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so what does people think about the new

is it better,or is it just a big mistake
check out the reactions from the c-64
sceners. right here and right now!!!

so far a lot of dudes have given me good
credits for the changes.
ofcoz not everybody is satisfied. some
think the 'building up a screen' is too
slow, or the 'workbench' is lame or even
the entire new outfit is lame!! but most
dudes seem extremly satisfied with the
'new' skyhigh.

i myself am very happy for the new style
of this magazine; and i think many dudes
say the same! - let's go kick some butts
in the future and hope people keep read-
ing and enjoying skyhigh for the time to

welcome to the reactions for this issue!

i'll start with my dear swedish friend

well, here's devil with a little messy
to ya all.
i liked this mag so much that i bought
biz kid....
well anyway i like it with this new
design, as always nice gfx work by
biz kid, also nice menu,though it way be
a bit confusing to know which chapters
you have loaded, but in general:
good text, good gfx, good music and a
nice friendly menu/reader-part.

                        /DEVIL of NOICE

  yo henrik! (you little devil!!)
  thanx for the nize words!!
  i'm just wondering where the cheque is
  i haven't seen the 50.000 yet!!
  he he !!
  no serious; it's good to know that sum
  dudes appriciate the time i spend on
  making this mag!!
  it really makes me stronger and more
  inspired to continue my work!!
  -you mention one thing! you find it a
  little hard to know which chapters you
  have loaded! - well i don't think that
  is such a big problem !! you can see
  what chapter that's in the memory in
  the readingpart (the topic). and i
  guess you can remember what you have
  read and what you haven't!!
  ok i'll end for now!! have a cool time
  and enjoy this issue..(you better do
  coz you are the owner as soon as i see
  the cheque - he he he!!!!)

                                see ya!
                                BIZ KID

the next one come from another satisfied

yo skyhigh!
thanks a lot for a cool mag that has
grown even better because of the new out
fit and the growin amount of text.
so what more can one want? yes i've no
more moans, so i'll just wish you luck
and keep on doing this mag!

                       gigabyte/no name

(skyhigh:  it's hard to get there,
           but it takes you there!!)

  yo christian !!
  a short but nize reation from you!!
  well what can i say! - yo i deffently
  will keep doing this mag for a looong
  time. the new outfit has given me new
  inspiration and power to kick even
  harder from now on!!!
  nize slogan from you!!!
  so enjoy this mag and the upcomming

                                see ya!
                                BIZ KID

the next one is a very short one; and a
pretty direct one!

hey biz kid!
your new outfit is lamer than the old!!
so i prefer if u change it! intro was
damn nice!

  you leif !
  (fli of fluid!!!)
  well what can i say!! honestly i don't
  know if you're serious or you're joke-
  ing me!!
  but i presume you are serious!!!
  well to bad you think the old outfit
  was better. i myself deffently think
  the old one was boring. so i will not
  change it..
  but it's good to hear you liked the
  hope you'll enjoy this issue anyway!!

                                see ya!
                                BIZ KID

      ok here's another short one!!

your mag kix even harder now!
superb new outfit!
nothing more to add..

  and a short answer !
  thanx for the nize words!!
  hope you like this issue just as much!

                                enjoy !
                                BIZ KID

   the next one is from echo of excess
his handwriting is so small that i can't
  read it all, but i'll give it a try!!

a small reaction to skyhigh :

hmm, let's see what we have here..
nice intro with a cool tune. higher than
the average (introes!)
whoop, whats that!! i hate it..workbench
suxx!but let's go on and see if it works
ok. hmm seems so. nice thing 'raz' did..
ok,let's go load a chapter, ok?
waiting, waiting.. the loader must be
improved a bit..
yep, another nice upscroller. but ok,
what else should it be? therefore it is
rather smooth! has got a nice building
effect and either too less nor to much
text  in it.. back to the ....???(i have
to give up on that word!! - biz kid)
cool you can choose your favourite tune,
 fine.. another nice fact are the charts
not to much places as in other magz. so
you atleast have to do something to get
in! but hey what's that? a rather small
amount of points i see!!
- i think i've to tell our spreaders to
spread the new skyhigh sheet a bit, or
what? - ok back to the mag...
except one tune all are ok, and the one
is not that bad, but is not MY taste,
you know...
hmm anything to add??? - yep the news..
i don't know.. you said they're old??
addybook's news were old,this time, but
for sure not yours! so what's your bad
thinking about? be satisfied!!

all in all the mag belongs to the top
today!! nearly no other mag reaches it
2 combine perfect code with such a class
of text, ideas and style. (yoho update!)

so keep up the cool work and keep on
spreading sheets, and i think you will
climb in more charts than mine!!

                        sincerely yours

  yo echo!! (a small reaction????)
  what an reaction - wauhhh!!!
  thanx for the roses!!! - i must say i
  feel rather flattered!!
  except for the workbench you sounded
  very satisfied with the mag!!!
  ok you say the loader must be fixed!!
  i don't think so! the loader is rather
  fast i think (try compare it with the
  loader in the old outfit!!)furthermore
  the loader depacks the text while load
  ing!! - pretty cool i think -
  concerning the zak!! yeah now you have
  got the opportunity to choose between
  3 different tunes. but still it is not
  possible to satisfy all. reason : it's
  a matter of taste ( just as you say
  about sheet spreading. yes you are
  right, the sheet is not spreaded good
  enough. but i'm working on it!!
  -and you do not find the news old(eh!)
  well i'm happy to hear that!!!

  ok i better end now..
  but thanx a lot for the very cool (and
  detailed) reaction!!!
  you really made me want to work even
  harder on the mag!! thanx a lot pal!!

                       have a cool time!
                                BIZ KID

  the next one is no rection from pat!!

your mag is much better now; mainly the

  yo patrick!
  please don't be angry coz i bring this
  little comment from you!!
  the reason why i do it is becoz you
  were one who wasn't satisfied with the
  'old' skyhigh at all!!
  i'm glad you like it now!!!

                                BIZ KID

  ps! please reconsider leaving the c64-

next one is a part of a papernote from a
         polish friend of mine!

this 6th issue is such a great one!
i love have reached my top 3
mags! i always liked your texts, but now
with cool outfit, cool logo skyhigh is
great. keep on doing it.

                            maja/jam ??

  yo piotr!
  thanx for the very nize reaction.
  i'm really happy that you like my text
  and now also the outfit.
  what more do i want? - nothing!!!
  keep enjoying my mag pal!!

                              keep cool
                                BIZ KID

 the last reaction for this issue comes
            from dan of ozone

hi biz kid! your mag is really nice :
cool code, very good gfx and a nice text
unfortunately the musics (except #2 by
twoflower/twilight) weren't that great.
but that's not your fault...and anyway
it's  a matter of taste,so what?

                       yours, dan/ozone

  yo dan!
  thanx for the nize words from you!!
  concerning the music : well i don't
  find the other tunes bad at way
  but as you's a matter of taste
  what more to write!!!
  nothin' but enjoy this one too!!!!

                              keep cool
                                BIZ KID


allright that's the end of this chapter!
next time i think and hope that i will
be able to bring you a lot of reactions
from the readers!!

but c'mon..   give me a hand and send in
you opinion on this mag!!!

do you like it! do you find it boring!
or do you have some ideas for future-

           get bizzi ya'll...

                     a-b-c yaaaaaaaa!!!
                                BIZ KID
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