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About TMG of Fatum & Tiger Crew

Well, this is an interview done by Shuze with a guy
that not many of you may have heard of, it but let it
be known, he is going to be a force to be reckoned
with soon.

Step up:

TMG/Fatum/Tiger crew

(S = Skyhigh)
(T = TMG        )

S: Hi Alex, thanks a lot for taking this interview, but,
I think we should start with the usual cliche and ask
you to tell us a bit about what you do in your two
groups, as well as a bit about yourself....

T: Hello PAUL !
I'm just a german Teenager of 18 years. I
passed school just two weeks ago and in about one
month I'll start my civil service.
Well, I'm 1,83 mtr. tall and I really don't know what
I'm weighing at the moment.
I'm drinking no alcohol, I'm not smoking shit, I
don't use drugs, I'm pacifist and anarchistic minded
and I'm Atheist. (Who said there "Boring one ?" ????)
Well, I got my c64 about two years ago and I joined
Fatum in last fall (after Mish Mash #1 was out).
Well,about Tigercrew,we are just a bunch of lazy
Guys who want to keep the non-sceners or beginners
on the 64.All I want to say to all german sceners
who are complaining about us :


So go your own way and let us work in peace.
Well,more to me : I'm doing quite some stuff,mostly
I'm composing,sometimes I'm painting Logos and Fonts
and I also did 5 Covers. I'm also swapping with about
40 guys, and hopefully soon I'm a Mageditor !!!
At the Moment I'm not working too hard for Fatum as
I lost abit contact), but I'm supporting regularly the
METALVOTZE Guys. Beside that, I'm mostly painting
Logos for my contax and also my tunes were used by
quite some different groups.

S: So, you are a musician, one of the most sought
after kind of people in this scene at the moment.
Do you think you are a good musician? What sort of
style of music do you prefer to create (covers
of other zaks? techno? or?)

T: Well,I don't know if I'm a good musician ...
I like my own tunes and I often listen to them while
doing some paper gfx for myself and so on. So do I (!)
think,I'm a good musician. Also a lot of my contacts
like my tunes, but anyhow I'm not in the charts ...
But that's okay ! If you have a votesheet with 5
ranks for musicians to fill,most guys will vote guys
like P.R.I., The Syndrom, Jeff, Compod, Metal, SMC and
so on ... And I know, that I'm not half as good as
those guys above.
Well, and which style do I prefer ... Really depends
on the music I listened to. After I got the
Revealed #4 I made a bunch of tekkno/acid/house
tunes. When I listened to tunes by SMC I made
some musics in his style (Hi Fanta !!!).
But all in all I seperate my musics in three
cathegories : tekkno,irq and musics. Tekkno is really
all, from house to acid. Irq are little tunes without
or with very little melody. you know, tunes for
irq-loader parts or little crack-intros.
The musics are anything else.
To short it again : I do nearly anything.
But I kinda hate covers, as you're no Composer then
but musician. Doing covers needs nearly no musical
feeling. (And it's a fucking hard work ...)

S: As I said,you're in the group Tigercrew.
There seem to be a lot of guys in this group, but not
many people know what it does. so, what does it do?

T: Well, as I said before, we try to keep the beginner
on the 64 by giving them toolz. We think, if they get
creative on the 64, they will stay longer as if they
are only playing. And so we try to find useful toolz
(no matter if they are stone-aged,they have to be
userfriendly) and make some competitions and so on.
But as i said,too,some german sceners slag on us,
coz they consider us lame. But again : We are no
Scene group !!!
Well, about the guys being in Tigercrew : Our leader
Winni is about 46 years old (Hey D-Ram ! He wants to
open an "OLDIE" Group !) and there are guys like
Logiker/Genlog, Greenhorn and Mephisto/Metalvotze
(Hey Friends !!!). All in all we are about 15 people (I
think ...)

S: Well, TMG stands for "The Magical Garfield", so I
assume you are a cartoon or comics fan, does this
reflect in your artwork (i.e. do you base your style
on Jim Davison and such like?)

