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              tha biz-mix!

   yeah once again it os time for the


yep it's that time again. the time where
i, biz kid, will share some of my wacky
thoughts with the rest of ya!

magazines.. what makes a mag successfull
i ask you! and 97% of the answers will
be the text... i can't agree more !
but i say it's more than only the text!

in most reactions for the different mags
you see this : what really is important
is the text NOT the outfit!!!
i say that this is only half true...
yes there i said it. so what do i mean
by that? - an example :

you load up this new mag called, say,
'powermag' by the group -p0lse-. it
starts up with a nice intro. after you
pressed space you enter a menuscreen.
this menuscreen is poor coded with a
lame logo and an unreadable font. and
that's not all, furthermore the loader
is fucking slow...
what do you do??? i believe that 85% of
the sceners resets their computer, and
load another program!!!! but what about
the text??? i think that most dudes did
not even see the text.. maybe this mag
has some superb text but the outfit was
so bad that no-one really wants to load
it up. ok honestly, how do you think
this mag will do in the charts?? in the
top?? no, i don't think so either!
so text maybe isn't the most important
thing afterall ??  ooops that's a hard
one isn't it?

i would like to know how many honestly
would spend much time reading these mags
coz i don't think this would match the
oh so famous words :'the text is the
most important!'

so why am i writing all this?? well i
can say that i have no intention of rag-
ging or dizzin' any mags what so ever!!
i just want to draw your intention to a
very important question when talking
about what makes a mag succesfull!
people are not telling the entire truth
when they say that the text is THE most
important thing of a mag!
to tell you the truth then i myself also
most often reset when i get into such a
mag. i guess i read a lot more of the
mags bcoz i'm a mag-editor myself, but
text is deffently VERY important, but in
my eyes a good mag should also include
following :

- a plain and simple readable font

- a decent code with a very userfriendly
  outfit (meaning an easyworking menu so
  you don't have to turn to the helppage
  everytime you shall turn the page or
  load another chapter)

- an okay loader. irq or not - doesn't
  really matter. only must is that it
  shall work properly and at least a bit

- i also prefer some nice grafix.(i know
  this is a matter of taste, but anyway
  a mag with nice logos are much more
  enjoyable than mags with bad logos)

well what do you out there has to say
about this. how many of you are willing
to admit that the outfit also play one
heck of a role, not only the text???

          ...think about it...

and to all of you who are thinking of
starting up a new disk magazine :

          t h i n k   a g a i n

not that i don't want you to create a
new mag, nor am i afraid of competitors.
i just want to warn you!! it takes one
hell of a time to create an issue.
remember that you should also release it
almost regularly. you should remember
that a lot of text has to be written for
EVERY issue. ofcoz you could do a lot of
non-scene stuff. i mean just open for
mtv and copy the charts.. if that's what
you want fine with me, but i personally
don't think non-scene stuff has anything
to do in a c64 scene disk magazine.
if you want to see a report from, say,
monster rock festival in england, then
you should buy a music (heavy) papermag
in you local shop. if you want to know
something about the 64 scene then you
should ofcoz get an issue of a 64 scene
magazine. get my drift??? i think so!
once again : think twice before creating
a new one - ok!!!           - nuff said!


lately a certain magazine has accused me
of getting more and more soft. i'm ofcoz
talking about the entropy mag: tribune
or more precise  - the tribune -.
well first i have to say to all you out
there that i'm NOT looking out for yet
another war with barry or elvira. as a
matter of fact they are both very good
friends of mine. so don't expect me to
be another duke or the pulse.
as you all should know, then tribune is
known for (or would like 2 be known for)
telling the truth. or as they say them-
selves : truth for all!!
recently i myself has been under the
knife of the editors hand. it is said
that i, biz kid, has changed. i have so
to say lost some of the grip. indirectly
it's said that i'm getting too soft.
hmmm, now i'm pissed, now i want a war..
he-he, fuck i won't.
no seriously, that article really got me
started thinking. is it really true that
i have changed??? am i getting soft??
the entire time i have said that no mat-
ter what happend, i would stay the same
and actually i think i have succeeded!
but i have also asked you to kick me in
my ass if you think i changed.. guess
what - someone did! yep tribune took me
on my words and verbally slapped me in
the face. thank you!
as said then it got me thinking. maybe i
am bit more soft now (i dunno!), but i
don't think that my style has changed
afterall. i still write my opinion, and
i still say what i want to (e.g. the bcd
story a few issues back!!)

the tribune said that rrr in some way
'took over' or continued my style 'when
i got soft'  -  honestly i think that's
bullshit. sure rrr has a more rough
style, but i still don't think i changed
mine! i belive that it stayed the same.
now people maybe just have two different
styles to get used to. this is by the
way an improvement in my eyes!

so what could be the reason for tribune
to say it?

maybe this entire story with the pulse
has changed the tribune. maybe it's them
who has changed and not me? maybe...
i'm not saying that it's like that, i am
just pointing out that maybe there are
other important things that play a major
role here.

    but what do you out there think ?

