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             spread the word

ok time for yet another edition of words
and opininons from sceners!!!
the first one is from depeh of antic!!
he has a very clear view on the magaz.
check it out ya'll!!!



(this article is written by depeh/antic
and can be freely spread and used by any
magazine in the c64 scene.)

hello scenefolks! i want you all to read
this article and wake up and smell the
this scene is right now being DESTROYED
by all theese fucking magazines around.
why does every fucking group got to have
a magazine?i don't think its so very
fun to get a sending with 2 or 3 fucking
magazines and nothing else on... i don't
think it is so very stimulating to read
the same charts,same news,same reactions
in every single mag.i think that you mag
editors should learn how to code or draw
graphics or make music and you should
start to make DEMOS instead.

we all don't want a scene with only
magazines,do we?? noo ofcoz not...
mark my words when i'm saying that this
scene is turning into a MAGASCENE!

why can't two or three magazines go
together to one bigger,more fair,better
magazine or best of all why not just
have one disk-magazine where for example
the 10-20th best magz have joined forces
and created a SUPERMAGAZINE this would
do a magazine more objective,more fair
in charts,more text in each issue.

THINK about this idea.and hopefully some
of you will go together to create a
sadly enough.i personally think that you
out there are far to EGOISTIC to this...
but i can prommise you that we would get
a much better scene with more demos

useally i do not respond on text in this
chapter, but in this case i felt forced
to do so!
i don't think there's too many mags in
the scene today - no no no.. but i must
agree that the standart maybe is a bit
poor.. there IS a lot of mags around,but
a lot of them never really gets started.
some groups think it would be 'cool' to
have their own mag!!. but after a few
issues they realize that it takes a lot
of time and a big portion of creativity
to create a mag. and then they give up
and let the mag die!!
and this is the way it should be!!!

     --only the strongest survive!--

and furthermore if you (not you depeh,
but all of you (english has its strange
sides!!)) don't like a mag then just
don't read it..
i think the mags play a very important
role in the scene today. a role which
should and will continue!!
-but we still could use a lot more demos

and yes i think most of the mag-editors
should start coding, drawing, composing
or whatever!! read more about this in
'tha biz-mix!'

                                BIZ KID

the next one from bumboo of jam is quite
similar to the previous one!!

everyone complains that there is too
much mags in the scene. i think there is
too little GOOD mags in the scene.
most of the mags are just bad imitations
of script and other old mags, and of bad
mags there is too much!!

      ok now to something different

we in cadgers are building up a german
section called 'cadgers-frg'.
if you are interested in joining feel
free and send a disk including you work

but we are only searching 4:

-composers  -crackers  -orrie suppliers
-coders     -gfx-men   -modem traders

 i hope to hear from you!   slayer/cdg!

neccy of extacy would like to clear up
a few things!

hey you all. i think most of you have
heard of our war with amnesia. well, i
think amnesia's really exagerating every
thing.and on the pardey i found out that
the war is really bullshit. and it was
for us already long ended.but one thing
darkman didn't leave the scene because
of the war. i know several reasons. if
you wanna know 'em then just do an inde-
pendent interview ok.
well please print this, and if i can do
anything for you then just say it.
adios dude!!

- you erwin !!
  please write the entire story and i'll
  bring it here ok!!
                                BIZ KID

guilty is still looking for members!!
             check it out..

the guilty-staff is looking for some so-
called talented guys as coders, gfx'ers
& composers to join our forces.
if you're kinda interested, please send
some examples of your work to me or to
vertigo/guilty - or just call us for
further information!!

