Skyhigh 09 ch01 Editorial

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welcome to the last issue of skyhigh in

lots of noise - lots of people - lots of
weirdlooking people.
yes you're right i'm typing this edito-
rial at the party 3 in herning/denmark.

the time is now 14.40 and people keep
comming all the time.

so i better start by saying that you
should not expect to much of this chapta
coz it is allmost impossible to concen-
trate in this fucking noise..
but i won't let you down (boom booom -
boooom boom boom  - a little party immi-

          ok let's get started

first of all a huge thanks must fly out
to all you readers..
skyhigh is climbing the charts like hell
in 'news press #12' skyhigh climbed from
position 28 till 9. quite a massive jump
i think. and who is to blame. all of you
who give me you votes..
thanks pals.. keep'em comming!

ok let me continue the thanx right here
and right now.

cold beers and wet ladies flies out to
following dudes for spreading my sheets!

             luka of excess
         the authentic of maniax
              kbs of regina
      leech & echo of comic pirates
            happymaker of jam
         jazzcat of alpha flight

and some more which i can not remember
right now due to the fact that i have
left all the counted sheets at home, and
here's way to much noise (no concentra-

also a thanx must go to all ya composers
who send in exclusive tunes for skyhigh.

         keep on sending friends

this time i proudly present 3 new tunes
for you - ofcoz exclusive!!!

       thanx to following dudes!!

tune 1. : pri of tia & oxyron
tune 2. : red devil of fairlight
tune 3. : echo of comic pirates

check out the creditline in the textpart

by the way the tune by pri is a conver-
tion of a danish hip-hop band.i made him
convert it for me..


       what do you get this time ?

last time you got the key-controller. it
seemed like most people needed and liked
that. - this time we have made a info-
line for the composers.

furthermore i have decided to put the
tunes on the disk too. reason : i would
like the tunes to get more used. a kind
of tribute to the composers.

and then of coz the usual chapters. this
time interviews with :

         jazzcat of alpha flight

         red devil of fairlight

              jason of epic

             woise of maniax

the last one is linked to the boardnum-
ber chapter!

also the promised chapter from raz is
finally included. check it out..

ok enough about this issue - let's talk
about the upcomming issue!

           skyhigh issue #010

this issue will be a giant issue.. a lot
of chapters. many exclusive tunes and
even some surprises like.......

he-he fooled you. watch out friends..

also the addy chapters has to be expan-
ded into 5 chapters next time!!
but more changes might be there too..
who knows???

well i don't know what to write..
i simply can't concentrate in this noise

so i guess i will end this chapter with
the credits


     code & design by raz of camelot

   text & grafix by biz kid of oxyron

    music by pri, red devil and echo


time to pack this and spread like hell.

    biz kid is out of here for now..

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