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Yeeeeaaaaahh boyyyeeee!!!

Outside the weather is sunny and warm. The holliday has invaded most of Europe, if not the entire world. What I am talking about is ofcourse the summer holli- day. And as always the Commodore 64 scene is having it's summer break aswell. BUT, something is different than usual. Normally my incomming sendings are fall- ing with the same speed as the temperatur is rising, but somehow this haven't been the case this year. Personally, I have recieved a lot of sendings lately, from all my contacts and from people who had some stuff for this magazine. Strange! Not that I don't like it, coz I most defintely do!, just that it's quite odd. Maybe the sceners decided to kick in a bit of activity before they went of for their summer break, the cold beers/drinks, the more or less dressed girls and the beach.. Well that's the way it is..

So what does the wacko Biz-man has on his mind this time!! Well, a little bit of diz, and a little bit of dat.. So all I can say is : read on!!


Oh no you cry.. Not again!! Well yes, actually I have a little thing to say about mag this time. Lately it has become rather common to do the charts by assembling the vote points from various other scene mags. Well I can understand why they do it, in this way. First you don't have to spread votesheets, you don't have to count them to get the points (which really is one hell of a job!!), and ofcourse you don't have to worry about getting the sheets copied and so on..


I personally find it TOO easy to fill up a chapter like this. Come on, be honest, isn't it all about following the line of least resistance? Yes it is!! Sure it saves the editor a big pile of work; still I think it is way too easy. Some might say that the charts will be a lot more objective as you collect the votes from diffe- rent magazine which ar released in the same period! Well, I have to admit there is a bit of truth in it, but still it is too easy...... Somehow the 'feeling' are missing when you do it like this. To me it seems like a kind of sell-out!!

But that's not all!! In the latest issue of The Pulse, I noticed something which made me stop up, and wonder quite a bit. The Pulse are using this way of doing their charts-chapter. I can't recall precisely which magazines they had taken the votes from, though they credited them as the should. But the mainpoint is of another matter: Where they had taken the votes from, say 5 or 6 different magazines, they had taken the votes from 2 issues of Skyhigh!! So what is the problem you say!!, I'll tell you..

Imagine this : in the 5 or 6 different magazines this mag will most probably be in the top 3 (or even top2!) but in the two issues of this magazine, Skyhigh will of course not be in at all!! See the problem? In this way Skyhigh doesn't get a fair chance against the other magazines.. Theoratically this could cost Skyhigh the 1st place. I'm not saying that it's like that, but the chances are quite big, I think!!

Now some of you might think that I'm making a problem out of nothing, or I am beeing small-minded! Well, I'm not!! I just wanted to point out the fact that doing like The Pulse did is no good idea at all. Ofcourse this is nothing but a thoughtless mistake from the side of editors of The Pulse. To the staff, I'ld like to make it clear that this is not meant whether as any kind of slagging nor as a war invitation !! My only intention was to point out that you should not take the votes from two issues of the same mag for you charts. I believe you already knew that!

Hmm, time to leave that subject for now.. Skyhigh will at last use the opportunity to wish you the best in the future.

As mentioned in the beginning of this chapter, then I feel that the wellknown summerbreak hasn't occured this year. On the contrary then lots of things has happend. First of all then the incomming mail has not reduced as it use to. Second, we all, got the great news about ESCOM buying up the Commodore activities. Our good old beloved breadcase will get produced in the future again. More Commodore 64's mean more software, which again means more games for the hun- gry game freaks. A new software company has already proclaimed their comming (read more about this parti- culary firm from Sweden somewhere else in this mag!).

Also the long awaited COVER & GFX competition held by the two Extenders : Duce and Electric have found the winners. This you can read about somewhere in the mag aswell..

So all in all, I must say that I am very satisfied with the C64 scene at the moment!

Well as mentioned before by a lot of sceners, then the C64 scene is not the real world. (I feel sorry for them who think so!!). Also in my private life things are going fine. I have been engaged to my girl, with whom I have been with for the last 5 years. So now I have to get used to wear a ring on my finger(and that ain't easy I can tell!!!).

But that is not the only ring I have got in the summer holliday. I have for a long time would have my nibble pierced. And finally it's done. Yes you read right...

I have had my nibble pierced !!

So I have a nice piece of body jewelry in the shape of a ring on my body now. (Yes Elvira, it is the right one!) So now you think I finally lost it, don't you - hehe!! Well, yeah I maybe am crazy in your eyes, but what the hell I don't care. I just happend to like tattoos, tons of chilled Coke'n'Bacardi, body piercing and more or less weird behaviour.... Individuality rules...

Some people might think I am some kind of weirdo, by doing such things. Well who cares. I don't.. In my eyes life is too short to be 'normal', to be like the rest. Cal me rebellic, call me whatever you want to, the fact remains : I don't want to be like others. I want to be myself. If people can't cope with this, then it's their business, not mine. Ok, enough nagging about that.

Another thing which have come to my mind lately is the notes which we writes for eachother.

Somehow it seems like many in the scene thinks that the longer a note is, the better a friend he is. Well this is BULLSHIT.. I myself have had my share of com- plaints about writing too short notes. Sure I like to write long notes now and then. BUT not everytime and not to everybody. This is not an attempt to be arro- gant, nope, simply a try to list up the facts.

See I have a lot of writing for this magazine. No com- plaining about that. I love to write; and especially for my magazine. But when it comes to the day where I have to send out, I don't always feel like writing monster-notes for everybody. You could say that I have written enough for a little while, and need the time to relax a bit. So why don't I start writing the notes much earlier then? Hmm, sometimes I do, but not often. The reason is that I also have a normal life too.. See there are more than this cool machine in my life. I have to go to work every day as most others to get my paycheck. I have to pay the rent, my car, food; you know the usual shit.. Beside that I have my girl who also need some time... So in the end there is not much time left for C64.

I have a few contact to whom I normally writes a bit longer notes than to others. But honestly that is not very many.

So back to the fact. I might not be known for writing looong notes. But does that make me a bad friend. Well I don't think so. Some of my best friends in this scene doesn't write that long notes to me either. So what. I know that they are my good friends. With many of them, I have spoken on the phone or met them at different parties. I have around 60 contacts (I think) so I simply haven't got time to write long notes, and edit my magazine as well. And the choose of priority, really isn't that hard...

If you see this as arrogant, then be it. Coz I have no intention of changing it. I don't see short notes as beeing lame or bad.Remember the small notes you got when you got a sending from Nightshade. Well imagine if he should do long notes for all of his contacts, EVERY time.... That would be inhumane!!

So all I wanted to say with this is:

Long letters isn't necessary equal a better contact!

Ok I guess you got my point...

Now I think it is time to end for now, before I start sounding to pissed. Coz I am not. Actually I am in a very good mood these days, and I want it to stay that way. So All there is to say for now is: Smile and some one will smile back at you..

Until next time. Stay tuned....


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