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                rrr says

for the very last time i would like to
present my chapter in the skyhigh. for
further information concerning this step
please read the words added at the end
of this chapter!

- -- ------------------------------ -- -

a) the pulse

the pulse june was a very brillinat is-
sue in my opinion. it was objective, in-
formative and innovative. the editoral
staff proved this month that the pulse
is the ruling magazine these days. fol-
lowing please find some text adapted
from the pulse.

at first there's a short extract about
the never ending discussion: charts and

i have built up a theory myself about
this odd magazine voting mystery in the
last couple of months. i believe, that
the reason for the success of magazines
like nitro, splash, network, skyhigh
among many others, is that they have a
certain number of spreaders, as well as
votesheet spreaders. some of these many
spreaders also spread votesheets for
other magazines, and when they get these
sheets back, their contacts would have
voted for their magazine just to be
friendly towards the person who is col-
lecting the sheets (or to be frank: they
are kissing his ass).

let's continue with another hot topic,
the endless conflict about the so-called
elite and the newcomers.

newcomers' socialism vs. elites' libe-

the scene is an amazing creation. it is
about 12 years ago the organised scene
as we know it began, and today we are
still here to vitness the impossible
live and bloom. but everything living
will face borders and dangers on its way
to meet the natural death, one of them
is the socialism we are able to vitness
being brought into the scene by the new-
comers and sceners from eastern europe.
this is not a propaganda article to
fight socialism in its political ideolo-
gy, on the contrary. the socialism we're
able to vitness in the scene today has
no political background, but the phrase
"we are all the same" which has been
spread and posted by most newcomers and
middleclass sceners has a definite mea-
ning to it, one that originates from the
most fanatic socialists.

during the bloom of the pulse magazine,
we have been herrased by many of these
socialist types - who claimed we were
only interested in the elite because we
wanted to "reach fame and acceptance".
others claimed we were a bad magazine
because we "were pretending to be elite
and were acting arrogant". clearly both
of these accusations are contradictions
to eachother, but what does that tell us
although it ought to be obvious from our
editorial, everyone involved with this
magazine are members of groups respected
in the world with the status as elite
(e.g. regina, vibrants, talent, motiv 8,
chromance, legend and camelot) and with
comfortable backgrounds of being members
of elite groups and involved with suc-
cessful operations. this in my opinion
is what makes an elite foundation, one
that ought to be taken seriously. mind
you, this is not only this operation i
am refering to, it is the scene as a
whole. the scene has always had a very
liberal attitude. the newcomers were
teased and laughed at, all part of work-
ing your way up to becoming accepted and
perhaps shooting your way through to a
status as an elite scener. but the new-
comers in the scene today refuse to go
through that process, going against
everything the scene constitution stands
for. the small must respect the larger,
the system of the liberal scene system -
but the newcomers only complains about
the attitude of the elite, calling them
arrogant and lame. the fact is, they are
the lame ones, especially lame because
they show no respect and they are the
ones acting arrogant.

following please find my intentions af-
ter having read these parts of the ex-
cellent articles:

true statements!
i'm active in the editorial staff of
skyhigh and i'm working hard to see this
magazine at the top, but fact is that
the pulse is released regulary on a high
standart. comparing the content of the
magazine with concurence productions is
heading to the conclusion that the pulse
is definately the best magazine around
these days.
before you start to complain i have to
ask you for an objective review of your
own work. i agree that it is very nice
to see an own production at the top but
if there is a better competitor he de-
serves the top shot, doesn't he? fair-
ness is something very important in my
seeing a better opponent makes me to im-
prove my work and there are two possibi-

1) my work got improved and is more ad-
   vanced now

2) competitors' work is still more ad-

accept these facts. try to improve your
work and don't start to complain about
your skilled opponents.

some advices for the voters: compare the
work of the various competitors and vote
for the persons that deserve your votes!
don't lick somebody's ass with your vo-
tes! friendship votes are a manipulation
of the charts. the intention of the
charts system was to admire the guys
that really deserve the position based
on their abilities, not based on the
mass of friends they have.

