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              rrr - part 1

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -    rrr's chapter - the comeback    -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

after the hot summer of 1994 rrr has re-
turned  to  entertain  the audience with
some articles and stories that definate-
ly reflecting my point of view.

the  summer took, as usual, all my inte-
rests  in computers. as a matter of this
fact i sold my beloved amiga 500 for at-
least  dm  600,-  (amiga  500, 3 mb ram,
kickstart  v1.3/v2.0)  and  replaced the
machine with an amiga 1200 (2mb ram, 420
mb  harddisk  so  far)  after i borrowed
marc's  machine when he visited the sta-
tes this summer. the motivation returned
when  the sun left. that was a reason to
continue  my job here, another reason is
to talk about various persons who deser-
ved it to become a target for my stories
as usual, well observed and investigated
to avoid any troubles.

the  autumn  brought  along  the  oxyron
meeting  in  flensburg,  some  very cold
days  so  far  and  a lot of interesting
topics to be written about.
it is sad to see that the scene is going
to become lamer and lamer. i am not tal-
king  about  the  few warez being spread
these  days, i am talking about the per-
son being around in the scene these days
there have always been some lame guys in
the  cbm  64 but in 1994 faces back that
there have never been more lamers around
and  this  lets  the  scene die, not the
"hated"  elite  guys  who try to squeeze
the  best out of the situation like they
did all over the year.

a  rainy day in october, to be more pre-
cious  it was the 31st, somebody crashed
into my car. i had the pleasure to go to
hospital  some days and to hear from the
insurance  that  my car got totally des-
troyed.  fortunately  a  friend accepted
the  challenge to repair the car and -oh
wonder-  the  car got repaired and looks
better then ever.
three  weeks  (until now) i was not able
to  work,  so i used the time to write a
lot of articles in order to guarantee an
acceptable  amount of text combined with
a high quality level.

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -   how to become an oxyron member   -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

this  article  is  based  on true facts.
nothing has been added to manipulate the
truth from our side.
this  is  the  story about a person that
tried  to  sneak  into a famous group in
order  to earn some fame and to get well
known,  a  behavior we can not accept if
it  is going to be executed with help of
our glorious reputation.

when i received a sending containing the
"ingenious  brain #005" i felt out of my
chair when i read the name of the sprea-
der.  this person called himself an oxy-
ron member being at the same time in at-
least  three groups, unbelievable for an
oxyron  member.  the  name  of the guy i
am  talking about is "suzuki", who seems
to be a dytec and equinoxe member.

after  reading  that i took my telephone
and  called up "suzuki". he told me that
tts  (who  was  not active on the cbm 64
since  march  1994)  allowed him to join
oxyron  when biz-kid, the current leader
of  oxyron, agrees. furthermore he star-
ted  that axis allowed him to join, too.
at  first i would like to point out that
biz kid  is not the leader of oxyron and
to  be  honest, he will never become the
leader of this group. oxyron is based on
a democratic system and most of the mem-
bers have to be informed about the group
politics  and  have the right for a veto
in  order to save the group, atleast the
group  members that are active since the
very  beginning of oxyron are allowed to
take  somebody  in the group. at the mo-
ment those members are: tts, slide, gra-
ham, axis, pri and my person.
some  minutes  later  i  had axis on the
line  and  he  could not remember to let
somebody  join  our forces. according to
axis's statement i have informed the guy
that he is no member of oxyron.
he  tried to reflect the discussion into
another  direction while pretending that
tts allowed him to join before he "left"
the  cbm  64.  i informed him once again
that  he is no member of oxyron nor that
he will ever become one.

at  the  oxyron-meeting  in flensburg we
have  discussed that subject once again,
this  time with the entire oxyron cbm 64
crew  (scrapper and biz-kid did not show
up) and the entire crew stands behind my
decision  as  nobody  was informed about
the  happening and nobody accepts him as
oxyron member.
i  asked  tts  if he does know a certain
susu (suzuki, ex-hitman) and he answered
that he's some kind of sinewy person but
nothing about that person being a member
of  oxyron. axis confirmed that he knows
suzuki  aswell and he does not even have
knowledge about him being a member, too,
expect  for the information from my side
given some days ago.

