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             spread the word

yo yo yo....
welcome to one of the best chapters in
this mag (in my opinion!!!). welcome to
spread the word. again jam-packed with
public notes, searches, questions, state
ments and so on...
once again this chapter has been a big
success in da scene. thanx to all of you
for making it get this far!!!
it has been so popular that a new mag
has taken up the same chapter, with the
same name!!!

no more crap - let's get down to bizness

the first one is from my very good dutch
friend -calypso- better do as he say, or
you might loose one of your best contax

                so be it!
            your god returns!

is back with yet another public file!

some days ago (20-4) i had a phonecall
with the people at the post office about
my missing mail.
what turned out was that they knew quite
some more as i expected them to know!

for instance they knew that you are
messing around with the stamps, and they
knew exactly how (nailpolish,glue,etc!)
they even knew my handle!!also my adress
is a known one at the postoffice!

when talking to this guy, he said that
packages which did not follow the
correct rules, will not be delivered
to my adress! meaning, cheated stamps
and a too low ammount of stamps. they
send all these packs to the main office
located in 'den haag' where the packs
get opened in order to find a senders
adress.. so IT'S FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY to
be carefull!!

now i made a deal with them, which is
that i will get all my mail again, and
i had to promise to pay each and every
surcharge on the packs!! ofcourse i
agreed with this deal,but now we come
to the main item of this file..

meaning you have to pay me back, so
read this carefull,as i will be quite
hard on this!

if i get a surcharge on your pack i will
send the surcharge paper with my sending
to you, and you have to pay it yourself.
just put the right ammount of stamps on
it,and send it to the postoffice in
arnhem (just 'overige bestemmingen')..
then all will be ok.. if you decide not
to pay it, i will get a duplicate of the
surcharge within a few days.. if i get
this duplicate, then i will pay it, but
our swaptime is over!!! YOU ARE DROPPED!
and it will be a damn hard job to
pursuede me to swap with you again!!
afterall, if you ar not willing to pay
for your own sendings, what is the use
of swapping with your then!?

so much for the dutchies.. FOR THE
FOREIGNERS it's slightly different as
they are not in the position to send the
surcharge directly to the postoffice!
so in that case if i get a surcharge on
a foreign pack, i will pay it, but you
have to pay me back ofcourse..  this
will be done in discs. i will charge
you 80 cents per disc. so if the
surcharge is 80 cents, i want you to
send me 1 extra disc, 1,60 means 2
discs,etc[ if you wont do this, then the
same as the dutchies counts: DROPPING!
i know this may sound a bit hard, but
it's the only way! if i would not do
this, i would have to pay for all your
sends, and you cannot expect me to do
that!! if that would be the case i
assume my swapping would be over in a
short time... is that what you want!!
do you want me to stop!?

well, i think that was about all there
was to say.. so if you can keep up to
these rules, nothing will stand in our
way of having a great swaptime!!

this file was not ment in any personal
way, as it concerns ALL my contacts, and
i will make no exceptions for who ever
it may be!!

       that's all i had to say...

the next one is from ramjam of acrise..
a rather hard one!!!!

stop the madness! stop cavron+x-radical!
those two butts really want to get in
trouble, or what? their 'magazine' is
just a propaganda-mag, slaggin' down
other  people.
i can remember the time when those two
loosers had problems with dense/hysteric
and others. since they're in the scene
they just tried 2 slag down otha people,
steal sendings and to my opinion also
formated some boards.
well, just stop it boyz, or better leave
the scene at once!! it isn't cool, it's
                  signed, ramjam/acrise

the next one is from another good friend
of mine : cubehead of chaos.
he has some pretty good views he want to
share with the rest of us!

           go ahead my friend.
yella JESPER !

i wanna share my experiences with others
how to avoid wars.

what could hateful behaviour caused by?