T: Yes ... Well, I saw an Amiga Intro some time ago
from a guy called TCD (The Crazy Dog) and somehow
he was very arrogant. And as I hate arrogance, I
just named myself THE MAGICAL GARfIELD ...
Some guys complained about this handle, but I like
it !!!


Anyway I like comics, but it doesn't influence my
style. (I also like cool graffity-stuff, but I'm too
stupid to do it ...)

S: You are a pretty new guy to the scene which is
often a bit of a curse, as these days new people are
given hardly any breaks. did you find it this way,
or did people welcome you into the scene with open
arms? And how did you become aware of the scene?

T: Well, it all started when I got the Mish Mash #1.
I had my computer about a year and only two
contacts : Tecmo/Plush (now) and Greenhorn/TC.
Well, so I got the Mish Mash and made some logos
for it, just for fun. Then i decided to send them to
Nephelim. At that time he had a "- elite only" under
his adress, so I sent him the logos with a note saying
"Try not to write back, as I'm one of those guys you
call a LAMER". Anyhow he wrote back and offered
me to join. So I was in Fatum. Well, and so all went
better, I looked for "- 100%" adresses and
contacted some dudes. I had only one very sad
expirience, when I needed some help, but I don't
want to tell this again, in sign of peace.

S: Do you believe in 100% reply to all who contact
you, or are you one of Satan's disk stealers....

T: Everybody gets a reply, even if I don't want to
swap with him, that's for sure. (Note to Doc Snyder
of Lepsi : Hey Dude ! You'll get the disk back, I just
had a general delay because of school !!!)
Anyway it sometimes seems as if post keeps some
sendings directed to me, so I can only say :
If I didn't answered, it's not my fault.

S: Is there anyone in particular on the scene that
you like to look up to, and think that you'd love to
have their ability (other than me of course. 8-)

T: Well, firstly the musicians : Metal for his great
house/acid tunes, P.R.I. for the funky stuff (If I'm
depressed, I just listen to MULTIROCK and all looks
better ...), The Syndrom for the great tunes for
Roll over, JAMAICA #12 and Camel Park, SMC in
general, Jeff too and surely some other dudes which
made one or two really great tune.
The painters : Bizkid, Cupid and Amoeba are the guys,
which are able to do some different stuff all the
And every Coverdesigner who is able to do a real
filled cover,as this is a hard work, especially
Electric and Duce, Dave, Junkie and not to forget

S: It is plain to see that the c64 is going to die, as
everything does, but when do you think the last bit
of life will have been squeezed out? Would you
move onto another system, such as PC or Amiga, or
maybe SNES?

T: Well, the day the last guy enters the scene is the
first day of the end.Guys are leaving all the time and
we can do nothing. But it's okay as long as new guys
enter !!! But if this happens not, then the amount of
sceners decreases steadily.
Anyway I hope that we will gain some new sceners
in the future as ESCOM wants to build the 64 again.
Well, I'd like to compose on a PC, but as there is
nearly no Mailswapping, I would not like to enter the
PC scene.

S: What is your setup on the C64? Do you have
anything out of the ordinary? Like maybe a donkey
linked up to your serial port? Or maybe you turn on
your kettle with a simple press of a key?

T: No ! But my computer and my two drives are
brushed in blue,green and black colours !!! (Looks
like the Camoflage-Look of the army ...)

S: Have you visited any scene parties? If so, which
ones, and how drunk/stoned were you? Did you throw

T: BAAAH !!! 1st : I hate alcohole and drugs !!!
2nd : I was in Herning '94 and there was
EVERYTHING forbidden !!!

Anyway,I liked Herning a lot, as I met some of my
contax and found new friends. And the 64 Democompo
was the best compo of all !!! 300 people who knew
how to party to a demo !!!
The X-95 was in a bad time, I had final exams, but
I'll be back to Herning '95.

S: You have a lot to do with the political magazine
"Antinational" from Metalvotze. Do you do this
because you share their beliefs, or because they
asked for your help?

