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About Trap

Another interview, another victim...
This time Skyhigh has found a true legend for the in-
terview chapter. I don't think there are anybody who
haven't heard about the legendary Danish group :
BONZAI.. It is with a great pleasure I can bring an in-
terview with the pretty wellknown BZ member - TRAP.

+ = SKYHIGH       - = TRAP


+ First of all I would like to welcome you, Trap, back
to a temporary trip to the beloved & beau-tee-fool
C64. - Ok, no more craptalk for now, let's start up
this thing. Why don't we start out the usual, and bor-
ing way. Please give the readers a small introduction
of the person named TRAP>

- Well, back then - in my C64-prime - I went to secon
dary school, was 14 years old and had no worries in
life... hmm, except that I spent far too much time on
the computer... Today I'm 23 years old, studying Com-
puter Science at Copenhagen University and - Hell! -
I still spend too much time in front of the computer.
I guess I'm an ordinary freak... used to hear Heavy
Metal (still do), had a beer or two at the weekends,
went to parties (also computer-ones)... etc, etc.

+ As you were on the C64, what was your function.
Composer, gfx'er, swapper or?

- In Bonzai I was the leading person and I used to
code a lot! I fooled around with JCH's music-composer
now and then, but nothing ever turned out to be good

+ Talking about the old days. Please tell us about
your C64 scene career. You know: when did you enter,
what other groups have you been in. Please try to
give us a chronological story of back then.

- Hmmm. I'm not exactly sure when it all started but...
Let's make this fast: I bought a Spectrum 48k many
many years ago, sold it and bought the only true love
WORLD: COMMODORE 64... Yep! Played games for some
time... Got interested in coding. Met a few local dudes
who coded, they had a group called ICE-T.
Anyway, I started coding: Started CCC (Commando Code
Crackers)... Hell! it's a looooooong time ago, ok?...
Joined ICE-T for some time, went solo for some time,
until something big happened: I joined RAZOR EXPRESS
(today known as RAZOR 1911 - A huge crackergroup on
the PC), coded a few demos for them, I can't remember
any titles really. Then at the Danish Gold, Trilogy &
Supply Team party in Denmark (some time in 1988-1989)
I met ZTH of The Hidden Forces... I joined his new
group called ABNORMAL - Ha! You guys probably re-
member these crazy days aswell, right? Anyway, I co
ded a few demos... Only remember one though : "Trap
Crap Wrap" (some people should recognize this con-
stellation?) - I'm not really sure but I think I also
finished SLEDGEHAMMER 2 under the ANM-label? Help
me out with this one, WizKid? (Ahhhhhh, damn then I
have to find it and load it up... - Well I did, and guess
what, he is wrong.. He released it under the BZ label!!
- Biz Kid..). Anyway, people with a bit of sense should
know the Sledgehammer-packer from Z-Circle... I did
a new packer-algorithm and reused their interface..
Actually it was a LOT better than the original!
Well, I then joined DOMINATORS for some time... After
some time I founded BONZAI together with another
DOM-member, SONNY - We recruited some of Sonny's
friends: Lotus and Luxor. and we released "LETHAL
What most people don't know is that BZ was shut down
after 6 months, and Sonny and I joined Success (the
German group)... Then after another few months I re-
found Bonzai, and that was the beginning, some more
people joined, and the real turn-over for BZ was as
THE BLACK LORDS joined: Walt, THA, Crush, Dize...
Many more came and went, but the hard-core of BZ
always remained: Crush, Walt, THA, Dize, Metal and me!
In 1991 I left BZ - there were many reasons for that..

+ I started out saying that you are a pretty well-
known. Maybe this only counts for the older sceners,
or to put it another way; the sceners who have been
in the scene for some time now. For what do we know
(or should we know) you. Any particulary releases/
routines/inventions that has your handle attached
to it?

- I did the "SLEDGEHAMMER 2"-packer, which a lot of
people used, I was among the first to code a 2 DYCP
scroll scrolling over each other, and I was the first
to release Raster-splits (ICE-T actually released a
demo with rastersplits at the same time)... Some might
say that White Lion of Science 451 invented it before
me, but it happens, that he got the idea/code to look
at from me.I had quite a lot to do with the:
BONZIIIIEEED demo that was inspired from the Amiga
demo "Coma".
Hmm, what else? I honestly can't remember... see, I
was fucking hyper-active, I released a demo approxi-
mately every 3rd. month - more or less coded by my-

+ Do you remember the memberstatus of back then. If
so then please list it up for us. (Their handle & func-
tion, if possible...)

