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             spread the word

yo yo yo!! once again i'm able to bring
ya another collection of important notes

     welcome to - spread the word -

     ok let's get bizzi right away!!

howdy folx!!!!

this is DEVIL/NOICE with a small
message to all my contacts.

it seems like sum-one in the post-office
is making sum xtra profit on stealing
discs, so if u haven't got anything from
me 4 a while, just send me another disc.
and i'll slam one to ya as soon as i
get yours.....

      my addy if you've lost it....



  it seems that more dudes has got the
        the idea of a coop-demo!!
        this one is from 'w.o.w.'

             HELLO FRIENDS

 well, first this small introduction...
i am einstein of the groups wow and cult
  i entered this scene a while back...
  (87-88) and was always proud to be a
    scener of this COMPUTER SCENE...

   my reason for writing this note?..
  i want to propose something namely:


   not just a coop demo.. nah.. but a
       coop demo with the THEME:

                the c64!

 what better theme can we think off?...
   i think that this demo could be a
            living proof of:

    2) the FURTHER/FUTURE of the c64!
    3) the remaining cooperation between
       some 'active' crews/guys!

i know it is a hard thing to do.. just
trying to get someone to work on some-
thing which might never come out.. but i
ASSUER you that this demo will come out.
with or without a lot a of cool parts..
this demo is NO competition  demo!!
i will just ask some personal friends to
code something but if someone else wants
to compete i WOULD BE GRATEFUL if they
would ask me for some more info.or would
tell me that they would COMPETE!...
i didn't plan a thing yet but wanted to
to spread this 1ST note to check out
whether there were guys/groups feeling
feeling something for this PROJECT!!
so if ya can give me a sign whether you
you would do something or not i would be
able to put something on paper and with
some help of ya guys i think more people
would be willing to join in!..
but the MAIN reason for joining in on
this coop demo has to be:

         THE LOVE FOR YOUR C64!

sure, there might be some groups which
would bring a 'low' quality part but
that isn't important!.. as long as you
care about the c64 (or have cared)

if you guys are planning to leave the
scene soon.. isn't there a better way to

i ain't promising anything coz at the mo
ment i have nothing... but it would be
so cool to dedicate one hell of a demo
to this computer... maybe it is foolish.
maybe not?.. please help me out and tell
me what you think!

              reach me at:




another scener's looking for some games
        give him a hand fellows!!

hi guyz! truss/dunex/fluid here!!
could some of you help me with these
games (100% versions, please.)

                force one
           mail order monsters
         death knights of krymm
                side arms
           midnight resistance
             chips challenge
               rapid fire
               blood money
               navy seals

(addy i addychapter 3)      thanks!

yo-ho BIZ KID of OXYRON here!!

i haven't heard from following persons
for a rather long time!!
if you see this then please send to me!!
 - if someone knows if one of the dudes
has stopped swapping or quit the scene
then please let me know...  thanx!!!

          count zero/x-rated??
          nightdog/silicon ltd
            smd/mechanix 2124
smile/clique (i'm waiting for the text!)
    andrea/varsity (has she quitted?)

   please recontact me if possible!!!


 one more scener who haven't heard from
        some contax for a while!!

          please recontact me :

     bitnapper/cp (left the scene?)

if you are one of my contax and haven't
heard from me in a long time.. then how
about dropping me a line..


          and another from awa

tsr (the second ring) needs more euro -
members. contact me now!!!



         this is a message from :

well,let me begin.

as the post in oelde noticed that all my
contacts are cheating,they just keep
your sendings and i don't get' we
will loose contact soon.and that's why i
want you to stop cheating untill the end
of this year,because then they'll think
that all of you stopped cheating and
won't chek the sendings anymore.but you
just can try to cheat better,so that no-
body will notice please
cheat perfect or stop cheating for a
while !!! i'm very sorry for this cir-
cumstance,but blame the post and not me!
well, i still will cheat many of my
stamps,because it seems that the post in
oelde is too stupid to notice that.

these things ONLY count for my foreign
contacts,NOT for germans !!!
so stop cheating and we'll have a nice
swapptime without any problems !!

              that's all !

if you've lost my addy,or so,here it is.

 leech/cp(n.o.e)    -4 swapping
 XXXXXXXXXXX        -4 network
 XXXXXXXXXXX        -4 russian roulette
 XXXXXXXXXXX        -4 metaltapes

by the way,we're searching for new membs
especially coders.if your're interested
send your examples,or your contactlist
(at last 60 ctx) to me or another comic
pirate !!!

that's all....


  our group +PARALAX+ has cracked more
  games in oz over the last two months
    than any other australian group.
  i would like this to continue! if you
  have any hot originals at your place
   then i beg you to send them to me!

       yes please. send them hot!!

 because of the slow commercial release
 in oz, i will probably never be able to
   swap originals back, but be assured
   that i will repay your kindness and
 friendship in the nicest possible way!

