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             other magazines

hello, everybody!!!

here is biz kid with a new chapter for
you. not new to the scene, but new in
skyhigh. what i'm talking about is some
kind of magazine review!!!
but, (and there's often this but) i will
do it in another way than usual seen.

i'm not going to rank the mags, neither
give them any points! my idea with this
chapter is more like a skyhigh reaction
to the mentioned magazines! no slagging
or negative attitudes, just pure subjec-
tivity !!!!!

don't expect this chapter in every issue
coz then you might get dissapointed. i
will bring it whenever i feel like (even
though it could be in every issue!! who

ok this time a close-up on following
magazines will take place :

           nitro #17 by excess
        news press #15 by rebels
     domination #2 by jazzcat/legend
       the tribune #48 by tribune


           nitro #17 by excess

after 5 months of delay another issue of
this kicker is released. this time with
a new outfit, or rather the pre-outfit.
explanation : in the mag-note it is said
that the code isn't 100% finished yet,
but it should be for issue #18!

the mag starts up with an intro coded &
pixeled by liquid/x-ample/excess. a very
cool picture (but to me it seems like it
might be from some kind of game????)
after you press space you get to another
intro.....  well atleast that's what it
looks like!!!!
you see a cool nitro-logo done by d.a.
(double artistry i presume). over (under
or in ???) the logo, is a colour wave
effect. i'm no coder so i don't know if
this kind of routine has an official
name aswell! under the logo is written
'introducing' in 2x2 letters!
ok i wait, but nothing happens; hmmm
strange!!! i hit space bar and still
nothing happens. suddenly it hits me :
it's the menu-screen!!!  surprise!!!
and yes it is. 'introducing' is the name
of the chapter to load!!! and so i do!
an irq-loader, not bad. maybe a little
slow, but that's ok!! but here's some of
the bugs: it doesn't start loading the
chapter before the 'colour-rutine' is
finished.  -- very annoying --  second
it flickers a bit while loading.
it get's the chapter loaded and jumps to
the text reading part!
here you see a screen with 4-5 lines of
grafix in the top and in the bottom done
by alien prophet; which looks quite good
in the middle is the text; 40 chars wide
with a good easy-to-read font. in here
is also raster lines (in the text) line-
wise and nice small animated symbols!
the page-flipping routine looks quite
good, but after a while it gets a bit
boring and slow i think! here's another
bug. on the last page : if you goes one
page back some character-garbage appears
and another thing; where's the key con-
trol ??? i missed it a lot!

well lemme take a look on the chapters.


   -a small note about the delay a.s.o.
   -the credits + votesheet spreaders.
   -an explanation about the different
   -their board numbers + the nitro addy


   -this is the 'news'n'rumours' chapter
    1st the different groups (not alpha-
    betacized) and 2nd single news!


   -the charts!! skyhigh #1 (again!!)
   -long charts

4.  CHAT-TIME 1-3
6. -interviews with tricom/avantgarde

   -interviews with old sceners :
    dueco/pentacle and craig/lazer

9.  ASS CORNER by spinball

   -mc programming for beginners

10. DEMO-REVIEWS by cat

   -why not choose a coder to do these
    reviews instead!

11. MAG-REVIEWS by cat

12. GAME-REVIEWS by sonic

   -this chapter is in my/legal eyes a
    very boring chapter!


   -the different goups listed alphabeta



   -words from the +4 scene   (cool!!)


   -the meaning of the different smileys



   -fake orries part 3
    get the news by master s
    bigfoot by master s


22. RAVERS CORNER by decoy/excess/nb

   -a non scene chapter (rave review!)


   -(a chapter after 'the duel' in


   -a voters list!

a lot of good chapters!! maybe too many
interviews! and then 'ravers corner'!
i can't really understand what a non-
scene chapter does in a c64 disk mag!!!
to me it's some kind of disk filler.
i think that you decoy, should rather
write about c64 music! you know : music-
reviews, tips'n'tricks and so on!!
then there's the addy-chapters. i would
advice you to do 'em in alphabetacally
order instead, coz it'll make it much
easier for the readers.

ok that's the chapters, now back to the
mag itself. as written before then i
miss the key controller a lot, but also
otherthings are very annoying;
when leaving a chapter, the mag reloads
the menu again. this take way too long should keep the menu in memory.
if it stays in the memory you can also
avoid the problem with reloading the
same chapter again. (if you jumps from
the text to the menu, and back again!)
another bad thing is that the chapter-
choose part resets itself every time you
returns to the menu. meaning that you
have to go through all the names before
finding the right one!! it should ofcoz
stay with the last loaded name!!!
finally i would like to say that nitro
has a lot of good gfx and music included

all i can say now is : i'm looking 4ward
to the next issue with the 100% outfit!


  next one is news press #15 by rebels

yep here's another mag which have been
going through some major changes lately.
np has got a brand new outfit now.