- has my style changed ?
- am i getting soft ?
- has skyhigh become 'too friendly ??'

          i want some answers!!

one thing is certain i will for sure
have it in my mind when doing the next
'tha biz-mix'! so better look out dudes!


ok now something VERY different. i have
lately recieved a letter which pissed me
off big time. the letter was sent to me
by dow jones (ex-mind dogger i believe!)

yo biz kid!

the reason for me to write this letter
is your project 'the anti nazism demo'.
but first of all i must confess that my
latest issue of the skyhigh was number
11, so i'm not up to date.

in my opinion this demo is a really stu-
pid idea, it's fuckin' superfluous!
what do you intend with it? how many
nazis do you know in this scene? for
sure, there are some (e.g in censor),
but what do you expect?!? do you think
they will change their minds? they will
say to themselves : 'oh, are we wicked,
we regret it from the bottom of our
heart!'? for sure they will not! so for
what reason was this project started?
one possible reason may be, that this
theme was only used as pretence for a
kind of co-op demo, like the DOTY.
another reason is, that you all want to
calm your conscience. more you can't do
with this demo, see it! when it will be
spread all concerned are happy that they
have done something 'active' against
facism, maybe they sleep very well this
night. but what will remain?
a) that the scene knows that you dislike
b) that the facists go on with their
and that you can you reach much simpler.
i hate this stupid thoughts called
facism too,but i only say it here! and
when you publish this letter, the effect
is the same - the scene knows that i am
against facism. be honest have you ever
read in an interview things like :
'burning foreigners houses is great fun'
i think not. the opposite, nearly every-
one say nazism suxx! so the only ones
you reach with this demo, are those who
are against nazism themselves - and that
means that the effect is zero. nobody
had a use of it, except that there is a
new demo to spread. when you really want
to do something social, why don't you
open a donate-account or something like
this? let's collect money for da victims
of facism, or the fugitives of rwanda.
we may release one thousand of : 'help
the fugitives'- demos, and during we
admire ourselves for that, they die of
hunger and cholera! i bet when you open
an account you get too less money to pay
the bankcharge, and that's the point :
you guys code nice effects, paint good
graphics or compose cool tunes in your
spartetime, cos it's fun. and if you do
it foran own group release, or for the
label 'anti nazism demo' doesn't really
matter. it's the same fun. but if you
should do something inconvenient for the
same label i think nearly all would quit
when you can do something good with the
things you do anyway,why not doing it?
but at once, when you should do more for
it than you would like to, you will stop
your social engagement. it's strenous.
it took sparetime. maybe it costs money.
HITLER!. face the reality, we today are
not a bit better than da people 50 years
ago;if we live at this time, we let the
story go on like happened. AND MAYBE IT
WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. it is no secret that
the rights get more and more powerful.
they cooperate over the borders, and
every single one try to convince their
friends and acquaintances, or the guys
standing next to them in bars or discos.
and they have success!
so again my question: what do you intend
with this demo?
got my point?
                             dow jones!

well dj! first i would like to say thanx
for your letter. it's always good to see
or hear another persons opinion!
it won't be right if i can't take some
critizism! with that i'm not saying that
i agree, i simply saying that i like a
debate instead of saying that i'm right
and everybody else is wrong!!
when that's said i would like to comment
your letter, and try to answer some of
your questions, and starighten things

