Skyhigh 05 ch13 Reactions

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ok time for the masses to express their
opinion concerning this magazine.
or in other words -time for some reader-

ok i will start this issues reactions
with a letter from : luka/excess !!


hey biz

your mag is cool..really cool and you
are also cool! yep! i'm really interes-
ted in da new outfit! as the old wasn't
that cool! don't even think about decite
the crack-groups charts!!  then i will
get angry! ahahagrgr..  ok go on doing
your cool mag - it's ruling!!!

yo luka! first of all i must thank you
for the nice time we had in sweden - i
hope we'll meet again soon..
second! thanx for the nice word in nitro
issue 11.
ok to your reaction!! yeah boy i'm also
looking forward to the new outfit.coz i
was getting tired of the old one too!!
at the time being i havn't seen anything
yet,but i'm sure it will be coool!!
but i'll return to the outfit when i see
it ok!!
ok ok ok i won't drop the cracker charts
coz i don't want you to get mad  hehe!!
and last,sure i will keep doing this mag
as long some sceners ask me to!!
ok have a cool time 'till we meet again

                     your friend to end

                                BIZ KID


 the next reaction comes from a guy you
 have seen in this chapter before..
 actually he has been here everytime
 of coz it is scow of elysium


yep again i must say that the fourth
issue was quite a success! why didn't ya
bother to fix the logo in the intro ?
it said "...issue 3".come on man it does
not show much interest for the magazine
if you can't bother to fix a small thing
in a logo.anyway..the amount of text is
perfect.all the text needs is just more
of those original topics or whatever.
oh,why did you use 1.1 discside for the
mag,when you can pack the text and it
won't take even a half's is very
good if you can pack the text
is unpacked which takes TOO much space
anyway don't leave so many free lines to
the ?????? of the text because that take
some blox out from the da disc.i know
that in that way the chapter will look


yo scow once again a reaction from you
that's cool!!!!
ok let me begin. yeah i know it was lame
of me not to fix the logo error.but..
i just discovered the error as i had
spreaded the mag(i packed it in sweden)
and then it was too late,so i thought
what the heck!! i promise this will not
happend again..

concerning the lenght (1.1 discside)
yes once again you're right that was
lame too. but let me explain why!!!
my chapters so far are not packed.the
reason for this is that this require an
unpacker in the magcode. and there isn't
such a routine build in. i'm no coder so
i couldn't fix it.and that's why the
size of issue 4 sucked!!

but i'm sure this is no problem in the
new outfit.

well at last i'm not trying to gather a
few extra blocks by writing the text sum
lines lower. this is simply a matter of
taste - ok??

well what other 'original topics' do you
have in mind?? - why not write a chapter
for me and i will judge it??

  ok i hope to hear from you real soon!

                                BIZ KID


      here is a few thoughts from :
           caine of creatures


- how about coder charts?
  i think coders are the most important
  people in every group,not swappers,
  crackers etc...  (jfk rules)

- simple but nice mag !

- nice loadermusic in #02!

yo caine thanx for the idea! i think i
will add single-coder to the next sheet!
-but i do not quite share your opinion
about who's the most important!!
it is very hard to say who is the most
important in a my opinion the
most important is the cooperation be-
tween all the know no single
race but a unit!!!   grasp it??

thanx for the nice words and look out 4
the new outfit!!!

multivitaminen und vaffelvectoren rulez!

                                BIZ KID


          and another one from:
        forbidden cult of guilty


well dude,i don't know if i shoul judge
you mag a rather cool one or not,but any
way i like reading it.
so as you promised a new outfit it could
only be better eh? and as you shown me
some of the new outfit's gfaphics on the
party,i expect the mag to rise int the
charts.however,your graphics are cool
and the text are too,so i don't give a
fuck on the rest......enjoy life jesper.

                   forbidden cult/guilty

yo marco thanx for the words!
i havn't seen the new outfit yet but i
can guarantee it will be a lot better
than the old watch out for it.
ok what more to write???
no more than a good life to you too!!!

                                BIZ KID


- hey biz kid,the first two issues were
nice! try to improve the text,but the
grafix are really don't change
that. - use another tune!


yo robert great you like the mag.but i
hope/think you have seen issue 3 + 4 too
coz then you'll see there is more text
(coz i think you mean the amount of text
when saying i should improve it)
grafix : well there will be some new gfx
in the next outfit and the same with
ok enjoy this issue and send me your new
                                BIZ KID

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