issue #15 has no intro, but the screen
scrolls out under the border before
starting the mag. so now you are in the
menu; on top is a big, colourfull logo
done by dee kay of crest. the colours
are in my eyes a bit weird but still the
logo is cool! underneath is the chapters
12 all in all! you use the joy dick up &
down to choose your chapter! but here i
found a bug!!!! first time you load the
mag: try to move the pointer all the way
down to the last chapter and up again!
see, you can't load the 2 first chapters
now!!! hmmmm, better fix that bug!!
ok, besides that; the menu is easy to
use. the chapter gets loaded, and you're
in the text-reading part..
the font is a nice easy-to-read propor-
tional font (the same as in the menu!)
the part is very easy to use. in the
bottom you have got 3 icons:

page back   -   page forward   -   menu

but again NO KEY CONTROL! why is it that
some mags doesn't provide that service?
what if you have lost your joystick or
it's broken or, or, or.....
think about it mag editors!!!!!

ok let's take a look on the chapters!


   -little info, credits and np addy
   -the chapters + the staff


   -words by neotec      x-fire m8
                         pkk terror org.


   -1st group names & then mixed news

4.  ANNOUNCEMENTS same as spread the w.

   -tribute invitation
   -cover competition by extend

5.  charts part #1   skyhigh #1 (again)
6.  charts part #2

   -why not make it as 1 chapter, or
    maybe there's not enough memory!!!

7.  FIRST RELEASES by marc/afl

9.  ADVERTISMENTS #2  the addies

   -why not make 'em alphabetacally.
    they need to be updated! duke is
    still in, eventhough you writes in
    the news that he has quitted


   -a gfx chapter by dee kay of crest!
    touching subjects like wiring pics
    from other computers, and the use of
    advanced painting-proggys by 'un-
    skilled' painters!

    a cool chapter for us graphicians!

11. COVERS the covercharts


    x-fire defends himself against the
    accusations! also brought in skyhigh

also a lot of good chapters, but i think
some of the chapters are very short. e.g
charts + addies!!

a big plus is the page indicator. nitro
could use that as well! but why does you
load the menu every time??? it doesn't
take much time though, but it's quite
annoying anyway! the good thing is that
you don't reset the menu; the loaded
chapter name is still high-lightet and
in memory. great!!!
just a few bugs to be corrected and then
the key controller...

     i'm waiting for the next issue


              domination #2

a rather new magazine from down under!
actually i don't know if it is a legend
magazine or, (as in my case a biz kid
mag.) a jazzcat magazine!
anyway the main editor and organizer of
the mag is jazzcat of legend!
this is as everybody can see the second
issue of domination. it was said to be
released for a long time, but kept get-
ting delayed. BUT, it was sure worth
waiting for!!!! (domination i mean!!)
as you'll see in the next lines then
this magazine is very well designed and
user friendly!

ok. let's get started .

first you have an intro; a fullscreen
hires piccy done by vdk/fairlight. after
pressing space you jump directly into
the editorial (text reading part!)
i got the feeling that someone doesn't
take the time to read the editorial. i
as an mag-editor can't understand why!
this is usually the first chapter i read
while going throug a mag!
well the text is in a 40 char wide up-
scroll in the top of the screen. the
font is a great and easy-to-read font.
(i seems like i really like that word
BUT AGAIN - no key control!!!

what the hell is going on????

well david i hope you'll include it for
next issue! (if you see this in time!)
another thing which annoys me is the
lack of line-adjustment!! please think
about that aswell. besides of these two
things the upscroller is smooth and good
and also easy to control!
under the upscroller is a nize logo made
by my co-editor rrr!!
ok let's press space and jump to the
menu!!!  whooops, nize fade effects like
in this one, and fast aswell - good work
there. more effects and another logo
pops up; also done by rrr!!!
well what have we got here? a really
nize looking menu. on top is the logo,
and underneath it the menu system. this
is quite different from the 'usual' type
of menus.  3 coloums!
the 1st one is a music chooser. the 2nd
the chapters, and the 3rd an infocoloumn
the tune and chapter in memory is marked
with a small arrow.
you can jump between the music and text
coloumn by moving joydick left'n'right!
the choosen one will show a darker back-
ground. another nice move!!!!
but also here i need the key-controller!
- the 3rd column shows the name of the
editor on the 'highlightet' chapter!
ofcoz the pointer and the chapter won't
reset after returning from the text!
only thing i could need is a small line
with the name of the tune & composer, so
you can see what you load!

ok let's check out the chapters!


   -small note. the chapters + creditz


   -a kind of news chapter but only from
    the states. great idea!!!

3.  NEWS  1st groups, 2nd single news


   -this is the cracked game releaselist


   -maybe you should make the charts a
    bit longer, and leave out legend +
    its members!

