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Yoho, and welcome to a brandnew edition of reactions
from the scene. What does the sceners think of this
mag, hmmm, I would suggest you to take a closer look
at the following text, and then, maybe, you will get
an idea.
But why all this crap, why don't we just get started.

Ok, here we go. The first one is a really long killer
from no-one else than my good buddy GIGABYTE.

Take it away Christian.


Hello staff.

First of all thanks a lot for a nice issue (again) of
Skyhigh. It took me quite some time to read all the
text that could be found in it.

I want to give some big compliments to SHUZE for his
editorial which was a very cool one, indeed. CUPID,
for his editorial, too, and for the wanted program
chapter (which I will return to). MAD for the best in-
terview I've ever read (with The Dark Judge/Focus.).
Also the MISTRESS did a nice job with her chapter
about scene vs girls. So please continue your great
work. And Biz Kid you are as always doing a big job
with coordinating the text and writing some, too, and
you're doing this job very well.. by the way, Biz Kid, I
still see this naked lady when the menu loads a new
chapter, a bug? No, I think I'm going crazy, or is this
just natural? Could somebody tell me the number to
a good shrink?? (hehe..) or maybe I should try to
bring another person who could take a look at the
menu, when it loads! If it is a bug, then I must say
that it's quite a cool bug..!

...Some minutes later...

I have just found out what the naked lady are.. It's
not a bug or not me going crazy, it's a VIRUS! well, my
diskdrive must be infected by a naked-lady-virus! I
don't think i will try to kill it, as it is a nice virus,

Well, turning over to the wanted program chapter,
cupid is running, I can only say that it's a splendid
idea.. I think it would be a good idea if some of the
best coders could try to tell the readers if the ideas
are possible, and if they aren't why not, just in brief
words. Well, to Logiker/Genlog who asked for a four-
drive-copier, then I must say, that I don't think it is
possible to do it, proper. You might do it, but I think
it will be slow, as the computer can't hold so many
datas at one time. I guess that you're thinking of a
copier that can copy from one disk to three others
at the same time. The copier that I normally use is the
one from the "Maverick backup" disk. It copies from
the first disk directly to the second, and so it only
takes about 30-35 seconds to copy a diskside. The
Mav. copier copies data like this:

Disk one: read track 01
Disk two:write track 01

Well in words, the copier transform the data from
disk one directly to disk two. The memory will be fil-
led with data from disk one while the program make
sure that the data in the memory will be written on
disk two. Meanwhile for instance the program have
just written the data from $1000-$2000 (memory) then
while it writes the data from $2000-$3000 da program
reads data from disk one in $1000-$2000, so the old
data in $1000-$2000 has been deleted..

The program that you are longing for will need to be
of a type like this:

Step one: read data from disk 1
Step two: write data to disk 2
Step three: write data to disk 3...


So when the first drive has finished its reading of
data, the second drive will begin to write etc.... You
know these kind of copiers from the single disk drive
copier-type... This is my opinion about such a copier,
but, as everything is possible (?), some cool coder
might do one... I do not think it's possible, but then
again I ain't cool!!

To the D.J. saga...

Yes, you (Biz Kid) and D.J. have moved closer to each
others opinion, I just have some comments..
D.J. wrote a small part of a text probably written by
DARWIN, about survival of the fittest. In my opinion
D.J. mean that the nazism is about survival of the fit-
test.. IT'S NOT, atleast not in my opinion.. the survival
of the fittest are going on every day in this world..
the homeless and people living in the slum, for in-
stance, are some examples of the survival of the fit
test.. The strongest will survive. The nazis didn't use
Darwin's theories in its original form.. I think they had
either rewritten them or had got a wrong interpreta-
tion of these theories, because in the survival of the
fittest, the strongest survive and the weakest dies,
but are not killed.. It happens naturally. A poor slum
man/woman will die of hunger if he/she doesn't get
any food, but the one who has most strenght to go
looking for food and finds it will survive.. The nazis
killed the weakest people (handicapped, blind, deaf
etc.), because they didn't fit in in their arrian race
policy. That is not survival of the fittest, because
they did not die a natural death, they were killed..
The jewish were killed of a reason we all know, and
not to forget the communists, they were killed due to
their opposition of the nazi empire, and the nazis con
sidered them as dangerous. Is that Darwin's theory
about survival of the fittest? NO..