T: To be exactly both. First Greenhorn and Mephisto
are really good friends of mine. But anyhow I also
don't like Fascism, I'm a bit anarchistic minded.
Anyway, I like the mag. A lot of guys think it's only
a political mag, but it's more a FUN-Mag, as there is
other stuff in it, too.  FC ST. PAULI REWLZ !!!

S: You seem to do a lot of independent work for
groups other than Fatum. What are in you in Fatum
for if you can't find a lot to do for them?

T: Mhhh ... Nice question !!! I looked for another group
but found nothing which really satisfied me ... At the
moment the Mish Mash keeps me in Fatum, but anyway
I'll maybe soon leave for another, unknown group.
It's members live just 70 km away from me ...
I think that it's also a good job to help my contax.
Why should I do things only for Fatum ???
I don't want to collect my musics&gfx but see them
used, and if Fatum is not able to do it, I'll ask
somebody else. And if someone from Fatum asks me,
he will get the best tunes I have at the moment, for
sure !

S: What sort of graphicsmode do you prefer to draw
in? Do you find IFLI too fiddly, as so many people
do?(I know I do, but I can't draw anyway, so it
doesn't matter what I think ...)

T: I prefer Multicolor as I only paint Logos. If I
could paint like Cruise, I'd use IFLI,as it's the
best resolution. And it doesn't has to flicker all the
time ! A really good painter is also able to reduce
the flickering to a very low amount.

S: If you knew you were to be trapped in a room for
100 years with one song playing in the background
constantly, what would it be? Note that if you say
any song by "Take That", I will insert a telegraph
pole up your nose. Sideways.

T: No, a song from NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK !!!
(NO Shuze !!! Not the train ! Not in my nose !


I think, stuff like the Beastie Boyz, Offspring, Dog
eat Dog or something like that would do the thing.
But the best : MULTIROCK by P.R.I. or INTO THE WALL
by THE SYNDROM. (I hear more 64 than real music as
my stereo system is fucked up and my walkman was
a bit too cheap ...)

S: Do you work? If so, what as, or are you a bum
student like the rest of us?

T: At the moment I'm out of work. I finished school
two weeks ago, in a month I'll start my civil service
and after that start to study computer science.

S: I'm going to do one of those brainstorm things now,
so get ready:

C64: a lot of friends on it, only way to express my
musical abilities

Tape deck: out of order ...

Donkeys: kong !

Skyhigh: always nice to read !!!

Motiv8: thanx to Iceball for Dmc 5.1 and being a
friend, best version of Complex

Amiga: Be tolerant to them !!!!!!!!!!!!

PC: Windows,cool MOD'S&S3M's

Mayhem in monsterland: got only the preview ...

Relax: uninteresting for me,arrogant

The pulse: 180/75 !

DMC 1.2: buuuargh !!! (the Nightmare which all started)

Tasteful yellow disks: I like cheese !!!!

Guitars: wanted to play bass ... (I'm not able to play
any instrument properly ...)

Women: Interesting but complicated, best friends

Sex: I can wait ... (huhh ...) No,had already, but
without loving somebody it's useless.

School: FINISHED !!!!

S: OK, that's done. if I asked 100 sceners, "who or
what is TMG?" how many do you think would say "He's
that cool musician and artist in Fatum", and how
many would say "Isn't that some kind of sexually
transmitted disease?"

T: well, I think, 3 or 4 would have said the first and
about 10 the second.

S: You have a choice between Pamela Anderson
(before she got pregnant) and Teri Hatcher (New
Adventures of Superman), who would it be, and why?

T: Pamela Anderson ! Coz I don't know Teri Hatcher ...

S: Well, Alex, I have asked you enough useless
questions for the moment, do you have any words for
the people

T: Try to keep this scene alive a long as possible
and always be aware ofthe fucking police&pot  !!!
Greeting must fly out to : Gonzo,Greenhorn,Worm,
Shortcircuit,TL,Temo,NED (CALL ME !!!),DKN,TMM,
Moonchild,Luke and you !!!


Thanx for the interview !!! (My 3rd !)

S: Thanks from us, too.
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