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About Nastiness Inc. of Angry

Interview for Skyhigh: Nastiness,Inc.
Conducted November 9th 1995 by The Mistress.

S= Skyhigh
N= Nastiness,Inc./Angry

S: Hello Barry, welcome to Skyhigh. Tell the readers
something about yourself.

N: Well my real name is Barry Pypers, 23 years old,
originally from England but living in Holland for years.
I started on this computer in 1986 with some tapes
and in 1988 I started some pirate business with disks
and tapes. Much later I really got into the scene out
here and apart from my self-built groups I have been
in The Ancient Temple, Genetix, Entropy & Avantgarde
and now I am in Angry, also a self-built group.
My scene jobs are editing The Tribune, leading Angry,
composing and swapping.
I am 1m75 tall, weigh about 2 kgs (Hm what's this, bk!)
and do a lot to stay in shape. I am currently unem-
ployed as I used to be a courier and my motorbike got
stolen, but soon I hope to break through as a profes
sional writer as I have been writing many novels,
fantasy of late.
I'm single but sort of a widower as my fiancee died at
19. I am living in the Netherlands now in the great city
of Rotterdam but I might go back to the UK soon.

S: How did you end up in this scene and how did you
build "The Tribune"?

N: Well "TT" used to be a commercial magazine for
people who bought my pirated disks and my late fian-
cee joined our little group WTG and she had about 80
contacts, among them Derbyshire Ram, she showed me
much about the scene.
So "TT" became a mag orientated more on the scene
rather than the games which were going down anyway.
My former group Entropy also did a lot to make "TT"
work better, with a real outfit rather than some
compiled pieces of code which made every chapter a
runnable file with a load back the menu option. as our
scene experience grew, so did The Tribune, and these
days we can say we are one of the biggest mail scene
based magazines today and ever, always active, big
and ready to go a bit deeper.

S: Some people believe that you have not released 54
issues of your magazine and that you are making up
the number. What can you say about that?

N: It sickens me. Years ago, Jerry/Triad came with
this question and he asked me for all the back issues.
Call The Studio and ask him. I miss a few copies but I
can give you most back issues if you send me the disx
I have always been straightforward with my readers,
then why should I lie and risk the loss of the fun I
have in this scene over a reputation? The Tribune is
old, and we still go on. Anybody who doubts that and
doesn't want to find the truth should get a life, pre-
ferably one of their own.

S: In "TT", you have always put up the strong profile
of someone who has a big mouth and a strong opin-
ion, making you many "enemies". How do you feel
about that?

N: I don't feel threatened by any socalled enemy, and
there are some weak people around who moan about
me simply because I caught their words. Most of the
time nowadays it's other mageditors I caught with
something and they nag about me just to be nagging
because they know just like I know what I am talking
about, most of the time, and some people think they
are perfect. They feel their egoes hurt when I point
out they aren't and so they attack me on every word i
say. I'm beyond pity, if they want to ruin their own
fun, that's not my problem. I'm here to have fun like
most other sceners and from issue #1 of The Tribune
I have edited "Nasty and mean" to right the wrongs in
the scene so why would I stop that after six years?
Let people moan all they want, I do what I do and no-
body can stop me. After all, I'm having fun!

S: One of the people you got involved with is Duke.
How did this all happen?

N: Old stuff, buh. well like most of us in Entropy I did
not like Duke's texts, all this stuff about The Pulse
being the only mag that was good for the scene, the
perfect mag (that's a quote!) and so on so I criticized
it like I always do. Some under-stamped disk came to
me with a big mouth from the Dukester that he wanted
apologies and that nobody should write about the
almighty Pulse and the god Duke and so on.. I give him
a big middle finger and considered the matter inte-
resting enough to print Duke's note in my mag, just to
show the readers what kind of an arsehole he was.
Then came the other stuff, the war-call and silly
stuff like that, and then came the wellknown addy
matter, where it came out the pulse ripped addies to
"right" a wrong claim made to me. Duke claimed he had
twice as many addies as we did, I counted my textfile
and saw to my big surprise we even had more, 84 to
107 if I recall correctly. next month the pulse had
232. Now the amount of addies is not a prestige-
object to me but then came some contacts of mine
who said they saw their addy in The Pulse while they
never asked for that, and so things got on a roll and
shortly afterward Duke quit the scene, because he
wanted to train more for his football. Yeah, right.
He came back, but for me the matter is done and his-
tory and from Duke's words I take it the same goes
for him. He has a few good editors behind him and I
wish him all the luck, even though his attitude never

S: What are your experiences with the board scene?

