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Internet Relay Chat - IRC


*** Part I - Internet Relay Chat ***


I was asked by Bizkid to write something about the
internet, basically because far from all the sceners
know what the internet is, and what you can do with
it. Since I have been floating around on the internet
for 3 years now, I recon I know enough about it to
write a few articles about the internet.

It was my initial thought, that there had been no
other C64 magazine writing about the internet, but
I've been proven otherwise lately. It seems that e.g.
Domination include some information about the inter-
net, and also a few other magazines released lately
included info on the internet. Also most (if not all)
articles have included the history of the internet.
So, what I'm going to do here, is mainly to concen-
trate on what's happening now on the internet -
related to the C64-scene.

It's my plan to make this a series of articles, but
this also depends on  >your<  response to this. So
this is hereby an official announcement - send in
your questions (mail or email) and I'll do my best to
answer them.

Send snailmail to
Bizkid (adress elsewhere)
or E-Mail me : vibrants*


As stated in my introduction there has been enough
explaining about the establishment of the internet.
I have though a few facts, that you might or might
not find interesting:

1) The internet was as many other american products
fonded through military money, and was therefore
also a military project. It was established in 1983.

2) The internet's father is a guy called 'Cerf'. I bet
I'm not the only one getting the intuition 'Cerf' =
'Surf'... guess that's a coincidence, but still..

3) In it's establishing days in 1983 there were 500
servers connected to the internet.

4) In 1995 there are approx. 5 million servers con-
nected to the internet - and the number is
increasing rapidly!

Enough about the internet's history.


The possibilities on the internet has increased since
it's early days. I will only concentrate on the fea-
tures that I, as the common c64-scener with an
internet link uses.

To use E-Mail you need an E-Mail program - there
are endless kinds of programs, but the one I use is
Eudora for Windows. With E-Mail you can write a
letter and send it off to practically anybody, all
you need is the internet-adress on the person, you
want to mail. Besides sending mail, you can ofcourse
also recieve mail. You can also attach files/docu-
ments to your mail. This way you can actually swap
like you do with snailmail, all you need is a pc and an
x1541 cable to transfer the stuff to the c64.

FTP is a service which allows you to transfer files
to/from an internet site, also called a ftp-site. You
can access ftp-sites from either a ftp-program -
like WFTP, or you can use a WWW-program like NET-
SCAPE to ftp.

This service gives you the graphical side of the
internet. The WWW is rapidly taking over from the
ftp-programs, because you can ftp with WWW, and
because the WWW enables graphics to be displayed
on the screen. The WWW is definately something you
don't want to miss if you're on the internet. Also the
meaning of 'surfing the net' comes true with WWW.
One moment you're on a server in HongKong - 2 secs
later, you're in USA, or where ever your search for
information or files takes you.

IRC is the way to talk to people over the internet -
LIVE! To connect to this you'll need a server with
an IRC-adress. It's not all that easy to get on IRC,
if your supplier of your internet access doesn't
provide the irc-server, because even though there
are many many irc-servers, far from all allow out-
side people to access. I have this problem myself,
but I have a few adresses for you, in case you have
trouble getting access to IRC:

However, these finnish servers have been know to
split, so if you find yourself alone on the net, that's

The topic for this article was IRC. This article fea-
tures one of my connections to the IRC-channel
#c-64 the 13th of december 1995. I logged the things
that happened there, but I didn't tell anyone, that I
logged the conversations going on there, so this is
the real thing... Metal/Skyhigh Magazine reporting
live from #c-64:

Session Start: Wed Dec 13 11:59:04 1
*** Now talking in #c-64
*** PiteL sets mode: +o Metal
<PiteL> Torben *Metal* Hansen / Vibrants - 64/pc
<Jucke> Deathlok, dry weed in oven, HAHAHA!
<Deathlok> Metal??? Whoa!!!
*** Deathlok sets mode: +o Metal
<Agemixer> Hi Metal
<Deathlok> Talk about seeing someone you haven't
seen in AGES!! =D
*** Jucke (highway* has quit
<mrsid> hi Metal
<Metal> Hi guys..
<Deathlok> Age: - Yes.. I mentioned a co-op tune.. =>
Interested?? =D
<Agemixer> Deathlok: Yes!
<Deathlok> Age: If you want to do one, just make
sure you use JCH's editor if possible.. =>
<Deathlok> Or, use VoiceTracker, and I'll convert it
to JCH...
<Agemixer> Deathlok When i get the furlough then
15th this month...
<taper> jucke: yeah, guess so.. But he's kinds nice, so
... anyway, he doesn't smoke hash (he has tried it, but
he doesn't smoke it anymore...), just weed I think...
anyway, that's up to him and his banans.. ;)
<ltc> taper: what's new in Delta?
<Agemixer> Deathlok: ...I'll compose everything =-)
<Deathlok> Age - Heheh.. Ok.. Cool.. =>

... from here it's all very usual when suddenly some-
thing unexpected happens!!! I have left out some
remarks and other conversations due to the size
of this article...