- Well, the member-status of Bonzai changed all the
time, but most memoriable members are:

T.H.A. ... CODER
T.H.A. ... CODER

Well there were a few more than I can't remember the
name of, sorry!

+ When you are at it. Thinking back, that is.. I remem-
ber a few demos BZ did, namely : Crackle'n'Cocio,
Cockrusher and of course the Lethal Display series.
Could you please fill in the other demos Bonzai did on
the C64.

- Sorry, I can't remember.... There were so many...
"Bonziiiieeed", "Lethal Display 1-4", "3rd Dimension"...

+ Besides the demos, BZ were know for other things.
I know that you also did a disk magazine for Bonzai.
(I have just read issue 6, at this very moment..) The
name of the magazine was LETHAL NEWS, and was main
edited by no-one else than....YOU.
So hey I am interviewing and old colleague.. Not bad.
So you know the meaning of heavy text writing, col-
lecting sheets and deadlines. But I got the feeling
that you didn't start up this magazine yourself, or..
Anyway, please tell us about the beginning of Lethal
News. When was the first issue released, who started
it, stuff like that!

- Actually the magazine was started up by me and
Sonny. I had the idea, made a few layouts for the mag
and Fox did some graphics, voila - we had our maga-
zine. I remember that coding the mag only took me
one afternoon :) of course there were improvements
later on but...
I can't remember when we released the first, and I
guess #6 WAS the last issue we ever got around to
release - Writing articles, counting votes and shit
took up too much time, and I lost interest in the mag.
It all ended when Sonny left Bonzai, cause he didn't
want to swap anylonger - Actually there were seve-
ral reason for Sonny leaving - He re-joined Domina-
tors! That was before Bonzai REALLY started to grow
(I guess!)
Anyway, looking back today I'm quite surprised to see
that "Lethal News" actually was read by people. We
figured that there were so many good mags around
so the last thing people needed was another mag
(that was also one of the reasons why we stopped
producing it!). But, obviously this wasn't the case, eh!

+ As mentioned then it was issue #6 I read, how long
did the series go ? Another thing, at that time most
magazines (if not 'em all..) were single-filers. Did Le-
thal News ever have another outfit with chapters
which had to be loaded, like the magazines of today?

- Well, as said: #6 was the last (I think).. If I remem-
ber correctly we had a discussion wether to make LN
a one-filer or not, and we kept it like that simply be-
cause there was no need to have multiple files!

+ Well, I have to admit that Lethal News have style.
Eventhough it is a onefiler it probably could compete
with some of the mags which started up the last year.
Fine coding with some great design aspects, great
graphics/icons and easy readable font. Quite a nice
mag indeed.
Ok, enough about the magazine. I believe that Bonzai
also should be known for a party or two. I think I've
heard about a certain Bonzai Party. (Was it the SamsĀ£
Party??0. Please give us some information about this.

- Is there anything bad in having a one-filer mag!!!
Hell I can not see why that should make the mag
worse?????? (Ofcoz, there's nothing wrong with this
kind of magazine, but I won't give it many chances in
the scene of today!!!! - BK!)
I didn't have much to do with that party really, but
yes - we did arrange a party with some other groups.
We stood as the C64-part of the party, but don't ask
me too many questions about that, beacuse it was
Crush who had the most to do with thata party.

+ And the the Bonzai group dissappeared. Or should I
say : moved on. What happend? Sick and tired of the
good old commy, or was it the other systems which
got a hold on you. Yo Trap, what happend with you
after the end of Bonzai 64 division?

- Well, we all got tired of the C64, and we figured
there was nothing left to do... (obviously, we were
wrong). I can't say that the other systems caught in
on us, but the next logical move was to go Amiga
Anyway, as things went we all slowly stopped activi-
ties - I guess there never even was a real BZ's death
demo... I did release a small text-file informing about
me leaving though!
So, Bonzai's death on the C64 wasn't a planned move
or anything , it just happened! We have often talked
about going back to the C64, but I guess it'll stay to
the talking... Today we have so much else to waste
our time on.
Crush, Dize, Scortia and Ricky joined TSL Denmark on
the Amiga (still active there... they made it to the 3rd
at the TP94 Amiga-demo-compo!).
Many members simply dissappeared - Fox went to jail
for some illegal video-copying... Well, disintegration...
Some of us later bought a PC! so, about a year ago
Walt, Metal and I decided on giving Bonzai a second
go on the PC scene. Well, this didn't turn out so good!

