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There is no life in the universe! It's as easy as that:Considering,that the universe is an infinate thingy,it can have as much inhabitants, as it wants to,the average inhabition is still zero,as anything divided by infinity is nothing whatsoever! Therefore there's no life in the universe,and all the strange creatures roaming around are nothing but an imagination of a sick mind...

... at least,that's what the GUIDE says...

Welcome again to the place,where my alter ego is a- llowed to take a stroll to the frayed ends of sanity:


It's summertime,and the weather is fine,and,the same procedure as every year,the scene takes a summer break! At least,that's what I expected,but,as al- ways,the first impression just played tricks on me!

My Postbox is crammed with sendings,and surely, there were some fascinating strings of zeros and ones released!

Gee,it's hot! Anybody out there,who is also living in a roof-appartment? You have two options there,ei- ther you close all windows and close the curtains, this concludes in bad air,or you leave them open, this concludes in a purgatory with lotsa lovely moskitos in the night... !

But,that's as maybe,as the first time I introduced this chappie,I told,that I want to waffle about all the things,that interested me in the scene lately. Without further ago:

RESPECT/FUSE: When I got this demo,I first looked at the directory and wondered who the fuck FUSE is. Expecting another "first megademo" of a new group, I was prepared to see a lot of bad gfx,lame code and the ever so inevitable fascinating techno tunes. But,gee,I was proven wrong! In the music biz,you sometimes have all star bands, mainly on some benefit events,and believe me or not: Fuse is the same in the 64 scene! Those chaps had the idea of releasing a demo,to show respect to them old legends,that made exceptional examples of style and quality in the old days by splashing out a demo,with a different style for sure! FUSE is assembled by some guys,that I would call the german elite without hesitation,names like The Syndrom,Earthquake,Jan Zimmermann,Fanta,Acidchild and a lots more surely make you think about quality, and i want to take this opportunity here to give them guys a big T H U M B S U P for their idea and con- cept,if only some more people would think like this, we wouldn't have to wait so deserately for Refugee, right,King Fisher?

But also the Magazine biz is faced by the rebirth of a great mag: ROCK'N'ROLE. Thinking back into the ti- mes of my first scene-period, this mag was the last send,that I received before stepping to Amiga (I ad- mit: an error!). Now I held an envelope in my hand,showing the sign ROLE,and being crammed with about 7 sheets of pa- per in addition to the disc. Oh,boy,check out this mag,it's surely something different,with sprite-ani- mations for each chapter and a really nice way of being reader-concerned. It's a profile mag,there are short descriptions of sceners,the possibility of sending photos there,and a general different style! Go and support that idea by filling your personal sheet and sky will be the limit! Also to you guys,wel- come back,it once again proves itself,that it pays out standing against the grain!

Now,as my lazyness forces me to mail them texts fast to this danish cookie,I will once again close the book of Cupid's tales and tell you to stick to this channel for more to come... QPD

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