         !!!FRIENDSHIP RULEZ!!!

  if you are reading this and you don't
  swap with me then how about giving me
                 a try?

           ERRATIC of PARALAX

  this is the addy is for true friends
  only. if you are not into friendship
             then stay away!
  some say they are 100% reply - i am!

                    l8r ERRATIC/PARALAX
   a new group searching for members!

    hi , i'm terric of meta ,we are
    2 members in this little group
    me and groovy ... we asking you
    folks out there to join our group
    if you do something like doing
   grafix , coding , music ,swapp a lot
 help us do something cool out of this!
  to join: send mail whith your adress
and phone plus contribution(no rippings)


                bad karma..

hey guys! how's it? it's THE HEGG! of
BAD KARMA here with a note of pleas that
i hope someone out there can help me

in case you're wondering, it's about old
australian wares, and i've put a little
list of some of the stuff i'm looking
for.. if anyone can send me these things
i'll repay you twice over,
you name it, disks, wares, graphics, an
intro whatever! (except money - for a
start, i've got none so don't try it!)
now i know that some people out there
will have some of these wares, so please
send them to me as soon as possible!
that would be great and make me a very
happy man!

        so here's a short list :

- ohh mate/tour de future
- huh....../tour de future
- westpac/tera
- damnable/tera
- encapsulate/tera
- crystal air/oxygen
- ride on time/ikon visual
- visual realities/ikon visual
- reason 4 treason 1&2/ikon visual
- battling on/queensland copy federation
- any demos by mad except 'cold as ice'
- the deep/role(pure)
- any early demos from the force(aust.)

and that's basically it! in case you
want to swap old australian demos and
wares, i've got heaps, so send a list... the following address :

          (not on the envelope)

also send to me for joining, graphics,
rap tape swapping and our mag THE GRAPE-
VINE! all disks will be returned!

         ... LATER PEOPLE! ...

  the next dude has a lot of his mind!!

for all who know 'ragman/cp' forget his
handle dudes. i changed it into 'echo'
and i am now in excess.forget also my
addy, if you want to contact me, as i'm
not going to answer EXCEPT you are a
musician.. why ? terrorizing stress like
school, the state etc..

one exception! you can also contact me
if you are another productive guy (coder
or gfx'er)
but in this case there's no guarantee
for any return. that depends on you, not
your abillities or if you are a socalled
'elite' but on the way you contact me!!
better try without disc first. it is
cheaper porto and if i don't wanna swap
you don't loose a disc.

             what about cp ?

some guys say that comic pirates is dead
i also thought so. things went wrong in
cp and big trouble (internal trouble)
splitted them. brix, venice, and me (ex-
ragman) went over to excess.
so it seems that cp is not able to pro-
duce anymore, but fortunately that is
wrong. they are searching for grfx'ers
and coders now.
so if you wanna join then write to :

               pj dynamix


please add an example of yer work!
style is more important than hard-code!
(the way of coding does it!)

           the future is now!

a message or better a small appeal to
all sceners! time has passed since the
first c-64 was sold and the scene got
built. legends like : 1001 crew, ikari,
dynamix, megastyle inc were found and
died.. they used to break rules of the
c-64. now in 1993 it is near to a point
where the c-64 has no limits to be bro-
ken anymore.
isn't it time to make things possible by
extending our c-64?
the scandinavians are a little step clo-
ser to the future i guess. they realized
that a 256 kbyte expansion ram is one of
the things that make the 64'er to be one
step closer to a perfect machine!
so buy a 256 kbyte ram expansion and you
will see, it won't take long and must
groups and guys will own a 256'er then,
and start producing routines which are
pure illusions today...

        do not react .... act!!!!

ok i think that's all for now, biz kid!
i myself have 4 broken fingers now..
i wish you alot of fun typing this crap.

                        yours sincerely

  yeah that really was a lot of fun to
     write all this text - hihaaaa!!

              no serious!!!

 this might be the fresh batteries which
    is needed for the ghettoblaster.
 the music is getting slower and slower.

what i mean is that we are a bit limited
by the tiny memory in our c64. i guess
that 256 kbyte ram would kick dis ruling
scene into new hights..

so far sky's the limit!! but now we have
a rocket. a rocket ready to take off!!!

catch the future and keep going higher!!

the last one is a little search from my
good pal : RAZ(tafa)

well the matter is quite simple:

i'm looking for some IRQ-IFFL tools/
                     packers/ routines.

it's necessary that it can handle very
large amounts of datas (500-600 blocks).

please send some info about the tools
also. thanks in advance...


ps. i'm looking for more coder contax!!

    you know where to send the tools.
if not then find his addy in the third
             addy chapter..

   allright that's all for this time!!

remember to keep sending your notes,
searches, public explanations and so on!

    ok i'm outta here!!!       see ya!!

                                BIZ KID
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