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                rrr says

              rrr's chapter
            - -- ------- -- -

after some weeks of lazyness i have de-
cided to return in full effect as an
editor of the skyhigh. furthermore marc/
afl will be back very soon aswell in or-
der to edit the release charts and the
entire board chapter. at first i would
like to start with some demo reviews of
of the most important releases of the
summer next to the oxyron production but
before starting the business text i
would like to supply you with the member
status of oxyron (in a-z order):

cbm64: asmodis, axis, biz-kid, graham,
------ pri, rrr, scrapper, slide and tts

amiga: akc, axis, phytagoras, rrr, smir-
------ nov, slide, starfox, tts, vange-

sadly i have to proclaim that peace left
our forces to team up with noice. all
the best for you thomas!

              demo reviews
            - -- ------ -- -

there have been a lot of remarkable de-
moes being released this summer, but un-
fortunately i am not able to review all
of them. for example i think reviewing
coma light 12, a demo from my own group,
might be interpreted as an unfair review
so i am only going to review demoes from
the concurence. no hard feelings.

lunacy 6/antic                      /swe
lunacy 6 was created by three very acti-
ve guys, to be more precious they are
depeh (programmer), creeper (artist) and
zyron (composer).
two animated eyes start the introduction
followed by some information text about
the demo and at the end a raytracer can
be found on vector planes.
the loader gives the credits, firstly
the coder is introduced in connection
with a glass painted by creeper, while
loading for the second time the artist
is going to be introduced with a teddy
bear motive and last but not least the
composer is going be to introduced with
a picture showing the right half of a
man's face.
the second part contains a rotate twis-
ter with 1008 (!) realtime calculations
displaying 7 colours (3 colours are
added while using sprites - iasc?). the
twister is divided into there windows, a
zoomed in the middle of right half co-
vered by two smaller ones (real cbm 64
the transparent vector part presents a
face of a girl (4 colours) with a trans-
parent vector moving about it. it really
looks nice in my opinion.
next part is a shadow morph parts with
some real big objects but it did not
looks so neat in my opinion.
the last part contains a singlecolour
hires fullscreen picture (calculated
with d-paint on the amiga like the in-
formation in the rotate twister part as-
well) followed by a fullscreen (40*25
characters) upscroller giving some in-
formation about the parts and some con-
tact addresses.
lunacy 6 (the lost sequal) is, like most
antic productions, a very nice designed
demo worth to called one of the top de-
monstrations being released so far in

rating: cpu manipulation: 83%
------- vic manipulation: 72%
        sid manipulation: 87%

attack of stupidos iii/beyond force /fin
the living dead has shown once again
with an impressive demo that they are
still alive and it is once again gremlin
who is responsible for the coding, no
credits given more the graphics and the
soundtrack got composed by ole marius
pedersen, lars hoff, h.j.e., jeff and
skyline technics.
the intro shows some information text
combines with a kind of charplasma ap-
pearing later on.
the first real part presents, it seems
to be some kind of fashion these days, a
filled vectorcity calculated in realtime
while on the background a bitmap planet
can be spotted. it looks quite excellent
in my opinion, well styled!
part two contains the so-called sierpin-
ski effects hard to be coded and calcu-
lated in the way they are going to be
presented here, but if you have not had
a look onto the coding the part is quite
boring in my opinion.
the next parts brings some more action,
realtime zooming mandelbrot fractals in
two different pictures but the part is
indeed comparable with the oxyron's coma
light 11 end part released at the party
1993 where the animation was more com-
the last part presents some filled vec-
tors with some new and improved routines
worth being watched.
beyond force proved once again that they
can compete with today's top programmers
in any way.

