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Once again it is that time. The time where you will see what the scene has to say to me about Skyhigh. Actually there isn't that many reactions as I had ex- pected. So why is that? I can't believe that there is nothing to comment or complain about! I rather think that the explanation is; that it takes a bit of time to swallow it. Furthermore then it does take a while be- fore you can feel the results. Just take a look at the demo charts. There usally goes a bit of time be- for you see the results of your latest demo. I guess that's the way it is working, so I better sit down patiencely and wait. Eventhough I might not be so good at it.!

Well let's cut the crap, and get bizzy...

L.O. Bizzy!

Skyhigh = cool. Only one thing : If you leave the menu to read a chapter there appears a color-ram rolling effect in the middle with veeeery ugly colours, he he. But there are worse things in the world, I think. So keep on making quality, Bye.... Lupo/-NPL-

Yo Lupo!

Thanx for the reaction from you, but what the heck does L.O. Bizzy mean? - Lame Old Bizzy ? Lovely Openhearted Bizzy? HE HE! Well nevermind. About the 'Color-ram rolling effect'. First of all : What a cool term!!! (Oh boy have you seen the latest demo from Camelot with realtime CRR effect!!) he he! OK. seriously!, I don't really know what you mean. I do have a vague idea though. I can see that Scare of Neoplasia has written a small remark saying : 'I think this refers to issue #14...' Well that might be the answer. Anyway if you still mean the bug is there please write me again, and we will take a closer look at it - ok! Finally I'll try to keep up the quality in the future aswell. Stay FUNKY pal.


The following one were most probably meant for me alone, but I choose to bring it here aswell. Read my answer and you'll understand why!

Dear SKYHIGH staff!

Some charts were filled with very old-fashioned style or ..... without sense!! (He is talking about the the sheet he filled - Ed!) Sorry for that, but just yesterday I finished my army service and I'm a bit out of scene.. I hope you forgive me some nonseness, I lost 18 months of my life in the stupid army.. Sorry.. And - if you can put my addy in next issue, ok? Thanx!

Viper/Agony Design


Special greetings to Biz Kid 4 his great idea of anti nazi demo! Keep it up, man!

That's it ! Viper

Yo Miroslaw.

First of all : welcome back in the scene my friend! 18 months is quite a long time to be away from the 64 scene, so don't worry about your votes. I know that Caprice will only count the valid ones anyway. Well I made an exception this time and put your addy in this chapter aswell. The reason is that I wanted to give you a helping hand to reach your old (and new!) contacts a bit faster!! Be sure to find it in the addy- chapter aswell..

Thanx for the nice words about the anti-nazi demo ! I'll share it together with my cool Swedish pal DEVIL of F4CG/NOICE?? with whom I got the idea!!

Ok, once again : welcome back my friend!!!


Check out da next one!!

Cool mag, but not many articles!!


Yo ho Gregory!

Thanx for the long reaction from you - he he!! Well I don't know how old your reaction is, but I got a feeling that it's not damn hot. What I mean is that since the previous issue, there's become much more co-editors, and with that more articles. So I believe that, that problem has been taken care of. See, you are not the only one who has complained about too less articles, so we're working on it. Ok, best of luck to you!!


Is the chart-system not up to date ? Here's a dude with a suggestion to change something a bit. Take it away Pablo.

Yo Biz Kid!

Maybe time to do msx charts more objective? How? Just do 2 categories :

-LEGENDS -(NOWADAYS) most active dudes

Well time to give a chance 4 newcommers, and don't miss old msx'ers like Reyn Ouwehand, Ben Dalglish, JCH, Jeroen Tel and so on. They still live in noters, demos etc...

A reader


Yo Pawel!

I might say that you have a good point there my pal! On the other hand then my idea of charts is to point out the best of today, not the old'n'dead persons or groups. Then again this can be prevented by making categories with legends or all-times whatever.. I don't really know! What does you, the readers out there, think about it ? Is this a way to do the charts in the future? Lemme hear your voice. Allright - stay phonkee my friend!


Following one, is from noone else than my cool Dutch friend : Splatterhead! Bring it down - rene!!

The Skyhigh was cool again, as usual! Also the new gfx were nice. The chapter about piracy contained some incomplete informations though, e.g. a bluebox is not always hardware, most people use(d) a soft- ware bluebox! And cards can also be obtained via other ways than corrupt operators.. Ok, props for all the work, keep it up!


Yo-ho Rene!!