6.  INTERVIEW       jch
7.                  cyborg
8.                  kingfisher/triad

9.  SLAGBACK  public announcements

                   -truth about fusion
                   -mystery - the game
                   -dee kay says

10. ADDY'S    not alphabetacally.
11. ADDY'S 2  need to be updated badly
              (ex: scrapper - addybook?)
                   duke????   and more!

12. ILLEGAL h/p tips and tricks
            a great chapter


   -a party report from ects (european
    computer trade show)+ the invitation
    for tribute!


   -dukes farewell
   -zirc0 says


   -memberstatus's alphabetacally


   -covers/mags/demos/games all together


18. SUMMARY  last words

yep, that's it!! all chapters scene re-
lated, as they should be! and eventhough
there's quite a few of 'em which are bbs
related then i like it a lot!
also quite surprising to see so much
text packed down to one side only! a bit
faster loader would be nize, but no must

this mag is in my eyes very well consid-
ered!!! here's lots of nice details. a
great looking outfit with massive design
and user friendlyness!
only thing i want is as mentioned :

key control, line-adjustment, and the
name of the composer!!!

i'm looking forward to much more issues
of this magazine


       the tribune #48 by tribune

yeah the oldest magazine alive today,and
this time with a brandnew outfit. this
issue was released at the tribute in gtg

first look at the directory tells us
that this time the chapters has been
iffl'ed. (it doesn't mean shit really
but it looks quite professional!!) ok
let's start. first there's an intro :
a logo, a 2x2 scroller and a flashing
screen (to the music; techno by nti!!)
ok, you do as told, press space and jump
to the menu!  here you see a disk in its
cover. the cover shows a piccy of nasti-
ness and the lovely mistress.furthermore
is shown some anti-nazi text. my respect
for that...  the disk 'fades' away and
reveal the chapter chooser : 3 lines.
you can scroll the chapters up'n'down in
side these 3 lines. the choosen chapter
is high-lightet. maybe you should make
the chooser smooth? let's load the first
chapter. yep a rather fast loader...
suddenly (and i mean suddenly) you are
in the text reading part.another 40 char
wide upscroll (it rules!!!) the font is
very good and easy to read! but what is

OH NO, NOT AGAIN no key control!!!!!!

and also no line adjustment as in the
old outfit. hmm, i guess they will be
installed soon, right barry and elvira!!
furthermore there's a small bug in the
top of the text (a flashing letter), no
big deal, but anyway...
ok, the chapter stays inthe memory and
does not reload, also the choosen chappy
stays high-lightet. that's the way it
should be! good work!

and the chapters :


   -editors words + chapters + addy
   -spreader list + anti nazi magazines



   -nastiness corner. eg diskmags
                         nti goes usa
                         & much more


   -mms corner        eg pure girl mag ?
                         regina story/
                         originality a.m


   -scs+trc report
   -talk about the outfit

6.  INTERVIEW (the best of the best)

   -with antitrack/f4cg/legend


   -reactions and more!


   -pinball + streetfighter iii
    (yokozuna not yokozuma!!!!!!)


   -no text becoz of tribute

10. MAGAZINES by mms (mag reviews)


   -guestwriters this time awt


   -how to make a good magazine
    tips'n'tricks      cool idea!!!!!

13. PIXELS grafix reviews

14. FORUM you decide the subject

15. APPEAL   (spread the word.)

16. LIGHTSIDE stories from around the


   -the results

18. WANTED NL   addies !! sorted after
19. WANTED GER  countries.
21. WANTED SCAN but why not make fewer
22. WANTED REST longer chapters???

23. CHARTS 1
24. CHARTS 2

   -loooong charts


   -bbs numbers + info

yep a lot of chapters, but some nonscene
(arcade halls might be ok, bcoz it has
got something to do with computers!)
as always the chapters are very long,
and also the charts are long!! i think
you should make less addy chapters by
putting e.g nl + pl in one chapter!
the chapter 'editors' are cool.i have
thought of doing something similar, but
i guess i was to late. well shit happens
right. still it's a kicker.

never, and i mean never spell the name
of a wwf (wcw) wrestler wrong. it hurts
in my die hard wrestling heart to see a
name as yokozuna spelled wrong. he he he

well, besides the things mentioned in
the start; key control a.s.o, then i
would suggest a kind of fade effect when
jumping from the menu to the upscroller
and vice versa! it's a bit 'sudden' now.

and then i'm looking forward to see my
logo installed!

congratulations with the new outfit, and
i hope to see much more issues in the


yep, you reached the end of this chapter
maybe i feel like doing another one with
other magazines for next issues!
if you want your magazine studied in diz
way then be sure to mail it to me!

                 BIZ KID


and remember that i don't want to slag
on any mags. all i intend to do is to
give you a helping hand, telling you
what things i would change or improve in
your mag.

ok have a merry x-mas & a happy new year

                               BIZ KID
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