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           yo... this is axis

   and another chapter of the skyhigh

   in this issue you will find reviews
         of the following demos:



  so let's start with the first review!

             ecama fluorid:

intro: in the intro you see a 3d
------ starfield with multicolour plots,
       a 1x1 scroll and an average logo.
       the sound is nice.

1.part: in part one there is a normal
------- eci-tech-tech, like you perhaps
        know from an old camelot demo,
        the usual 1x1 scroll and a 3
        coloured logo which looks a bit
        like drawn in 1988.
        the only special thing at this
        part is the menu, in which you
        can edit your own sinus-waves.
        the sound is a bit weird.

2.part: the second part features some
------- very fast, but ugly looking
        shadebobs and ofcoz the usual
        1x1 scroll (great oxy-design).
        this time the sound was really
        nice choosen.

3.part: this part really surprised me.
------- it features some slow but real-
        time calculated filled vectors.
        a nice work done by wiz (cool).
        the graphics seemed also getting
        better. a really nice part and a
        nice framemeter idea.
        also a nice tune.

4.part: after those stunning vectors wiz
------- presented his multi-elastic-line
        which is really fast (nearly as
        fast as the one, done by graham)
        again some nice gfx and a tune
        done by the syndrom (great).

5.part: the next part featured a bob
------- routine, which is pretty fast,
        but there is only one sinus wave
        and another bad thing is the
        bad design of this part(hehe).
        the music is old but nice.
        the gfx are not bad, too.

6.part: and again a part done by wiz.
------- he presents a fullscreen fli
        plazma. i think i can say this
        is the main effect in this part,
        except of the music by syndrom.

7.part: another vector presentation of
------- wiz/orgado. this time 7 color
        vector bobs. surely a hard code,
        but again bad design. nice tune
        and gfx.

creditz: code  - wiz, penta, mad cat
-------- gfx   - vangelis, redman, penta
         sound - syndrom, o'neill, peace

comment: this demo really surprised me.
-------- the coding standart is far over
         the average. the gfx are only
         logos, but some of them were
         nice. the most tunes were done
         by the syndrom/tia/crest
         (exclusively) and ofcoz nice.
         i think wiz could become a
         second tts in this scene.
         i think each coding freak has
         to get this demo for his

rankings: code   - 8.2/10
--------- gfx    - 5.5/10
          sound  - 7.6/10
          design - 3.5/10
          all    - 6.2/10


         crystal sheep / charged

intro: the guys of charged present an
------ intro with some interlace logo
       movement, some movie flashers and
       a nice logo. the sound is also

1.part: something like a 3 colour plasma
------- in the sideborder, no special
        design but again nice gfx and

2.part: this part features all border
------- vertical bars. they seemed to
        be made with 8 stretched sprites
        there is music which is not so
        nice. i think this is all
        important for this part.

3.part: in this part sir presents
------- 1.some very slow vectors
        2.256 sin-plots in 1 direction mora (sinus lines)

        the logo has some really weird
        colors, but the sound is nice.

4.part: again one of those boring 2048
------- plotterscrolls. the routine
        looks a bit like my one in
        coma light 8. the tune is
        not bad, but again some weird
        colours in the logo.

5.part: do you like bobs - we don't.
------- these bobs in part 5 are only
        moved in one direction, but
        they calculated some nice sinus
        waves. the logo has got some
        nice outlines, but the sound
        is a little bit boring.

6.part: this part features a pseudo
------- line vector calculated with
        sinus waves. they use 3 colours
        and some shadow effects.
        the logo is not so cool, but
        cool sound.

7.part: now there follows a nice shade-
------- lines part, which looks like
        the one from coma light 9.
        7 colours are used and normal
        lores. the design of this part
        is nice and there are some nice
        painted trees.

8.part: this is the end part of this
------- demo. it has got a stunning fast
        bob metamorphosis. this effect
        looks pretty cool. the sound
        and gfx are ok.

loader: the loader is a nice irq-loading
------- system. they used some really
        cool gfx done by cronos in it.
        the ideas in the loader are nice
        except of one which features
        something like a swastika

creditz: code  - sir art, jackal
-------- gfx   - cronos, stone
         sound - compod

comment: this demo from charged is a
-------- nice designed demo, which got
         a not too bad code and some
         cool gfx by cronos. the sounds
         are also cool. i think you
         have to get this one for your
         collection. it's no super demo
         like e.g. wonderland x , but
         it's nice...

rankings: code   - 5.9/10
--------- gfx    - 6.6/10
          sound  - 5.8/10
          design - 6.9/10
          all    - 6.3/10


  so that were all my reviews for this
   issue. i hope you have enjoyed this
 chapter, but now press fire to read one
        of the other chapters...

             axis is off...
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