the other topic was the endless conflict
elite vs. newcomers. fact is that there
is a lack of respect from newcomers to-
wards more experienced sceners. since
the beginning there have been some guys
deserving a special attention. that are
usually people that worked for years on
a high level to keep the scene and this
computer alive. this work brought the
fame and the status of today's elite.
today's reality looks a little bit dif-
ferent. becoming famous should not be a
big problem these days. due to the major
loss of old legends you can become fa-
mous within some months but that's some-
thing most of the newcomers haven't fi-
gured out yet. why should them work hard
when it is more simple to attack the so-
called elite to get attention and a sort
of fame. it is very easy to rag but it
is wise to work hard for your position.

have a look in today's charts! at the
top you'll find syndrom/tia/crest and
cruise/elysium. i have never heard any
complaints from these guys. they worked
hard and let the warez impress the au-
dience. it works! remember that both are
coming from the eastern block of europe,
syndrom from (east) germany and cruise
from poland. if someone in 1989 would
have said that in 1993/94 dudes from
eastern europe would rule the charts he
might have earned some laughs but the
present shows that everything is possi-
ble. a fitting example are the music or
graphic charts. just release a compila-
tion of your work and a continious rise
in the charts is guaranted. it does not
depend on the mass of friends you have,
it really depends on your talent, all
other tries to enter the charts in an-
other way are tries to manipulate the
charts in my opinion.

another boring topic that a lot of scene
related persons start to complain about
the pulse being an elite magazine, just
for elite dudes only.
it is easy to prove that the pulse is a
magazine for the entire scene. just have
a look into the blackboard, the address
chapter. have a closer look at here and
you will see a lot of address that did
not count to the elite in my opinion.
better check your sources infront of
starting to complain.

anyway, the text above looks like a the
pulse public relations campaign, but in
my opinion this is the truth only, - un-
plugged -. following please find some
more lines written after this file was
supposed to be closed but my intention
was to inform you without any gaps.

the next interesting topic about the
pulse was a text written in entropy's
magazine "tribune", issue #045. it con-
tained a reaction from duke concerning
an article written by nti about regina's

duke's letter contained a lot of fact
that are hitting bulls' eye. nti tried
to play to rule of an innocent lamb
standing for the good and letting duke,
an example for the evilish elite scene,
being a creature sent from hell only to
slag down himself and entropy.

fact is that the outfit of the pulse is
by far better then tribune's. have a
look at the graphics, at the text dis-
play and listen to the musics. the mu-
sics in the pulse were exclusively com-
posed for the pulse, not ripped like the
sounds being used in tribune.
the graphics in the pulse are looking
fine to me (taste is individual) but my
monitor switches off automatically when
i load in the tribune (no offence, but
the menu logo deserves atleast 5%, as
there were more then 4 colours used,
otherwise it would not be worth to be
mentioned while the chapter logo is an
almost average logo deserving 30%).
atleast the coding of the pulse seems to
be more advanced as they are using the
proportional text display routine making
a magazine looking more professional.
compared with your 40 chars upscroller
it is definately a better coded magazine
(that is my very own opinion).
atleast i would like to point out that
there was a picture linked infront of
the tribune #45 while using syndicate's
(who was a member of beastie boys and
well known for all his applications of
tools like timecruncher, cruelcruncher,
future composer and picture linker) with
out giving credits to him.

