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hello, everybody!!
it seems that skyhigh really is a huge
success now... well what can i say??
i guess the only thing i can say is :

              T  H  A  N  X

your reactions, and yer cool words about
skyhigh really makes me wanna work hard-
er... ok i better show you some of the
reactions to underline my statements!!!

the first one who bring some feedback is
sinister of xl/acs/acp

hey jesper(biz kid),

again a cool issue. for me,the skyhigh
is the most comfortable mag in the scene
as you are able to enable/disable the
tunes/flashings and you have the choice
of your tune and,which other mag gives
you the opportunity to play a game from
time to time? anyway,i guess you hear
this everyday... i considered your biz
mix more interesting,as you talked about
my maxime:friendship. you reported about
the mag talk a lot by bcd.well,i can't
give any comment about this,as i never
got a sheet nor an issue. but you report
ed about several queer chapters,that can
raise quarrels between certain groups.
you were right to say,that this sux! now
some days ago i got a votesheet with
cathegories like 'most arrogant guy' or
'lowest quality crackingroups'. i got
very upset about this,as it is nothing
but a possibility for people to put
others down! this can't be the aim of a
mag! a mag should mainly be something en
tertaining for the reader and not a
battlefield for people who take every-
thing too serious. so,please,all you mag
editors: if you don't know how to fill
your mag,please leave the place vacant,
and do not fill it with chapters, that
can result in a destruction of the one
thing,that kept the scene alive untill
 scene's a family - sinister/xl/acs/acp

  yo christian.
  thanx for the very nice words about
  this magazine.. it makes me feel good
  to hear that my ideas are appriciated
  out there!!!
  it also makes me very happy to get a
  reaction on the text i write in bizmix
  and it's great to know that you share
  the same opinion as me.. i was a bit
  offensive in that particulary text,but
  they just got me so pissed with their
  stupid chapters...
  -most arrogant guy- & -lowest quality
  cracking group-??
  hellooooouuu - 's anybody home????
  these two categories show exactly what
  i mean. they encourages to trouble..
  not good -not good at all! fortunately
  this is only a few per mille of the
  scene who think it's cool.. luckily
  most sceners share our opinion...
  i hope other mageditors sees your good
  advice and follow it. i do!!
  friendship rulez              BIZ KID

skyhigh #10 was r-u-l-i-n-g !!!
it must have been an enormous work to do
that mag. if ya keep on doing so, it'll
be in top 3 of all mag-charts in future,
for sure.

  t-h-a-n-x for the very nice words from
  you daniel. yep it was an enormous job
  to get that issue finished, but it has
  been worth all the work - 100%. i have
  had so many cool reactions about it..
  it's a major kick in my butt to con-
  tinue skyhigh for a long time!!!
  this one is no exception...
  thanx again. be sure to catch skyhigh
  in the future..
                                BIZ KID

  (ps - tuc is now in fusion!!)

your mag is getting better from time to
time. but please check before releasing
that there ar NO bugs on disk!


  yo thomas. nize words from you -thanx!
  i guess you're talking about the bug
  in issue #10. yep that was a mistake.
  i hope it will never happen again..
  enjoy this one..
                                BIZ KID

number 10 of your magazine was a really
nice e one; no wonder that the SKYHIGH
climbs up very high in the mag charts..
but one thing really would be useful :
try to make an option that you also can
change the music while reading the text!
else you read a big part of the mag and
don't think of changing the music one
time. i think you even could further use
two sides for the mag if it's necesseary
however, just try to get a big amount of
vote-sheets and enlarge the swapper-
places on the votesheet, please!!!
the reason: if there are only 3 or 5
places on the votesheet those charts are
different every mag issue.
but simply go on with the mag, i think
most guys will thank you..          bye!

