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           about jvd of focus

last time i promised you a exclusive zak
from jvd. well you got a cool tune from
him, but that's not all!!! nope - you
also got a interview with this cool dude

ok no more crap. enjoy this little talk!

+ tell us your handle & group ?


+ and your real name ?

- Jurgen Van Dongen

+ birthdate

- 15 - 06 - 1974 (i'm 19 years old now)

+ give us a small introduction of your-
  self! (age, country, personal facts,
  sparetime, other interests  and so on)

- hi there, i live in a big town in the
  south of the netherlands called BREDA
  i'm 19 years old and my hobbies are
  the c64, the amiga, playing tennis and
  going to the city drinking beer.
  the most of my sparetime i go to my
  girlfriend MIRANDA.

+ how did it all start?

- in 1983 i bought my c64 and played
  games till 1985. then i formed
  together with some friend a group
  called RIOT after riot died i joined
  TWINS when twins died i joined STASH
  then i had a break from 8 months and
  i could join HOUSE DESIGNS, so i
  joined them. i stopped together with
  slide and started FREELINE DREAMS a
  game producing group (we sold 2 games)
  then i got the chance to join FOCUS
  thats my current group and it will be
  my last group on this machine. (i

+ when did you enter the scene, and in
  which groups have ya been ?

- see last question.

+ what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

- i'm a musician and one of our 3 swap-

+ how did you get your handle ?
  please tell us the story!

- jvd are just the letters from my name
  (Jurgen Van Dongen)

         tell us about your faves!

+ favourite food?

- pizza, frites, chinese food.

+ favourite drink(s)?

- beer, cocktails

+ favourite music?

- house, reggea and disco music

+ favourite girl(s)?

- my girlfriend miranda

+ favourite movie ?

- jurassic park & basic instinct

+    favourite

     demogroup : black-mail, flash
                 crest, density
     crackergr.: succes

     coder     : zodiac

     magazine  : miracle, skyhigh

     composer  :, drax, reyn
     grafixer  : hein design, mirage

     cover des.: ?

     sceneland : holland

     demo      : dutch breeze

     game      : flimbo's quest
                 turbo outrun

+ and last :
  favourite friend(s) in the scene

- all focus members and all my contacts

+ well that was the faves, and among 'em
  was favourite friends.
  what about dudes you hate/dislike in
  the scene. ?
  if you got some please tell us who -
  and why you don't like them !

- i hate nobody in the scene

+ what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

- to be happy man and have a lots of fun
  i'll stay in the scene till it dies.

+ when the c64 dies(hopefylly many years
  from now !!!!) what will you do then ?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc. ?
  or simply quit the whole compy-scene?

- i think i'll jump over to pc or SNES

+ please tell me what a lamer is in your
  opinion ?

- a lamer is somebody who ripps
  everything, but says that he did it
  all by himself

  what do you think about the -
  'elite contra lame' thing ?

  is there anything we can do about it?

- sorry, but i've never heard from
  elite contra lame....

+          about your contacts

+ do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

- i think i've 25 contacts, like:

  - zyron / antic
  - joe   / antic
  - slayer / origo
  - oliver klee / mdg
  - jeff / camelot
  - galland / the cult
  - the syndrom / crest

+ do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  or mayby both from your contacts.

- i prefer legal stuff, but sometimes
  i want to have some cracks

+ do you use cheated stamps ?

- no...

+ why not?

- because of the post, they will steal
  all my sendings.

+ about demos : do ya like 'em ?
  is there to many or to few ?

- yes i like them very much, i wanna see
  more and more.

+ and the same for mags ?

- there are to many mags. if i've heard
  it right, then are there more than 100
  mags, i think it's to much.

+ if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

- i think the same guys who are now in


+ what do you say when i say :

+ group : focus

+ coca cola : pepsi

+ friendship : important

+ c-64 : cooool

+ girls : you need them

+ lameness : stays always

+ beers : taste very good, take one

+ magazines : sky-high

+ groupwars :

- not necessary

+ demos :

- i like them

+ parties :

- cooool

+ interviews :

- i like them very much

+ and last ' skyhigh ' :

- coool mag

+ ok we are close to the end now.

  so now you got the opportunity to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

- i wanna thank everybody ho is voting
  for me because in some mags i reach
  the charts (i like that very much).
  if there is somebody who wants to
  swapp with me then write to:



+ is there some guys ya wanna greet or
  tell something then better do it now .

- greetings to all focus members and to
  all my contacts and all my friends...

+ allright dude.that's it.
  we reached the end of this interview.

  i want to thanx you a lot for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  thanx a lot homie  !!!!

- eager done, see ya sometime (maybe in

  yeah or mayby in denmark at the x-mas
  party (in herning)

  that really could be fun pal!!!

  ok keep composing!!!!  keep the tunes
  comming from your stream!!
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