the other argument of nti was that duke
is lying while pretending that the pulse
contains twice as much addresses then
the tribune. anyway, nti compared the
pulse #10 (while #11 was already relea-
sed with two address chapters sorted al-
phabetically) with the tribune #45. i
think a real competition contains two
issues released nearly at the same time,
and that are the pulse #11 and tribune
#45. following please find the results
i have been checking the address chapter
of the pulse, called blackboard. it was
divided into two chapters and took over
the information of nti concerning the
number of address printed in tribune #45
the pulse #11: blackboard 1 contained
122 (!) addresses divided into 1 page
filled with 2 addresses and 15 pages
filled with 8 addresses and finally the
blackboard 2 presented 110 addresses di-
vided into 13 pages filled with 8 ad-
dresses and 1 page filled with 7 addres-
the tribune #45 contained, according to
nti, 107 addresses.
the result is that duke really was lying
as the factor is not 2 but 2.17. in my
opinion his statement is proved now and
shows who informed the public about the
truth and who tried to complain.

it is no shame to be an elite guy. most
of the sceners dream of that standart,
but fortunately not everybody can reach
that standart. the guys that failed on
their way becoming an elite scener try
to ruin the reputation of today's elite
scener because they are jealous about
the success of other people. i call this
behaviour simply lame!

nothing more to add here.

best regards,

                        june 18th, 1994

- -- ------------------------------ -- -

b) metamorphosis #05

it is really nice to see what can happen
when the fantasy and weird ideas are the
motivation for magazine editors writing
unconfirmed speculations just to gain
some attention.

i have returned a votesheet filled by
the afl 1970 hq to trooper/ex-trc&scs,
the main editor of metamorphosis. this
guy started to think and came to the re-
sult that a votesheet returned by rrr
with some good positions and results for
him and oxyron must be some kind of ma-
nipulation and so he accused me for self
following please find the proved and
true story, exclusively in skyhigh:

afl 1970 hq is the contact address of
marc and max for the mailscene. they do
not like to see their original address
spread in the public so they opened a
form of post box. they filled the vote
sheet when they visited me and i only
returned the sheet back to the source.
they have been very impressed when they
they saw the entire oxyron demos and not
released parts, graphics and tunes so
they did not hesitated to vote for us. a
vote for me can't count as selfvoting
either as i am mainly active for oxyron
as you might know.

furthermore i've nothing to do with the
goddamned plk address as i'm swapping le
gal and do not have to hide my address
and identity in a post office. i hope
this is cleared by now.
i'm looking forward to the next issue to
see some necessary corrections in your

please keep in mind that i usually do
not care about my (my group's) position
in the charts. as oxyron is ruling most
of the charts these days can not see a
logical reason to push oxyron up in the
charts. this is definately not mine nor
oxyron's policy of competition.

better prove your intentions before
spreading false facts to the scene.

best regards,


                         june 12th, 1994

- -- ------------------------------ -- -

             - -- ----- -- -
             -  bad bytes  -
             - -- ----- -- -

a new company got built up to make sure
that the cbm 64 will be supported like
in the former days. our intention is to
create some very exciting games combined
with a high technical standard.

if you're a coder and want to code games
for bad bytes (graphics, musics and con-
cepts) or you want us to sell your fini-
shed games don't hestitate to contact us


 we are waiting for your contributions!

- -- ------------------------------ -- -

after the party 1993 i have started over
to edit some articles for the skyhigh
when i still was a full motivated cbm 64
supporter. meanwhile my mind changed to-
wards 16/32 bit machines so i have to
reduce the time i am wasting infront of
the little breadcast.

my first decision is to stop writing too
long stories for diskmagazines so i will
definately reduce my work for the sky-
high as i do not want to slow down the
swapping and painting activities. both
activities will be executed like in for-
mer days, but wasting time infront of
boring text-editors like this one can
not motivate me any longer.

furthermore i am trying to reach new
aims while entering the commercial soft-
ware industry as you might have in a
previous article in this chapter. that
is a very important subject if you keep
in mind that it were once upon a time
the games that gave this machine the po-
wer to become a legend and the status it
still has after ten years.

watch out for soon coming oxyron produc-
tions on amiga for the good old a500 and
the aga chipset (yes, two demoes are
going to be released when the graphics
are finished - will this ever happen?).

best regards,


                         june 18th, 1994
- -- ------------------------------ -- -
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