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  about jazzcat of alphaflight & rebels

 ? skyhigh
 ! jazzcat/afl'70/rebels

  yo! jazzcat
  first of all thanx for sharing your
  personality with the rest of us.
  -but let's get started the boring way!

? please tell us your handle and group.

! jazzcat/alphaflight/rebels

? and your real name ?

! david simmons

? when were you delivered to the earth?

! i popped out on 3/10/1975

? ok that was the most important things.
  but pleaz give us a small introduction
  of yourself.
  (personal facts : hight - hair colour
                    eye colour - glasses
  sparetime, other interests, job/school
  hobbies and so on!!)

! yeah! i'm around 5"10 tall, very long
  dark brown hair and hazel eyes. i like
  boozing and smoking dope and moshing
  to metal. i like to party and have fun
  with my girlfriend regina. i enjoy
  spending time on this RULING compy!
  at the moment i'm not employed but i
  get money from my games label called
  "first blood" and credit card fraud
  i do! plus other illegal stuff like
  selling dope and stolen goods.

? for how long have you been into the 64
  scene. or in other words : please tell
  us when you entered the world of the
  commodore 64 - and it's scene?

! i bought my c64 back in 1984-5 and
  i was in contact with the productive
  scene since 1990 (system 3,thalamus)
  and have entered the scene at the end
  of 1992 start of 1993.
  and here i will stay forever.

? in which groups have you been before?

! in order:
  cpg        rebels
  bodycount  alphaflight 1970

? your handle jazzcat
  is there a special story to it?
  please tell how you got it!

! i got my handle several years ago i
  saw it in a greets scroller and i
  liked it. i've had it for 4 years now
  i don't like jazz but jazz is the
  hair around your belly button.

? which means you are an asshole on a
  cat!  he-he - just joking!!

  what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

! AFL'70:max,marc,sys,dark,arne,mario,
  darius,ancient mariner,skinhead,styx,

  REBELS:viper,tuc,mr alpha,nitro,ccc,
  mercury,mc sky,rad,neotec,mws.
  my jobs are:orrie supply,megaswap,
  modem trader,h/p,gfx,mag edit.

        tell us about your faves!

? what do you prefer to eat?

! meat and junk food.

? and what do you like to drink?

! beer,milk,whiskey,pepsi

? to what music do you listen?

! metal,alternative, some rap

? your favourite girl(s)?

! blue hair,blonde eyes,the normal!

? what movie was the coolest you ever

! bloodsport,cyborg,t2

? and your c64 favourites

     demogroup :crest,oxyron,padua


     coder     :crossbow,stan scrembi

     magazine  :revealed,pulse

     composer  :danko,matt gray

     grafixer  :cruise,electric,ogami

     cover des.:electric

     sceneland :sweden,germany

     demo      :dutch breeze,visuality3

     game      :last ninja series

? and last :
  your favourite friend(s) in the scene

! all my contacts...
  bizarre,rrr,all of shazam,all of
  rebels,shockwave,all afl'70,subzero,
  evs,bacchus,jerry,all in oxyron.

? yeah a whole lot of things you liked.
  but what about things you dislike!

  is there any particulary phenomena or
  mayby dudes you do not like in the
  scene. give us the story!!

! i hate image/addicts or whatever he
  calls himself. i hate the amiga scene
  (lot of lame heads).

? what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

! make a lot of pals and do well in the
  charts, also make a lot of games with
  my game label "first blood".
  in real life, i hope i party a lot and
  some day marry my girl regina. also
  i'd like to get the c65 mass produced.

? the c64 scene unfortunately can't live
  forever !
  when it dies (in a lot of years!!)
  what will you then do?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc, or simply
  quit the entire compy-scene?

! i goto the future compy, the ibm.
  the amiga sux and will die i think.
  the c64/65 always rules!!! yeah!

? people often talk about a lamer.
  but what is a lamer?. please give me
  your definition !

! a backstabber, war creator and a
  person says he can do things but cant
  do fuck!! new sceners shouldn't be
  treated so hardly! they might end up
  kicking your arse in gfx,zax or what
  ever! just give them a chance to
  proove what they can do.

           about your contacts

? do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

! i have around 140-150 friends.
  i swap with guys like subzero,evs,
  bizarre,bacchus,cruise and heaps more.

? do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  from your contacts.?

! both equally but demos are better now
  days, just like games ruled in the

? do you use cheated stamps ?

! yeah i love abusing the post!

? why ?

! well because like a famous group said
  "no risk no fun" and it is to much to
  pay for postage so i HAVE to cheat.

? magazines! some people say there's too
  many - some say there's not!!
  what do you think?

! i love mags! they rule. each group in
  has there right to a mag. but if any
  group makes a mag, they should put
  a lot of effort in. i edit for 2 mags.

? they for one thing sure keep the scene
  alive, but what about demos?
  what do you think about the quality of
  the demos produced nowadays?

! they are sure better than old days.
  16/32 bit sceners are even amazed at
  how far we have brought this compy.
  weird how gfx,zax,code are improving
  but the games aren't

? what is your advice to all the demo -
  producing groups, concerning their
  future productions?

! go for it!
  every group should try and release
  demos, make them trackmo style like
  dutch breeze or visuality 3, having
  world first routines is not the only
  way to make cool demo. try style!

? if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

! coders       :crossbow,tts,d'arc

  musicians    :danko,syndrom,morbid

  gfx'ers      :cruise,electric,ogami

  swappers     :bizarre,styx,mr alpha

  modemtraders :bod,lucifier,subzero

  others       :secret man, skinhead


? what do you say when i say :

  group      :rsi,triad

  coca cola  :sugar!

  friendship :c64 scene

  c-64       :the classical best!!

  amiga      :lame!lame!lame!lame!lame!

  girls      :some are nice

  beers      :cooooooooool!!

  magazines  :cool

  groupwars  :lame shit!

  sex        :licking wet pink holes

  parties    :drunkness + musix

  interviews :cool!! but post still sux

  and last 'skyhigh' :
  a cool mag which is getting better all
  the time, i like the outfit a lot
  which handles really cool!!

? yo we are getting closer to the end

  i'll hereby give you the word to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

! keep releasing and make some fun on
  this scene, as you'll never find a
  better scene.
  the c65 should be supported more.
  also everyone should try and do a
  second job, like code,gfx or zax.

? if there's some guys you want to greet
  or give a special message then why not
  use the opportunity right here?

! send all your stuff for domination
  and vandalism and contact me because
  i'm a lamer.


  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX call 4 conference


? yeah that's it..
  we reached the end of this interview.
  so i better let you of the hook for

  i'll end by thanking you for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  i hope you'll stick to this beautiful
  scene for a long time!
  have a cool time in the future.

  thanx homeboy!!

! yeah thanx for the interview, i will
  NEVER leave this scene as it is far
  to cool!!
  all my contacts hurry up and send now
  i want all types of tools and info on
  hacking. anyway slatez to all my
  friends and make this scene rule more!

   that's it for now! - so better load
          another chapter now!!

                                BIZ KID
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