Another killersheet from you. I always rip the sheet out of the package every time I get a sending from u. This one were no dissapointment either. First I would like to shout out thank you for the nice words about the mag/gfx. About the Pirate BBS chapter; Well as you know then I don't really know much about the board scene. Actually I thought that bluebox always were a hardware gizmo. And the cards well I sure had a feeling that you could organize 'em in another way than through corrupt operators, but as mentioned in the chapter then all I did was to translate the text!! But I appriciate that you're telling it to me anyway. Maybe you would like to do a chapter about it for me, or you know someone who would like to help me out with such a chapter? Ofcourse I'm not looking for any names or specific techniques to bluebox etc.. What I would like to know something about is the basic idea of how/what they do, and especially some background story! With that I mean, some stories from the board world, or stuff like that!

If anyone out there have such knowledge and would like to share it with the scene, then don't hesitate contacting me at this addy :



Ok, Rene, once again thanx for the reaction, it really made me happy. -No shit!!!

Allright, stay phonkee homes!!


Following reaction could be from me. Say what ??? Well the person who wrote it has 'JJ' as handle, and as everybody might know then this is also my initials.

Or maybe he's simply inspirated by  : Double Jay - Jeff Jarrett from WWF!!!


Your magazine remains - number one - for quality and I think you have a good balance of feature articles. However I still see no need to dedicate chapters in any magazine, to slag somebody off - even on the grounds of a defence of some sort. All these mat- ters could be settled behind the scenes and this I believe would promote a more positive air, which in turn is condusive to peace.

Anyway, I really appriciated the 'Deadline' demo, and now proudly own the original.

Take care,

Simon Reece

Yo Simon.

Thanx for your reaction. Nice to hear that you like it so much. It's also great to hear that the 'balance' of text is good! About the socalled 'slagging' ! Well I must admit that you're absolutely right. Problems should be worked out between the implemented parts and NOT as I did in a magazine. I just got so pissed off, and wanted to fight back. But still it felt good! Still though I think you are right. So you liked the Deadline demo! I guess my good pal Phil (who coded it) will be happy to hear that, and to hear that you bought a copy! -Well I think that's it. Good luck with Powerage.


Does the name Gigabyte ring a bell. Well here he is again.

Yo Jesper (Din beskidte kamel!)

Thanks for providing once a totally stunning issue of Skyhigh... Issue 15 was a corker. The new outfit is ruling cool.. Was I just dreaming, or was it a naked girl I saw while the chapter were loading ( see what one WANT to see...) Well, Jesper, I just want to wish you the best with releasing your magazine in the future..

Yours sincerly

Gigabyte/No Name

Yo Christian..

Beskidte kamel!!!! Jeg skal gi' dig skal jeg.. he - he!! For those who don't understand danish I better give a small explanation : Biz Kid is prounounced almost like the danish word : BESKIDT, which means something like dirty. The other word, KAMEL, shouldn't be that hard to figure out. So actually Christians start his note by saying I am a DIRTY CAMEL..... He really got balls - eh!!!

Well back to the reaction. Thanx for your nice words Christian. You talked about a naked women. Hmmmm I haven't seen any naked women in my mag, so I guess you must have been dreaming - he he!! Or maybe your version has a bug!! Anyway, nice to hear that you like the improved out- fit. I got the feeling that other small improvements might be installed in the future, so better watch out. Ok I'm outta here - stay cool Christian.


Another guy has returned to the scene. Now under a new name but anyway - read on!!

After I'd come back into the scene a few months be fore I've asked Scare/Neoplasia/Lepsi about news in scene. A few days later I got a sending from him including your mag. At first I were surprised why you changed group from Oxyron to Camelot.Then I want to say that the outfit of the mag is cool. In my opinion there should be more grafix, but it's pretty cool. Keep it on!

Now I don't have more to say, and signing off..

Yours rainer

Yo Rainer.

First I would like to welcome you back in the scene. I like to hear that when asked for news, you get my magazine - that really rule, he he!!! So you were surprised to see me changing group! Hmm to tell you the truth then I never thought it would happend, but I was wrong. Nevertheles I don't regret having changed. Not that I have any probs with the Oxy's, not at all. No what I mean is that now all the group members are pure Danes, which means cheaper phonebills for a start. No serious that's not the real reason. Get hand on some of the old isssus of this mag and see what happend! You talked about more gfx... Hm, where do you want that gfx? At the moment you have gfx in the menu, in the textoutput part and even in the 'Extras' now and then! Please tell me what you mean, because I do not really know what yoo mean. Ok. stay phonkee, and be sure to find Skyhigh in the future aswell.


I have often asked for ideas for improvements for Skyhigh. Next one is full of ideas. And who is the pal providing them ? Well read on to find out!

Hello BK and the readers!!

Here is Jer on da paper, crying continues! (hah !) Here is again a new uprage list for SKYHIGH! just read it.

