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About Splatterhead of SCS*TRC

Mailscene,Megaswapping,SCS+TRC,Graffity,No Delay,
Orries... ... ... RING A BELL?

Yes,I got him here,the guy,that ran around at the
X'95 with a whole cigarette-pack of joints,the man
that assured me,that SCS+TRC is the one and only
REAL gangsta-group,as each member has been to
jail so far,noone else than...


C: Word up! You are one of the most known guys in
this beloved scene,know what I'm saying? Give
us a slight insight into the real life of that guy
behind the Splatterhead/Bomber image?

Hey man,'sup! Well,first let me correct something
before some sucker comes complaing,not all of
us have been in jail,but most probably MOST of
us,Skarabee had the worst case,hehe...
O.k.,well,lemme give some info then... I'm 19 years
old,I still go to school,where I study economics
last year,but I plan to become a system-opera-
tor,like CBA/SCS+TRC and Coolhand/SCS+TRC do.
In the weekends I work at MC Donalds,a job I
already have for some 3,5 years now,and I really
enjoy getting paid,as I make some 50 dollars a
day... Further on I practice Tae Kwondo,a martial
art,something inbetween Karate and Kickboxing.
In my sparetime I listen to Hardcore Hiphop,go to
bars with some homies and go out spraying,as I'm
already writing since about 10 years,but the last
3,5 years real serious... I'm no longer in the PC-
scene,due to too less time,but perhaps I make a
comeback somewhen,as I got an offer from
Success PC,who are doing real well on the demo-
front,as they won quite some prices already!
That about concludes it,I suppose...

C:  You've been into this whole biz for a long time
now,which groups have you already been in and
do you think,that the scene is getting worse in
comparison to the "old times"?

Yep,I'm around since august 1990... Over 5 years
already... Damn,a fucking long time for sure!
I started off in the scene with our own local
crew named 'RAGE',with only 3 members:Master of
Terror (aka Skummkid/Exotic Designs,now known
as LCF/SCS+TRC),Atomicro (later in <C> and
Sacred) and myself... Since LCF was already in
Exotic Designs he left us and we started loo-
king for another group... I joined Obituary,the
members from this group are now mostly known
under Silicon Ltd.,btw! After 2 weeks or so I left
them as they were kinda lazy (and later died),so
I joined a quite local group,Compagnions.They we-
ren't that good,but I had a good time there. I
joined Fantasia (now Smash Designs) as 2nd crew,
just to get more stuff to spread. Meanwhile
Exotic Designs was dieing and they were working
on rebuilding the old Oxygen... I got an offer and
accepted,as I wanted to be in the same crew as
Lord Crucifier (LCF)... Due to LCF leaving for F4CG
and Lobster (the leader of Oxygen) saying nuttin'
but bullshit I left them and joined a real active
and asskicking posse at that time:Vagabonds! I
really enjoyed it there! Mindcrime's cracks were
real megaversions,I had lotsa stuff to spread
and the organisation was real good! Later on LCF
joined aswell (after we visited Mindcrime and Exe-
cutor) and I had a fuckin cool time! But then they
started to loose activity and members left the
scene real quick... LCF meanwhile met a guy who
said to be MARC/SECTION8,and they rebuilt S8.
I first waited with joining 'em,but after I heared
that e.g. Atomicro/<C> and Nit1/F4CG joined I
decided to join aswell... There we released the
firstie of Hagar the Horrible,but we couldn't
upload it... Anyway,we soon noticed the guy MARC
was a faker and a local lamer,so we let the group
die,as it was a big mistake to rebuild it... We for-
med our own group Sacred,and there I had the
best time of my scene-career so far! It was my
own group,which was mostly built by myself,with
some help from LCF. It was supercool to see how
we managed to become an 'above-average' crew,
which had 1st releases,modemtraders,cards,2
US HQ's,an EuroHQ with TRC and some superver-
sions thanx to LCF... That period was superdope!
AFter a time things went worse,Corrosive (our
main modemtrader) left the scene,cards were
hard to get,due to all Germans boxing and some
more important members (like Macho) left the
scene,also LCF had less time to do most of the
cracking on his own... So Sacred died... Most guys
joined elite cracking groups,like Maja joined F4CG
Styx,LCF and me joined AFL,Techno joined GP and
more... The AFL days were also quite o.k.,I sup-
plied some 1sties,called the boards and the ac-
tion was cool! But 4 some reason LCF and me joi-
ned Genesis Project... I can't even remember why,
but I recall it sucked... Newscopy promised lots
of action,1sties,cards to call out,but nothing ca-
me so we left... We had some nostalgic feelings
and decided to rebuild Sacred... That was again a
big mistake due to the joining of that lamer Men-
drake who fucked up big time by releasing mail-
wares with fixing group intro's... So it died again
after a few days,and I was real pissed off and
was on the edge of leaving the scene forever,
but I didn't,and I owe a lot to Mr. Wax/<C> for that
as he gave me the opportunity to join Chromance,
a group where I've always felt good in...
At the X-mas party last year I left <C> when they
were in a deep wintersleep,to join SCS+TRC,as it
was a lot easier to be in a group which could com-
municate daily and where I could get the wares
faster,as I didn't posses a modem anymore at
that time... Further on it gave new opportunities
with my game-label... Well,that's where I ended
up,and where I probably stay for a while to come!