  yo christian.
  be sure that i'll continue doing this
  mag for a long time.. reactions like
  yours give me the xtra power to do it!
  about the zak-chooser - well as said
  in issue #11 we, (raz and i), have de-
  cided that you should not be able to
  change tunes in the upscroller!! we've
  made the up'n'down fadings quicker, so
  the waiting time is much smaller.
  -2 sides! well there might be released
  a twosided issue now and then, but NOT
  every time.. it takes one hell of time
  to finish it then. i prefer to release
  more often than releasing on 2 sides..
  and it seems that most of the readers
  think the same.. but i guess another
  monster-edition will find it's way to
  you some day!!!
  until then, enjoy!!!          BIZ KID

wow! skyhigh #10 was the best issue ever
released. lots of interesting text, a
very cool logo, a nice intro and 10 ex-
clusive tunes (record in the scene?).
also the game, demo and picture were a
great change. you are a top 5 mag now!
i wish ya much success with da following

  yo alexander!
  i have only one thing to say : thanx!!
  issue #10 deffently was a huge success
  good to know that all my work is not
  wasted.. expect another monster issue
  have a cool one!              BIZ KID

this is concerning the article of having
a 2nd group.

i had a second group because i wanted to
help build up a new group. in this 2nd
group i had my best scene friends.if you
are in a group together with sum friends
it means that you have closer contact
than if you just have 'em as normal swap
pals. that's my opinion ........mav!

   yo dagmar!

   i don't quite understand what you are
   trying to say with your letter!
   what you mean is that your grouppals
   are better friends than your normal
   swappals. so you will have more good
   friends if your're in several groups.
   well please send again, coz i would
   love to have a small debate going..
   stay friendly !!!
                                BIZ KID

yohoo jesper

issue #11 was nice,as always! but i have
2 points i'd like to react on:
- you were right about 'talk a lot/bcd',
those fuck-offs are bullshit! a turkish
newcommer gave me a fuck-off for being a
neonazi, which i for sure am NOT. i even
never spoke with/heard from that guy!
- i don't agree with your words under da
swapperchart, you said the points mostly
come if you spread many sheets, but
calypso (#1) and me (#2) didn't spread
any sheets, so it's not that realistic
that's it, the rest was truly cool!
                               l8r! rene

  yo rene (splatterhead for the readers)

  thanx for the very nize words from you
  it's nice to hear that more people has
  the same attitude concerning 't.a.l'..
  and about the turk accusing you for
  being a nazi.... well another fine
  example how easy that stupid chapter
  can cause problems... i hope the turk
  will solve it directly with ya instead
  (yo dude, who ever you are!! why don't
  you write the explenation in the next
  issue of skyhigh??) maybe we will get
  some answers then!!!
  about the sheet-spreading. it wasn't
  me who wrote that, it was scrapper!!
  but i see your point; you and calypso
  hadn't exactly spreaded da most sheets
  last time... but in some cases i think
  scrapper is right, some people do vote
  for the votesheet spreader. but what
  the hell!
  well rene, i hope you enjoy this issue
  good luck with your new group!
                                BIZ KID

hello jesper

it actually was a long time ago when i
finished with issue 11 of your fabulous
mag. but i think i can remember a very
nice and stylish logo! the text was more
than enough and good as always.
for me, your mag is the best around but
you know that!
thanks for giving my article an own chap
ter - i also hope to get some reactions
on it.
just keep your standard alive and enjoy

                    signed : fct/guilty

  yo marco!

  well what can i say? first i'll have
  to say thanx. it's good to hear that
  the quality has remained. i hope this
  one won't dissapoint you!
  second : well what's second?? yep
  thanks for the nice words about the
  logo/outfit a.s.o.
  expect a lot of issues in the future!
  have a cool life my friend!!

                                BIZ KID


next one is from walker/genesis*project

i liked the #11 of skyhigh alot.
the outfit is just great. the things you
really should improve is :

 1. the news are old. get some more guys
    to collect the news for you, and
    write them in group order.

 2. fix the boardlist. now when you got
    marc/afl to write release charts.
    why don't you get him to write them?

  yo jonas!

  first the answers!

  1. yep you're right.sometimes the news
     are a bit old. but i rather see the
     chapter like this: i want to inform
     the scene about what happened since
     last issue! ofcoz it would be cool
     with some very hot news, but it's a
     bit hard without a modem!!
     about writing the news in groupord.
     yeah that sounds like a great idea
     i'll think about it - ok!