nb! addies in addy-chapter

another guilty member with a explanation

some months ago frank and i had a call.
after some craptalk he had the idea of a
coop-demo between loa & guilty. NO WAY,
nothing easier than this. ok,it was plan
ned. then frank asked forbidden cult for
a loalogo and therefor he promised never
to paint a guilty-logo (logos from lore
of arts-members are so lame!!)
fct painted such a brilliant loa-logo
(better than loa deserves!) and..and..
these lame-brains released a logoshow
with a guilty-logo from creb that was
complete crap!
creb is the most untalented graphician
whose work i ever saw! well we laughed
so much about his logos untill we've
seen the guilty logo. we were so angry
as this is no logo, it's a ?? in anyones
eyes (sorry i couldn't read that word)
did they really thought we'll use that?
and then the news about releasing the
coop-demo at the camelot party..
pure camel-shit! not one single word was
said about that. and they claimed we had
just 1 part finished. haha, we had NO
part finished except the intro.according
to these facts and the lameness of whole
lore of arts, i think it's really no
wonder that we cancelled this coop with
dudes whose job is to bore and tease
other sceners with their rotten code and
smelly logos. since i've seen all lore
of arts demos there's no good part ever
done by them. caused by the fact i am
easily in the top ten of the most lazy
coders i shall shut my mouth about other
but how could anyone respect loa work??
if this i a war-declaration ? why should
i care about these idiots.

             vertigo of guilty & x-rated

well pretty hard words from vertigo !!
but i guess there will be no war! the
reason for this is: lore of arts is dead

frank renamed into slay and is searching
for a group to join!!!

following dude is just looking for some
              more contacts

howdy freax all over the world!!
i'm looking for much more contax all
over the globe!!so if you are interested
in our last warez,our last issue of
nitro and all other thinx,then send fast
a disc to:


i'm also interested in punk-tapeswap!!!
i wait for your disc!!contact me now!!

                 yours spermbird/excess

anotha excesser with some important text


this word becomes more important every originals are spread around
and most just after the first release or
even before.and when you hear some weeks
later,that this original never has been did it.a so called re-crack.
it is the 2nd time,that i cracked such a
fake-original.this time was KILL.FIELDS
recracked from chromance,as mr.wax said.
but i will tell you the first time,too.
one year ago one original called GALAC-
TIC CHAOS was spread round.i did it in
a big hurry with 2 trainers without a
look in the coding.later,i heard from
nightshade/success,that scs never spread
this orie,and noone else could have it.
he told me to look in the coding between
3000 and 3200.there was the name of the
cracker BURGLAR/SUCCESS.but it was too
late,as it was already spread some weeks

in fact,as i made the gamereviews with
sentinel,i checked out every release of
galactic chaos.10 out of 13 groups had
the name in their orie at 3000.and all
did this crack before scs spread it sum
months later.i don't know,if the groups
without the name in it scratched it,but
this orie was said as unspread by scs.
the 10 groups,which not noticed the name
in the fake-orie were not only average
groups only.i counted 3 groups out of
the 1992-top 10,who had the name in it.
from now on we checked out every orie we
got supplied.same with killing fields in
november 93.i got it on 2 following days
from 2 good contacts,from which i never
expect a i released this orie
and spread it round.same did many of my i sended my crack to mr.wax,
i got a very fast reply with the words,
that killing fields was a fake-original,
as it's not spread yet.i asked my two
spreaders,from which guys they got it.
2 times the same answer.BIGFOOT/EX-[P]

i don't want to call him a recracker,but
he has no connection to chromance,so how
he could get the original beside recrack
two other originals,which were spread as
fakeoriginals,first one also cracked by
i came to the result,that it's very sad,
that you cannot crack a single orie any-
more,even if it's from a known supplier.
you cannot find out,if it's a real orie
or a fake one at the first sight.

as i don't want to give up cracking,i'll
continue and avoid originals from a few
people.i'm interested in your stories 'n
problems about that.and please inform me
about all originals,which were cracked
before there were spread.

       RED ROCK OF EXCESS (n.o.e.)



i would like to see some comments on dis
subject. please mail them to me and i'll
bring them in next issue.

