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About Mitch of Crest & CZP

Another chapter, another victim for my endless row of
questions. This time I have trapped an oldie of this
beuti-fool scene. He left the scene (traitor!!!), and
later realised he couldn't live without it.

Please welcome:



S = Skyhigh       M=Mitch

S: Actually this interview should have taken place a
long time ago, BUT somehow this Swedish dude fucked
up big time. Well as you might know then I'm no quitter
and finally I got him trapped in the corner.
Right now we are at the house of Duck la Rock/CML.
so this interview will be 100% live.

Ok, cut the crap Biz man and get it started.

Yo mitch, why don't we start out the usual (and often
very boring way) and let you give a small introduction
of the person MITCH.

M: Teenage like male seeking manly love? Not really,
but atleast I'm 21 years old and is currently enjoying
my summervacation. I enjoy surfing,cigarettes,danish
beer,porno,cartoons,wet hair on goodlooking girls'
tits and also a bit of hardcore partying in nice compa
ny...(Ikke Anders...). I also work as a musicteacher so
I'm a pretty hot bargain among the 12 year old girlies
on the school that I work. That's it, I guess!

S: Well this sound quite interesting, but somehow I
get the feeling that you didn't quite answer my que-
stion. Beside your answers, I think the readers would
like to know a bit about your real name, which coun-
try you come from. Shit like that you know. Yes a lit-
tle bit more serious profile - he he!!

M: Well, not that I'm known to be serious but... Ok, my
real name is Michael Nilsson-Vonderburgh and I live
in Sweden. I make music for Crest and CZP, while tryi-
ng to paint some lowbudget graphics...But the fact
remains: I DO love danish beer (Don't all swedes?!)

S: Well sure all Swedes love Danish beer! Danish beer

Ok I've already mentioned that you left this cool ma-
chine sometime ago. In which groups have you been in
or rather when did you open your eyes for the scene.
Maybe you haven't drunk all the brain away here in
Denmark and can remember a little bit about the his-

M: This is when the boredom arrives... I'll just give a
short resume of what I consider to be the milestones
in my 'career'. I started swapping a lot back in 1987
with Mr.Pinge of Relax and there my interest began.
At that time I was trying to make music in the Sound-
monitor by Chris Huelsbeck, but nothing turned out
good! (It still don't! -Ed.) Nevertheless, I had enough
selfconfidence in late 1988 to start a group called
'Triumph'. I did this together with Kaktus+Mahoney
and with some obscure guys from the deep north of
Sweden. This gave a pretty good idea of how a real
group should be, and from that point I moved to be in
groups like: Legend,Life/Riffs,Dynamix and for a whi-
le I was in Illusion I guess (Just before I left the

S: So you eventually were in one of the biggest
groups in the scene. And then you got fed of the en-
tire thing. Well why????? What was it, that you could
not dig anymore???
Ok, you left the 64 scene, and what happend then!!

M: The reason for leaving was pretty much that I got
an offer from Fairlight to join as their main-musician
on the Amiga. This was quite a thrill, as at that time,
they were pretty active with crack,demos etc. I got
into another Amiga-group called 'Alcatraz' and I took
part in one or two productions for them. Anyway, the
scene was going down on the Amiga (everything took
too much time to finish (demos etc.)) and I decided to
give the 64 a shot again (Drugs? Very Pulp Fiction!).
After about two weeks I got in touch with Xayne of
Crest and he eventually offered me membership in
Crest and that's where I'm at for now...

S: So you, just as me, started in a top group.. Not bad
Well it's no secret that you called me very long ago
to get some information about the 64 scene. (That I
didn't hear from you since is quite another story!!!!!!)
Well, as said you joined Crest which is a pretty good
place to start up again. But the smart reader has al-
so noticed that you are a member of something called
CZP. Well what the heck is this. Maybe you could give
us some more information about that!!

M: Well, we're three guys (?) namely: Jeff and Duck la
Rock from Camelot and me from Crest. We're pretty
unactive at the moment, as I guess the beer takes
too much of our time in the summer. Nevertheless, we
aim to release some nice musicpacks in the future,
and the new player will be just unstopable (and also
unrippable...), and I guess there's SOMEONE who is
going to make some 'CZP-scan' or some 'CZP-soundrip'
as soon as the editor and so on is finished. The rest
(Hi Fanta!) will have to offer some load of money to
get it, I guess...

S: Well I have another loonie of CZP right by my side.
It's noone than my own group gay, eh pal! Duck laRock
I think I will use the opportunity to ask him a quest-
ion. Yoho Duckie, I believe that most of the scene ei-
ther thought you had left or don't even know you. So
what are you up to these days?

D: Nichts!

S: Well I won' let you of the hook that easy, I demand
an answer!!!

D: Oooh! Not much on the 64, I'm afraid, but hopefully
I will find some inspiration to make a few tunes, using
Jeff's lame player. At the moment I'm fooling around
with a PC and some midi equipment, trying to make
some hip-hop and techno music.