1. THIRST OF WARES: if you can't think
   about anything else just getting
   better and better wares, you won't
   recognise, but you'll become more and
   more eager. you won't think twice how
   to get a new ware you want. you'll
   do unusual things, and you don't mind
   what the other thinks, you just want
   to have the ware, and you have a pen-
   friend who isn't taken for his per-
   sonality, but the wares he supplies
   you with. you should don't mind the
   wares, but yer 'pen-friend' and if
   you feel something for him that's ok.
   b-cuz than you will be able to avoid
   wars by knowing what good the FRIEND-
   SHIP means.

   guys thinx, if someone makes a better
   one than him, it's a shame, and that
   causes infeiority complex, which
   forces you to proove your geatness in
   a wrong way. you will have big mouth
   and say this and that, accusing the
   other etc. of course the whole demo-
   and other scene is built on competi-
   tion, and that's good, b-cuz it's a
   kinda motivation on you to make more
   and more quality stuff. we all are
   opponents, but NOT ENEMIES! these are
   not the same. admit if you are worse
   (oh, no... you are not worse, but the
   other is better) and congratulate the
   other who is better.i think he really
   deserve it, after producing better
   than YOU!
   the unnecessary demo reviews could
   humiliate people by saying shit on
   the product of one's work of long
   months. they should stop ...

3. LACK OF FORGIVENESS: if someone did
   something bad for you,or made a cruel
   joke, you will be thirsty for revenge
   and you'll hit him in face by calling
   him donkey or whatever. this is not
   the good way to improve the problems.
   if someone wanna be in war with you,
   and refuses all your requests for
   peace, than simply don't talk to him
   anymore, and take more care of your
   friends. (on the other hand, you can
   make a mistake, too, and if you did,
   feel sorry, and your FRIEND will for-
   give it, as you forgive the doubts of

i hope i could help somehow to make wars
dissapear from our lives.
anyway (if you don't mind JESPER) i'm
always looking for cool dudes as (pen)-
friends. (or keyboard-friends). just
check out my addy in the right chapter.
and last... take care of this machine,
and yer friends, b-cuz if it will die
sometime, it will caused by the lack of
friendship, not the lack of games, or da
growing amount better and better other
machines. the scene without friendship
is like a car without engine...

it's hateful to see several bbs boards
which has 'war-place' subs ...
try to proove !!! it depends only on you
and if everybody thinx that all these
things depends on him, the scene will
be perfect.

yours sincerely:          CUBEHEAD/CHAOS

  an old scener anounnces his comeback.
            + some true words

hi everybody!here's micke of extend with
some words. firstly i want to cry out
that i'm back, and if some of my contax
who i used to trade with before my break
are reading this then please recontact
me! yes, i had quite a long break, over
2 years. and if you don't remember i
used to be in clique back then. and now
i'm in extend as all the clever guys al-
ready noticed. so please old friends (if
you are reading this)

                 S E N D

to another matter. i want to say some
thing about the cover-charts that i have
read in different mags. unsurprisingly
electric is at the top in the most, but
what i wonder is why i haven't seen :
DUCE of extend in any place in any chart
why might this be ? his work is definete
ly as much worth voting as electric's.
to proof my point i'll send sum of duce'
work to the editors so if you like it
then cheat the charts or something. or
maybe just a comment will do....?
my main point was anyway the fact that i
am active again, so feel free to write
to me if you're interested in friendship
and quality stuff.
 my address is still the same:


                        micke of extend
yep micke you are absolutely right.
but hold your horses my friend. cheating
the charts is no good idea, and i would
never do so. the alternative was much
better : a small comment.

first; cool that you're back in our cool
scene - welcome back!!!
second ; yes i have had the same thougts
why the hell is duce never mentioned in
any charts??? this guy is coooool!!
and he deserves to be in the top of all
charts!!! NO SHIT!!
could it be that his work isn't that
well spread??? i dunno, but i know that
if people sees his work it won't take
long before he's terrorizing the charts!
actually duce has made THE cover for my
magazine this time.. he made it exactly
the way i asked for. if you don't have a
copy please let me know and we work some
thing out!!!
by the way i am trying to fix an inter-
view with duce for the next issue!

