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             spread the word

  ok time for the (in my opinion) best
  chapter in this particulary magazine

     welcome to - spread the word  -



this is a tiny little message 4 you all!
allright...i'm searching 4 more sceners
to swap DEMOS (new and old ones) so if
you collect demos or just like to spread
them (legal people and so) SEND ME A
DISK AND DEMOLIST and you'll get a fast
reply from me...for sure!

          send your packages to:



speaking about the lame post...

today i got some packages back from the
postoffice...saying i didn't follow the
rules of their system...they have opened
all packages and checked everything (i
know they've got a c64 at their hq...)
and after a week i got them back...

anyway,if it happens,you maybe get no
disx from me (if the post keeps it) or
you'll get it much later (delay???) so
if you didn't hear from me since a long
time (maybe a year ago,as the post does
such things too much) then let me know
right away! you'll get answer fast...

please remember....
and he continues now with another scener

hi here are light/trance and cat/excess
with a very important messy for you!

the post in horst are sick of your
cheating!! we mean : cheating, use port-
paid and not enough stamps! i (light)
went to the office a few days ago as
they only send me cards.. i could get
the shit after paying... there they said
that i don't get the sendings anymore
wich are kept by those assholes!
so, everyone who sends with the shit
above will get his sending back or maybe
not... or get troubles!
so, when i entered 1 day later at the
office they said that they know that
cat/excess cheat his stamps! (me not!!)
hahaha... so cat will get troubles b'coz
of my cheating! isn't that funny!?
anyway.. cat will also write some shit
so here he is!!!!! here...

a few days ago,i got some fine-cards
from the postoffice that i had to pay
the fuckin' packages from you or else
i didn't get 'em...i did not the same
as light (he did pay and then he got
some troubles) but i just throw those
cards away,becoz i had this more often.
so now i heard (i suspect something like
that anyway) that i am in ther 'black-
list' so from now on never cheat or use
a port paid-stamp (hey dutchies!!!!)
becoz they'll check every sending very
carefully...shit... anyway i  won't use
any port-paid anymore!!
anyway,there in den haag they know that
i do it,as i got some months ago some of
my sendings back from there (hq-post in
holland) so it seems they've got a c64
there...  very weird that suspect me for
sending out,while light get most of the
fine-cards (he's started megaswapping

so NEVER cheat again (or cheat very,very
very carefully) or we will get trouble!
so no port-paid (dutchies!) etc.
it seems impossible that you will get in
trouble but...

           damn the dipshit...

       so you're warned!!!!!!!!!!!

 cat/excess and light/trance are off...

      the post really suxxxxxxx!!!

well another swapper cuts down on his
contax!!            read on....

NITRO of REBELS will stop the job as a
swapper for the understood
it in the right way and this is not only
a joke.let me tell you first the reasons
for my decision

i lost the fun in the socalled FRIEND -
SHIP swapping.if you try to send always
of a good quality and recieve nothing
back as these shitty low budget cracks
you sooner oo later will hate this.
i know that nobody can do something not
possibly.but i for my person wait better
before i have no other stuff to send to
my contacts.

i am studying at the university and this
needs more time as the school ever did!

i will get more active in another scene
in the know that i'm a member
of the i got a
contract with a label which will release
my tracks.

now you have read all the facts and i
have to tell you nothing more actually.
here is the list of the contacts i will
keep on swapping with in the future.
some of them were my first contacts.
i also tought to retain at least in each
scene country one contact.

         starlight of bronx
            walker of genesis project
       the syndrom of crest
    derbyshire-ram of illusion
             brush of elysium
           bulldog of spirit
         dr.lecter of creatures
               tdj of focus
               mms of taboo
           romulus of creatures

           and nobody else...

please take this like it is and do not
be angry about me if you can not find
your name in my was'nt an easy
decision for me!

bye to all my friends in the big world!

yo yo yo CHECK this out everybody!!
come on keep the scene more alive than
ever with doing this demo....

   D E M O    O F    T H E    Y E A R

hello everyone, this is ZYRON of antic
and i have some important words to tell
you... we in ANTIC have decided to take
up an old idea which died some years ago
namely DEMO OF THE YEAR '93!

we've discussed it a little and thought
that it would be a good way to get some
action in the scene, like in the good
old days, and also a good opportunity
for all groups to really show what they
are made of.

-only one part from each group.
-when you press space,a file called
 "(m)" should be loaded and the program
 should execute a jump to $0801.
-the demopart, when crunched, musn't
 exceed 202 blocks.
-we must have your part crunched and
 ready before the 1:st of december 1993.

now we really hope that you will support
this idea and make it as big success as
it woz in the old days.
and we would also appreciate if the
groups that are  slowly "dying" would
support us by using this opportunity to
get their last production spreaded, and
hope fully this will be a milestone in
the c-64 scene.

  the addies where you should send your

 depeh/antic         zyron/antic


                      /the antic-gang..
     time for an important note from
       satan of the ancient temple

i have to stop swapping for a while bcoz
i want to buy my house,which makes me
short of money including disks.if any of
my contax still send to me,they will,
ofcoz, get all their disx back.
i will be starting again in 2-3 weeks.
i hope!!!

            sorry to you all!

all the disk i have recieved so far WILL
be returned,including the new guys that
sent to me.

