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About Junkie of Palace / Doom Patrol

Once again it's time to squeeze out the last intimate
bits out of a defenceless victim,that has been
strapped to a seat for this occasion. In other words
time for an INTERVIEW!

The poor chap this time is one of the most known and
respected paper-artists on this machine. Just re-
cently he won the cover-compo arranged by Electric
and Duce of Extend and graced a lot of guys and
groups with his covers.  It's no secret,that when-
ever you see a uniquely designed cover with a lot of
skill going with it,there surely is a big chance,that
it'll be signed:


The rules are the same as always,if you see an 'C:'
in front of a text,that is formed as a question,na-
turally,this means that this is typed in by CUPID of
the SKYHIGH staff. If there is a 'J:',it means,that
this is Junkie's answer. However,if there is a 'H:','I:',
'U:' or anything else,then there is surely some
strange thing going on,either your copy has a real
seldom error or some sonofabitch interferred in
here... OK,let's cut it and get on with the serious
part of the interview...

C: Hello,Pasi,and welcome to the Skyhigh,as most of
the sceners just know your handle from a sheet,
give us some more information about that guy
behind this handle,tell us your real name,appear-
ances,jobs,favourite sexual positions and so on...
Don't worry about writing,we won't censor any-
thing,not even if you use words like XXXXX or

J: At the first I thank you for this my very first
interview and I'm glad that I can give it to as cool
magazine as SKYHIGH.

Well, now some answers to your questions. My
real name is Pasi and I have 19 years
behind. At the moment I'm unemployed and I'll go
to the army in the early 96's.
My hair and eyecolors are same as in Finland's
flag, hair is blond and eyes are blue. Lenght is
190cm and weight is 65kg. My favorite sexual
positions?!! And this should be the serious part
of this interview... just FUCK YOU, CHRIS !!! He Hee...

C: Allright. I surely admire your skill,when it comes
to taking a pen and paper and creating something
as detailed as e.g. the cover you did for me. Is
there any trick behind it? What kind of pencils,
rulers and so on do you use and how long does it
take you to do a cover?

J: A Trick? Noooo.. I just use much time to do covers.
The scene have many talented coverdesigners
which can draw masterpieces if they just use
more time to do them.
I'm very slow drawer when I compare myself to FX
and Zapotek for example. But everybody has or
should have an own style and my drawing style
is... just mine.
I draw a cover about 10-20 hours...! You know...
dots take a lot of time...

I use Micron pigma 0,05-0,8 , Rotring rapidograph
0,013 , Penol 777 and dozen of other pens. Rulers
and erasers are common, which are used for
example in school...

C: What about your group,DOOM PATROL,when was it
formed,who are the members,and what is it's
major aim?

J: It was early of '93 when we formed coverdesigner
crew called Men At Work. But when we heard that
the scene had had a crew named the same before,
decided to change name. If I remember right, it
was october '93 when DP was actually born.
Members of this crew are FX, Suicidal and I. And
our "major aim" is to release as much covers as
possible. And of course have fun!

C: Where do you get your inspirations from? Comics?
Movies? LP-Covers?

J: Well, maybe I get a little bit inspirations from
those things, but I think that different Tattoo
magazines are the main affectors. One can find
a huge variety of different drawing styles and
those magazines are simply cool! I think that
at least Biz Kid can understand me... (YO!! - bk!)

C: Are you also intending to do any other art of ex-
pressing your ideas,like doing gfx,animations,air-

J: No, I just draw with using a pen, because I'm too
stupid to draw graffity pieces and I think it's
better that I leave it to other artists...
About drawing with computer: I'm too impatient to
put pixel after pixel into the screen. It simply
takes too much time to finish a picture...

C: Which cover designers and artists do you admire,
and why?

J: My respect goes of course to Electric and Duce,
who use a lot of time to make masterpieces.
They have deserved their places in charts.

*Duce have weird and sometimes even sick ideas
and his covers are always very detailed. Duce is
also expert to draw the most difficult things...
I mean girls and women. You can find at least one
female from his covers. Keep on good work, Ari!

*There's also Electric who also has his own style
which I like very much. He has drawn covers
in numerous different styles and in my opinion his
current style is so far the best. Imaginative
characters and the way which they are drawn,
make his covers look real cool! He's style is
simply my favorite.

*Earthquake from Germany is also one of my
favorite drawers. His style is realistic and weird.
He's lazy or slow drawer, because he releases
new covers so seldom. I'd like to see more of his
works in the future. What about sending, Daniel?

As I mentioned before the scene has many good
paper-artists. They should just use time and
imagination to draw original covers. Poland will be
the country, where we can expect some new
paper-artists. They should only remember that
originality is the most important thing.

Of course I can't forget to mention my "crew
mates" FX and Suicidal, which both do excellent
work with covers. But why those guys aren't in
charts? For example FX has done tons of covers
for different crews and more is coming. Just think
before voting and don't vote for unactive dudes
like Cop!

C: Art is always being likely to be abused for pro-
paganda reasons,are there any motives,that you
would refuse to do,like satanic,sexistic,fascis-
tic or whatever pics?

J: I'm not nazi and I don't have fascistic thoughts,so
I'll refuse to draw that kind of pictures. I don't
have anything against all the rest... But don't
expect me to do "I shit on your face" cover!

