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  last time ya read about datalame'93
  in this chapter!

and in that chapter i promised that next
issue would have a party-report from :


and as ya might know then i am no lier
and that's why i proudly present you the
report from da great tcc party in sweden


as you might know then light and horizon
was the organizers for the c64 part of
this party.

it took place at : 'SVENSKA MAESSAN' in
gothenburg / sweden.

the dates  : may 29th  -  may 31th

    but let's move on with the story

well i had had alot of phone calls and
lettercorrospondence with the rest of
oxyron about the details.

we had made an agreement that we should
drive in two cars to sweden.

so 9 people gathered in germany!

  tts - axis - graham - machine - slide
  peace - scrapper and pri (all oxy's)

        and then death of topaz

they invaded the cars of scrapper and
machine and drove north to pick me up

well the deal was like this :

they should pick me up between 7.30 and
8.00 - so i had my alarmclock set on 7
but guess what!   the suckers came at
6.45     ahh shit!!!!

well i was ofcoz sleeping. but not for
long. well i dressed and fixed a bottle
of booze and then we left!!

some hours later we arrived at frederiks
havn. but ofcoz we're there way to early
as a matter of fact we were the first
there at all!!

time went and we crossed the ocean and
then .... then we were in gothenburg!!

few minutes later we found the party-
place. we parked and went in.
luckily we came some hours after the
opening - so we didn't had to wait in
long lines. we just went in and paid the
amount of 180 swedish kroners and that
was it !!        cool.

but oh shit there wasn't much place left
for the oxy's. but we managed to get a
place near the toilets . oh yeah that
really ruled. seeing every dude who
wanted to take a dump or what ever they
were up to..

we got our equipment connected and star-
ted working....

we checked out the place and found most
of the known groups.(or single persons)

           to mention a few :

  censor - fairlight - camelot - noice
 topaz - trance - antic - extend - triad
   eastgang - twilight - booze designs
 crest - tia - msa - maniax - wrath des.
  gothic - paralyze - megaunit - padua
    creatures - no name - nordic beat
       and problably a lot more...

(hi to everybody who was there!! c64's!)

well time went on! - and deadlines was
getting closer..
things was finished and delivered to the
organizers in time... (well alomost any-
thin was !!)
         but then what happend??

the organizers hadn't any commy to show
off the c64 stuff. so we had to lend out
the VERY old breadcase of tts. so with
one c64 less my own commy was in use all
most constantly. so most of the time i
just partied around talking to freax !!

another oxy'er joined our table : rrr

 all in all 10 oxy-dudes gathered!!
9 germans and one dane - pretty cool eh!

hours after hours went and we started
doing crazy things. graham had this idea
to write a huge scroll text..
and so we did.. peace and i (biz kid)
started a friendly war on the keyz..

   just wait for this weird scroller..

after lots of bytes filled with dirty
words we stopped and drank a beer...

but now peace wanted to booze..i didn't
want to. but he knew i had a bottle of
bacardi (or something like that) and he
kept pushing me. and as the weak person
i am i said yo. and then we boozed!!!

shit we had a lot of fun!!! right peace?

--- well here comes a sad thing that
    happend right after the booze..

some lamers.. walked around the halls
with berets and balaclavas (a kind of
cap with holes for the eyes (the kind
bankrobbers use)) the went round with
airwolf doing sieg heils - saluting
hitler and nazism..

fuck fuck fuck - i was ashamed to see it
-how low can people go!!!

i just don't get it!! why do people do
such shit!!


lets join forces against such fuckheads

well i better stop before i get really

            back to the story

well they expected all people to make
room for them so they could get through.

but i was getting kind of drunk (and be-
sides that - nobody tells me what to do!
specially not when i'm a bit drunk!!)

well i got very pissed of these small
fuckheads and we allmost had a fight.
but we calmed down and nothing happend!!

         and i continued boozing

after i almost consumed 3/4 of the rum
i suddenly got tired and went to sleep.

well 6 hours later i woke up and joined
the rest of the group again.
i hurt all over my body. coz the sleep-
hall was hard as stone..
well this must be a fuck to the organi-
zers coz in their invitation they wrote:

that the sleepinghall would have a soft
fitted carpet. but there wasn't - fuck.

well now as we talk about things that
was not satisfactory i will continue :

           in the invitation :

         2 high quality screens:
           24 hours restaurant

       and the actual situation :

only 1 screen but that was ok - and the
sound equipment was cool aswell.

about the restaurant: 24 hours my ass
the restaurant closed every night.that
really sucked.. and i think the food
was too expensive..  40 sek (about 10dm)
for a hackermenu (a hamburger with some
french fries and a small coke)
well i think that was lame.

        and another huge problem:

there wasn't any showers!! which ment no
possibility to take a bath/shower!!

i myself went to the girls bathroom to
wash my hair in the zink..

imagine thousands of freax who hadn't
showered for 3 days  -  yummy yummy!!

beside these facts it was a real well-
organized party..

  finally it was time for the compos..

  i'll mention the people who competed


          odysseus/the eastgang
+ max-mix by zakk (edelweiss samples)  +
           bengt bj0rn/matrix
       mr giga and agemixer/astral
          fozzie/gothic design
            quan and evony/nb
+     creeper/antic (snap samples)     +
+      ed/wrath designs (samples)      +
+   joe/antic (hiphop techno samples)  +
+    tmt/wrath (2 unlimited samples)   +
          d'arc/topaz beerline

