Skyhigh 07 ch08 The Biz-Mix

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              tha biz-mix!

hello, and welcome to this edition of :

              tha biz-mix!

last time i brought our encouragement to
join forces. though i brought it in ano-
ther chapter : 'mixed'  - but...
this time raz has stolen this chapter
for his own pleasure!!!

no serious he offered me to write how he
coded this mag, and i ofcoz i told him
to be welcome!!! - furthermore he has
agreed to write a chapter for every
issue concerning the basic structure of
mc-code in assembler !!
so for all of you who would like 2 start
up coding - better stay tuned!!!!

        ok back to the subject!!

last time i encouraged you to join our
new project! (i better explain to all of
you who haven't read the previous issue)

devil of noice and i (biz kid) had this
common idea to make an 'anti nazi demo'
so we decided to gather a lot of scene-
dudes to this important project..

the idea is to create a mega co-op demo
with parts from a lot of groups/sceners
the purpose is 1st: to show our opinion
on the stinking nazi-situation!!
2nd to create a legend in demomaking, in
the best scene ever, the c-64 scene!!
3rd to show all non-believers that this
computer is far from dead; that it is
alive and kicking!!

but the main reason for this demo is and
will be to express our opinion against
nazism..  for me it's the first step in
fight for nazi-free world!!!

           or in other words :

we must crush all nazism and fascism !!!

besides devil and me (biz kid) also raz
has got the status of organizer!!

well so far following dudes has joined
forces with the anti-nazi demo org.

         anti-nazi demo members


noice      DEVIL       coder, org.
 ---       draz        graphics
 ---       decoder     music
oxyron     BIZ KID     graphics, org.
camelot    RAZ         coder, org.
fiction    yoda        code
no name    gigabyte    spreader
jam??      maja        spreader

but we want more.. a lot more..
why not be a part of this very important
list!!! - why not join forces!!

     what we are searching for is :

    coders   - singlecoder or groups
    musician - musiclabels or groups
    gfx'er   - gfxlabels or groups

          but all is welcome..

some technial details!

grafix - all formats     (fli,
                          sprites a.s.o)

music  - all formats      single, double
                          quadro, octa

code   - the program should make a jump
         to a specific adress when space
         is pressed. it should be pos-
         sible to change this jump.
         please send a crunched version
         aswell as a raw file, and rem-
         ember to inform us where we can
         change the jump.

what you make in your part is all up to
you..  also the quality is not that im-
protant, what is important is to be a
part of this anti-nazi demo..

what really counts is to fight a battle
against the growing nazism..
we have to show our disrespect for this
phenomena; for this lowlife attitude!!

well i hope several guyz will join in
after this 2nd encouragement.
specially rebels who asked the scene to
do such a demo.. c'mon rebels..don't let
this demo down... you yourself asked for
such a demo in newspress #10.. but why
didn't you make a 'follow up' in issue#
11? i hope i'll find some rebels members
in the updated list !!

        and ofcoz YOUR name.....

later a note will be made and spreaded
for the masses..   i (biz kid), raz and
devil will work out a note with more spe
cific informations and spread it.
i guess this note will get spreaded at
the x-mas party in denmark!!!

 ok enough about that subject for now!!

also remember to join the good old doty

           (demo of the year)

  this demo will be arranged by antic.
don't let this demo down either. better
give it a big chance too!!  right!!


   ok to something absolute different.

on the b-side on this disk should be a
gfx-collection from me!!!

right now i'm having a meeting with raz
of camelot here at my place.the plan was
to finish this issue and release it, but
we decided to do something more.
so we made another raz+biz kid prod!!!

i made a lowres ( studio) format
font. i then ordered raz to code a gfx-
scroller and a gfx-shower..and so he did
or should i say do... coz it ain't done
yet! but it's almost finished!!
well the collection features 34 of my
logos made in the last 18 month..
this means that not all gfx is that good
anylonger.but who cares!!! i just wanted
to show it to the scene -no more,no less

so after reading the mag why not take a
look on the coll.

yo that's it for now! see ya in the next
edition of S K Y H I G H

                                BIZ KID
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