furthermore we do not allow members that
are active in more then one group! there
is no need for that kind of dudes in our
strong  group. we agreed in 1993 to have
a  creative group with members only that
have some kind of skills concerning pro-
gramming  (tts,  graham, axis, slide and
scrapper),  composing  (pri) and drawing
(asmodis, biz-kid and me). we agreed not
to  enlarge the group with dudes that do
not have a special skill like i.e. susu.

to  come  to an end, we agreed that i am
responsible for public relations and new
members  in  the future, due to the fact
that i am the best informed person about
the scene in oxyron and are able to pre-
sent a long and successful scene career.

in  former times we have kicked out mem-
bers  that let someone join without per-
mission  but  due to our knowledge it is
a  fact that suzuki told biz-kid that he
has  the permission from tts and axis to
join and he believed into the story. un-
fortunately bk did not request the facts
so he agreed to let him "join".
in  the  future  we won't see happenings
like  this  one  in  our group again. be
sure about checking your internal stuff.

it  is  really  sad  to see how low some
some  guys can get in order to earn some
just  to  let  you know, some days after
"kicking out" the person introduced him-
self  still  as an oxyron member at sor-
cerer/talent's  address  and applied for
for  the talent member. do i have to add
more  about  that person? i presume i do
not need to!

p.s.: sorcerer renamed to xaver and left
      the scene some days ago.

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -        "mystery" a mystery?        -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

after  having  read several articles and
stories about the game "mystery", a game
developed by diabolo/padua, the syndrom/
tia/crest  and  my very own person, rrr/
oxyron,  i  decided to uncover the truth
as  i am finally bored about the rumours
and  lies spread around in various disk-
magzine these days.

the  game "mystery" was created in early
1992  under the "virtual reality" label,
the private label of diabolo and rrr. we
planned  to release a mass of low bugdet
games  in  order to earn some money with
our  skills but unfortunately both of us
lost more and more the interest into the
label and in game-development after this
project was finished. no one cared about
selling  the  game so we put it into our
diskboxes  and "forgot" the existance of
this production.
these  lines  proved  that this game was
definately not a "first blood" creation.

the  original out of my diskbox has been
shown  to  various  alpha flight members
who told me to sell the game in order to
present a first release for afl. somehow
jazzcat, an alpha flight member and con-
tact  of mine, heard something about the
game  and  offered  me to sell the game.
as  nobody trusted jazzcat we decided to
upload a coded version onto the evil is-
land, that time alpha flight headquarter
this  coded version was nothing else but
the cracked alpha flight version.
in  order  to  check  this load legend's
"mainfile"  to $0801, enter a monitor to
replace  the  start  jmp in the depacker
from $080d into $fce2. after leaving and
typing  list you will find the following
basic  line  "4650 sys2061". 4650 is the
old postcode of gelsenkirchen and i have
placed the number in most of the packers
and crunchers i am using these days so i
presume  jazzcat  nor tsm have a similar
basic  line output in their versions. he
used  a  monitor and changed the company
name  in  the  packed file so he was not
able to have a look into the whole memo-
ry of the program.
a sales version would have been produced
completely from the authors of the game,
namely  diabolo,  syndrom and me. we are
capable of creating an intro and are de-
finately not in the need of x-radical to
code an intro for us.

jazzcat  promised a big salery in compa-
rison  with  the german magazines (magic
disk, game on and markt und technik only
to name a few). unfortunately i believed
him as he seemed to be a friend of mine.
that time there was no word about roya-
fact  is  that royalities are a big risk
these days. imagine how much copies have
to be sold to reach an equal amount like
from  german  diskmagazines. those disk-
magazines are paying in advance so there
is  definately no risk for the producers
of the games/tools.
german  disk-magazines  means low budget
for crackers while royalities means bud-
get and more points in the release chart
and that is very important for the ille-
gal scen but definately not for the pro-

the  fact  that  makes me still angry is
to  see  jazzcat pretending to have sold
the   game  to  "visualize  developments
group".  he  is  refering  to his "good"
friend  john  wells,  who  is indeed the
owner of "visualize" and a reliable per-
son due to my knowledge.
it  is  very  interesting to see jazzcat
doing  some  major mistakes, not only in
his article but in a personal note, too.
if  john  is a good friend of him i won-
der about the spelling error in the name
not  only  once,  but  permanent in both
texts.  jon wells is the name, not john!
pure random? i am able to write the name
of good friends correctly.