*** Tdj (tdj* has joined #c-64
*** PiteL sets mode: +o Tdj
<PiteL> (Tdj) The Dark One
<Metal> Hey Marco!
<Tdj> Torben !!
*** seen (seen* has joined #c-64
*** KallaAnka sets mode: +b *!*seen**.org
*** seen was kicked from #c-64 by KallaAnka (Nov
23)(-2)(Takeover Attempt) (Sloth))
*** WAVE (Jeroen* has joined
<Tdj> Jeroen !!
<Metal> My Guru!
<WAVE> tdj: there?????
<WAVE> tdj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<WAVE> tdj: Unbelievable!
<WAVE> tdj: Are you like at home and stuff?
<Tdj> Jeroen: missed me last week?? ;)
<Tdj> Jeroen: yep
<WAVE> tdj: Well... I haven't been here 4 weeks, so...
<Tdj> Jeroen, me neither .. try to cut it down a bit
<WAVE> tdj: someone actually fucked up the cable of
the unix-server yesterday!!!!! How the fuck he did it
is a mystery .. dummmmmm dumb!!!!!!
<Tdj> Jeroen, do you know who it was ??
<WAVE> tdj: Oh! and some major asshole threw a stone
thru the windows at funcom...
*** Metal sets mode: +o WAVE
<Tdj> Jeroen, probably an ex-Funcom member ..;)
*** Zapotek (u952487* has left #c-64
<Metal> Wave: Is Laxity around today?
<WAVE> tdj: heheh!
*** triad (triad* has joined #c-64
*** PiteL sets mode: +o triad
<WAVE> tdj: 2 guys actually heard him doing it.. they
leaned out the window shouting at him.. the guy
actually didn't give a shit.. he just replied.. what are
you gonna do about it?
<mrsid> oops, Hi JEROEN !!!!
<PiteL> (triad) Intellectual property is THEFT! Fuck
*** triad is now known as KingFishr
<WAVE> mrsid: HI!
<WAVE> Metal: Laxity is sleepin
<KingFishr> yo yo
*** Zapotek (u952487* has joined
<mrsid> hi King !
<KingFishr> Has anyone got the e-mail to Antitrack
<Tdj> Jeroen, in that case, it *must* be an ex-
Funcom member ..knowing the lack of power Funcom
has ;)
<WAVE> mrsid: YO!!!
<Tdj> KF dude
<Sage> hi wave
<KingFishr> Yo TDJ, MrSid + the rest
<WAVE> tdj: I would break in to Funcom if I was a
<WAVE> Sage: HI!
* KingFishr *must* have Antitracks e-mail addy!
<Tdj> Jeroen, what for? Mario's source codes?? ;)
<Tdj> KF, I prolly can get it for ya, wait a min
<WAVE> tdj: hehehe! Nope... computers and stuff... lots
of them.. LOTS
*** WAVE is now known as BURGLAR
<KingFishr> Ooops Jeroen Tel online :) I liked your
record! Thanx...
* KingFishr bows before Jeroen Tel, the c64-legend
<BURGLAR> KingFishr: YOU heard my record?
<KingFishr> Yep
*** BURGLAR is now known as WAVE
<WAVE> KingFishr: I didn't like all tracks.. not enough
time to do it all perfectly...
*** Walker (motley* has
joined #c-64
*** Palace-B sets mode: +o Walker
*** PiteL sets mode: +o Walker
<PiteL> (Walker) -*Motley/(F4CG)*-Here To Kick Yar
<Tdj> anti's new addy: dummy*
<KingFishr> JT: Will you make another 1 ?
<WAVE> KingFishr: I like "Dracula" the most
<Zapotek> WaLkEr! :)
<Walker> Howdy guys.
<Metal> Walker
<WAVE> KingFishr: I will.. but then it will be AWESOME
instead of "average+"
<Walker> Metal!!
<KingFishr> JT: Didn't know you used 2 B on IRC
<Tdj> KF, got the addy now?
<Walker> Kinge pinge...
<KingFishr> TDJ: No! Do it again...
<WAVE> KingFishr: Haven't been here much before...
since 3 weeks intensively!
<Tdj> KF, pkay.. anti's new addy: dummy*fubphpc01.tu-
<KingFishr> JT: What happening at Funcom these days
<Tdj> Torben, got the new stuff from Simm yet ?
<Metal> Tdj: no, not yet..
<KingFishr> TDJ: Thanks dummy*fubphpc01.tu-graz. rite
<Tdj> KF, yep.. that's the one I got from him last week
<WAVE> KingFishr: I'm finishing of Pocahontas.. DEADLY
SKIES (also did some mus 4 that), FX SKIING, NIGHT-
<KingFishr> TDJ: He change every now and then rite?
<Metal> JT: weren't you working on a music-demo for
the 64 ?
<WAVE> KingFishr: Casper
<Tdj> Kf, yep soon as they find out about him
abusing it ;)
<KingFishr> JT: sounds nice.. :)
<WAVE> Metal: yep.. 1st quarter 1996 "Noise of
<Metal> JT: Great! I thought you might never finish
it when you went to Norway...
*** Walker (motley* has left
<Metal> JT: anyway, do you know if Lax got a pack
from Drax yet ?
