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             spread the word

ok then it's time to another collection
of public announces, searches, addies
or in other wordz. another edition of

             spread the word

the first one this time should have been
    published in the previous issue..
 but i mixed up something. so i decided
     to bring it this time instead..
yo jvd! i hope that's ok - sorry anyway!


contact me for buying tapes or cd's with
top-hits. it looks like this :


 1. faces - 2 unlimited
 2. happy nation - ace of bass
 3. river of dreams - billy joel
 4. it keeps rainin' - bitty mc lean
 5. one night in heaven - m.people
 6. slow motion -leila k
 7. west end girls - east 17
 8. right here - swc
 9. slave to the music - twenty 4 seven
10. higher ground - ub 40
11. tu tatuta tuta ta - pinocchio
12. human behaviour - bj0rk
13. paying the price of love - bee gees
14. piece love aand harmony - cut'n'move
15. here we go - stakka bo
16. dream lover - mariah carey
17. ain't no love - sub sub
18. hells party - glam
19. boom shack a lak - apache indian

           october looks like:

 1. peach - prince
 2. got to get it - culture beat
 3. the key, the secret - urban cookie c
 4. little miss can't be - spin doctors
 5. sunday morning - earth wind and fire
 6. i don't like reggea - french connect
 7. rubberband girl - kate bush
 8. dum da dum - melody mc
 9. i'm the only one - mellisa etheridge
10. the ones you love - rick astley
11. aliennation - scorpions
12. tell me why - wynonna jud
13. u got me up - dajae
14. killing in the name of - r.a.t.m.
15. dancer is a daydream - ace of bass
16. you still think - prodigal sons
17. window of hope - oleta adams
18. cross my fingers - john hiatt

you can't buy these cd's or tapes in a
normal record store. so buy them at my
the price of 1 cd is 35 guilders.
you can also pay with american dollars
then it'll cost you 22 dollar.
the price of 1 tape is 15 guilders.
in dollars it'll cost you 9 dollar.

                       yours, JVD/FOCUS
in issue 6 i promised that i would bring
the invitation for the danish christmas-
party.but unfortunately i didn't recieve
it in time (i got in one week to late
from cruzer of camelot)
so now i proudly present you da facts on

             the party 1993

       you can't beat the feeling


 camelot invites you to the party 1993!

the partyplace is situated at scandina-
via largest conference centre :

           messecenter herning
               vardevej 1
              7400 herning

party start: MONDAY 27TH OF DECEMBER '93
party end: WEDESDAY 29TH OF DECEMBER '93

  the entrence price will be : 150 dkk


- room for at least 3000 persons.
- 600*400 cm screen!
- powerfull hi-fi sound!
- news, movies etc will be send at the
- 24 hour laserdisk movieroom!
- two cafeterias, a kiosk and a hotdog-
  stand at low prices!
- professional cleaning company, and
- good toilet facilities with more than
  25 showers!
- 24 hour entertainment!
- quiet sleepinghall, but you can sleep
  where you want to!
- brand new kyd/balle video production

       important - cult c64 show!!

on the first day of the party there will
be held a show of new and old demoz that
have ment something to the c64-scene!
but since our demo collection isn't
perfect, you are welcome to bring a disk
with your favourite cult-demos, and if
they are cult'n'cool enough we will show


there will be competitions on amiga 500,
amiga 1200, pc and ofcourse commodore 64
besides this, there will  be held some
crazy surprise comps!
the results of the compos will be deter-
mined by voting from the audience, so if
we in camelot compete there will be no

the deadlines for each compo will be
published at the party!

            prizes (in dkk!)

          demo     gfx     music
1st!      1024     512       512
2nd!       512     256       256
3rd!       256     128       128


all compos will be shown on an old c64
(old sid-chip)

          c64 demo competition

- standard rules (if any doubt ask us!)

           c64 gfx competition

- all formates are allowed
- the picture must be delivered as a
  run-able file
- we will only show pictures,which means
  that we won't play any music that
  follows with the picture!

          c64 music competition

- the music must be run-able!
- all types of players are allowed!
- there won't be shown ant text-screen
  which follows the tune


- we will not accept anybody selling
  food or disk without our permission!
- alcohol is not allowed in the party -
- we will win the demo compo (you do not
  have a chance!)
- troublemakers will be handed over to
  the police
- people who cause any damage will ofcoz
  have to pay for it!