N: Nihil. I just called our Dutch board "Satellite" un-
til the sys-op went PC and double-crossed me later.
I am a pure mail-scener and I enjoy that. people in
The boardscene have a different kind of fun and that
is one I don't like much. There is more friendship in
the mail scene so I hang around there.

S: Some rumours go around about your stay in Avant-
garde, some say you went and some say you've been
kicked. What can you tell about that?

N: The Truth. You must know I wasn't a very good mem
ber of Avt, a group I still regard highly and where I
have some good friends. I joined through some words
with Deff and Derbyshire Ram and I was supposed to
get them spreading and some originals. The latter
failed, as my game supplying contacts delayed, and
as a mageditor I jumped the gun on a private issue. I
heard Avt and F4cg were to go into co-op in January
1995 and releasing my #49 at Herning I thought it
wouldn't harm if I took the snoop and Deff didn't send
in that time when I'd asked him if it was ok. After re-
leasing in Herning I met Intruder and Jack Alien and
they told me the co-op was off. Deff was mighty pis-
sed at me, but shit happens. In January 1995 the
active members of Entropy decided to spin off and I
became the co-founder and leader of Angry, and be-
cause I feel a group leader cannot have a second
group I called Deff to tell him I left Avt. Just before
that I heard from Spectator/Scs*Trc, who lives near
by, that I would be kicked. Well when I called Deff he
assured me this was not true. after all deff is Avt's
organiser. Maybe some wanted me out but hey, guess
my timing wasn't bad.
I still swap with three Avt members and I count them
among my best friends. I spent only a brief time in the
group so I didn't know half the members.

S: And few knew you as an Extacy member

N: Right, because I worked under the handle "Nike".
Neccy wanted to get the mag Extacy Land back on its
feet after Darkman had quit and I offered him help
and he didn't need Nasty text so I had to hide behind
a friendly fake handle. Well, Neccy was lazier than
hell and so I left Extacy after a few months.

S: Beside editing The Tribune, you have also helped
out some more mags.

N: That's right, I co-edited Xtc land as I said above,
and I also was a co-editor of Ingenious Brain that
became Shout!
I believe in magazines, and if they need help from a
veteran like myself I'm willing to help. unfortunately,
both mags mentioned fell into inactivity, and being
used to deadlines, I had to quit the mags. But if any
mag would like my assistance I would help them any
way I possibly can. With restrictions, ofcourse, be-
cause "TT" eats more time every issue.

S: You have probably written more text than anybody
else in this scene. How did you manage to hang in
so long?

N: I like writing. I started writing novels in 1984, when
I was only 11, I made cartoons before that. I've writ-
ten about- 30 novels both in dutch and english. Most
of my contacts get very long notes. I like to express
myself, it's a great outlet for common pressure.

S: Though you are not in the charts, you are also
making music. How does this go and do you have any

N: Apart from helping out the commercial and profes-
sional Amiga hardcore label Space Seed, I have a nice
past in music. I have been singing since i was fifteen,
playing in a small commercial band that did Cliff and
Elvis, then went to rock and metal. On the c64, how-
ever, I didn't do much music. a music ripper named
Warrior taught me how to remix some notes and I did
two remixes in Voicetracker. I messed a bit with digi's
and then learned how to make notes in an editor by a
software costumer. So I did some technotunes in Dmc
first 1.2 and through 3.0 to 4. Recently I discovered
Dmc4 pro in quadro mode and this brought me great
possibilities so I started concentrating on music a bit
Maybe I'll do some octa-work in the future, right now
I think my tunes are good enough to compete and who
knows, maybe I will once hit the musician charts if my
tunes get spread enough. But that's for hardcore
techno-fans only because that's what I make. A guy
from Space Seed couldn't believe this was actually
done on a C64, you know, they work with an amiga and
us$8,000 worth of equipment to get digital recordings.
I also own an amiga 500, but mixing samples doesn't
give me the same kick.