I'm certainly no nazi, neither a socialist, I belong to
a party called 'venstre' (left) denmarks liberal party
A bit like the conservative.. But on the other hand I
understand some of the things that the nazis are
doing. The immigrants (mostly ones from Turkey, Pak-
istan, Iran etc.) are sort of strange to me.. most of
them don't speak Danish even though they have been
in the country for almost 20 years, and they've never
taken courses to obtain the skill of speaking Danish..
They are always living together in ghettoes, they're
not integrating themselves into the Danish society..
They don't talk much with the danes.. Actually they
keep to themselves only.. And unfortunately there're
a few immigrants that are ruining their reputation by
making gangs, raping women, doing burglaring etc.
That is what the Danes don't like.. They like the immi-
grants to be a part of the Danish society, integrate
themselves, learn about our culture, and use some
things.. There is a proverb in Danish, which says:

"Skik f£lge eller land fly".

In English this means, you have to follow the custom
of a country or you must leave the country.. For in-
stance why shall a Danish women cover her head in
the muslim countries, when they are still doing it in
Denmark? It is not a custom in denmark to cover the
womans head.. And why shouldn't they learn our lang-
uage if they are going to live here many years.. If I
for instance was to live in Italy for many years, I'ld
learn Italian, mainly because it is useful, as not many
Italian inhabitans understand english well enough. I
don't know what it is like in other countries, but I
would like to learn..

On the other hand, I want to defend some of the immi
grants.. The ones who are really trying to become
Danes in mind and culture. I have a brief story to tell
A man escapes from Iran when the shah falls with
his wife and children.. In Denmark he learn to speak
perfect Danish in only one year. After that he edu-
cates himselves to engineer with very good marks.
But, when he is to find a job none wants him.. this man
that I am talking about has written over 1000 job-ap
plications but has got the same answer 1000 times.. !!
The man speaks fluent Danish, English, German and
French and have a splendid engineer exam and none
want him.. The name of the man is quite like a normal
name in the Persian Gulf.. If the man for instance
have been called: Jens Jensen (one of the most ordi-
nary names you can think of in Denmark -ed!!), and
have been white, then he would probably have been
headhunted for a job..!! If that isn't strange then I
don't know.. It seems like the firms in denmark are a
bit racist in their employment of new people..

You have now entered the end of my little reaction
for Skyhigh, hope you can use it and will print it, as
it contains some important text, in my opinion...

Stay tuned and keep up the good work.



Main editor on Chit Chat.

Yo Gigabyte.

Thanx for your cool reaction.


No Serious, thanx a lot for the cool reaction you've
sent me this time. Damn, I guess you must have
spent quite some time when writing it.
I would like, on the behalf of my co-editors and my
self, to shout out a huge thanx for the nice words.
It feels great to see ones work get appriciated. It
is the kind of thing who inspires you to do the :
DURACELL thing! You know, keep going, and going......
It's also nice to get my own thoughts confirmed. I
myself also think that the mag has quite a wide
spectre covered. This you write yourself.

Secondly, I would like to say thanx for the massive
responce on the the Vision chapter. As I'm no coder
myself I don't really know much about these things
so it's with a great pleasure that Skyhigh recieve
your answer and explanation on the multi-copier.
If coders would like to write in, and tell if the rou-
tines are possible or not, would be a huge help. So
your idea is hereby given to the masses.

Concerning the immigrant story. Well it is a shame
and a disaster that some people are so dumb and
blind not to hire the best man for the job. Choosing
the lesser qualified person simply because he has
brighter skin, is pure racism and can not be tolera-
ted!! On the other hand then I would like to give my
full backup on the other side of the question. Some
of the immigrants, should have stayed home. I feel,
just like you, that if they want to live in our coun-
try then they have to 'follow our rules'. I think
most of them do, but as you mentioned yourself, it
is often a small minority who ruins it for the rest.
Another thing which really pissed me off was a
thing I watched in the news the other day. Some of
the immigrants who are busdrivers in Denmark,
claimed their right to have a 5 minutes break every
hour so that they could turn their heads to Mekka
and pray. HELLOOOOOOOO!!!! Anybody home???
What the hell is this. The busses already have way
to tight schedules, and now the want to stop the
bus on its route just to pray.. Well fuck no!!
Well I better stop now before people get the wrong
impression of the nice Bizman, hehe. But this was to
show that something is wrong.

