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             spread the word

hold on dudes. another round of spread
the word has taken off.
fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the

ok the first one who dives out the plane
is cat of excess.
he has apperently dropped all swapping-
activities! he sends all a farewell!

i quit swapping!         +december 1993+ read it right...but remember:
I DO NOT QUIT THE SCENE! and this is
not one of those jokes from me (as some
sceners think, from that fake-war on, i
only say jokes,haha!) anyway,guess who
is on tha keyz??? (nice fucked up
questionmark by the way)

             CAT of excess$&
and now you ask the mainquestion of
life...w h y ? well,firstly my school
is taking much time from me (i'm now in
the final year) and i wanna go to higher
education (no,i'm not mad) also the
subject called postoffice played a role,
as i don't/can't cheat anymore,and i
don't have as much money as you (ehhhh?)
and i think the c64 is dying slowly...
by the way,you see not much for it
compared to some years ago! but surely,
this is the best scene i know!!!

so this is my official 'farewell' to
all those SWAPcontax i had in those two
years (and a little) i was active in
this scene...

          thanx to all people!

damn there's alot of guess alot
of dudes will miss him!!

the next diver is nightshade with a very
important message!!

                all rise

nightshade of success enters your screen

this time i've got a very important
message for all of you.i hope you will
help me spreading this note.from 15
december 1993 i will have a new address,
and for a megaswapper that ruines all
you have build up,so from that date on
please send to the new address!!


        and still no cheating !!

also this guy acclaims he has an impor-
tant message!

    hi, here's antifan of EQUINOXE!
    i have an important note to all
          crackers out there:

 nowadays nearly all games have no pro-
 tection anymore and as all orries are
  spread like hell, everybody has the
  chance to make thousands of cracks.
 if you get an original and it has some
 bugs,most of the cracks of it show the
  same errors. (like e.g. HANS KLOSS)

 i don't want you to stop cracking and
producing more demos and games (it also
 would be nice), but please don't call
  your activities CRACKING anymore...

  write something like "this game was
 trained by.." or "the game was brought
 to you by.." in your intros, but avoid
 to say, you cracked it.. only, if you
  really had to destroy a protection,
          call it like this.

another group is looking for members!!!
           so what about you!!
is your group dead, well here's an offer

             hello friends!

 we in DEICIDE are in a big need of new
 members.. we really need more swappers
   and crackers as me and JAYCE can't
  handel all cracks and don't have the
 strength to swapp as much as we need!
   we have got sum new members but we
  still need more, for example a mega-
  swapper, and a real good cracker, if
   you are a coder yer also welcome,
  pleese give us sum answers and i can
   garantee that we will take you in!
    well, ofcoz if yah are not lame!

         write to this address:



      hope to get sum answers soon!

                 later,MARCUS OF DEICIDE

      another party is comming up!!
              check it out

okay dudes!

after some bad and dry ones... it's time
          for REAL paddy again!

           "the rainbow party"

    also known as radwar v7. held by:
   radwar enterprises, spreadpoint and
    tristar & red sector inc. (trsi)!

date: january 1994 [either: 15./16.
                        or: 22./23.
                        or: 30./31.]

place: discotheque "chez renzo"
       am volkspark
       d - 52525 heinsberg
 [in the middle of nowhere...uups...
  near aachen...near the dutch border!]

why ???  just because "pleasure is our
         beezeeness" !!!
  meet the dudes who founded the scene
  lightyears ago!

hhere the true old scene spirit remains!

  - space for 800 people!
  - only real kewl guys, no kidz!
  - big disco with fab hifi equipment
    to guarantee perfect booom effect!
  - no fucking beer thieves (dk-organ-
    izers). if you see any, kill 'em
  - enough "electricity" for everyone,
    like beer, bacardi, whisky, tequila,
    with a professional barkeeper
    24 hours a day to avoid empty glass
  - cool 24 bit colour paddy t-shirts,
    no lame black/white ones!

rules :

   as we (and lots of our friends) are
    bored by the lame, childish rules
       on certain other paddies...