+ = samples


            black samurai/cml
            tmt/wrath designs
   mehli/ultimate (fake : westbam sux)
    death/topaz beerline/mystic arts
      creeper/antic (fli-interlace)
   biz kid/oxyron (yo i know this guy)
        joe/antic (fli-interlace)
 luka/excess (a simple but coool piccy)
      private soldier/the eastgang


             lunacy 7/antic
        graveyard/topaz beerline
        jerkland/digital designs
     totally stoned ii/booze designs
           comalight 10/oxyron
          wonderland 10/censor
          imse wimse get/noice
           light (just a fake)
           illusion (i think)

camelot didn't manage to finish their
demo (but they told me that it will be
released later right slammer!!)

well this was all the competitors for
the c64 competition..

      well i have to mention this:

during the compo the organizers put this
note on the bigscreen (or something like

at this time there are a lot of thieves
walking around.better check your stuff.

everybody rushed down to their equipment
and checked (i didn't get anything sto-
len - but i heard that a guy got his
amiga 1200 stolen. - why does people do
such things????)

well time went on and finally the price
ceremony should take place!!

but this was the only (well almost)thing
which was delayed. we had to wait 1 hour
and 15 minutes but what the heck!!

first came the reults of the atari and
pc compos.and then the c64

     and the reults are as following

place    person/group              money
                            swedish kr.


  1.     ed/wrath designs        650 sek
  2.     ratpoisen/noice         550 sek
  3.     fozzie/gothic design    300 sek

  4.     zyron/antic
  5.     matrix/nordic beat
  7.     twoflower/twilight
  8.     sandman/megaunit
  9.     thor/extend
 10.     decoder/noice
 11.     chock/maniax
 12.     argon/extend
 13.     zakk/liquid
 14.     danko/censor design
 15.     odesseus/the eastgang
 16.     mr.giga and agemixer/astral


  1.     joe/antic               700 sek
  2.     creeper/antic           550 sek
  3.     electric/extend         250 sek

  4.     dragon/censor design
  5.     death/topaz beerline/msa
  6.     black samurai/camelot
  7.     dane/twilight
  8.     ogami/fairlight
  9.     tmt/wrath
 10.     tgi/paralyze
 11.     jason/twilight
 12.     mehlhirn/ultimate  (how lame!!)
 13.     BIZ KID/OXYRON  (he he rrr!)
 14.     RRR/OXYRON
 15.     luka/excess (not fair voted!!)
 16.     stasi/noice


  1.     wonderland 10/censor   4800 sek
  2.     totallystoned 2/booze  3900 sek
  3.     lunacy 7/antic         1300 sek

  4.     imse vimse get/noice
  6.     graveyard blues 3/topaz b.
  7.     rashomon/illusion
  8.     runemania/fairlight
  9.     jerkland/digital designs

  and the i've heard that the winner of
  banner-competition was : fairlight!!

well there is a little story to the
music results.:

see the winnertune was only samples!
and as you might know this is not relly
accepted in the music-scene.

well ed of wrath designs (i thougt that
wrath was dead ed!!) grapped the mic and
told everybody that he didn't think he
derseved to win. he said that the real
winner should have been pri/tia/oxyron

and he offered him the price! but as a
gentleman pri refused.
-then he(ed) offered pri 70% and 30% for
himself coz he had no money and he was
hungry!! - but once again pri refused!!

well this 2 dudes have all my respect.
they showed the one and only way to keep
the scene. they acted as real gentlemen
and not as some lousy assholes..  great.

after the the price ceremony we packed
our stuff and went to the cars..

well i must mention a few forgotten

the swedish television was at the party
and recorded a tv report.this was later
on the news and also live on the big-
screens..    and the people went mad!!!

another thing don't forget the kyd and
balle show - always  a pleasure to watch

and a thing i observed: the power-supply
it didn't fuck up at all : great!!!

well i guess that was it!!


this was one of a hell party.very well-
organized. except for a few things (you
know what!!)

i would like to thank the staff for a
very cool party.  and i hope there will
be a 'light/horizon' party in 1994!!

          i'll sure be there!!



 we (oxyron) was lucky to catch a ferry
     1.5 hours earlier than planned

here we had a lot of fun spending the
rest of our swedish kroner on food and
stuff from the tax-free shop.

to mention a few things :

    cool neon-yellow child sunglasses


 carlsberg elephant-beers (right peace)

as we hitted frederikshavn/denmark the
weather was gettin bad.and further south
the weather was getting more and more i reached my placed it was
raining cats and dogs.  but the rest of
the oxyron posse still had about 140 km
to go. tuff luck...


here the party report ends.i hope you've
enjoyed reading it.if you wasn't ther i
can only say : you really missed a good
time. better be there next time...

and last i will use the opportunity to
say hi to some of the guyz i meet there:

luka/excess - very cool to meet you,i
              hope we'll meet again soon

tgi/paralyze - hi you crazy dude..

and all the others:

         gobus and neil/no name
    earthquake and code 18/indigents
          odysseus/the eastgang

      and all the forgotten ones !!

and last a big thanx must go to  :

             devil of noice

for the results!!

                               BIZ KID
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