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             spread the word

yoho everybody.
once more it is time for the successfull
chapter 'spread da word'. as always jam-
packed with public notes for and from
the c64 scene!!!!

the first one is from my good friend
sinister. he have something to tell the
scene. listen up carefully!!!

yes,i'm SICK of it, and i get TIRED of
prooving them wrong...

here is again sinister of extacy and
arcoss. some weeks ago i spread a note
called 'NO MORE WAR!/SIN',and i hope as
many sceners as possible received it...

although i pointed out clearly,that i do
not want to have anything to do with the
socalled 'war' of accept and the airwolf
team, i am still in the list of the
'sceners' that clearly claim to be a-
gainst the airwolf team...

now,i am not in this list,and i wrote

i think this whole business is over-
rated, a lot of AVERAGE sceners try to
get famous by joining the federation
against the awt, and to date 2-fake(?)-
mags were released,acting as anti-awt-

some days ago courage phoned me and
thanked me for NOT caring about this,he
also told me how the whole story happen-
ed from his point of view. i don't know,
what to believe in,and i do not care,to
be honest,as this is a simple problem
between courage and ned.

did you get this guys?

between COURAGE and NED,and not a thing,
that should concern the whole scene.

i am just surprised,that people use a
lot of their time to release 'funny'
fake-mags about this topic,while there
is not much time for really important
and creative projects like the anti-nazi

a fake-mag should be a farce of a real
release,the ugly gfx and the stupid lan-
guage are planned. but these two issues
prooved nothing like this. i suppose
those dudes wouldn't manage to do a real
mag,even by using the atlantis mag-edi.

so,if anyone tells you,that sinister is
in the federation against the airwolf
team,tell him,that this is NOT true at

some days ago i talked to a pc-guy,that
is fairly good and respected,as he owns
a hardware-distribution and is in the
board scene,too. he once was on the c64,
and i wanted to tell him,that our scene
still is cool,alive'n'kicking. he said
yes,he had an inlook by a friend lately,
and to him,the scene occured to be no-
thing but a kindergarten for spotty
teens ragging about stupid things.

isn't that SCARY? should we let people
allow to get this impression? of course
this was just one guy,but i'm not sur-
prised,if people get rejected by the
scene,due to some childish behaviour...

being a young scener,does not mean being
childish,don't you mistunderstand me
there,a living proof for that is lemming
of afl,but trying to be funny and to get
famous because of this war,is a pathetic

so,NO WAR FOR ME,as i prefer friendship
and people who are ale to talk to each
other before putting the other one down!


     christian 'sinister' heilmann

  following text is from a mega-swapper
     looking for even more contacts!

contact me for simply all on the c 64!!



 -for our magazine NITRO!
 -for the latest EXCESS-stuff!
 -for industrial,punk,hardcore,grunge-
 -legal and illegal!
 -you'll get a reply for sure!
 -call chaotic factor:XXXXXXXXXXX
 -call deadzone:XXXXXXXXXXXX

 SPERMBIRD/EXCESS 10/94...spine of god!!

the next one is in my eyes a very cool
one. the reason is that it is about one
of my other passions : grafitty!!!
           check it out, ya'll

            yohoo out there,

this is splatterhead/chromance with a
note which doesn't concern the scene,at-
least not the 64 scene... i would like
to get in touch with more people who are
active/intrested in graffity... i'm sure
the 64 scene offers quite some writers,
although i am only in contact with a few
being:neotec/rebels/f4cg (hi michael,you
have always the coolest flicks),specta-
tor/xenon (str/made),fade/dragon/rave
(supr/?),merlin/motiv8 (dingo/?) and
that's it... i know more people are en-
volved,like savvy/xenon (sav/made),stasi
of noice,rebel/? (oz-dude) and whoever
else... i'm active myself,ofcoz,i'm in a
group which is originally based in rot-
terdam (roughadam),holland.all members
live close to r'dam,except for me.i have
also been active under another dutch
crew named vsl,perhaps some guys know it
from flicks or whatever... my tag is REM
at the mo',but i changed a lot.
well,i would like to get in touch with
more guys to talk about experiences tra-
de flicks (graffity-photo's) and even-
tually form a new crew later on, if i
get enough response...

for those who feel interested, please
send some stuff to me at this addy:

       splatterhead/<c> (n.o.e.!)

o.k.,i hope to get some reaction and i
hope some people are willling to help me
out with spreading this or putting this
in their mag (yo bizkid? btw, i forgot
you in the row,sorry). thanx in advance!

later and take care of yourselves!

           need a new group ?
         well maybe this is it!