S: Oh shit, he just ran away. I guess we won't hear
much more from him right now, so I better get back
in Mitch, erhm I mean to Mitch...

Well, CZP, or also known as CyberZound Production
turns out to be a kind of music label (I guess!!!)

Well, Mitch besides, a lot of boozing here in our love
ly country, what are you up to. We've heard so many
rumours about the upcomming Crest demo. Do you
take part in this, and can you supply the readers
with more information?

M: I've actually got the final word from Crossbow
and the demo SHOULD be released at the end of Aug-
ust...This is probably not true, you say, but I've seen
a few parts and it looks like he's gonna pull it off!
There will be some fresh music by me in it along with
some tunes from Drax, so the crowd will be pleased!
A hint about the demo is: Graphics and design.

S: Well according to your information it seems like
Crest is back in biznezz!! Ehrm... Well I believe it have
to be a real killer if you must re-enter the charts.

(A short break has taken place as k[p smaskerne
has been on the gas station to fill up the car with
gasoline and the bags with good old danish beer!!)

Well I don't really know what to write right now, so I
guess a little brainstorm would be in its place untill
my inspirations returns.


Yoho Mitch what is the first thing which come to your
wacky mind when I say :

C64 : Fun and showing off at the parties.

K[p : My favourite snack...

Demostrations : Crest,Camelot and Oxyron

Jeff with creme : Can I get a refill?

Diskmagazines : Lousy music from eastgerman people

Nasty attitudes : Is that me? No, my girlie I guess...

(Erhm what can I say.. Make her scream, baby!!)

Parties : Danish beer?!  Unplanned sex and also being
seriously tired and hungover...

Danish beer : Der er sgu fest i byen, mand!

Newcommers : Many try, most fail...

Nazism : Totally and utterly wrong viewpoint, but it
doesn't affect peoples own point of view if I say
this or that in this issue... (Guess you're right - Ed!)

and finally, Skyhigh : Do you believe in sex before

S : Ok I believe we better end this brainstorm before
we looses our minds. - Well I got to think about some
thing which you have brought up in another scenemag
lately. Spreading music editors. Some say that they
should be spread like e.g. a painting program are, but
you say that they shouldn't. Please tell us why!

M : Well, I know a lot of people think that they are
kept out of the musiccharts if they don't have the
proper musiceditor, but this is pure crap! Not any of
the musicians around that are so-called 'famous' got
to that point of being famous just because of a good
editor. Sure it helps if you have a new player from a
massive musiceditor, but the fact remains: If you're
talented you can ALWAYS make good music...How do
you think any of the first composers developed and
improved their style?! Simply by doing the best they
could with the material they had, and perhaps doing
some improved version of that player. I guess it's a
lie to say that any guy could get any of these play-
ers, but I still think that you should DESERVE to get
a player worth your capabilities. If you're crap -
well, then stick to Voicetracker! Your music won't
sound any better if you're using JCH NP.20.g4, DMC 5.1
or the Olav M£rkrid-player, if it sucks - it SUCKS!
Have this in mind till next time, write as many comme-
nts as you like, but I'm standing firm and so do many
of my 'established' fellow musicians...

S: So, I guess you can compare it to all these grafi-
cians using Funpainter or Gunpainter just because
they get a better resolution and more colours, and
still their gfx is bad. Ok, so what do you say, how
should you get the better editors and players then?

M : I totally agree with that Gfx-aspect, and further
more I repeat what I said earlier: Make something
good and you will probably get the editor if you ask!
Don't go around pretending to be cool, just by using
eight-speed tunes and showing off with 'cool' sfx.
I would say that there aren't too many musicians who
are able to compose something purely based on real
musical talent (Syncopation,harmonizing etc.) and not
totally relying on hardcore techno-blips!

S : Hmm, I have something I have to ask you then.
Lately there also has been quite a debate about rip-
ping tunes, or more precise instruments. I have even
heard that there should be some programs with which
you can rip out instruments and the entire source.
I can't believe that this is a 'respected' thing to do
among composers. Well, any comments about that.

M : Ok, I might admit that I've been looking into some
musics to get some idea of how to make sounds, but
who the fuck needs a ripper! You simply check out
the tune in machinecode and there's all you need.
Anyway, the reason for this was that since I have
not been making sounds on this computer for ages, I
was a bit poor when it came to soundquality. Now, on
the other hand, since I got some very useful hints
from MSK and JEFF about making sounds, I think the
music I'm making now have fairly good (OWN!) sounds!
A comment to those people who nag on me when they
have heard some WORKTUNES from me. They have some
comments about the sounds (them being Draxlike...)
and this might be true, but those songs were never
released so what do you want?! ALL released music
from me contains only my own sounds (Though,there
has been a couple of coop-tunes but that's only
natural if there's not only my own sounds then).