  2. once again you're right. but marc
     won't do the chapter anymore. i was
     told that the chapter came out way
     to late.(this meant that da chapter
     looked too old, and he maybe would
     look lame!) well maybe he's right.
     BUT i indirect talked with homeboy
     of chromance over the phone lately
     he offered to do a new list and
     maybe even some extra board artic-
     les. so better watch out!

  last i would like to say thanx for the
  nice words about skyhigh. be sure to
  recieve skyhigh in the future.

                                BIZ KID

  ps. if you have a modem i would love
  to have some news from you!


yes that's a really cool mag. texts are
cool. i mean good work you did.
keep it up forever or die!

  yo yilmaz!(is it ya 1st or 2nd name?)
  thanx! ofcoz i'll continue my work,
  but forever??? well i don't think so.
  i might die first - he he
                                BIZ KID


yo biz kid!

surely all the others already said that
the last issue was also a cool one.
hm, i give a reaction to the answer on
my reaction : nice to hear you'll do
covers again, let me know when they are
ready, will you?
to the article about the 'talk a lot' :
you are totally right in all the points,
that issue was one of the points why i
left bcd!
bye and i wish you all the best,
and good luck with da mag!

  yo jan!

  thanx for the nice words. i'll give a
  reaction on the answer of the reaction
  of your reaction?????? eh!!
  no serious it's cool to hear that you
  think i was right about the 'tal' mag!
  you asked me to let you know when my
  new covers are out. they are out now!
  if you haven't got 'em please let me
  know. i have spread two covers. one
  for comalight 12 and one for myself!
  check 'em out ya!!
  ok my friend good luck with your new
                                BIZ KID


skyhigh is cool! continue that and DON'T
let it die as addybook etc!
especially the monster edition was cool
but it sucked that you couldn't get back
from the demopart to the main!
all in all it's a top5 mag! cu

  yo carsten (????)

  thanx again for the very nice words!
  and yes!!! you are absolutely right!
  it was a little misunderstanding be-
  tween tts and me!  that's the reason
  why you couldn't return. but what the
  heck - life's a bitch ya know!!

  see ya                        BIZ KID

yoo biz kid!
skyhigh has become the best mag around!
much to read and nice graphics aswell.
maybe you could make it possible to
choose between even more tunes? keep it
up,you do excellent, yours starlight/xtc

  yo ann kristin,
  my cool norwegian friend! thanx for
  the very nice words from you! so you
  think it should be possible to choose
  between more tunes!! well i don't !
  remember that i use only exclusive
  tunes!! and i think 3 new tunes each
  time is ok!  maybe we should include
  an icon where you could load your own
  music?? what do you think about that?
  well ak (sound like a gun : ak47) have
  a cool time!
                           love BIZ KID

one of my top-five mags! keep up the
good work!

  ok pal i will!!!

                                BIZ KID

please expand the 'best swapper' rubric
to get more fair charts! else better re-
move it... last issue (11) was good!
especially the chapter about hacking was
quite interesting! but remove the pacman
game! it was a nice idea for the monster
high, but why do you still keep it?
ok i am looking forward 2 get the next
issue. see ya...

  yo pal! thanx for the nice words!
  i myself also found the hacking chappy
  very exciting! about the swappers!!
  hm, well i'll think about it! it might
  be a good idea to expand it 'till 10!
  last the pacman!! 1st of all it's not
  pacman; it's raz man!!! (just joking!)
  why did i bring it again? well my
  friend, i guess you haven't read the
  editorial!!! if you had then you would
  know why! BUT i'll say it again!
  lot's of game freax demanded a trained
  version. actually the game was trained
  but no one knew,so i told how to enter
  the cheatmode and brought it again!
  plain and simple!!!
  ok my friend i guess that's it!!
                   a - b - c'ya BIZ KID

yo - end of reactions for this issue!

i'm looking forward for your reactions
for the upcomming issues. please send in
all yer response (even if it's negative)

ok i gotta go - better load another one!

                                BIZ KID
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