               TO REGISTER

please send a slip to following adress!
please write :

number of persons comming
number of computers
want to reserve tables yes/no



i(biz kid) hope i'll meet all of my cool
friends there! so better be there, coz i
deffently will!!
   !a scener is missing some answers!

do we got a problem here?
yes! i have lately noticed that some of
my old contacts havent't sent for ages!
so i beg now that everyone that sees
this note spread it or even better tell
the people that it concerns to send...

   filth/ex-death     viper/rebels
   marcus/chromance   bulldog/spirit
   kazar/dunex        amarok/topaz
   scow/elysium       benno topaz
   spark/elysium      scapegoat/topaz
   fresh prince/epic  zore/elysium
   luka/excess        smash/visual r.
   baze/illusion      malcom/x-factor
   slayer/origo       enduro/flt
   pri/oxyron/tia     neotec/rebels


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   oi,ska and dm tapes
               and another
              yohoo contax,
well,l8ly i get da feeling i lost con-
tact with quite a lot of dudes,so i made
up this note 2 get in touch again...
so if ya swap with 1 or more dudes and
ya know that they're still active then
please tell it 2 me,and if that particu-
lar dude send b4 ya answer me,then ask
him 2 re-contact me!!!i would be very
gratefull of ya could help me out!!!
now these are da 1s i would like 2 get
back in my list:

- matt/w.o.w.          - black lady/tsr
- bordeaux/acrise      - nightdog/scl
- leech/c.p.           - moonstruck/ltm
- six/tempest          - storm sh./acy
- icarus/chromance     - malcom/x-factor
- benno/topaz beerline - dozo/accuracy
- phantom/t.s.r.       - jazzcat/rebels
- the mendrake/ex-flt  - light/trance
- godfather/pandora    - honza/hondani

well,if any of da listed dudes reads
this then just re-contact me at:


      or call me at:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

that's it,see ya l8r and take care of
yarselves and i hope 2 get in touch with
withas many as possible...
thanx 4 yar attention and thanx in ad-
vance 4 helping me out..
well no problem my pal; that's why i am
        here with this chapter!!

atlantis is in urgent need of artists +
 coders,,, for any further information
  although there's a crack-section now
     we still plan to release legal
  wares aswell (demos, intros, sounds,

just send any example of yar abilities 2

           AVALANCHE/ATLANTIS  (n.o.t.e)



friendship gives us the strength... gives us the motivation!

  another mag looking for more addies!

   wanna have your name in the pulse?
         then send a letter to!


           also for swapping!!

  the post is watching out for cheaters
 this cause a lot of problems for leech
             check it out!!

- this is amessage from leech of comic
pirates for all my contax. read it care-

well as the post in oelde noticed that
all my contacts are cheating, they just
keep your sendings and i don't get them,
so we'll loose contact soon! that's why
i want you to stop cheating untill the
end of this year or even longer, becoz
the post will think that all of you have
stopped cheating and they won't check da
sendings anymore. you can also try to
cheat better, but then i don't have the
guarantee to get your sending. so please
better stop cheating fo a while, or stop
it forever. the post in oelde has some-
thing against me and so they always will
check some sendings. not all,but perhaps
two or three. i'm very sorry for this
circumstance, but it seems that the post
in all countries is plannin'a revolution
all these rules only count for my for-
eign contacts, not germans!!
i hope all my contacts will read this
message,so that i won't loose any of you
stop cheating and we7ll have a great
swoptime without any problems!
that's it.hope to hear from you soon!!