- 36-42 tracks using loader system. Which makes it possible to use all possible disk space on disk : 96 blocks, 24 kb, 24576 bytes, it's usefull for notes, etc, (see 41 track formatter/Fatum!!)

- Please make SKYHIGH bootable on C128!, by using 'Vorpal' etc. I love those tools which boots on my C128 automatically.

- Please do something about there's only 'three' 3 muz in your magazine!

- What about doing scans for SKYHIGH font, it would nice!

I hope there were enough this time, but next time I will surprise you with sum kewl ideas!

Ps : SKYHIGH is personal high quality magazine! But I'm afraid of your activing in future.

I haven't got more to say, except : 'C64 for ever'


Yo Jari!

Thanx for another reaction from you. Once again you managed to come up with more ideas. Well, why don't I just jump right in!

36-42 tracks. What's the use ? So far there is always enought space for a note on the disk. I can't fill an entire disk (or rather I haven't filled an entire disk) yet, so I don't really see the use of it. If Skyhigh should grow bigger and demand more space, it would be the next step I presume. Btw, how can you format 36-42 tracks with an 41 track formatter - he he!!

Bootable on the C128.. Hmmm, why? I've never really played around with a C128 so I don't really know it! Furthermore, then I thought that everybody who own one always used the C64 mode; but I guess I was wrong. Well what do the crowd say ?

More music - Only 3 tunes!!!! Hmmm, I think I have heard this before, haven't I!! Ok, once more just for you!! I am only going to use 3 exclusive tunes (+ an oldie) for each issue - sorry!! That's the way I like it. BUT.... If I ever want to use more tunes the outfit is prepared for it (up 'till 256 tunes I believe!!!!)

Finally; scanning an font for SKYHIGH. Well yeah why not! I like the idea, but to be honest then I really like the one I'm using right now. So if it's gonna hap- pend then it will be in the future. A cewl idea though!

Ok that's it my friend! Once again thanx for the idea, just let'em keep comming. Good luck pal!!


Ps: what do you mean by saying that you are 'afraid of my activing in the future' ??? Please tell me next time!

The last one for this time is from Hungary. Actually it was send to Mad via Internet and then printed out and send to Denmark. So you might say that this note has been travelling a bit. Stop the nonsense and go on!!

Hello Biz!

I got Skyhigh #16 last week, and I was very pleased with it. Nice design, cool zax, correct code ( I most ly liked the proportional upscroller, coz it simply kixx!) This improved outfit is quite important, but I think the MATTER is the most important in a mag... and that's exactly why I read Skyhigh. Lot's of articles, varied text, so all what sceners needs. ( I read the interview with The Mistress... what a girl! *grin* (hm, I mean woman!) It took me some time until I found my jaw.. (it fell down on the floor..hehe) Ok get back to Skyhigh :) It was a great idea to add the 'extras' corner to the mag... those pictures (like MAD's one) and the other things extend the mark of Skyhigh. So the fi- nal conclusion is : your mag ROOLZ! I agree with you that thos mag doesn't need any lame CD- or film-reviews, 'coz (in my opinion) if someone wants to read about such things, he could buy f.e. a Bravo and spank his monkey.... I've some suggestions for you, too... It would be nice if Skyhigh contained an 'Internet Corner' (like in my other favourite mag, Driven), coz I guess there's a lot a scener would be interested in... Last : keep up your good work in making Skyhigh, I am waiting for further issues.

VIC/COMA (a Hungarian phreaker)

Yo Victor.

Yiiieeeehaaaaarhhhh... what a nice reaction from you. Thanx for all the nice words about Skyhigh. It felt good to hear them. Also good to hear that you like the way I choose the texts for an issue. Yes I myself think that Skyhigh has a proper and varied scale of text now. About The Mistress!!! Yeah isn't she something!! ( See Elvira, you just know what we men/boys like - he he that's the spirit - Biz kid!!) Well back to the answer; another thing that made me really happy is that you like the extras corner... I personally feel that it adds the final flavour to my mag, so it's nice to see it appriciated. And finally : your suggestion for improvements!! 'Internet Corner' - What a cool idea... Unfortunately SHOUT has something similar in their mag, but then again it shouldn't matter at all. It's a free world you know. The problem is that I haven't got any experience (or modem/account) to Internet what so ever, but..... If I could find a volunteer for the job, I would do it. Hmmmmmm, who could I think of?? WHAT about you??? Well let me know - right... I would be honoured to see some text from you... You know how to contact me...

Ok my friend - stay cool, and remember :


Ok that's all I have for this time. Please give me a note or a letter telling me what you think about the work we're putting in this magazine. It doesn't matter if it good or bad critizism, as long as you can explain what you mean. You know where to send it!!! - L8r! Biz kid!



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