                                BIZ KID
the next one is from a very pissed off
person. but take a closer look on his
words and you'll see that he's fucking

i have come to the conclusion that the
people on the scene are either very lame
or very stupid, and i use the word LAME
to it's full extent, and as i am the per
son who invented the word i think i have
that right, the word LAME was created by
myself and steve  when we created :
ZENITH many years ago, and the word
meant to describe someone who thought
they were something they were not. for
example people who think they are cool
when really they are nerds, or people
who think they can code amazing demos,
when really they suck at basic, or any-
one that is full of shit... and that is
what the scene is today, full of shit!
all ya people scream about is new warez,
i'm elite vote for me...
all you can do is waste your life com-
plaining about the scene dying, so you
continue to crack games, create demos
etc... and when someone offers you the
opportunity to help the scene and to
create something meaningfull and earn
some money for yourself, you become jib-
bering jellyfish.
what i am talking about is my company,
ELECTRIC BOYS entertainment software,
that i worked very hard to create. i saw
what was happening to da c64 and decided
to do something, and after i had estab-
lished myself i sent out a file to the
scene. this file was called WE WANT YOU,
and all it said was ..  'can you code,
draw or do music, then why not make
money making games for us'.
so what happended, has everyone suddenly
become unable to do any of these things,
or would you'll prefer to waste you time
doing demos and cracks and be unemplyed
and watch the c64 die.
E.B.E.S. sell pd, games, diskdrives, mo-
dems, cables, ram expansions, we write
our own pd and games and we make our own
and all this created by one person, so i
would say that makes me the most ELITE
person ever on tehe c64, and if you want
to disagree with that then i suggest to
do something to prove it, because until
i see your scene people producing some-
thing instead of killing the scene i'll
continue to be the only ELITE person,
and i did not invent that word, so blame
i would also like to draw your attention
to the groups who are re-releasing old
an idea started by LASER (ex ZENITH mem-
bers, the best ever), now some of you
say LAME, what is the point, well what
is the point in cracking all the new
games so fast that they do not sell and
yet another software company leaves the
c64, now who is stupid, there is nothing
clever about cracking a game especially
when it's on disk, but it takes real
talent to crack a game from tape, remove
the protection, improve the game so that
it is better than the original, and make
the crack better than the original, now
how many of you can do that, not many i
well i will tell you something now, if
all you crackers stopped cracking new
games for a while, then the c64 would
have a chance to live again, because the
company's would start releasing games
again. there is such a lack of new soft-
ware now that  we only have 1 commodore
magazine left in ENGLAND, which is sad,
as we used to have 6-7. E.B.E.S. are
doing all they can to make sure the last
c64 magazine doesn't die, and to keep
the c64 alive and that includes busting
i will personally guarantee that anyone
cracking any game released by E.B.E.S.
will be busted, and as i used to be on
the scene myself i have the names and
addresses of hundredes pirates, and any
i don't have i can get easily. if you
people want to kill the c64 then yo de-
serves to get busted, so why don't you
stop trying to fight us an instead join
us. you have seen our 'WE WANT YOU' note
so if you are talented enough to create
demos, then you can create commercial
software, so contact us now.
coders, artists, musicians stop wasting
your talents, get payed for them.
write now with samples of your works to:

   another scener misses some contacts

     a message to JVD and STORMLORD

hi dudes!  have you received my sending?
i have been waiting for your reply since
months!  i hope it isn't the post making
more fuss... if you lost my address, you
can find it among the addies!

               yours, taki/natural beat

           and yes, one more!!

i have lost contact with some guys,these
are :

surfer/active      slayer/origo
decane/mechanix    satan/vision
ray/vision         hercules/vision
trooper/trc        black priest/antic
tristar/rebels/wow bizarre/trance
nitro/rebels       executor/excess
shocker/success    pri/oxyron
godfather/pandora  airwolf/player

please send soon.. i also swap old games
+ demos. i also just got a 1764 x-mem a
while ago, so i'm also looking for stuff
for this (tools etc.) check addys for my

         yep that's it for now.

if you have got something on your mind;
something you would like to share with
the scene. then why not send it to me,
then i'll see to that it'll be released
in the next issue of skyhigh!

ok i'm outta here               BIZ KID
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