C: When did you start doing covers and for whom?

J: It was late '91 when I started my "cover career".
At first I did covers for LESSUHUNTER (nowadays
Mr. Giga) and they suck like three week-old socks.
My first presentable cover went to Clique.
Nowadays I'd like to see my pre- '93 covers buried
in the backyard... Ho Ho Ho!

C: Do you have any other activities in the scene,like
swapping,painting or coding? How to get a cover
from Doom Patrol?

J: Yes, I'm also a swapper who fights against the
dark forces of Delay. I have over 40 contacts at
the moment and have still space for a couple of
contacts. You will find my address at the end of
interview... Hint, hint...

Since both I and Fx are going to the army we have
limited time, so if you want to get a cover write to
either of us and maybe give a good idea or two
and we'll see what we can do.

C: Brainstorm,just give the first thing,that crosses
your mind...

DELAY: Can't avoid it

COVER-COMPETITION: Must for coverdesigners

CHARTS: Vote for active dudes!

COPIERS: Seek and destroy them all!

PALACE: Bunch of lazy guys!

H.R. GIGER: Weirdo genius

FINLAND: Kuokka, kirves ja PERKELE!

C: Speaking as a skilled painter,what kind of movies
do you prefer,the manga-styled japanese ones,
or the handpainted Lion King likes?

J: I think that they are both so totally different
from each other that I can't really compare them.
I like them both, OK!

C: Now,enough about that,thanx a lot for giving this
interview,now just take this opportunity to fill
this space with your greetings,advertisments,in-
sults or whatever you consider worthy to be put

J: Finally I reached to the end of your knotty
questions. Thanx for extraordinary questions,

Here's some greetings to my friends:

CRESH: Ya had quite long delay, pal! Keep alive, OK!
ZZAP: Ain't this life so fuckin' great? CU, crazy pal!
WINGO: What the fuck is going on? Send!
DUCE: Permanent is cool! Keep drawing, dude!
NEOTEC: Hopefully Immo is out soon. See ya, old pal!
D-RAM: How younger swappers are so slow? See ya!
LEMMING: Where's ya sending?
MICKE: Send upcoming Extend releases... Heh!
DELTA: Keep on studying, pal! Wait for a phone call..
RRR: boldly go where no one has gone before...
SPLATTERHEAD: A girl in ya bed? IMPOSSIBLE.. Heh!
ELECTRIC: EXTEND RULE!! Are ya happy now? I'll call...
SLEEPWALKER: Merhaba! Keep cool, my turkish friend!
RIDDLER: Hi Erik! Stay cool as ice... Acrise#1!?!!
RAZORBACK: Jeesus on jee! I'm waiting for ya sending.
OCA: Do ya plan an army career? I hope not...
SCOFFER: Boy, ya are lazier than I... Hehee! Send!
NIGHTSHADE: Hope ya liked SCS+TRC-cover. Send soon!
DR.PAIN: I'll kick your bitchy little ass. punk! He hee..
DEBRIS: Still delay? Wake-up, zombie, and send!
2NY: Hi Toni! Ya'll get album soon. Keep Pal alive, ok!
MR.GIGA: As ya can see Pain is still alive... amazed?
STARLIGHT: Hi girlie! How's kitten doing? See ya soon!
ACIDCHILD: Ya letters are always nice to read. Ciao!
CALYPSO: Hi, one of my fastest'n coolest contact!
CLIVE: Howdy, Belgian stampmaniac! Stay active!
SHOK'RAY: Where are you hiding?
MR.ALPHA: Hello, pal from cold Austria. Or is it cold?
KBS: What's up now, pal? Which crew own ya??
MET: Don't fuck wit'da bad side o' me! He hee!
MAV: It's nice that ya are back to the bizz again.
STASH: Time's up... Whatcha gonna do? Send!
MEATBALL: This is just a crazy man's utopia!?? Weird?
ABBOT: Did ya know that God rides a Harley. Ho ho ho!
VERDICT: Jesus Christ looks likes you!? Weird again!?
PALMER: Wake up,wake up!! Are ya dead or something?
DR.DOOM: Thanx 4 contacting, my new friend.
MISTRESS: Eat me, beat me, throw me down the stairs
FLI: Here's also helloz to ya, new friend!
CODE18: 2 contact sendings... Cool! So let's swap!
ZAPOTEK: Yo, pal! Thanx 4 a BIG bunch of ya covers!
BIZKID: I hope this interview doesn't ruin ya cool mag
CUPID: My brains sucks... you should know that!

...and here are promised addresses...

FX / Pal / D*P                             Junkie / Pal / D*P

* only for covers...                       * for anything...
NOT disk swapping!

I get the duck out of here... Peace!


I, Biz Kid, would like to wrap up this fine interview!
All of you should know by now that Junkie did 1 hell
of a killer cover for this issue. If you haven't got it
then contact me and I'll most probably mail it to you!
Anyway, I will use the opportunity to shout out a big
thank you to Pasi for this killer..
I really like it it a lot. A camel turning into a 'Tattoo
Gun'.... Great idea. And the tribal in the background
fading in the camel: Brilliant!!! Your really did it the
way I wanted it, cool!!

Hopefully you'll have a nice time in the army. Just
get the bezt out of it. ( I've been there so I know
what I am talking about!!).

Stay just the way you are, a real friend!!!

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