Ok Christian, I think I'll end this answer for you. If
you feel like adding something, then do not hessita
te to write to me again.
Stay cool, my friend.


Ps. 'Naked-lady-virus' rule!!!!

The next one is from another good buddy of mine :
Rap/Jabole/No Name/Lepsi Developments

Next cool issue, thanx Jesper!
But I'd like to say that Mad/Padua should loosen up
his phantasies and write much longer articles, just
away at the length! Cool ones by Shuze, really worth
reading. Skyhigh rules the world, nothing more to say.


Ps.   I agree with the guy (I can't recollect pseudo)
who suggested to do two cathegories of charts, and
also more music, too many articles to listen continu-
elly to the same music!

Yo Rafael!

Thanx for the reaction. Nice to hear these words
about Skyhigh. Concerning Shuze and Mad : well I
think you are absolutely right, so I will pass it on
to the respective editors - ok!
The charts, hmm I'll have to pass this one on to the
editor of the charts, namely Caprice Design. He is
the one who're in charge of that.. And finally, more
tunes. hmmm, maybe!! I'll give it a thought ok!!
You yourself is a great source for more tunes, so
just come on...

Ok my friend I think that's it for now, stay cool!!!


And another one - this one from Neotec

About Skyhigh #16:

I support Mad's view (and his statement in 'MAD ON')
about the new magazine 'Shout'. The outfit was defini
tely noth both groups standard, and I also expected
more text from the FLT-posse. It seems both mags
only merged to avoid delays (of I.B. + Reformation),
but now it's even worse. I know how difficult + tiring
it can be to edit/publish such a production, only the
scene expects something cooler from this fusion. It
was only the first issue, though, therefore I am the
same time think 'Shout' will become better + bolder

Yo michael,

Always nice to get a reaction from a fellow scene
mag editor. And I think Mad appriciate your words
a lot too. I myself was a bit dissapointed of the 1st
issue of Shout. I think that actually most of scene
had expected much more. There has been a lot of
talking in the corners after that issue. There even
are rumours saying that Shout will not be released
under that co-op anymore. But that's only uncon-
firmed rumours.. So why don't we just wait and see
what the future will bring!

Anyway, have a cool time Michael..


A few small reactions are comming up, right here and
right now!!

Yeah, BK! Just my favourite Mag you do! Keep on this
cool work! BUT you should print the addies from the
votesheet fillers only, just another task 4 CD/Plush
And what about using not exclusive tunes only, but
just good ones that aren't that known?

Red Hot Chilly Pepper/BCD

Yo Gunnar!

First of all, thanx a lot for the nice words. Second
I would like to show my gratitude for answering one
of the question I asked in previous issues of this
magazine. You would like to have the addies of the
newest filled sheets only. Ok so that was one, any
others who share the same view as Gunnar!!! If so
let me know, and I will have to rework my opinion on
the subject.
About using more tunes, (including not exclusive
ones) is myabe not such a bad idea. I sure will give
it a thought - ok!!
Yeppa, that's all, have a cool one here in the heat!



Skyhigh becomes better and better, in style and text

Well, thank you (Didi???)



Skyhigh is cool! Only input better musax, chapters ok
Well done!
Greetings from us!                          Pajda/Faith!!

Yo Marcin.

Thanx for the short, but nice reaction from you.
Hmm, another complaint on the tunes I use. Maybe
the quality has decreased, or what else is going on
I don't know, but I will have to take a closer look
at it in the future!!!

Stay phonkee!!


Oh shit, this time I recieved a monster reaction from
my good Polish pal: Druid of Agony/Amorphis. Not that
I don't like that, just that the chapter suddenly be-
came too long to fit into the memory. So I had to di-
vide it into two. So all there is to do is to load the
second one now...


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