        NO rules!!! not at all!!!

       we know what "phun" means,
    so we want it...and we'll have it
 people who cannot behave will get more
          beer, until they can!
  we take no responsibility for killing
         lawyers or organizers!

what's up ???


in the afternoon:

- indoor soccer tournament (your team
  can win the radwar challenge trophy!)
- big barbecue after the match

in the evening :

- boozing, more boozing, REAL boozing!
- grafitti wall for freaks, artists,
  handicapped persons!
- alcohol ??? is highly recommended to
  drink, don't waste it!
- bulettin board at the entrance, to
  contact your dudes!
- there will be security cameras all
  over the place, don't think we won't
  get you... say "cheese" and you will
  maybe get a cool copy of that tape
  for a cool price!
- talent scouts of major companies are
  looking for (maybe) you ?!?
  be discovered, be famous, be rich!!!
- c64, amiga, pc, snes and mega drive
  demo- and soundcompetitions (win some
  of the prices we collect/steal for u)!
  all demos will be shown on a big
  cinema wall later on!
- more beer!
- ee will show some videos from the past
  (great history of radwar parties)
  featuring dynamic duo, headbanger, page, the light circle,
  fac, flash cracking group, etc...!
- even more beer!
- you can get the new radwar party-
  poster / t-shirts (a real cool piece
  of the latest airbrush technique)!
- real martial arts fighting act (full
  contact!). see some nice girls in
- beer...oh yeahhh!!!
- legends from the past meet the
- we are gonna kick ass on all lamers
  of all kinds - no stupid prohibition -
  no lame kidz - no babies = phun!
- btw., did we tell you that there is
  also enough beer for everybody at
  modest prices ?!?
...and errrhhhh...well, some of this and
   that and those...
- guest star: f.g.v.g. live and alive!
- no seperate hall for sleeping :
  if you wanna sleep, stay home!
- open end!


- in the morning get rid of the rest
  barrels of beer to get sum fresh ones!
- breakfast with coffee and rolls!
- having phun and more boozing!
- going home.

 to get the latest infos call the voice
              info line at:

     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (international)

     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (national)

     "you wished you were there!!!"

correction from :'just another miracle'
              or better : jam

    and the tabasco speaks again...

in this little text i wan't to clear up
a few missunderstandings about the group


  some people thinks that we're called
 just another miracle or even worse...
  some guys even think that our name
             is jamaica!!!

but this isn't true! our name is jam and
 not 'just another miracle' or jamaica!

 'just another miracle' is our slogan!

       'jamaica' is our magazine!

 and it all belongs to the group jam!!!

  so please write jam in the chart, in
  your note and wherever we may apear!

it is mainly our fault that some thought
that our name was 'just another miracle'
etc... as that is written as decrunch-
text in everything we ever done. we also
had an intro linked to the latest issue
of jamaica saying 'just another miracle!

        from now on, call us JAM!

                     tabasco of jam
                just another mailtrader

the following 2 divers are from no name.
           check it out ya'll


no name are in need of many new members.
especially we ar longing for : coders,
musicians and graphicians.
if you're interested write to:

              gobus/no name


- enclose eventually examples of ya work
- and do it to day!

it has been a long time since i have
heard from the following guys.

yoda/fiction         doc hell/level 64
vain/twilight        malcom/x-factor
conqeror/impulse     woise/maniax
sandman/noice/utopia cruel/bronx
zychronic/vagabonds  tristar/rbl/wow/b-c

please recontact me..
my address is in the addy section!!

                  gigabyte of no name!!
 next one is a public note about vision

evil comes and evil goes...

well,after a lot of illusions concerning
VISION , which were mainly created by
NEWSCOPY/GP , i thought it was about
time that someone told you all the truth
about vision.

in the 11'th issue of PROPAGANDA ,
newscopy stated among other things
concerning vision that (i quote):
"vision has been rebuilt, it is , as we
see it , a shameless rip-off of the
original group , where no original
members are in."

dear newscopy: i have an extremely hard
time realizing how you could make such a
statement , when we in fact have dozens
of the old vision members.
some examples: SATAN , WOLF , RAY ,
X-RADICAL , DISHY , XOSS and more!! and
when you even take the fact that SATAN
were the LEADER of the old VISION into
consideration , i have an even harder
time understanding the reason for your

futhermore , you even thought that we
deserved the "most invaluable group
right now" aword.