rating: cpu manipulation: 86%
------- vic manipulation: 72%
        sid manipulation: 78%

world of code ii/byterapers inc.    /fin
the second stunning demo within a few
months presented by the most active pro-
grammer this year, mr. sex, who is once
again responsible for the coding of the
entire demo, graphics were drawn/conver-
ted by mr. sex and deadbeat/the sharks
while some musics were added from jch
and drax.
at first the finnish banner is going to
be zoomed and then the letters "bytera-
pers presents" are going to be displayed
while using a very neat morphosis routi-
ne, then a filled vectorcity appears
above a world of code ii singlecolour
hires logo. the next part contains a
rasterscale routine like being shown in
coma light 11 from oxyron some months
after that an updated version of the
zoomer being presented in world of code
is coming up, again it contains four co-
lours and is, like always, calculated in
realtime according to the words of the
a vector show is coming up, showing some
of the best vector routines on the cbm
64 so far. the first object is a full-
screen animated dragonball which is ex-
panding to the upper and lower border
reaching the biggest point of it's ex-
in order to cool the brains down an aver
age interlace fli picture has been shown
(the picture was converted from the ami-
ga and got fixed by mr. sex).
the next vector objects have presented
some excellent complex fill routines
that challenges the top of the program-
mers these days and belongs to the best
being shown so far on the cbm 64.
the last part contains some pixelized
text followed by an upscroller (2x2
characterset) about an interlace fli
picture (to be exactly: two interlaced
artstudio pictures according to deadbeat
(the sharks) who gave the information
infront of his competition picture at
the assembly 1994). the text is giving
some information about the parts, byte-
rapers and contains ofcause the contact
mr. sex is really one of the best and
active programmers and in my opinion
byterapers inc. will become a name in
the demo scene once again.

rating: cpu manipulation: 89%
------- vic manipulation: 80%
        sid manipulation: 86%

crystal sheep iii/charged           /pol
charged is another of the rising groups
from poland who are able to show that in
the future some polish groups might rule
the charts like i.e. agony, taboo and
elysium. responsible for this demonstra-
tion are the programmers sir art and
jackal, the artists called cronos, amc
and stone while the composers namely
cleve and compod were involved with this
the intro contains next to a nice fli
picture one of the best zoom routines on
this 8-bit machine. with this routine it
is possible to control each word and
each letter seperately, so this effect
looks very neat in my eyes.
the next part shows a charged logo while
a lot of different routines got loaded
in like a plot routine, an elastic line
routine, a filled elastic line routine
combined with an eor (polygon) effect, a
very nice presented multicolour gel vec-
tor object while the object that is re-
sponsible for the bounce effect is a
little charged sprite logo in form of
the legendary black and white melon logo
on the amiga, a walking vector object
similar to the legoland iii demo by fair
light but the only thing i am missing in
here is the animated chessboard under-
ground and finally a filled vectorcity
(seems to be some kind of fashion these
the next part, containing various vector
effects like i.e. filled, glenz and
transforming objects, was introduced by
a very colourful fli picture. the screen
got divided into two halves while the
left half contains a singlecolour hires
picture with a girl's face while the
right half is the vector area.
the hybrid vector part is a world first,
due to my knowledge, on the cbm 64. the
idea is based on the hybrid vector intro
from the silents on the amiga but unfor-
tunately the screens looks a little bit
the forthcoming part presents a tunnel
plotter routine, size 6x6 characters.
finally the end part is coming up, dis-
playing a "the end" multicolour bitmap
logo with some information text about
the demonstration file.
the demo contains a lot of amiga conver-
sations, nice and well presented. some
more original ideas would be fine.

rating: cpu manipulation: 79%
------- vic manipulation: 72%
        sid manipulation: 69%

