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Another time of 'hard' work is over, and the result is on your screen at this very moment. Time has gone a bit faster than expected. The sun invaded Europe, and sceners saw the importance of sitting in the sun watching girls in small bikinis instead of keeping their skin pale inside small rooms in front of the c64! All I am trying to say with this, is that this certain magazine once again, had to see a small delay in the eyes.. Anyway we (the co-editors & I) are proud to present


This time we have a lot on the programme. Chapters, oldies, exclusive zaks. You name it, we got it. Well, this might be a slight exaggeration, coz some chapters are not included this time. For matters not known to me, the chapters from Mad never reached my HQ this time. Somehow I think that the summer has overwhelmed my good British friend. I am afraid that he has forgotten all about this issue because of too much hot weather. Regretably this means no Mad On and no Demoreview for this issue. But don't worry I will do what ever I can to get in touch with him, to make sure he will do his share for issue #19.

Another sad thing is the 'Vision' chapter. Why is it that no one has reacted on this cool idea.. Ok, that's not entirely true. My good pal Gigabyte of No Name has written an answer, which is in the reaction chapter this time. But we need much more support if the chap- ter has to survive. Come on guys, give us your help on this, eh!!

Ok enough nagging. There is also good news for this issue. Starting from issue 18 (this one) my new and good friend CHAOTIC of Acp/Atlantis has started as a co-editor with his own chapter called :


I won't reveal much, but I think I can say that it is about covers.. Read it yourselves...

Ofcourse we have all the other co-editors with their contributions as always. Don't miss Cupid Corner or Shuze'n'Socks.

You shouldn't also miss the cover results from the EXTEND Cover & Gfx competition, the public letter from the Swedish software company CHERRY SOFT, the 3 extras, the interviews with Suicide, TMG & Mitch...

Hmm, why do I tell you all this, why don't you simply take a look for yourself... Go ahead...

But before that I would like to mention that Skyhigh also this time can present you 3 exclusive tunes...

1. 'LOST LUST'by Kristian R£st£en of Blues M./Shape

2. STOMPING BASS' by TMG of Fatum

3. ANDAGT I RUMMET by Duck laRock of Camelot.

and ofcoz the 4th tune, which is an oldie, called: 'Starwars mish-mash' done by Guy shavitt... Check 'em out. They really deserve it. Next time you should be able to listen to music from Mitch/Crest, Jeff/Cml, Echo/Plush/Bass or maybe some others...

If you would like to have your tune in this magazine, then follow these simple rules :

Location : $1000 - $1fff Singleplayer 1000/03

and send it to:



Originally this chapter ended here, but I had to add a few things.

I had all the chapters ready for 3-4 weeks. All I needed was the charts... They never arrived.. But al- most at the same time as I was to give up on them, the chapters did arrive. Caprice was having quite a delay... I know what have happend, I know why he did not send 'em sooner. He has given me the reasons, and he would do what ever he can to avoid delays in the future. So I do believe that this was a onetime inci- dent...

Unfortunately some of the chapters might be a bit old by now. But that's life I guess. All I can promise, is that we will work even harder to get the 19 issue out in time...

The reason why I write this is that I know that some- one might complain about the old news and perhaps some other chapters. Well now you know the reason..

Ok, no more crap for now. Enjoy the magazine, and look out for issue #19, which will be released in apx. 6-7 weeks....



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