it  is  very  interesting to see jazzcat
offering some help in order to prove his
statements.  it is curious from my point
of view.
the  most  simple  way to prove it is to
order the current pricelist of visualize
that  contains all productions until the
end  of  1994.  not even an updated list
contained  "mystery",  even  if the list
was  ordered three months after the game
has been "sold" to visualize.
furthermore  requesting  those facts jon
wells  informed  me  about  never having
heard of the game "mystery" until i sent
him a copy of the game.

the game is not sold (yet) as it is much
more  difficult to sell a released game.
it  was  not  sold to "visualize" nor to
"cp verlag".
fact is that i do not care about persons
cracking  my  productions after the game
is  sold so i did not get the point from
david in his article. fact is that nobo-
dy will get a copy of my productions un-
less  the game is sold and the money has
been  transfered onto my account so that
i am able to pay the development crew.

the  only  thing  i would love to see is
jazzcat confirming this story. i can not
see a single reason to continue his ver-
sion  as  i  have  checked it and proved
the contrary.
i have to add that i was very angry when
i realised it but the game is as good as
sold  now so i do not care about it any-
more.  it  is  true, there are much more
important things then a twelve years old
eight bit machine, but that is no reason
for  ripping  someone  off and to end an
friendship for 4.6 points in the charts!

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 - how to use calling cards correctly -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

it  seems to become a fashion these days
to  release  of  kind of "h/p" or if you
prefer "illegal" chapters in today's ma-
regarding  the content of those chapters
is facing back what i have expected: al-
most everything written down by those so
called "hackers" or "phreakers" has been
copied from sources out of the 16/32 bit
scene  or  from  legendary hackers. most
used  source is "jolly roger's cookbook"
and it is sad to see that the content is
copied  word for word is most magazines.
my  harddisk contains around five to six
megabytes  of  h/p text sources so i can
call myself a reliable source.

the  following post has been found on an
amiga  board in nordrhein-westfalen/ger-
many. it was written in german by a cer-
tain  "mci" who tried to give the public
a  short manual how to use calling cards

some  of  you  might have been wondering
about the fast dead of some cards. it is
not based on the quality of the cards or
of the supplier nor the at&t operator.

if  you  got  some fresh cards delivered
keep  in mind that the owner of the card
is  calling  with  it, too, atleast once
per week. furthermore you should not use
the card too long at the first days. the
optimal way to initiate a card is coming
the  first  day  you should not call the
united states longer then 2 hours. avoid
to re-dial!
the second day call around 2 hours, too.
remember to avoid re-dials again!
now you are able to abuse the card with-
out  any  problems.  to guarantee a long
life  keep  in  mind to follow these in-
1. do not call partylines
2. do not re-dial
3. no global calls via at&t (use sprint)

if  the  calling card got initiated like
that  it  might  work  around one or two

the latest rumour is that blue-boxing in
germany  is  possible again! i am trying
to get the latest information about that
in  order  to  keep you informed. do not
expect  me to publish the frequencies as
using  them  is extremly illegal, world-
wide,  and  it would be boring to be the
majority  of the scene using the techni-
que because the more users the danger to
let the system die will increase a lot!