no i'm not sure that i got your point!!
i think some of what you're saying does
make sense but other is bull!!
so you think my project is stupid! hmm!
as a matter of fact you are the 1st one
who says so! so far everyone approves my
idea.(as far as i know!)
how many nazis i know in the scene?
to be honest i don't know any! except
for airwolf and the lamebrains from tcc
in sweden 1993! concerning airwolf :
i can't take that fat bastard serious!
he hates me and i hate him - period!!
about the other wanna-bees from the tcc
party 1993; let me tell you a little
story : i don't know if you were present
at this party. one night (evening)
airwolf walked around the hall with 2
nazi wanna-bees with balaclavas at his
tail (he cleared the road). they were
saluting hitler by doing 'sieg heil',and
waving their nazi flag. people quickly
made room for these dickheads so they
could pass by, but not me!! it allmost
ended with a fight between me and these
2 lamebrains! but guess what, when they
found out that they couldn't scare me
one bit they suddenly changed their
tactic. now they thought i was cool bcoz
i wasn't scared, and they tried to talk
with me like we were the best of friends
not only were the lame wanna-bees they
were also pathetic. - but no i don't
think i know any nazis in the scene. if
there should be any in censor! - well i
haven't heard so!! luckily i think our
scene will deal with nazi scum if they
try to enter the scene!
but if there are any, then i don't think
they will suddenly change and regret
their history. ofcoz they won't!!
so why is the project started you ask!
well i better answer this question one
more time! devil of noice and i was at
the party in sweden talking about our
point of view concerning nazism/facism!
and we came to the conclusion that we
should do a demo against it. time went
on and the project grew. now we thought
it would be a great idea to implement
parts from different groups! so it did
turn into a kind of (doty) demo - yes!!
i just cannot see what your problem is
with that!! you sound like doty is a bad
idea!! hell no it isn't!!
try see it from this side : we are doing
a demo where we are showing our opinion
about nazism, and in the same time we
incorporate da scene/groups! now we kill
two birds with one stone - wonderfull!
i have no intention of saving the world
from nazism or facism. i have never ever
expressed anything like that! all i want
to with this project is to show my atti-
tude against this phenomena, and maybe
even unite the scene a bit!!
so everybody (if any!!!) who think this
demo is made to exterminate facism just
like that, should think again! giving
money to the victims doesn't sound like
such a bad idea at all, but then you are
out in the real world again! who knows
maybe i someday will start something
'more serious' up in the real world to
fight nazism/facism. what i mean is NOT
real fighting or killing, coz this would
not make me any better than the enemy.
-ever heard the expression :


i believe that if people learned about
the terrible time around world war ii,
they would think different. another way
to fight the nazis could be to laugh at
them. a good thing would be to make 'em
look ridiculous, then many might see how
stupid nazism/facism really is! combined
with the knowledge this could be very
but back to the demo!
as said i have no intention to save the
world or make me look like a hero. no
fuckin way, all i want is to express my
opinion, and encourage people to think!
well, maybe they even get so excited
that they start up campaigns against it
so don't say the effect is equal zero.
bullshit!!! if i can make just a few
people fight back i have achieved a lot!
this means that we are more to spread
the message!

i hope this was answer enough for the
question about my intention with the

let me comment some of the other things
you have written. you talk about rwanda!
sure rwanda is a sad incidence at the
moment! but i don't think these two si-
tuations should be compared! the rwanda
situation is a result of overpopulation,
sad conditions of life and war!
nazism once (more or less) started a war
and this must never happen again!!!
we should learn from our mistakes and
eliminate da problems before they arise!
the history must never happen again....
you say that maybe it will! how can you
think like dat? being realistic? -maybe!
i prefer to think like this : history
will never happen again, coz we are too
many to stop it! 50 years ago people did
close their eyes, not this time!
the rights are getting more and more
powerful, and i feel disgusted about it!
nazism must be stopped once and for all!
but we have to get started now !!
you say the rights are successfully con-
vincing the guy or girl right beside 'em
in bars or discos! well maybe more of us
anti nazis should stand on the other
side of them and tell them the truth!

maybe we should work more goal-directed
to achieve the best result. the only
acceptable result :

 -  -- -------------------------- --  -

        complete extermination of
             nazism & facism

 -  -- -------------------------- --  -

got my point!!!

                                BIZ KID


well if you dow jones, or anybody else
has something to say to this, please
send it to me and i'll bring it in an
upcomming issue of skyhigh!

talking about antinazis - try to check
out the list!

         anti-nazi demo members


noice      DEVIL        coder, org.
 ---       draz         graphics
 ---       decoder      music
 ---       doxx
 ---       peace        music
oxyron     BIZ KID      graphics, org.
 ---       tts          code
 ---       axis         code
 ---       rrr          graphics
 ---       scrapper     spread
camelot    RAZ          coder, org.
 ---       cruzer       code
 ---       slammer      code
fiction    yoda         code
no name    gigabyte     code,spread
f4cg       maja         spreader
slash      poeba        cover
guilty     vertigo      code
 ---       fct          gfx/covers
 ---       kathulo      (amiga)
 ---       filth        music/covers
jam        frenchflair  gfx
padua      mad          code,gfx
spirit     betrayer     code,gfx
taboo      acidchild    spread
chaos      cubehead     music
ex-acy     digahole     spread
elysium    cruise       gfx
entropy    the mistress spread
           nastiness    spread
excess     authentic    spread
           cat          gfx/spread
xl/acp/arc sinister     gfx/spread
c. pirates leech        spread
           brix         code
antic      incubus      spread
chromance  therion      gfx
elysium    cruise       gfx
plush      fanta        music
equinoxe   apis         code
           echo         composer,spread

                i'm outta here  BIZ KID
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