S: You also edit fantasy books, along with your group
mate Otaku. How is this going?

N: It's going well, very well. In 1996 my first publish-
ed novel called "The nasty one" should be on the
shelves and I have a very good contract for that
one. From an earlier novel: "War of the forgotten
heroes" an animated movie is coming out on cd-rom
and right now we're working on an arcade/adventure
game based on this same novel.
That's also why I plan to write for living. Currently I
am working on two dark fantasy novels and one Dutch
novel, though the latter is just for fun.

S: What would your perfect group look like if you
could pick anybody from the scene?

N: That's not very tough, I would take all current
Angry members as they are great friends, and I would
add my best friends outside the scene. Avt would be
raided as I would take Derbyshire Ram, Jack Alien,
Intruder and Cupid and with Shuze we would have a
solid cracking department with much spreading. Add
an active Mr. Warp to code the ultimate outfit for the
Tribune, and well, as an extra editor I might add some
chubby Dane for good measure. (Erhm, god knows who
he is talking about, he he - bk!)

S: Today's talk is all about the Internet, what are
your experiences on the net?

N: Small. Sometimes I go to the Rotterdam university
where I can have access on the net but I don't do
much as people tend to find out I am not a student.
But soon I might buy a pentium and then i'll go on the
net. It has so many advantages, there is no way to
stop it.

S: How have you been active on other computers?
What ones have you had?

N: Well I started on the tv-tennis game when they
first came out, then had the miraculous Philips Video
pac G7000, a C16 and an Msx-1, then I got my first
C64 and after that I got an Amiga 500 who broke down
and I bought another one after that. I also have a
small laptop PC, but that's just a 286. I use my Amiga
for playing games and the PC for writing my books. I
have never been interested in those other scenes.

S: What are your favourites?

Cracking group: Alphaflight 1970

Cracker: Derbyshire Ram

Demo group: Byterapers

Coder: Mr. Warp

Magazine: This one

Graphician: Whw Design, Mirage

Musician: Jeroen Tel, Compod

Swapper: D'ram, Shuze, Intruder

Colour: Red and Black

Motorcycle: Intruder (hi Stefan!)

Girl: Erika, my Lithuanian girl

Scene Country : Poland. activity rules!

Cover Designer: FX, Zapotek

S: Hey, why didn't you name The Mistress as your
favourite girl?

N: Erika doesn't turn my hair white and never gives me
a headache. I know many people seem to think Tms
and I are involved but we're just colleagues, we've
been through too much together to seriously be in-
volved. She swaps using my mailbox and we sometimes
share a bed but that is really all there is.

S: Do you have a funny story for us?

N: Well I will tell you about this small little lamer
who still wants to buy some pirated disks from me. I
can always use some more cash, so why not. But this
guy thinks he's some sort of a wiz-kid and he seems
to be very lonely. Not strange with that attitude, I
assure you. So he checks every sector on the disk
and almost hits the ceiling when he finds a red sector,
and then he calls me every day around 6 p.m. and
starts talking, talking, talking. this guy is 15 years
old! He would hang on for an hour a day if I wouldn't
cut him off! One time he came for disks at 7 p.m. But I
was working late and the disks were ready, so I left
it to my grandparents to catch him and when I was
finished at 8 p.m. I went out for a beer without coming
home as I could use some beer after a 12-hour shift
on the bike. I came home at eleven and there I saw
lights burning. Then my grandmother told me this la-
mer had just left fifteen minutes ago! He'd occupied
my grandparents, who don't know much about the com
puter, for three and a half hours! Duh, long live Bud-

S: What are your other hobbies except the c64?