   - -- --- ---------------- --- -- -

next one is another story concerning the
rebuilding of vision. lots of stories
has been told one way or another.
this one is about the 'original' members

           check it out ya'll


somethin to said 'bout vision slagging
by newscopy/g*p

as i have been wondering 'bout this
vision-thing ever since they were 1st
time reformed (when curlin & others were
in), i really want to say my opinion.

i've been in the scene from 1986-87, so
maybe i have something new..

i checked a 'few' disks (about 500) and
found the demo i was searching for :
' legalise it ' which was visions first
demo ever. actual release date was 17-10
1988 at the joy/mgf/wwe party,veenendaal
holland. and in the scroll they say that
it's their 1st demo. so i made a fast
calculating and.. hmm. let's say it's
5.5 years from their forming.
unfortunately the demo (which was one of
the collest those times) bugged 50%, but
in one part i found addies (they lived
in holland) and the names of some of the
members. they were :

tsm (code), hph (gfx) and shock. (the 2
first ones are brothers) they all were
also swappers. i don't tknow if they had
any other members, probably not, as the
group was young. this demo was also the
last one i saw from these guys.

then...year 1990, september, i took one
note from curlin/vision including their
correct memberstatus:

  curlin - mad butcher - jive - dr.disk

 macumba - silk - twf - hardy - shimada

  rough - tom - stubby - black destiny

 status - bluez - yabba - zagon - zmurph

 gryzor - scooby - icon - general - tgd

    spinx - glasnost - SKYHIGH - bird

(this list was from their early months!)

i rememba when this new vision was built
i wondered was there any old vision mem-
bers... as in mags stood 'a new group is
born, vision...'
-this vision became really popular, and
made a lot of demos.

when i compare these statuses together
with the new vision status that i saw in
skyhigh issue 9 in an article by wolf of
vision.i don't see a single member who
would have been in both 1st & 2nd vision
or in 2nd & 3rd vision. STRANGE?
i may be wrong if i say that somebody is
re-using vision's name. i mean the REAL
dutch vision!!!
maybe 2nd vision did so,or maybe the new
3rd vision, don't know..
dear wolf, did you know 'bout da dutch
vision ?

i'm writing this as i'm impartial in
this argument, and i really don't want
to slag on anyone. so i'm waiting for an
answer in SKYHIGH....sob!

                   signed by a confused

                    electric of extend

yo wolf i (biz kid) would also love to
see an answer from you here in my mag!!
i think and hope you will not see this
an attack from either electric nor me!!
all we want is an answer.!!

  i'm looking forward to your respond!!


hello! here's something to study, both
for the lamer that wants to set the
highest prefix before 'swap' and for the
more intellectual person who likes to
philosophize over mathematical or any
other kind of important problems.

      well watch this and have fun
                           tchad of jam

(this font don't have an (arrow-up), so
instead i'll use this one :  ^)


yotta   Y   10^24   =
zetta   Z   10^21   = * and so on... *
exa     E   10^18   =
peta    P   10^15   = 1000000000000000
tera    T   10^12   = 1000000000000
giga    G   10^9    = 1000000000
mega    M   10^6    = 1000000
kilo    k   10^3    = 1000
            10^0    = 1
milli   m   10^-3   = 0.001
mikro   u   10^-6   = 0.000001
nano    n   10^-9   = 0.000000001
piko    p   10^-12  = 0.000000000001
femto   f   10^-15  = 0.000000000000001
alto    a   10^-18  =
zepto   z   10^-21  = * and so on... *
yokto   y   10^-24  =

the upper letters flashing (YZEPTGM) is
big letters.

 * a small but funny thing from tchad *

ok another papermag has seen the light
of dawn. the name is 'art press' and it
is released by rebels!! a very cool mag!
              check it out

hello fellow-sceners !

