I love to write, and when
you know that a lot of people even read your text
it gives you a great feeling.

Q: What do you think you've achieved with sKYHIGH?

A: Personally I have fulfilled a project which I start
ed long ago. In a wider aspect I believe that I have
spread some joy and excitement within our little sub
world for some years. Furthermore I think and hope
that I might have put the art of magazines on a high-
er level. Not that I say that I did it, but I sure help-
ed a lot. I really believe that I fought a battle for
the userfriendlyness magazines. With Raz at my side
Skyhigh brought you the first ever proportional up-
scroller combined with an easy to use outfit. I think
that Skyhigh has influenced the style of magazines
of today with its outfit.. The phrase 'Next generation'
really has something to it!!!
I also think that we showed that a multi culturel mag
can kick ass. I'm thinking about the staff which come
from many different countries.

Q: What do you think about the scene of today? Pro-
blems or whatever...

A: The scene of today!! Hmmm, that is a hard one!
Well I don't really know about the scene of today, I
unfortunately think that more and more famous per-
sons are leaving without getting replaced. I mean,
the Eastern boom has more or less stopped for now.
It brought a lot of new names, but now I guess it is
all over. We still are a bunch of 'Old boys' in the biz,
and we keep fighting. We have this kinda 'FEELING' for
the scene which I don't think the newcommers have.
In old days you made all the grafix, tunes and code
your self, now you simply wire your stuff from the
PC or Amiga. The result is marvellous but the spirit is
gone!! I have fought a battle, but believe me its damn
hard. The times with a new demo every week or month
is long gone. I think there is no way to escape it, but
the progress has slowly catched up with us. All the
new platforms are slowly taking over. This is both
good and bad and I could write a lot about that, but
I won't do that right now! Anyway, I still love the c64
scene. I have made soo many cool friends around the
globe; people who I meet now and then on different
parties somewhere in Europe. This is a thing that we
haven't lost: THE FRIENDSHIP. Believe me other com-
puter scenes really envy us that!!! And therefore it
makes me fight even stronger to keep the C64 alive.
SO come on everybody. KEEP FIGHTING!!!!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Well I will NOT leave the c64!!! But I'll concentrate
on other things like organizing the Camels. Writing
for another mag, which you know the name of!! And
then I will start up some PC work aswell!!

Q: Name your three favourites in these categories:

1.  Coders: Raz/Cml - Graham/Oxy - Druid/Avantgarde
2. Grafixers: Electric/(E) - Cruise/Taboo - Deekay/C
3. Musicians: Jeff/Cml/CZP - Pri/Oxy - Metal/Cml

A: Well these are just names, I like a lot more!!

Q: Personally, do you think sex is best combined with:

a) Peanut-butter
b) S£ren Lund
c) Whipped cream
d) Kinky ladies
e) Zyron
f) All of the above?

A: Hmm that's quite easy!!! I'ld like this combination:
A kinky whipped S£ren Lund!!

Q: Ok,so finally I must make you decide ONE thing that
has been worrying me for some time now: Will Swedish
beer EVER be able to compete with Danish beer?
Doubtfull, or?

A: Haha I knew it, a trick question!!! But I have seen
thru' you... There is no such thing as Swedish beer!!
So I can't answer this question....

Q: Well, here you have some space to make sum extra
hellos to....(here was some norty Danish words!!)

A: Well I would like to say thank to you for this cewl
interview, I really dug it!! We will be talking to each-
other in the phuture!! Second I would like to shout
out hiho to all I know, and all who have been helping
me in the time which has passed. (See Tha Biz-mix for


Ok that was really all for now. I think you should be
looking out for more text from bitch, erhm Mitch!!, in
the future, coz rumours are saying the he has some-
thing cooking. No say more..

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