Well,I don't really think the scene is worse now-
adays,eventhough some more games to release
(and BETTER games,in particular) would be nice!
I still miss the old SACRED days,but I think the
present scene is good enough,especially with
some strong action in the east (WORD UP!)...

C: How many contacts do you have and how do you
manage to handle them? I myself am sometimes
struggling to get along with my 25... How much
time do you spend on this machine or any other

AH... Well,I have about 160 contax,of which some
20 aren't real active anymore,but have atleast
send in the last 12 months. By sending out every
fucking day (except for saturdays) I manage to
keep track of the bitch,otherwise,when I'd send
once a month,the shit would be tripping on me!
I spend about 2 hours a day for fixing them packs
for all you mothafukas outthere... Sometimes I do
some additional stuff for our mailfront or relea-
se some 1sties,and if I call out to the US-boards
I'm busy for about 6 hours a day... But normally I
just spend about 2 hours a day for the 64.

C: Speaking about money,you do not cheat,how much
money do you spend on stamps and how can you
afford it? Ever had money-trouble because of

Uh,where we speaking about money? Hehe,you
wasted sucka! Well,I indeed hardly cheat,just
from time to time,or to some Dutch guys with a
special mark... But that hardly works nowdays!
I spend appr. f25,- (14 dollars) a week on stamps,
perhaps more,perhaps less,I don't know exactly!
I can afford it due to working by MC Donalds,and
due to the money I get from the government for
being a student... F100,- a month isn't that much
when I earn that by working one day at MC D.!
Yes,I used to have days of trouble due to swap-
ping,but that was mostly when I didn't earn that
much yet... To get it over I started hustling,to-
gether with LCF,Atomicro and some other homies,
we racked everything we could lay our hands on
from local shops,like paint,markers,cd's,etc. to
sell or use for ourselves,so we didn't have to
spend money on buying the usual stuff! These
days were kinda cool,but when a homey got bus-
ted infront of our eyes and with a bag full of
(legally bought!) spraycans we stopped it...

C: As a megaswapper,you do have a higher risk of
being busted,did you ever have trouble with the
cops,the post, AT'N'T or any other institution
linked to the scene?

No,not at all... Actually,the Dutch government
cares jackshit about the computerstuff,like
swapping,especially on 64,big PC crimes are
punished,but even that hardly happens!
That doesn't take away the cops and post aren't
bugging me,hehe... Well,for non-scene activities
I have had my fair share of trouble with the cops
but most of you know the biggest story of those
via me or Spectator (my inmate,hehe)...

C: How many disks do you buy per month,and which
tools do you normally use? Do you copy with

HA,I just got 300 disx a few mins ago,and that'll
do for some 2 months,I suppose!
The tools I use are an old copier for 2 drives
which is on some tooldisc called 'penthagon',I
use a filecopier called 'superkit 6' and ofcoz
the infamous Dirmaster... And ofcoz I use some
other tools for my other activities,like CCGMS
and packers,etc.!
Yep,I copy with errorcheck! So all guys who com-
plain (hardly ever happens),it really is the post
fucking up the disx,not me,boyee...

C: What is the most important thing for you,when
swapping? The warez,the note,the cover?

Hm,hard to say... It depends on the contact! It
would be a lie to say I care a fuck about the wa-
res,as that was a reason to start swapping,to
get the wares released by others... I care for the
wares and the note! The cover is not that impor-
tant,as long as there is one... Furher on I like to
get extra's,as I swap tapes and flicks with some
guys,these are really packs to look out for,and
from those I don't care much about the wares!

C: Did you ever drop somebody,or what may be a rea-
son for you not to take someone into the mother-
ship of your contact-list?

Hm,I hardly ever drop someone,or he should do
some real lame stuff,like always sending with 10
pf.,eventhough I say that doesn't work,or always
sending fucked up disx... At this moment I hardly
accept new contax,as I have enough! I also star-
ted calling out a lot again,so I need some spare-
time for that aswell... I only accept contax who
can offer something special,like game-contax,
hot orie-traders and people who are down with
rap and graffiti (the 2 main ingredients of hiphop
for me)...