 A T L A N T I S
                      "quality crackers"
                       "talented coders"
                   "experienced artists"

send examples of your ability, a
personal note/letter about yourself
and tell us your plans for the future.

send it all to:
                      noe  avalanche/atl


            R E M E M B E R

       my addy has changed since
   1st july 1994 but still there are
  some contacts using the old adress.

 please check your lists and books for
          the correct address:



another swapper looking for more contax

to whom it might concern...

this is MAD MAN/NO NAME on da keyz with
an important message for you...

 as i recently joined the forces of
no name as a megaswapper,i'm interrested
in contacting more sceners through out
the world...

 so if you wanna swap with a megaswapper
in no name, then you can send me a disk,
coz i'm no lame diskstealer.

       so don't delay, send today!

it's 100% up to you what you wanna swap!
(fast-slow, demos-games, legal-illegal!)
       (your wish is my command!)

            send a disk to:

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  - for swapping,
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX        a friend,
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX      100% reply,
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   anything else!

 so with this little simple try to make
  you swap with me, i (mad man) is now
slowly fading away.....

  so bye here friends... and don't fear,
you will not regret yourselves...

                              bye, pal!

the next one is for my homeboy neotec
he has an offer which can't be refused!

hello fellow-sceners !

REBELS release a papermag named :
it is not a magazine like 'pirates' or
'milestone', the art press concentrates
on graphics only such as comics,pictures
and other drawings , also graffitis
could be printed .
the whole magazine is printed and not
copied as most others , therefore the
quality is absolutely cool .
please note that the price for the mag
is as low as possible,we only wanna get
back the money for the printing .
only dave and neotec of rebels will
spread/sell the art press,we can only
give the magazine to our CONTACTS due
to the limited edition .

it is not possible for me to send the
art press to non-contacts because of the
high postage (only if you send the
postage + the money for the mag i can
make an exception . )

if you want to get one issue then
do not hesitate and send the money for
it . i will put you on my list after i
received the money and only  then
you can be assured of getting art press.
i'm sure we will not have enough issues
for you all , but it's impossible for
us to do such a lot of copies , hence
it will be only for the chosen few ,
we are sorry .

try to be fast , that is all i can say .
again,non-contacts have only a chance
if they pay the postage for the sending.

   price for one issue of art press :

            < for contacts :

             2.-dm for germans

 2.-us dollar OR 4 disks for all others


           for NON-CONTACTS :

           same as above,PLUS

       postage: 1.30- dm for germans

                2.- us dollar for others

  you can send german money or the same
  amount in dollars , just what you
  prefer ( german stamps will also be
           accepted )  .

     the addy you have to send to :


in addition we will give all art press
readers the THREE WINNING COVERS of the
competition in news press , this will
be possible because the art press will
be spreaded together with news press .
i think this is a good offer , only
the art press people will get that
service .

  now it's time for some messages from
                skyhigh :

skyhigh is still looking for exclusive

as everybody should know by now, then it
is my intention to use 3 new exclusive
tunes for each issue.
so i need the help of you composers out
there. - but how can you help me!

the only rules i have is :

        location : $1000 - $1fff
        init     :         $1000
        play     :         $1003

        single or double player!

style doesn't really matter, just come
on do your best and mail it to me :

            BIZ KID OF OXYRON     noe.


you will ofcoz get the deserved creditz.
your name will be mentioned in the mag,
where it's used. furthermore i will (if
there's space on the disk) spread the
used tunes with every issue!

finally i will pay even more respect by
putting out a compilation of the tunes
from time to time.

the name of the compilations will be :

             T U N E H I G H

(the first tunehigh-release should be on
the b-side of this disk!!!!)


the following one,is from a dude seeing
the light and returning to the roots.


hello biz kid of oxyron

you've probably never heard of me :
matthias carlson (calle).
well i'm a supporter of the c64 scene as
as you are. let's say i'm a user of prgs
made by other people. -no, not a real
lamer, i can code a little bit, and i
know how my 64 works; i'm getting better
-oh man, i've been looking for you guys.
i thought, i was the only one left in
the entire world using the best computer
that have ever excisted.
my newest demo is from '87, i thought
there would never be released new soft-
ware, so i started programming alone,
untill a month ago then i got stucked.
my brain said as well as you stops too,
no one can help you, no one programs any
more, you're dead. until yesterday, a
friend of mine, a swapper on amiga, got
a c64 disk he lend over to me. million
dolars couldn't have made me happier.

            skyhigh issue 13

a disk magazine, what a great idea; soft
ware is really being released, and the
c64 has a scene and it's living well.
surprices like hardwares, ram expansions
interlaced graphic, and the possibility
to make the processor work with 4mhz.
surprices i thought i would never get.
i've written to e.b.e.s. and told them
i'm interested in their hardware. but
there's no use for me having great stuff
without any software. the demos that was
made this summer, and this months power
pack how do i get these, and new demos
& diskmags, how can i support the scene,
coz i was one of the first on the c64,
and i'll be the last one to leave it!

so please biz kid write i'm in desperate
need of helpand right now you are the
only one who can help me .