+ Amiga and PC... Hmm, I know that Bonzai PC released
a demo not long ago. How did that work out. I know
that you yourself told me that the demo was not a
success, and that it had some consequences. Maybe
it is better for you to tell it with your own words.

- Yes, we released "Lethal Display 5" on the PC.... It
made a 6th place at the PC-demo-compo at the TP94.
Not even faintly deserved really. The demo was no-
thing but a gimmick! The demo SUCKS! ... And of course
the reaction from the public was respectively nega-
tive! We had recruited a few members from here and
there, and we're starting to look like a real group
again, but unfortunately nothing ever happend among
the Danish members (yes, we recruited some foreign
members who were quite active really - Hi Unifier, TDJ
and Mirage!!!), and due to lack of motivation and the
lousy result of our first go with the PC, we decided
to letting it go - I guess none of us had the energy
to start from square one again.... So it is official :
BONZAI PC has died, and there will NEVER AGAIN be a-
nother Bonzai! If you happen to see a group named
Bonzai (or Bonsai) then tell them to change their name
(if not for nothing, then at least to honour our name
- we worked DAMN hard to get Bonzai where it ended,
and the last thing I want is to see some lame pricks
misuse the name!)... as said :

+ So the Bonzai PC division is dead.. So whata now ??
Starting up a new group or maybe staying freelance?

- I don't know, as for me I guess I'll look around for
a new group to join. I think i'm starting to get some-
where with my music, and I have slowly adapted to
Watcom C, and it seems suitable for demo-coding,
(Assembly is for pricks on the PC - Too much trouble
with little results)!

+ Have you ever thought about returning to the love-
ly C64 scene? I know you said that many of the new
coders can outcode you any time and anywhere. Well
yeah, that might be right, but so what.. My advice to
you is to pay the few doughs for a 'new' Commodore64
Well what do you say?

- Hmmm, I'm often tempted, and I will NOT say that it
is impossible, but then again I much rather prefer to
be remembered for what I was, than to destroy my
reputation by coding lousy demos on the C64... God
knows! Maybe some day I'll return...Nothing said :)
After all: The C64 scene is STILL the BEST!!

+ Afraid of returning to the scene as a newcommer,
or a 'lamer'. I hate that word but I use it for a reason
A dude once said, and I quote :

"A lamer is not a goy without talent,
but a guy without a brain!!!"

Well I presume that you have seen this before, coz it
is no one else than YOU who said it..

- I remember that yes! I still ive by that, and I really
hope people will adopt that sentence.... It'S a good
thing to live by - Make the world a better place.. and
so on... Yeah right!

+ About the C64 scene. Please give us you favourites:

The group who gave us the most competition!

... This reminds me: A funny story.... I play in a band
and I play with a guy named Sune - He founded the
German USA-Team! I think it's funny that I meet him
again, and that he lives in Denmark now!

CODER: Maduplec
Good friend of mine!

CRACKER: Dogfriend
Also a personal friend!

He lives a few kilometres from me - we meet now and

Honestly he WAS my favourite

What can I say - It was the best!

DEMO: Roads of..... by triangle!
Can't remember the full name, but I do remember
that it was delayed for almost a year, but boy did it
kick ASS!

Yep, Stavros Fasoulas was my favourite!!! - to no
ones surprise really :)

I know you might have some diffculties in filling this
out, just give it your best shot. It doesn't matter if
the groups are long dead and buried.. Just write what
comes to your mind..

+ I don't know how much you know about the 64 scene
of today. A lot of things have most deffently changed
since you left. Groups like Oxyron, Camelot, Bytera-
pers, (Taboo) and some more are top groups now. Yes
that's right the old legendary group Byterapers is
back in effect, hitting real hard.
The C64 scene is known for beeing a friendly place.
Sure there are some arrogant suckers here and there
but basically the scene is based on friendship.

Does any of these things ring a bell to you? I myself
has just recently entered the PC world, and don't
know much about this scene. So please tell us a bit
about how the PC scene is today; try to compare it to
the C64 scene as it is now, and as you remember it.


Well this interview is quite long, and I have realised
that it is impossible to have it in one chapter. There-
fore it is necessary to split it into 2. So, to see the
answer on the question, and of course the rest of
the interview you will have to load part 2 now!!!


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