now , let me state a few things. you
tend to spread crap about our crew , but
could you please tell me why well-known
persons like satan+ray (ex-f4cg , ex-gp)
, wolf (f4cg) , x-radical (also in
coderz) , ceasar (ex-illusion) , (ex-bonzai , ex-weird science ,
ex-contex etc.) , dishy (ex-dominators ,
ex-chromance , ex-fairlight) and many
more , would have to make a "namerip-off
" as you define it?! i mean , look at
the groups they have decided to leave in
order to join vision! they're surely all
highly respected ones , so if vision
really were a bunch of lamers (as you
indirectly call us) DON'T YOU THINK THEY
?! maaan , i truely think they would!!
personally , i think that the reason for
your sudden attack on us must have its
roots in the fact gp's two best crackers
, satan and ray , left you in order to
join vision. have in mind , that with
thease two crackers leaving gp , gp
have lost apparently all they active
crackers , which seems to result in
their cracking division becoming more or
less extinct. anyway , let's have a look
at how newscopy himself described these
two crackers when they first joined gp a
few months back (i quote from propaganda
issue 9): "in denmark , we reinforced
two talented crackers , at that point ,
serving time in f4cg. satan and ray.
they have what we belive to be TALENTS
TO MATCH THE BEST , and they prove so.
this is the NEW BREED OF CRACKING."  all
signed by yours sincerely newscopy!!
this proves that all the crap newscopy
wrote agianst vision (and especially vs.
satan and x-radical) only have one aim:
to take revenge on satan and ray for
leaving. when these two crackers left
gp   they completely killed the cracker
section of gp and therefore newscopy
want to take revenge. it's only sad that
he has to do it by writing crap about a
group , which consist of a great amount
of cool members like vision , in order
to make us look bad in the public...

btw: newscopy also defined vision as
having a bad concept. well , do anyone
know why satan and ray left f4cg in
order to join gp  n the first place?!
THEY ACCEPTED TO JOIN!! talking about a
bad concept!! i mean if you first have
to pay someone to join your crew then
there must be something completely
wrong!! worst of all is all the things
he had to promise them (but lie about)
in order to keep them in gp. some
examples: "well , you'll get your modem
soon". did the modem ever arrive? no.
"well , i will send you some first-
release originals which you can
crack". did the originals ever arrive?!
no!! "well , i can get you on all the
conferences you want and give you all
the at&t cards you want."  did the calls
or cards ever arrive?! no way!! all this
proves that newscopy tend to be a highly
unreliable person.

newscopy: i highly respect your work for
propaganda , which is general speaking
really great. however , when you start
making such statements i begin to doubt
whether you really deserves this
respect. everyone can make a mistake ,
that's only human. but don't you think
it's time to stop all this nonsense?!

also , i have heard from several
reliable sources that newscopy also have
written quite offending stuff about us
on the boards , but during to the fact
that i can't call out for reasons which
should be logical (well , i have to
stand trial for hacking within a few
months and since my case doesn't look
too good and since the police might well
be checking every single (charge-free)
number i'm calling to there's noway i'm
currently capable of calling out) , i
haven't been able to check these
statements out myself...

anyways , i guess i most have proven to
any person with an iq on no lower than
50% below normal , that vision is the
real vision and not a fake one as the
rumours started by newscopy claimed....

ok , might aswell use the opportunity to
write the member-status of VISION for
all the mags etc. here it goes:

SATAN  (leader,cracker)
WOLF  (leader,main-swapper,pr)
X-RADICAL  (sub-leader,modem,fixer,
RAY  (sub-leader,cracker,coder)
DISHY  (swapper,modem)
MR.SMART  (swapper)
CRUEL  (swapper,modem,sysop)
XOSS  (swapper)
ZORE  (gfx,swapper)
DISK B.  (hacker,modem,sysop)
ICEBALL  (cracker,coder)
HEAVYHEAD  (swapper)
CAESAR  (sysop)

if you have any reactions or the like to
this article , please send them to:

WOLF/VISION HQ   (<please,write this on
XXXXXXXXXXXXX     the envelope)

or call us to discuss the matter voice
at one of these numbers:

           best regards, WOLF/VISION HQ

allright that's all for this time!!
there wasn't alot but damn they're long!

           ok see later dudes!  BIZ KID
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