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yo this time i'll start with some words
from nantco about the groningen-meeting
how to take part in this wellknown event
 but i'll let nantco tell himself !!

 welcome to the wonderfull world of the
           groningen meeting

as time passed, we decided to bring you
another update about the groningen

yes we shall return in september after
the summer break.

let us start with telling ya some facts:

* easy bus-connection from the station.
* only for the c=64 freaks !!!
* bar inside for cheap drinks & snacks.
* cool meeting according to scene dudes!
* entrance is only (!) 3 dutch guilders.

mostly the fourth saturday of the month.
and to make it easy, i'll tell you the
right dates! (right nantco?)

          25   september   (4th)
          23   october     (4th)
          27   november    (4th)
          18   december  * (3rd)

but can i come to this meeting
i hear you all (not all) cry?
well come to groningen cs and take buss
6 or 16 (every 10 minutes) and it'll
take you to beijum. and ask the driver
to kick you out at fultsemaheerd!
the place is:

        buurtcentrum de kleihorn
            fultsemaheerd 87
           9736 ct  groningen

don't use this adress for any kind of
swapping !!!

call for info only tuesday from 19:00 hr

and on all other days from 14:00 hr.

  or try those adresses for more info:


 the next thing is a ask for help from
 the editors of megahertz.
 but read it yourself..

is here with an important note about our
diskmag MEGAHERTZ:

the next issue is soon to be released
and therefore we need all the text we
can get from you guys and girls.

so if you got something to say, then
send us a letter. news, boards, messys,
jokes, adverts.. anything can be used.

write some about your country, what is
it like to live there. tell the trouth.

science,energy,music,art.. anything.

it does not matter what you write about,
just write about something you know
about. we need your help to make mhz the
best mag on the c64. a mag unlike the
other boring, normal mags. a mag for the

and ofcause you will get a copy directly
from us when you write text to mhz.
(not if you only send adverts,news,board
numbers,messys or a few bad jokes.
(we do not have unlimited mony for post-
but if you send us reviews of the latest
movies and/or other lager text than the
normal shit written on votesheets.
then you will ofcause recieve our mag.

also if you each month give an update on
a lot of boards,collect lots of news or
send me alot of jokes then you will
ofcause also recieve it.

you can also be a co-editor if you wanna
write every month reviews of :
  cd's, movies, games or anything else

          write, write, write.

           send your text to:





  remember: megahertz for the readers.


Hey! Here's Elwix/Style typing some text

            --STYLE-- is now

 NTSC fixing LEGAL ONLY  That means,we
are fixing PAL demos from Europe and
Australia! Just a very few people in
America try to NTSC fix demos, all the
NTSC fixers are concerned only with
warez warez warez - BAH! We've recently
taken to our group a fine NTSC fixer,
formerly he fixed for that infamous
group Legend, now he fixes demos for us!
  So if you've got an interest to have
your demo NTSC fixed, then remember to
send a copy to Style! We don't garentee
anything - alot of PAL demos are simply
unfixable (ya guys use ALL your raster
time, that's about 50 more raster than
we even have!), but we'll try anyway.

  One more thing, we're not doing this
to get famous or in any charts or none
of that crap, we'd just like to see
more excellent PAL demos fixed and
spread in North America...

  If you've got a demo and want us to
give it a shot NTSC fixing... you can
mail it to:


  NOTE: If I don't already swap with
you, I can't garentee to send anything
back if you do send us your demo. But,
if we do fix it, I'll be sure and at
least drop you a note saying so, and
perhaps the fixed demo as well...

             Long live C-64!

 yo that sure sound like a cool idea to
 me. getting our stuff spreaded in the
 states too!!  why not give it a try and
 get known overthere too!!!     yeah!!

yo boyz,it's calypso/topaz/amnesia with
this small message.the reason for this
is that i have lost contact with some of
you,and i hope  to get it back this way

if your name is in this list,please send
me again,without cheating,thanx!

 woise/maniax       incubus/triad
 tech/triad         lynx/???
 toft/hoaxers       ispace/wow
 x-tro/talent       lexa/death
 venice/cp          silver/wow
 king/f4cg          mr.wax/chromance
 satan/tat          stranger/-v-
 enduro/flt         heat/noice

hope we can get the swap going again!!
waiting for your sends to come.

                       yours calypso!!


we in guilty are searching 4 a talented
musician.if you're interested write to
vertigo or forbidden cult of guilty and
include some examples of your work if
possible (addy in the addychapter!!)