C: Your favourites?



Mag:Vandalism News,Propaganda,Domination


Artist:Draz,YOU! (betcha gonna react on that,:))
(All taken care of... Cupid...)

Book:RIP,SPRAYCAN memorials by Martha Cooper

Movie:Boyz in the hood,Who's the man,...

CDs:Too many to mention! Almost any hiphop joint!


Drink:Safari-Orangejuice,Red wine-coke (g-shit!)

Food:Some fat-ass junkfood... (MC D. promotion,:))

C: Any dislikes/enemies?
Well,I used to have beef with this guy Ned/Accept
but at the mo' I don't hear anything from him any-
more,so at this mo' I'll keep shit quiet aswell!
Then there's some guys from ex-AWT who wrote
shit about me in Metalforce 3 (still haven't seen
it,can anyone send it to me?)... Straight up moafux!

C: Brainstorm,just give the first thing,that crosses
your mind:

Errors:fuck them disx with errors...

Boards:feels good to be back...

Dope:dank-sessions,pass the dank!

X'95:you're lucky if you'llsurvive! Stone tour'95!

Ned/Accept:no comment n....

Firstrelease:more to come from u..

Fixing:Important for the points

Sell-out: Never selling out,keep it real ya'll!

C: Speaking as a professional,which country does
have the most efficient postal system? Are you
satisfied with the dutch one?

Well,I think the Dutch one is quite o.k.!The ger-
man guys faster get trouble with lost packs and
trouble due to cheating,the UK post sucks since
they always open my packs to D.Ram for drugs-
checks...The Dutch one is fast and allright in my

C: Being a dutch person,you are one of the few lucky
ones that can enjoy the pleasures legalized
dope can give you. Do you think,that it's going to
be legalized Europe-wide some fine day?

Well,I guess certain people would really like to
see so,now wouldn't they,hehe... Well,I don't
think so,actually! I think they would first try to
shut all stuff down which is happening in the
Netherlands before they'd try that! On the other
hand it'd stop all drug-tourism like Germans and
Frenchmen coming over to e.g. Rotterdam and
Amsterdam to get some green... Well,as long as we
can freely buy and grow weed it's o.k. with me!
Hehe,what an egoistic answer,eh!? Well,the cops
are still bugging,by the way! I got pulled over for
just fixing a joint with 2 other guys and we got
some fat warning from the suckers...

C: Now,what is your opinion about scene-wars? Is
there any necessity for them?

Well,sometimes moafux is tripping and they be like
telling me how to swap or calling me lame... Then I
have to show 'em wassup,you know whamsaying!
Scenewars can often get out of hand,and then it
gets dangerous! Hackers can fuck your life up if
you ain't carefull... There are quite some tricks,
you see... So sometimes you just can't avoid the
wars,eventhough I'm not really down with it...

C: If you had the chance to build up your own, "per-
fect" crew,who would you take in,and how would
you call it?
AH,that's a nice question... Lemme see...
Crackers:Lord Crucifier (LCF),Burglar,Jack ALien
Megaswappers:D.RAM,Intruder and myself...
Supply:NSD,Deff,Mr. Wax,some Polish guys and me.
and eventually some introcoders and logo-gfxian.
I would call it 'Rudeboys' or something,I suppose!

C: Well,time for me to shut it down again,thanx for
giving this interview,now I pass the mic to you
for speaking out your greets,advertisments,or

Aight,lemme give some shoutouts to some of my
homeboys... I can't name all of you,hope you un-
The entire SCS+TRC posse (straight up gz),Chro-
mance hustlaz,Vengeance and Jazzcat,Intruder
and D.Ram of AVT,Calypso,Styx,Marc+rest/AFL,
Walker,Neotec/F4CG,Scratch/Excess (graf g),
Excess (what's left of it),Shocker/HC,Hitmen,
Stan/TRSI,Bizarre,Rage (send!!!),Maja,Sentinel,
Suicide/AVT,Bizkid (another Graf Gangsta),Fade,
Merlin,CUPID ofcoz,Shuze,Mr. Lee,Starlight,
H-Bloxx,Chaotic (get up in Herning!),Junkie,Bacil-
lus,Happymaker,Mr. Brain,and all the rest... Sorry,
but I don't feel like mentioning everyone,as that
would be kinda useless!'SUP to all my friends and
contax,you know who you are!

For all of you who are down with rap and graffiti
get yo ass to my mailbox and send some stuff so
we can swap some dope ass tapes and flicks!
Waiting for ya...


BTW,notice my new phone# as from 10 october

Aight,that's it... Thanx Chris for the interview,it
was a pleasure to fill,nice questions!
Check y'all later in this moafukka,chill!


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