             see you all soon

yo! i myself am looking forward for the
next satan sending.   see ya harry!!!
ok the next one is a dude missing some
demos and old contax!!!

hello one and all! FREDDIE of X-FACTOR
is back to write a little note. i really
hope,that you can help to get the fol-
lowing games and demos. - if ya have got
one of them,then just send them to me:


    remember no handle on envelope!!

i would like to get following GAMES :

    murder  -  little computer people
  sim city  -  kick off ii  -  hot rod
  trivial persuit  -  ultima vi (100%)

        and the following DEMOS :

          place in space/taboo
         dutch  breeze/blackmail
           4 years crest/crest
       wonderland ix/censor design

please don't hesitate to contact me to
get the latest x-factor wares or mayby
swap old games. - as the fuckin lame
danish post took most of my sendings
this spring, i lost some of my contacts

 any/collision       demon/x-hitmen
 droopy/intense      don pr./vagabonds
 dense/spirit        jetboy/elysium
 numskull/offence    rimtrix/wow
 the pentagon/enigma scotch/clique
 starlight/bronx     sylvio/triumwyrat

please help me!

future of today,legend of tommorow !!
the next two ones are concerning groups
who're looking for more members..

hello freax!
this is mr.friese of crossline/maitec
writing this.and the reason is that we
(maitec) need more cool members. so if
you are a good coder,gfx'er or composer
send us some examples and we think about
it!! so if you feel to join our label
let us know and write 2 this addy

pandaco/x-line/maitec     (noe)

XXXXXXXXXXXXX        4 joining,swap
XXXXXXXXXXXXX        100% reply for sure

or for swap write the one and only :


XXXXXXXXXXXXX          4 cool swaptime
XXXXXXXXXXXXX          100% reply 4 sure

both in germany
                   mr.friese signin'off


yo freaks out there !
you, yes you! you aren't in a group ?
good, yes good .because then you may
join us

interessted ? write to:

              snooze/cream         (noe)


         or call XXXXXXXXXXXXX

we're in search of all kind of members
especially in megaswappers,because we
will be THE spread group ever

         well another subject!!

i think that you all need lots of disks
and try to get them as cheap as possible
or? i got a great offer :

  prices for 10 disk SENTINEL 5.25'' :

     black ................ 2.40 dm
     black hardbox ........ 2.60 dm
     coloured ............. 2.60 dm

cheap or what! all disk are unused and
original packed! if you are interessted
to get some, then write on a paper the
amount,type   (black,color..) and send
the money or write (only for germans)
nachnahme,which costs much more!
if you send cash then only dm..please!!

               addy above


we are looking for some good coders -
music composers and grafixers for a coop
demo against nazism...

load 'join forces' for more information
or contact one of following dudes:



             BIZ KID/OXYRON




         no handles on envelopes


    i'm always looking for tunes for

              S K Y H I G H

 so to all composers why not make one
 for next issue!!

 just remember :

        location : $1000 - $1fff
        init     : $1000
        jsr      : $1003

  everything will be warmly welcomed!!

               addy above

                                BIZ KID

         the rising crew (trcw)

is searching for new members
mainly coders,but also gfxmen (or women)

write to mar/trcw (addy in mag) or send
your examples to

              master s/trcw

we in guilty are searchin for a talented
musician to join our forces.if you're
interessted please be so kind and send
me some examples of your work or just
call me (++49)0544223529 (marco) for
further information.

       thanks for your attention!

                    signed : fct/guilty
i'm searching for a cardhacker who can
'hack' a card to a skilift (skicentre)
(coz i haven't got enough money to buy
one every time i visit the place!)
(change a one-day card to a whole year-
               addy in mag

             raz of camelot
     i'm looking for these programs

music editors :

               voice tracker
               double speed editors
               triple speed editors

games :        wrath of the demon
               gnome ranger
               night orc.
               babarian ii

tools:         katakis con.kid
               shoot'em con.kid ii/afl
               dir.god (with a working
                        stamp editor)

           addy in addy corner

          can anyone help me???

  where do i find 'rivers polusion' in
           'pool of radiance'


send the answer to truss (addy in mag!!)

or send it to skyhigh and i'll publish
it in a upcomming issue..

howdy 8-bitters!
i've just returned from the now lame
amiga scene,so i am in need of many cool
and fast swappers to trade legal and
illegal stuff and vhs-movies (but only
new & uncut english or germans versions)
impulsive is also an amigagroup but we
will try to do brilliant cracks & demos
for the good old c-64.
don't dissapoint me, cause i will leave
the scene again if it is too lame!!

send to
         conqueror of impulsive

+             XXXXXXXXXXXXX
+             XXXXXXXXXXXXX
+             XXXXXXXXXXXXX

please write only the marked lines on
the envelope because i got busted in 88
because of some guys who wrote my handle
you may cheat your stamps at the moment
but try to do it intelligent or leave it
i want to be honest! not everyone will
get a 100% reply,but the chance i quite
high if the stuff is ok! you can also
send older stuff because i was absent
for quite a period.

      well that's the end for now..
next time i hopefully can bring you the
invitation to the danish x-mas party!!!
 so better grab issue 7 for more info!!
       untill then - stay tuned!!
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