Skyhigh 18 Reactions - part2

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Reactions - part2

No reason to waste any introducing words here, all
there is to it, is to get on...


Hello Bk and the readers...Here is Jer...

This time I'm back with improvements for your mag :

- Possible to stop loading chapter with pressing
example 'runstop' and computer goes back to menu
- Internet chapter
- Advert chapter
- Tools chapter or release chapter (See Metamor-

Hmm, maybe this all can still make you cry again :-)

Ps: the cool musics you use makes the mag perfect!

Yo Jer!

Once again you hit this mag with a list of improve-
ments. I really like that. So why don't we start !!

- Stop the loading!!! WHY!!! If you stop the loader
you will have half of the chapter in memory plus
the rest of the previous one!! Not a good idea, I

- Internet chapter. Yes I would love to have such
chapter, all I need is the right one to do it!

- Advert chapter. Well I belive I already got that!
'Spread tha word' - you know!!

- Tools/release chapter! Also a great idea, but I
don't recieve enought stuff to cover the scene
and make a proper chapter!

So you like the tunes!! Well I guess it's all about
taste, isn't it!!!

Ok, I'm looking forward for your next list for this
magazine. Stay cool my friend....


Another giant reactions is comming up from another
good pal of mine. Take it away boys!!

A reaction for Skyhigh 17 by Druid/Agony/Amorphis...

As first I want to apologize all of you for english
mistakes, but I'm just a small coder,and i live in Po-
land,country,where teachers aren't too friendly,and
the not-too-honests priests are on the top...

So...about Skyhigh!

I won't talk too much about intro, because there's no
intro at all... Music+scroll isn't too interesting. Out-
fit is cool,and user-friendly,but it's sad,that only
three tunes are avaliable..maybe better to add to up-
coming issues an old "legendary" tunes by f.e. Drax
or LAXITY... For me,these tunes are much cooler than
new ones by today's composers.
Now about the texts... I liked it very much...
I started to laugh,when Biz explained us how looks
magazine generations...It's very funny in my point of
view.I personally don't think, that zines with propor-
tional up-down scrollers are "new age"..This isn't too
hard to code this routine,and this isn't something "
shocking" for me, but looks ok.. And best chapters in
my point of view are chapters by CUPID, Shuze and
chapter about nazi by Biz (?).. So..Cupid in his chapter
talked about scenewars,and elite groups. And I agree
with his text in 100 percent!We all know,that wars are
ONE BIG SHIT...But sometimes wars are one and only
possible way, my friend!But at first,what do you mean
when you say-"war?"...A real war between two good
groups,or a "war" between an lamer and an group at-
tacked by him? We in Agony Design had some wars,but
these weren't wars, because all our enemies were la-
mers at all,who wanted to get some attention on them
selves. But we of course won these lame accidents...
But we never took place in a real war,with other big
group,using zines+stuff...It's very stupid in my point
of view to use scene as a battlefield...and maybe you
have noticed,that most of the big wars were between
crackgroups like Afl-Trsi, F4cg-Legend or Afl-On-
slaught! Why? I think,that the main reason for that
are the charts...All these groups wants to get more
points in release charts.And everybody wants to get
FIRSTRELEASES to enter the top! And life shows,that
sometimes the firstreleases aren't orries at all, or
were cracked an age ago,and we have another war.
Stupid thing...
I'm not newcommer in crack scene, because I was a
member of Afl, Chromanche and F4cg... and always
FIRSTRELEASES were very important thing in that kind
of groups. Sometimes more important than group-
friendship...It sucks!
In another chapter Mad wrote some intersting topics
too...He doesn't like Cruise's collection so much, but
it is his own opinion,because for me it's the best col-
lection in ifli ever made on c64 .Btw...I'm still waiting
for ELECTRIC S gfx collection, because his pictures
totally kixx!
Another interesting chapter was written by SHUZE of
Afl...he wrote a lot of good texts,for example about
swapping and friendship.,, I suppose, that friendship
for a megaswapper must be very hard to do, because
of millions of sends per week, and no time for long
letters and so on! But I agree,that its better to have
GOOD contacts than 4.000.000 ;-) fast ones...
Another chapter is done probably by Biz Kid... He divi-
ded nazis into two labels:

-neonazis in Poland,we have an expansion of nazis,
but I can't call them as nazis in 100%...Why? Because
most of them are children,and their one and only job
is going to other cities on a football-match,and beat
other nazis...They are called as hooligans, and they
have own organization like scene (zines etc...). I have
contacted one of them,he is in c-64 scene too,and he
sent me an example zine last time.So,this is very sad,
because the main topic of this zine is "how to beat
other hooligan", and who beat who, who won, and who
the best in ass-kicking!
There is a chapter like charts too!!! It contains some
information about every team from polish firstleague
soccer,but not about players,but how many hooligans
this team has as fans, how strong they are...
Is this funny??? No!!! it's pathetic! These young guys
really likes to kick others people,to beat,to break...
and do they are nazis? Maybe neonazis, but no normal
ones I think... And this is an new fashion here,in Po-
land,to be an hooligan, but I hope that it will be over
These chapters were the best in my opinion... I like
that kind of text contains some non-scene topics...
The charts in skyhigh were very interesting (funny?!)
for me! Why? I don't deserve  THAT position in coder
charts, before all wellknown,it's too
high position for me...but thanx to all who have voted
for me! ...and Agony design is on 4th position too... Oh
my god! time I'll try to write more about to
pic,why sceners in Poland hate priests,and god...It's
very interesting thing,because you probably noticed
a lot of rotated crucyfix or other devil's symbols in
Polish warez... - Next time...

Okee...Other chapters in skyhigh were normal ones.
and I liked a oldie by Fairlight very much! Great job,
Overall Skyhigh is good, and good idea is getting var-
ious editors for chapters,and magazine is more inter-
esting. Just improve the intro, (I'll try to do an one...)
and it' will be the best!

Great job, Biz!!!!


Druid/Agony design/Amorphis

Yo Robert.

first of all, I would like to shout out a huge thanx to
you for this long and fine reaction. When that is done
I better start answering some of all the 'questions'
you ask, or comment some of the things you write.

You starts the letter by 'complaining' about 'ONLY' 3
tunes, and that I should start to include a legendary
like f.e. Drax or Laxity. Well surprise.... The last two
issues there HAS been a fourth tune.... This 4th tune
is meant to be an oldie. So all you should do is to
scroll the tunes down a bit (on the arrow up an down,
on the right side of the tunechooser!). This time there
is a tune by no one else than Guy Shavitt.. So I guess
that this part has been taken care of.

It feels good to hear that you like the chapters from
my co-editors Shuze, Cupid, Mad and me. So you laugh
ed about my point of view concerning the socalled :


Hmmm, what can I say. I honestly do see this kind of
proportional upscrollers as a kind of new generation
magazines. You say that they aren't hard to do, and
you are not the first one who says so. I see this to
be very strange. 6 months ago most people said and
believed it couldn't be done. Now after Skyhigh did it
as the first magazine some coders say that it isn't
that hard to do. Well maybe it isn't (Raz says it isn't
hard to do, so do Devil/F4CG, Fuben/Oxyron and now
you..) well how come no-one else did it much earlier ?
I think you could compare it to, say, vectors. In the
beginning people couldn't do it, some maybe even said
it couldn't be done. After someone did 'em, almost
every coder do 'em now. I believe that the main thing
here is to get the idea and code them as the first.
After that it is no problem for others to see how it's
done and code something similar... Nuff said.

Scenewars, hmm well what can I say. I guess there
has been said enough already. Still i think they suck.

It's sad to hear your story of these Polish Hooligans
And I mean HOOLIGANS. I would never call them nazis.
According to your explanation, all they want is to go
to several football-matches and fight other hooli-
gans. Well these people already excisted in England
for years.Sure some of them are skins or simply have
their head shaved. Still I wouldn't call them nazis.
Coz all they really are is trouble makers or as the
term says itself : hooligans.. I don't seems like they
are attacking innocent people, but 'only' people of
their own kind. This is not nazism, this is plain and
simple stupidity!!

So you think you are too high in the charts, Hmm what
can I say. I don't do the charts, I don't influence the
charts in any way. The voters do.. So it is the voters
who are to 'blame'. Well let's wait and see how high
you are ranked this time (I haven't recieved the done
chapters yet so I don't know .)

Finally you end by saying that Intruder is doing one
hell of a job. Well I can only agree. I too, think that
Stefan is doing one hell of a job......
So expect much more work from his side in the future.

Finally I would like to thank yes for your offer about
some exclusive intros for this magazine. I would be
very happy to recieve some. So don't hesitate sending
them to me. Ok that's all for now. Stay cool my friend.



Ok that was all Skyhigh had for this times Reaction
chapter. Some giant monster killers this time. Not bad
not bad at all.

If YOU have something to say about this magazine,
please feel free to send me a letter or a note con-
cerning your opinion. Send it to this addy :



Ok, that was all Skyhigh had to offer in this chapter,
so maybe it is time to load another chapter for some
more entertainment. I'm outta here!!


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