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -         the pulse obituary         -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

a note appeared at several us-boards and
it  was  responsible  for a shock. a big
shock for a lot of readers of one of the
most  interesting  magazines  since disk
magazines have been spotted in the scene

duke,  the  main editor of the pulse and
the  leader  of  regina, decided to quit
the  scene  and  to declare the death of
regina  and of the pulse magazine. it is
really  sad  to  see  another old scener
quitting  the  scene.  i  know that some
guys  and girls from the netherlands and
great britain have cheered some weeks by
now  but what will happen in the future?

the pulse brought us the hottest news in
comparison with the bright mass of maga-
zines released today that took their so-
called news from 3 years old votesheets.
they  presented each month the most dis-
cussed chapter in the cracking scene:
the  release  charts.  but  only release
charts  that  can  be found in almost an
every  magazine these days but the offi-
cial   release  charts  everybody  cared
the  interview  chapter  introduced each
month  old  legends  and interviews like
that  have been much better then today's
each  month the pulse tried to get their
readers  into debates with a lot of very
interesting  and well invented ideas but
the  problem  might  have been that duke
took the scene a little bit too serious.
ideas  like  building  up national teams
and leagues are completely nonsense, but
the  idea  that  stands  behind it shows
that  he tried bring fresh wind into the
do  not forget his fabolous article with
the  topic "socialism". socialism is not
practicable  in  the real world so where
is  the reason to install this system in
the  cbm 64 scene that always lived from
the  elite  scene and the standarts they
have  invented  all over the years (fli,
iffl, ifli, super hires, etc..).

nevertheless address ripping sounds very
funny.  atleast duke was not responsible
for  the blackboard chapter. furthermore
it  sounds  very suspect as i received a
lot  of votesheets from guys that put up
to five addresses onto a votesheet where
i can not find a visual connection. i do
not  know if nephelim has checked out if
maybe a friend/contact of him was respon
sible  for his address being printed. by
the  way, the votesheets i have been re-
fering  to  were  skyhigh  and vandalism
news  votesheets  to avoid misunderstan-
dings.  i  personally can not believe in
the fact until i get a confirmation from
duke himself and i guess that will never
happen (because he left the scene and we
are not in contact anymore).

i  do  not have believed everything that
got  printed  in  the  pulse as i am not
that  blind  as some might think now but
the  great presentation of its texts may
not occur in the near future again. fact
is  that the content of the magazine was
filled  100% with scene related stories,
if they were partly objetive, subjective
or  even manipulated is another question
to  be  discussed  later on. most of the
magazines  today use to hide their know-
ledge  and lack of information with pre-
senting  chapters like music news and/or
charts,  but  is that the right function
of a scene magazine? this question could
be  answered  very  easy  in my point of

there  was always a big competition bet-
ween the magazines for the mailscene and
the  pulse magazine, a board-based maga-
zine.  i  guess there is the main diffe-
rence  both competitors never really fi-
gured  out: the entire articles and sto-
ries  written in magazines like skyhigh,
ingenious  brain  or the tribune only to
name  a few are more interesting for the
mailscene.  the  mailscene  consists  of
dudes  being  around since several years
and of dudes/groups that are called new-
commers.  for those newcommers the mail-
scene  magazines are much more important
and informative then board-based magazi-
nes  of  the so-called elite scene. most
of  the  newcommer even have problems to
follow  the  discussions about first re-
leases  and  all  the  problems combined
that  topic  so it might not be very in-
teresting  to read and support magazines
handling those "elite" discussions.
the  pulse  was a magazine for the board
or,  if  you prefer, cracking scene able
to  call  the boards worldwide while the
pulse  also handled information/news for
the top demo groups.
the  intention  of the previous lines is
that  all those different types of maga-
zines  are  no real concurence for each-
other  and it comes up to the reader who
decides what kind of magazine he prefers
as taste is different so everybody likes
something different, otherwise the scene
might become boring.

to  come to an end, as this topic is not
up  to date anymore, i would like to say
that  i  will  miss  the pulse magazine,
some  may  do not. i do not know a maga-
zine  yet  that  is able to fill the gap
the pulse is leaving behind.

