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About Suicide of Avantgarde

HUGH !!!

This time INTRUDER/AVANTGARDE welcomes you to
another fine


with my groupmate


He's a quite unknown person for many of my contax
so why not asking him a hill of shit in an interview ??

He has done already some nice works for AVANTGARDE
so he was - for example - the only one fixer who
managed to fix the game Flummi's World.

-Like always, here the introduction ... tell us about
yourself - history ... future plans ... you know, the
usual crap.

+Introducing yourself is shit coz the names you have
are the parents you give... (???) So let's begin...
My real name is Elch coz there's a roaring silence
which will be broken in the night... Some others call
me Christian but this is really lame coz I'm not a
christ and for sure no christian...

That's all about my names and so..

About my handles.. Well some years ago I called
myself the Teen ... I built up a group together with
Dr.Disk called Troja.. We just did nothing but
swapping around lame stuff other groups
We were really satisfied this time ...Some freaks
built after that the crew Druids and that was my
next group I joined... Some releases came from us
but after some weeks they died again....

It was about 1986/87 I think... On the next party
nearby Frankfurt I joined up to the honks in
Dynamix as a swapper and nothing more... Coding was
far away from me... To rip a zak was much work for
my brain...

Well as I hate to tell my story in full length I'll
short her a bit... I joined different groups like
Depredators, Rizing, Chaos... In Chaos I stayed a
longer time 'coz there were cool freakingers in the
group.... Meanwhile I was able to code and made my
first intros etc...
Well Chaos died in 1989/90... Donno the termin...

My last group I joined was Chromance... I stayed
there half a year and after that I left the Scene in
the beginning of 1991... Well(enreiter), I had to work
hard to manage it getting my job-exams...

about my Futureplan(e)s ...
As I have no job this time 'coz I don't wanna work,
I have no money.. And if there's no money you don't
have the chance to live somewhere, so I told my
mother to buy me a tent... that's my future...

-Nah ... thanxalot! Now ... you aren't a newcomer eh ??
Tell us now who was responsible for your comeback
and what was the reason for this comeback lately?

+In 1994 a new friend was born... Jack Alien was the
one kicking my ass.. I met him often at his home...
Well, nice 64 I thought and then I was back... An
NTSC was ordered for him and as he arrived I began
beating the fixers problem... It was funny so we
ordered an own NTSC for me which I got one month
ago... That's all about my comeback...

-As i know some of your weird views of our weird
world, tell us about them please. Which things
would you gonna change if you have the possibility
to do that ???

+Weird world, weird views... What is weird ??? I think
everybody is weird on his own way...
Some of my views... hmmm... I think money is the
greatest shit ever released on this world... If there
would be no money it would be easier to life 'coz
I would make for you some bread and you would
create a table for me or something in this style...

Something different...
The people living here are really stupid in my eyes.
Everybody is working to earn more money, making a
big career, driving bigger cars etc...
They don't live their life, they lose their life and
they don't even notice it... They get gastric spasms
and all that crap, 'coz they're stressed...
That's nothing for me, I like travelling around
looking what the freaks in other countries do and
what they even don't do..
But that's enough from my point of view...
Should everybody think what he thinks, it won't be
my problem 'coz I created my own world in which I
live and if there's something I don't like I easily
ignore it .....

-When we drove to the X-95 you told me you wanna
life in a tent ?! How could you use your C=64 then ?

+I simply would place the tent nearby the place
where Jack Alien lives (in his garden) and whenever
there's something to do I would be there to make it.

Yesterday we found an old wrecked firm and their
empty buildings are not to bad to stay there.
Perhaps I don't need the tent then. Washing myself
would be no problem then 'coz there's a sea beside
the buildings...

-Washing in a lake ? How evil smells your dick then ?
Nah ... The day of liberation (08.05.) celebrate this
time the 50. aniversary. What do you think about
all those nazi-shit ???

+Nazism is another point of view... As you know I
live in my own world... And nazism is one of the
things that would be ignored in my world...
It's simply shit thinking in the way nazis do...
I even don't like any kind of brutality in the
real life, so the question should be answered now.

-MMMhh ... I think it's much more interesting to talk
with you about all that crap instead of those boring
scene-questions but ...
Back to the scene ... What's up with the CORRAMBA ?
When do you think are the source-codes finished
and when can the herd of waiting sceners expect an
issue ???

+The first things are done, the main menu will
probably be finished in the end of the next week,
the rest.... Well, I think a month will go and then
the source codes should be finished...

The first issue ??? I really can't tell that to you.
There will be other problems that must be
organized like who will make which chapter and so
on... .. . Let's see....

-Heared, that you wanna start in coding games next
time ? Why that and ... when can we see the first
result ?

+Some months ago I started coding a game together
with Jack Alien... The preview is released and the
finished game would come out anytime.. We just have
to code the fucking rest and that's not too much...
The next game would be made together with Cupid
as graphician. Well, donno when the grafix are
finished but the game should be released this
summer... Anyway let's see...

-This interview suxx so far ...
What do you think about the ANIMAL-PORNO which I
got from JACK ALIEN ??
Is it o.k. for you to see women fuck with dog's ???

+Sure it's O.K. If they like dogging around...why not??
But this porn really sucked 'coz you don't saw the
dogs dick really gettin' in the girls pussy...
(Intruder-ed: Yeah! What a pity ... a fake like the
(ex-)Airwolf-team ???)
How do you think about that... What's up with your
ass... Have you ever felt a horses dick in there ???

-Yes, and it was really hard... My prostata felt out
and now I'm dead ....
Har, har, har (Kater Karlo rulez) !!!
Lieber lass' ich mir von 'nem Gaul einen blasen ...

+Nice story you told there... Any other questions ???

-Which toiletpaper do you use and ... when you puke,
are there also some pieces of the last meal in your
nose like in mine (X-95 rules) ??

+Well, I still use Hakle-FEUCHT... but that's some-
thing you should know better 'coz you're living in
my toiletpaper... Nono just kidding, in reality i use
your envelops for killing my fat brownies...

When I puke... Well, that's the reason why anybody
calls me the elk... 'coz it really sounds like an elk
roaring in the night... (UUUOOOOOEEEEEHHHHHH) ...???

-WAAAAAH ! Feucht still rules but living in a toilet-
paper isn't soooo bad - you see much pussy's then
but also much shit ...
Which feeling is better ? Piss in front of a wall
after a long bar-tour or fix another Firstrelease ?

+I think pissing on a firstrelease that's what really
rules ....

-Why not firstrelease a piss (gives points in the
charts ...) ?
What did you think when you smell that ugly taste
as ROBOCOP/ATLANTIS has done his shit in JACK
ALIEN'S toilet ???

+My nose just turned around and the rain fell in
there... What a smell... Burgh... But have you ever
nosed the big shitballs from Jack Alien...
I think Robocop is no competition for that...

-Shitballs ???? OOOOOhhhh nice ... I just shit mostly
a lousy pulp bcoz of the mass-consumtion of beer.
An advice ... drink some Vodka and shit on the next
day ... the ugliest taste ever ...

Erm ... who puked on this screen ???

Enough for this time ... i hope the readers liked this
weird kind of interview ... if not ... who cares ???


scream:  "HUGH !"
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