-are you interested in gfx on amiga ?
if you need some just contact the guilty
amiga section under:


                  also for demos,etc...

i search some old games on c64!

    toki - first samurai - catalypse
 soul crystal - last n. 3 - space rogue
  robocop 3 - rubicon - cool croc twins
logical - klax - sususweet - creatures 2

     if you have some,then write to:




p7p is always looking for more members
especially coders. for info write to:


    here comes 'the true story' about
        the fake paramount party


            by hunter/talent

  here is hunter of talent speaking to
  all mag-editors and paramount-party-
  visitors to inform you about the so
  called fake-party.

  i must begin much earlier to make no
  confusion here.i left wow in november
  1992,as i had trouble with matt/wow,
  which already ended and joined talent
  as a cracker and sysop.i opened my
  own bbs dreamtime under talent.i had
  some nice weeks in talent and made a
  few nice day majesty of
  talent phoned me and told,that talent
  goes down.
  he said,i should better leave talent
  and join a better group NOW.i thought
  what i could do.1 week later one of
  my earliest scenefriends syndicate
  phoned me and i asked him,if he was
  fun to rebuilt paramount with some
  more formermembers.spitfire and dy-
  nasty already joined,when we built
  them up on 1.1.93

  i made some cracks of coz with old
  intro's and gave them to our members.
  i thought about a swapper and i let
  bigfoot join,who was one of my best
  friends at that time.
  we got 3 first releases in january
  fixed by one not so famous fixercrew.
  i said to bigfoot,ask lynx/hitmen to
  join as a 2nd cracker.but he asked
  not only lynx,he let join more guys.
  he let join the biggest lamer in the
  whole scene.

  at first he gave d.r.i./cwd an offer,
  who was known as undertaker/sodom.he
  built up action on his own in '92 !!
  next he gave exhibit/madhouse offer,
  to join as a MEGASWAPPER with only
  3 contacts!!!!!

  when spitfire and syndicate heard diz,
  they left paramount again after only
  1 month.bigfoot nerved me to crack
  more 'first releases'.really lame!!!
  he made 14 OWN first releases with
  linked armageddon-intro and showed
  them to his contacts with the words
  'we rule'.by the way,we never traded
  with armageddon.
  when he was fed up with declaring sum
  fake-fixes,i was fed up with bigfoot.
  i told him,i will rejoin talent soon.
  he told,that he quits if i left para-
  mount.i broke the contact to bigfoot
  on the 3.3.1993,when i got a invita-
  tion from RED ROCK/EXCESS.

  i don't got it from bigfoot earlier.
  i was shocked,coz i know the party-
  building.i phoned him,and he told me
  to shut up or he gives my address to
  grafenreuths privateadress.he also
  stole my 2nd 2400'-modem,as i had
  borrowed him diz.he told,that he will
  blame all so called lamergroups before
  he quits on 64.
  i official left paramount 1 week be-
  for the party and were groupless a
  short time.
  i don't visited the party,as i know,
  that bigfoot wanted to push me out
  of the scene.
  the biggest sign,that it was bigfoot,
  who made the party,and not me,is that
  he didn't knew the street.if i had
  written the sheet,i knew the street,
  as i live in this town.

  bigfoot only heard from a building,
  which will be removed soon,in his
  local newspaper i town away.he is si

  the disco,which was explained in the
  disknote,was closed 1 year ago.poor

  now bigfoot joined red sector and is
  talking crap about other poor dudes
  who don't know this.if you swap with
  this lamer,drop him.if you meet him
  kick him in his ass.if you have him
  on your board/bbs,kick him out !!!!!
  and a good advice to red sector.kick
  him,if ya wanna be once the number 1,
  as he will push rsi down with his so
  called cool swapstyle and talking sum
  shit about friendly dudes.

 he told around,that i'm extremly right
 and against turks and other foreigners.
 thats wrong.he's right,totally right,
 and can't believe that others arent!!

 all in one sentence:


             hunter/talent in june 93

-  the second asphyxia-hagar party'93  -

        hell(o) dear friends!!!

here's chris from asphyxia and proxyon
who's writing this small info...

yeah! finally we've made it!
the second asphyxia-hagar party is now
not only a dream.
so we in asphyxia would like to invite
you all to come here and to have fun
with us!

now some usual infos about this meeting:

 date:   from 26th to 28th of august'93

 place:  miejski osrodek kultury
         ul.rondo konstytucji 3 maja 2

the same in english:

  municipal community centre
  constitution of 3rd may street 2
  [traffic circle]

(glogow is situated between wroclaw and
zielona gora,nearly german border,
just take a look at polish map)

35000-40000 zl = about 3 usd
(isn't it cheap?!)

ofcourse there will be democompetition
but prizes are surprizes.(he,he)
you will be also able to buy there
something to eat,drink etc.

for info write to:


we will help you with arriving there...

well,don't miss this party because it
will be cool meeting!! have fun with us!
i think that all polish elite will be
presented there.i also expect some cool
dudes from abroad.

that's all...
                    in nomine hagari

 here's a list over some guys that i
 havn't heard from in a looooong time:


if you are one of these,then please
'recontact'  me,if it's your turn to
send to me!!

                   addy in 'addycorner'

hello there all you musicians out there
i would really like to learn how to com-
pose on the c64 !!
then contact me with a letter that could
get me started and please send your fave
music-editor !!

          the authentic/jacuzzi


      or call me : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

(the best would be if you could come and
visit me!!)

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