europe +4/tough                     /ger
tough is a group which normally releases
demoes if there is a competition held by
certain german magazines/disk magazines.
this time tough release the sequal to
europe in order to celebrate some well
known countries that apply for the mem-
bership of the european community. the
entire demonstration was coded by jason,
like always, and it looks like being one
of the good old crest productions what
is ment as a compliment from my side.
the musical support was managed by hje
and the syndrom/tia/crest.
the intro starts like the "europe's #1"
intro from genesis, this one contains an
europe instead a genesis logo.
after an effect that looks like your tv
set when you turn off the cbm 64 the
real intro starts where the starts cyc-
ling about the logo got replaced with
the banners of the european community
members that transform sometimes back to
stars. a 1x1 scroller can be found at
the buttom of the screen.
the next part is a typical crest-part or
one of the endless tries to realise a
new dycp-records. i always enjoyed to
watch all those demoes increasing these
records in the late eighties and tough
continues the fashion in the ninetees.
28 dycps with a decent sinus have been
counted and sometimes a vertikal raster
moves across the screen.
a plasma part is coming up and proves
that this demo got created in this deca-
de. it presents 12 fullscreen tech tech
effects and the tech tech and dycp are
updated each frame.
another part that beams us back to the
late eighties contains 80 rastersplits
with two independent border splits. it
was told that this effect was impossible
to realise but here is a neat presenta-
tion that proves it is possible. another
crest-style part. amazing.
the last part shows a big tech tech with
a 5 colours handling logo (blue, light
blue, cyan, white and black, the back-
ground colour). some technical details
are coming up now.
logo size: 111 x 24 chars
tech tech: 624 pixel
sinus    : 1792 bytes
no more to add.
the technical parts are reflecting the
good old crest style. all parts are well
coded and designed but unfortunately the
musics are not exclusively, the only ne-
gative aspect. the demo reminds me to
the good old times and i would like to
see some further productions from tough
in the near future:

rating: cpu manipulation: 79%
------- vic manipulation: 64%
        sid manipulation: 80%

finally a message to some demo creators
that liked to offend us. it is very easy
to sneak around in our routines and to
improve them if you have more then a
year time for it, but it is much harder
to invent a routine like this and to
realise it without sneaking around in
somebody's sources. got that point? by
the way we won't react official in order
that you won't gain the attention as you
might hoped.

that were the most impressive demoes re-
leased this summer. i would like to send
my regards to maja/f4cg, junkie/palace,
xor/antic and quiss/reflex for providing
the demonstrations.

             magazine review
           - -- --------- -- -

a quite remarkable first issue of the
australian magazine "domination" got re-
leased. after some months of delay the
dingo "jazzcat" presented a remarkable
magazine with a great outfit and inte-
resting texts even if some of them were
not scene related.

getting some more support this magazine
could have been a worthy competitor for
the pulse magazine but unfortunately,
based on the behavior and the attitude
of jazzcat connected with the release of
an unsold game he is as good as dead
boardwise and according to my informers
as good as kicked out of legend.
to bring his action to the top he has
re-cracked the game "mystery" from afl
who gave him a coded version in order to
avoid re-cracks.
the most like nickname of jazzcat these
days in the boardscene is "kangarookie",
just to let you know.

according to vengeance the first relea-
ses jazzcat has supplied in his "career"
so far are public domain games like
"astro pilot" and a re-coded game (with
the full knowledge of jc as he asked
someone to re-code the game) called a.b.
cricket where jc claimed it is an aus-
tralian fullprice game.

this was supposed to be a magazine re-
view but if there will be a second issue
that is the question here. nobody really
likes to supply jc at the moment and it
is the right decision after his deeds.
maybe he will things about it but per-
sons like him acting with the same poli-
cy can be still found with a different

rating: cpu manipulation: 90%
        vic manipulation: --% (my work)
        sid manipulation: 81%
        txt manipulation: 82%

news press #14 got released with a real
great outfit and improved text, splash
got released again aswell, the same can
be reported about the moonlight magazine
metamorphosis (edited by trooper/agony/
atlantis) got spread under the agony
label and agony presented a great outfit
and the text quality got improved aswell
it seems that the magazine creators are
taking their job much more serious these

- -- ------------------------------ -- -


   is still watching out for talented
            cpu manipulators
            vic manipulators
 in order to develope some mindblasting
 games for the cbm 64.

 if you are interested send us examples
 of your work, the contact address is:

    bad bytes entertainment software
    - -- ---------------------- -- -

      do not miss your chance now!

- -- ------------------------------ -- -

be sure to read the latest rumours about
australian dingos or my person point of
view about today's scene in the next
issue of "skyhigh" aswell.

best regards,


        - august/september 1994 -
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