                        calle 94-11-01



well boys and girls, i hope some of you
out there would help this dude. why not
give him a helping hand and invite him
into our beloved scene! try send him
some of the new stuff, and maybe get a
friend as a bonus!!

                                biz kid

next one is from a scener with the idea
of starting up a pd library.
seen before ? yep, but still one heck of
an ide!

public domain library - an alternative
for all thos mag-groups?

as i understand, there are groups built
on nothing but a monthly release of a
magazine, they do not have coders to
code demos, and they do not have crack-
ers to crack games.
on amiga there are pd-libraries collect-
ing all public releases (like demos,
utilities and even some games). to these
libriaries anyone can make an order for
whatever they may need, for a costs no
more than the disks required plus post &
this is, in my opinion, something the 64
scene should have established a long
time ago, as there were many great demos
released years ago which are kinda hard
to get hold of. there are also a lot of
new sceners out there who haven't got a
clue what was released before they enter
ed the scene. i think they deserve that
opportunty. heck, i even missed a couple
of releases myself!
now, who would be better served building
up an establishment like this more than
one of those magazine-groups ? they for
sure has got a lot of advantages, like
for instance...

- can publish their exact list of demos,
  utilities and games through their mag.

- usually get's the hottest demos for
  their review-chapters, can you get a
  better update-opportunity than that?

- give's them an opportunity finding out
  much about different sceners & groups
  they can use in their magazine.
  like for instance : how many guys have
  used the handle einstein (i know 3

these are just a few of all the posibili
ties you've got, you just have to use
your imagination.
i hope someone will think seriously
about starting up something like this,
as i think it would be nothing but a
major success.
personally i am in the scene's probably
oldest group,SHAPE that is, which should
after my calculations, be e about ten
years oldnow (i think).
in other words, i've had my fair share
of fun and don't know for how many more
yearsi will be tapping on this old
bread-bin. but before i quit, it would
be really fun with a solid collection
for the life after this crazy scening-
i guess that's all i wanted to say. if
anyone need any kind of help establish-
ing something like this, feel free to
contact me at any time. you can find my
address in the addy chapter.


       kristian r0st0en/blues muz'/shape

(and to make it a bit easier i include
his addy right now   -biz kid!)

    kristian r0st0en/blues muz'/shape


yo kristian, i have a wish for you!
i would very much like to get an exclu-
sive tune for skyhigh from you!

what do you say??


yo here's BIZ KID with a list of dudes
which i haven't heard from for ages!

if you see this, or you have one of fol-
lowing dudes as contacts please tell him
i would like to get a life-sign from
these sceners:

       red devil/fairlight/swemix

next one id from my new turkish friend
           wisdom of crescent


we're looking for graphic artists and
mega-swappers (at least 80 contacts).
the most important thing that we want to
see from you is your talent, not your
scene-career. and you are welcome if you
are even from australia or u.s.a. please
send a disk with examplesof you work to
this address:

             WISDOM/CRESCENT   (noe)



i've lost the contact with these friends

           lord crucifier/???
            shark/blues muz'

if you read this, please send me again.
posdnugs and shark! i don't knowyour new
addresses, so please send it.



the last one is a strange one which i
found on the back on a votesheet!!

i don't know who wrote it, but i would
very much like to! so please let me know
if you see this!

-to state a fact, there were actually a
whole lot of triad'ers present at the
tribute party. surprisingly enough, none
of them were actually aiming for the
first spot. actually, almost everyone of
the active triad-members were present,
except for uncle jerry, which didn't
find it certainly attractive to fix his
car. he didn't borrow his neighbours car
either. to sum it all : noice threw us
out from their room!!
attacked by devils giant silverhammer,
the buccaneers fleed.
if only jerry had been there....

       - -- ---------------- -- -

WHAT the hell is this????
maybe you, devil, can help me out???

                              BIZ KID

 -  -- -------------------------- --  -

ok, that was all for this time. be sure
to find more in next issue!!

            have a cool one!

                                BIZ KID
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