                          yours leech...

comic pirates are searching for every
kind of new members. especially coders.
send your examples or contac list (- at
least 60 contax) to one of us.

         join us; we need you!!!

the next one have got my respec for his
message. you tmb if you see this please
gimme a reaction and consider joining
my federation!!

        mageditors versus nazi's

hello all sceners and especially all
our fellow mageditors.
this is the mighty bulldozer/entropy,
staff editor of the tribune.
i have an urgent message to you:

as you know,nazism in the scene is one
of the biggest threads to our friendly there is a project to kick out
all that crap.
we,the editors of the many c64 mags,are
after all the voices of the groups we
release our magazines for.
so a project has started to unite and
kick all nazi's from the scene.
here's how it works:
magazines united in mageditors vs
-refuse addies of nazi's
-don't list nazi boards (such as 3rd
reich with sysop adolf/censor)
-have no interviews with nazi's
-publish a list of known nazi's in
the scene

this project has started with the
tribune,bbs news,portmortem and gossip.
we ask YOU to follow.
write me to tell me that you're in and
together we will keep each other up to
date with the growing list of involved
magazines and the list of nazi's.
you know,it is not only for the nazism
but dealing with nazi's in your mag also
brings your mag down and that's the last
thing we want,don't we?

so join the mageditors vs nazi's now!

tmb/entropy  -  tmb produkties

hey you! guilty is looking for composers

we in guilty're searching for a talented
musician to join our forces. soif you're
interested please include some examples
of your work when you decide to get in
touch with us. (addy in addy-chapter)
also coders and graphicians are wanted.
well giga-butts,fct/guilty is off..

  call the guilty-amiga-section under:

  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     -    only legal!

  the last one is from the c64 legend :

hi friends..

 well, it has been a long time since i
have sat infront of a c64 and wrote a
note for my contacts and everybody else
who knows and who is interested in me..

 i know that i have quitted the scene
all of a sudden, and even couldn't make
a final spread to my contacts. well, i
know that i am guilty, but that is the
way it had to be..

 i have read several c64 magazines who
wrote that i have left the scene for the
amiga.. THAT IS WRONG. i decided to
leave the scene much before i joined my
amiga group, crystal. you all knew that
i had been swapping with about 170 guys,
and also editing the magazine SCRIPT.
those were really time consuming things
to do, and that was my main problem..


   i am growing older and older. i have
my own responsibilities in my life and
i have to do some things which my age
and enviroment tells me to.

   i have to earn my living. i have to
concantrate on things which are going to
play important roles in my life. the
time that the c64 took was a big big
problem, and i had the problem of not
doing anything i had to do. so there
was one choice, and that was leaving the
c64 scene forever.

AMIGA. that would be the last thing i
would do. i didn't. i have an amiga 1200
and i am using it for my job in a
studio. i started working in a studio
and we make effects and generics for
tv stations. i am using my amiga for
animations and 3d effects. if having an
amiga is going to save my life, i
ofcourse will have an amiga..that's the
way life goes..
c64 and my friends in its scene are the
best things that have ever happened to
my life. if i am doing something with
the amiga now, i owe this to my sweet
little c64.

  another things which effected me was
my girlfriend. a have been together
with the girl of my dreams for about one
year now. we have done and we have
shared so many things together, and we
are seriously thinking of marriage. most
of you, who has a girl knows this
problem.. when you have a girl, you dont
have that much time for a computer. and
if you have a girl which you are going
to share the rest of your life with,
then you have no time at all..

  if you have read the REFORMATION,
issue no:4, it was written that i have
left the scene because of my not being
able to go to the party in sweden. that
is wrong, it was a very sad event, but
ofcourse not the reason for me to leave.
  most of you are quite sorry about the
mag SCRIPT, but well, what can i say?
it was greta time with script, but
everything has an end. i always told
that script would never die and i never
would leave the c64 scene, but i never
thought that life would be so cruel..

  please don't blame me for leaving the
c64 scene. it had to be that way, and i
did it that way, i had no other choice.
i always will remember my friends i had
in this scene, because most of them
were so great, even better then my
friends in my district. i will never
you guys.

  a small request from me.. i have lost
all the phone numbers of my contacts.
i simply am dying to get phone numbers
of incubus/triad, nightshade/success,
sir maniac/sunrise and more.please, if
anybody wants to talk to me, just call
me from XXXXXXXXXXXXX or send a quick
note to the following adress..



  i would be very happy to recieve some-
thing from my contacts and anybody who
wants to drop me a line from the c64


                     Your friend always,

                         -- REMIX --


ok that's all for this time. i hope to
see you in the next issue of skyhigh!
untill then stay tuned..

                             enjoy life
                                BIZ KID
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