N: I like to go to the pub and play billiards, cards,
darts and snooker. I also train a lot on my physical
condition with much running and more exercise. being
a 3rd dan jiu-jitsu sensei I must stay in shape though i
I look less in shape than I am. I've done much power
training until I strained both biceps and had to stop
lifting weights, and suddenly a belly appeared and
never really went.
I have also done some wrestling and taek won do,
just for fun. I have also taught jiu-jitsu for a couple
of years, with The Mistress among my pupils. At night
time I write my books, as I have the most inspiration
way after midnight.

S: A lot has been said about satanism, and you are
known as a sanatist. What do you think about what
the people say?

N: The people who have been talking about satanism
in various magazine are people who don't know what
they are talking about, they have seen too many mo-
vies. They yell when satanist extemists burn a church
or kill babies but they don't say that christian fana-
tics also cut open babies or drown them because they
fear they are possessed by the satan or a demon.
I burned the bible, but that does not make me a mur-
derer. I don't fight people because they're christians,
as that is their fucking own business. and some crazy
people say satanism is just as bad as nazism but they
can't see the difference between religion and politics
and that shows how dumb they are. I'm a satanist but
I don't tell you to worship the satan or die, unlike
the Jehovah's witnesses and other kinds of religious
terrorists. I leave people in their own value and wish
they could do the same.

S: You have been on the other side of the interviewing
desk a vast number of times, who are best to inter-
view are who are the worst?

N: That depends on the person, but in general mag-
editors & swappers are the best people to interview
as they talk the most, coders and musicians on the
other hand don't say much. But even when the inter-
viewed one is a swapper or an editor, it still doesn't
guarantee a good interview. Many people make the
mistake of not asking on, they just send the questions
by mail and print the answers while some answers call
for more questions. a good example of a good inter-
viewer was Sgt. Pepper, he knew just what to ask.
When I read interviews in some magazines I just shake
my head and wonder why they didn't ask this and that.

S: You say you live for magazines, Then why are you
so critical about them?

N: Probably because I have read more magazines than
anybody else and because I have written so much my
self that I really read the texts instead of just
glancing over them, joystick held in the scrolling di-
rection. It is not meant as an offense, it's just point
ing out some small details, maybe it can help.

S: Recently the matter came up again with your quar-
rel with Cat/Excess, and in Nitro #19 we could read
Cat's side of the story. how does yours sound?

N: That is a matter of the past. Cat co-edited a fake
Brutal Recall and insulted my late girl-friend in a
tactless manner and I sent him an angry letter be-
cause he rudely laughed because I was mourning the
death of somebody I have loved for six years, much
later he said he never intended to. Instead he got
pissed with me for intending to break his bones and
again he showed that he doesn't know what it is like
to lose a dear friend. He thought it was strange we
still gave text to her memory one year after her
death. Well small surprise maybe but I mourn her loss
still, three years later. In the mentioned article Cat
apologized though it didn't exactly come from the
heart and for me the matter is history. I just hope
he learned, for if he had written equal pranks about
another great scener who died last year people would
have had his head by now.

S: Think before you speak, that is the motto. Do you
always stand behind your own texts?

N: Most of the time of course, but if I see I made a
mistake I have never been too proud to make a proper
apology. Some people think however that they can be
the only ones who are right and then they can shake
it and screw themselves and I stand behind my text.
and in Angry we have a group of friends so whoever
touches one Angry member touches the group. Not as
fanatic as the late Awt, and not as lame, but you get
the point.

S: So, do you have any final words before shutting
down this interview?

N: I guess I have. greetings to my great friends in
Angry, Derbyshire Ram, Logan, Calypso, Intruder, The
entire Skyhigh staff, Syntax, Madrom, Diverse, Cha$h,
Deff, Jack Alien, Suicide, Spectator, Nightshade, Jer-
ry, Acidchild, Fuben, Zapotek, Sonor, The Unlimited
Gang, Case, Whw Design, Nasty Boy, Tpl, Space Seed,
the rest of the dutch Scene (see you at X-'96 dudes!),
Stan, Danzig, Vile Creeper, Lonely Spirit, Geggin and
all the other partydudes I will hopefully see or hear
from soon again.
Let's all have some great fun in this eternal scene,
C64 lives forever!

signed: Nastiness,Inc./Angry
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