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -          public relations          -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

this article has been written after duke
/ex-regina  reacted in the last pulse of
towards the less interest of demo groups
informing  the  magazines and refered to
the  excellent  public  relation work of
cracking  groups  like  alpha flight and
motiv 8, only to name a few.

there  are  very simple explainations to
give  a satisfying answer in my opinion.
demo  groups do normally not have a high
fluctuation  like  most  of the cracking
groups  as  there is no kind of pressure
like  first  releases.  in order to earn
some fame in the cracking scene you have
to  present  as  much  first releases as
possible  or  you  have to bring out the
highest  quality possible. in comparison
with the demo scene, where you only have
to  release atleast one kicking demo per
year,  there  is a big pressure to react
from month to month and a lot of members
have  to  be recruited/tested to improve
the  possibilities  of the groups. a lot
of show-offs and backstabbers can be re-
cruited  that way and that is the reason
for  the  steady coming and going there.
due  to  the high fluctuation there is a
lot of news to be reported about.
demo groups do not have similar problems
as  most  groups  are consisting of mem-
bers  belonging  to  the  group for many
years,  from time to time some are going
to be replaced or some members are going
to  be  added but it can not be compared
with the situation in the cracking scene
in  my  eyes.  demo groups are informing
the  magazines  about changes, the "pro-
lem"  might  be  that  are not that much

public  relations  on  the  boards is to
slag  your  opponents  down and to set a
bright spot on the own group in order to
gain  some attention and to make the au-
dience/board  caller  interested  in the
loudspeaker. most times you can not call
this  a  decent job. it is an advertise-
ment  for  current/upcoming  releases in
order to add some new callers to the own
demo  groups normally are not present at
the  boards  in  the states. furthermore
there  is  not  that kind of competition
held. it would not be too wise from demo
coders  to  inform the public about some
stunning  routines/effects they are wor-
king on as there might be some guys able
to  realise a similar routine/effect in-
front  of  the release date and the pre-
sentation  won't  be  that successful as
when  you  are going to invent something
brilliant  on  a  huge screen at the va-
rious parties held these days.

public  relations  depends aswell on the
point  of view. some are only interested
to  see their name/groups in the headli-
nes as they do not care about them being
positive or negative. the meaning of the
word  "public  relations"  is to present
the firm/group in the best way possible,
that  contains only a positive presenta-
tion,  definately  not  a  negative one.
this  work should be decent, without the
big  advertisement effect to gain atten-
tion  not  caring  about  the way of the
presentation.  playing  the drums is not
the smartest way to persuade the audien-
ce. to impress might be working for some
time until the bright mass found out the
truth  and the effect turns into the ne-
gative way! regarding to further actions
it  is not very clever to complain about
the opponents, it is more clever to pre-
sent  the  own skills and advantages and
this will definately bring more friends!

another  problem  might be the dictator-
ship that is not possible in demo groups
as we can not give orders to the coders.
each coder knows what he is able to rea-
lise  and  the artist and composer tries
to  improve  the work with some stunning
furthermore  it is not possible to orga-
nise  demo groups in that way. everybody
has  to take some creative breaks in or-
der to return with new power and that is
the reason for a little lack of communi-
cation in those groups. the best example
is the happening with suzuki who used it
in  order  to  "become"  a member of our
group.  we  took our consequences out of
the  situation and will communicate much
more in the near future.

that is my very own intention about pub-
lic relations. some might have different
opinion  so  please feel free to send in
your  ideas (ascii prefered) in order to
get published here.

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
 -  bad bytes entertainment software  -
 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

in  order to invent some interesting and
technically  advanced  games for the cbm
64  we  are  still searching for skilled

            cpu manipulators
            vic manipulators
            sid manipulators

if  you  are  interested in working in a
team consisting of very skilled and well
known  persons  do  not hesitate to send
some  examples  of your work in the fol-
lowing direction:


furthermore  we  can  offer  you to sell
your already finished productions to va-
rious  software companies if the quality
is coming up to an acceptable level.

atleast  we  are able to present another
highlight from bad  bytes entertainment:
quality  techno tapes containing the la-
test tracks out of the hottest clubs mi-
xed by experiences techno dj's. a 90 min
tape costs dm 30,-- containing postage &
package. each tape will be mixed indivi-
dual - no lame tape to tape copy system!

      do not miss your chance now!

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -

be  sure  to  re-load this chapter while
reading the next issue of this magazine!

best regards,


         - november 11th, 1994 -

 - -- ---------------------------- -- -
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