<WAVE> Metal: Well, a tremendous delay arose! But
I'll be back in NL soon!
<KingFishr> Alfatech went to Norway, got bored with
Funcom but stayed there cuz he met a girl...
<WAVE> Metal: he did... with 4 xm mods
<KingFishr> xm mods = MegaBytes
<Metal> JT: good..
<Metal> JT: Will you drop in at TP5 on your way back
north ?
<KingFishr> Metal: Will ya come to the party?
<Metal> JT: (from xmas in nl, that is)
<WAVE> KingFishr: 2MB it was in total
<KingFishr> JT :) Yeah..
<WAVE> Metal: I'm not sure.. I'll have 2 go Norway-NL-
Denmark-NL-Norway then!
* Tdj gotta go do something else ..
<KingFishr> JT: travelling Europe is nice :)
*** Tdj (tdj* has left #c-64
<WAVE> KingFishr: But not 150 times...
<KingFishr> JT: rite...
<WAVE> KingFishr: done it tooooo often.. Sometimes
it's cool (holidays and stuff.. and summer!)
<Metal> JT: well, Drax is anxious to know (that's the
only reason he needs to go to TP5)
* KingFishr made a poster of the minimal photo of JT
at his record, using smart diethering - put it up at
TDM's home to look at - now that's sick ;)
<WAVE> Metal: Ok.. I'll give him a ring or so with Lax..
Laxity wants me 2 give him a call sometime anyway..
I heard Drax is a bit of a "fan" of my music...
<Metal> JT: Well, you were the inspiration-source of
both of us back in the 'early' days !
* KingFishr listened to "Tel Track II / TWA" the night
before - typical fanatic fan of JT
<WAVE> Metal: cool.. You should hear my recent stuff
<Metal> JT: I hope to! I heard you made xm-stuff
<WAVE> Metal: yeppers.. lots (but I will only release
it as a all-in-one...
<Metal> JT: well, couldn't you give it to Laxity as an
our-ears-only .. ?
* KingFishr gotta go again - catch ya all l8r or at
<MoReN> so, when is the next MON CD coming out?
<WAVE> Metal: Laxity heard some of it.. But I wont
give it to anyone.. bad experience with that...
<WAVE> MoReN: be patient for it... CD's are of
*** KingFishr (triad* has quit IRC
<Metal> JT: okay.. that's understandable
<MoReN> Are you going to do another Xmas tune? I
liked THAT CD.
<WAVE> MoReN: where do you live?
<MoReN> Though I don't have it, but Remi was playing
it all the time
<WAVE> MoReN: next year... this year no time 4 that...
<Metal> JT: What? I thought you had finished Poca ?
<WAVE> Metal: No.. did FX-SKING and Deadly Skies...
still doing Poca
<mrsid> Jeroen: do you get rich by doing Pocahontas?
<WAVE> mrsid: Nope... only the original film-composer..
<Metal> JT: hmm, wasn't Laxity supposed to do it - or
is it a double-project?
<mrsid> Jeroen: did you build on the film soundtrack,
or did you create your own music ?
<WAVE> Metal: Everybody composed lots of stuff (all
together we did 31 songs) Disney Interactive is so so
so so stupid and rejected all... went back 2 convert
5 or 6 original film-tracks....
<WAVE> mrsid: they are arrangements of the original
<Metal> JT: WHAT? I know they rejected the first
stuff Laxity made, but the WHOLE thing!!! Geezz,
Disney is impossible to satisfy then?!!
<mrsid> Jeroen: is this the thing you want to do?
Converting the film soundtrack ??
<WAVE> Metal: No Shit... You wouldn't believe it... the
woman 2 judge it.. EVEN DIDN'T SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<WAVE> mrsid: No... but I am here now... gotta do what I
gotta do... it's ok though... I have 2 make it sound ok..
and do the sfx.. still a major task
<Metal> JT: Incredible!!! Just a very typical example
of american bureaucrazy...
<WAVE> Metal: well.. they're very new.. They'll be more
proff. in a couple of years, I bet!
<WAVE> all: I GOTTA GO!!!!!!
<WAVE> all: C YA'll soon!
<WAVE> all: any last comment?
<mrsid> Jeroen: cu !
<WAVE> mrsid: c ya
<Metal> JT: cu 'round!
<WAVE> Metal: c ya
*** WAVE (Jeroen* has left #c-64

That was it for this time... Join me next time for more
indepth info on what's happening on the internet..
See you all on #c-64 !!!

yours truely,

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