REBELS will release a papermag from now
on named 'ART PRESS' .
it is not a magazine like 'pirates' or
'milestone', the art press concentrates
on graphics only such as comics,pictures
and other drawings , also graffitis
could be printed .
the whole magazine is printed and not
copied as most others , therefore the
quality is absolutely cool .
please note that the price for the mag
is as low as possible,we only wanna get
back the money for the printing .
only dave and neotec of rebels will
spread/sell the art press,we can only
give the magazine to our CONTACTS due
to the limited edition .
dave is already 'sold out' , but you can
still register for an issue if you are
a contact of neotec .
it is not possible for me to send the
art press to non-contacts because of the
high postage .

if you want to get one issue then
do not hesitate and send the money for
it . i will put you on my list after i
received the money and only  then
you can be assured of getting art press.
i'm sure we will not have enough issues
for you all , but it's impossible for
us to do such a lot of copies , hence
it will be only for the chosen few ,
we are sorry .

try to be fast , that is all i can say .
and again,non-contacts have NO CHANCE ,
only if you pay the postage for the
sending,and even then i will favour my
old and worthy contacts !

   price for one issue of art press :

          1.50.-dm for germans

      1.- dollar us for all others

  ( if you are too lame to get dollars,
    you can also send THREE DISKS (64),
    but they have to be 100%,not folded,
    cut or whatever,don't try to fool
    me ! )

               my addy :


in addition we will give all art press
readers the THREE WINNING COVERS of the
competition in news press , this will
be possible because the art press will
be spreaded together with news press .
i think this is a good offer , only
the art press people will get that
service .

      looking for another contact ?

     did you search a nice contact
        who swaps fast,friendly
       and who sends cool warez?
    then,right now,you've found him


            xposer of rebels
    the swapper you were looking for!

             here's my addy


 camelots 'revealed' staff are asking
 for your help!!

      revealed public announcement

due to other projects (games) we would
like to know if you people would like to
see another edition of revealed printed
on its regular second monthly-release.

contribute to the next edition with news
reports, articles concerning the scene,
programming or whatever by giving feed-
back sent to this address:

             revealed magazine

             - demoralized -
             - stimulation -

 also ingenious brain ask for your help

 this is a note by MAV/EQUINOXE to all
 coverpainters in the 64er scene...

 i'll do some coverreviews for our
 mag 'INGENIOUS BRAIN' and i need
 your help!

 please send your covers (they should
 be NEW) to me to review them in our
 mag. please support me! ok, here's my


 and i'll send you the next issue of
 our mag for sure. you can also try
 for swapping with a GIRL. i'll reply
 100%. please spread this note to all
 your contacts. ya friend MAV is off...

 no name are looking for more members!
       maybe one of them are you!!

              YUPPA SCENERS

 here's gigabyte/no name with a short
note concerning the fact that we need
loads of talented members to join, so if
you're sort of interested in joining
then grab a pen and write to..


 if you want an answer then enclose a
disk with own work!

 100% reply is garanteed to everyone!

 come on, just write today, we need ya!

 the last is another missing some contax

the authentic is here...

i have had some long delays, but now i
thought i was back for good!! i've sent
back to ALL my contacts now, but i still
don't get any sendings...strange, and it
has been about a month since i sent out!
and some even longer! so now i'm missing
these dudes:

hodory/craftmen    doc stoned/afl
anarchy/rsi        lethal jack/extacy
perish/system      doxx/noice
cruel/epic         tchad/jam
toft/hoaxers       abbot/dig.designs
stormlord/wow      pete/acrise
lynx/crossline     devil/noice
wozio/elysium      spiderman/vision
neotec/rebels      dishy/vision
freddie/vision     cash/triad
sleepwalker/ex-acy zore/vision
spermbird/excess   vain/??
heavy head/vision  awa/wow/tsr
jason/motiv8       amarok/topaz
nightshade/success leonardo/antia
axe/slash designs  dave/rebels
pussymaster/trance elc/awt
assailant/???      mmi/arcoss
truss/excess       borek(?)/xtc
king fisher/triad  mercury/rebels
ritchie/ex-tnc     roger/dragonball
nightwanderer/lth  therion/elysium
chotaire/pandora   mr.giga/astral
oxidy/fairlight    brightlight/no name
caos/loa (?)       scube/quintex
exhibit/???        bumboo/jam
crimen/???        dozo/ex-acy

if you really wanna swap, then send to
this address:



      time to load another chapter

                                BIZ KID
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