S : Well, enough about that! Before you rang me up
(about ?? (well how long time is it?) ago) i hadn't
heard about you. Don't cry my friend I might buy you
a beer though. No seriously, I really hadn't heard a-
bout Mitch before. What do you think about other c64
sceners; do they share that feeling. What can we ex-
pect from you in the future, besides the Crest demo
ofcourse ? I'm naturally talking about a tune (no I
mean many tunes!!!!!) for this magazine. If everything
had turned out as it should then there should have
been a tune from you in this issue. Well hopefully the
next time then!!!

M : The tune is coming....(Where?!)  The sceners of to-
day might not have known me when I re-entered the
scene, but the fact that I'm in Crest changed that.
Crest has been, and is, a very powerful label and I
guess anyone could get known in Crest...

S : Hmmm, I think you're right. I belive that the same
thing happened to me as I entered Oxyron back then.
(Though there must have been something else, other
wise I wouldn't have made it!)

Ok, change of subject..

You were active on the Amiga once; what about other
systems ? Do you also do music outside the computer
world ?

M : I used to have a PC aswell, but I sold it when I
bought my car and got myself another guitar. I have
made a couple of modules (No midi-files...) in Fast-
tracker on the PC, but noting serious. About this
thing of making music outside the computerworld, I
can only say: YES... As I work as a musicteacher, I
have a massive interest in music and so I play sever-
al instruments (guitar,piano,drums,bass etc.). I som-
etimes play out in pubs and so on with an english
friend of mine. Anyone who wants demotapes?! No, it's
quite boring actually...Pretty much like 'Simon & Gar-
funkel', I guess.

S : So music is no stranger to you I see.

Music charts !!! This should be quite known to you I
believe. In every disk magazine (or atleast almost
every diskmagazine) there is this kind of charts. In
the last few months there has been some talking a-
bout the subjectivity of these charts. Please give us
your point of view on these music charts..

M : Yes, I guess I might get some reactions on this as
well, but perhaps it's attention I want in this matter.
I consider that the charts show a wrong picture of
what qualities a musician should have. The main thing
isn't music-quality it seems, as there are MANY guys
in the charts being real bad, but still highly ranked.
I think that the main issue shouldn't be wether you
are extremely active and most of all: Get a lot of
votes if you have a lot of friends in the scene that
you give away your tunes to. Is the most important
thing to have friends that vote for you? It must feel
a bit weird to see that people that you KNOW are mu-
ch more talented than you are, but they've no high
amount of votes?!  I for one is not at all interested
in these charts, I don't make music to be there... I am
making music for production that I chose myself,and
that I might have something more to do with than just
making music. I don't know what the rest of the scene
thinks about this, but admit that the charts are a bit
weird? Also, have you noticed that if you once get
into the Top 10 you rarely leaves it again?!  It's a bit
strange too, but I guess a well-known name is better
than making good music....

S : well, quite harsh words from you there, but isn't
it the same in all kind of categories ? Doesn't it all
end up with the old well and discussed subject :

Lately I've been suggested to split the musiccharts
into 2 parts. One for old and legendary composers,
and one for active ones. Maybe there should be one
more : Quality composers!! What do you say ?

m: Pretty hard question, but it seems to be a good
idea to split them into several cathegories, but it
must be hard to judge which ones are legendary and
classic composers?! I mean, I consider Laxity and
some other people to be both...

S : talking about composers, please list your favou-
rite composers. And tell us a little about why. I mean
maybe their style, talent or whatever !

M: Ok, here goes: Laxity (Very good sense of rythm,
nice chords and very melodious scores),Jozz (The v-
ery best jazz/funk composer ever...Nuff said!),PRI (
Very good chords and the improvising is almost un-
beatable),Drax (Good groove and melodies).

S : Not a very long list, but some very wellknown
names among 'em though. Now we are at it, why not
revealing us your other favourites!

Demogroups :  Camelot,Fairlight,Crest,Oxyron
Crackergroup : (I dunno!) F4CG perhaps...
Graphician : Electric
Coder : Slammer,Tron
Coverdesigner : Electric

Demo : Tower Power/CML,Sk]neland/FLT.
Game : I have no idea, perhaps some pornogame...
Magazine :  Hmmm....Insider? Let's stick to Skyhigh...

S : Ok, my friend I think it's time to wrap this up. Is
there anything you have on your mind and would like
to say, or some people you would like to greet. Here
is the time and place. The word is all yours.

M : First of all I want to thank you, Biz Kid, for maki-
ng this interview a bit more original than most others.

Also a big chant go out to: Jeff+Duck la Rock (Oh, I
p£ller smukt!),Xayne/Crest,Geir Tjelta,Dane/Triad,
Metal+Laxity/Vibrants,F4CG och alle lebbekarle...

Yiiihaaa, another interview is finished. I would like to
thank you Michael Wartburg for this great time we
had this short time. Good trip back to the land with-
out real beers- he he!!!

A-b c'ya!!!                                            BIZ KID
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