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    +  skyhigh


+ handle & group ?

- happymaker/indigents.

+ real name ?

- olaf.

+ give us a small introduction of your-
  self! (age, country, personal facts,
  sparetime, other interests  and so on)

- i was born on the 8.10. in 1973 in
  dresden in the x-gdr. i learn in the
  3rd year now how to repair radios,
  videotape-recorders, tv's and such
  things. most of my sparetime i use to
  sit in front of my c64, but i also
  like to have a talk with my friends
  on citizen-band broadcasting.
  except that i collect some things
  like stamps and of course old demos
  and mags.
  if i've got the time i read some

+ how did it all start?

- to cut a long story short: back in
  1988 i had the first touch with a
  computer. in 1989 i bought myself a
  kc87. (who ownes such a machine,
  should contact me for remembering
  the old times!) in the summer 1990 i
  bought my c64, a short time later i
  added a drive, then a printer and
  finally a 2nd discdrive.

+ when did you enter the scene, and in
  which groups have ya been ?

- around the end of 1990 i saw some
  demos and was very impressed and
  interested. later i bought some discs
  from a pd-trader, but i knew, that i
  would make nobody happy with my old
  stuff, so i didn't try to enter the
  scene these days.
  in 1990/1991 i formed a crew called
  gcc with some local friends, but we
  didn't release any stuff. that's why
  "the indigents" is my first real
  group. in 1992 i met acidchild, and he
  helped me to come in the real scene.
  i asked code 18 for joining and he
  accepted. that's all til now.

+ what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

- i'm swapper, coder and gfx'er in
  indigents. maybe i try to make some
  more things later.

         tell us about your faves!

+ favourite food?

- italian.

+ favourite drink(s)?

- coke and beer.

+ favourite music?

- acid and trance.

+ favourite girl(s)?

- no comment, guess who!

+ favourite movie ?

- highlander (the movie), aliens and
  many more.

+ favourite demos ?

- avantgarde/crest, red storm/triad,
  wonderland ix/censor design, dutch

+ favourite mag?

- network and script.

+ and last :
  favourite friend(s) in the scene

- acidchild, the syndrome, mr. earth-
  quake, code 18, sacoma, animal,
  splatterhead, orson, gettoboy and
  many more.

+ well that was the faves, and among 'em
  was favourite friends.
  what about dudes you hate/dislike in
  the scene. ?
  if you got some please tell us who -
  and why you don't like them !

- i haven't got enemies.

+ what are your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

- in private i want to finish my
  apprentice-ship with a good result,
  get a job and a girl.
  in the scene i hope that we in
  indigents will release some demos -
  hope that you all will like them.

+ when the c64 dies(hopefully many years
  from now !!!!) what will you do then ?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc. ?
  or simply quit the whole compy-scene?

- i surely go over to another scene. i
  can't say today which machine will
  rule then in my castle.

+ please tell me what's a lamer in your
  opinion ?

- a lamer is somebody who wants to
  secam-fix a game, hehe, only a joke,
  i think, a lamer is a person, who says
  more than he is able to do, or rips
  others work.

+ what do you think about the -
  'elite contra lame' thing ?

  is there anything we can do about it?

- better say:'elite contra not so good',
  cause a lamer is something else than
  a newcommer and a guy which haven't
  got such good abilities.
  the elite-guys should remember
  their own at the beginning. the not
  so good guys should work to became
  better and better.
  of course everybody and not only the
  elite wants to remove the real

+          about your contacts

+ do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

- i haven't got so much contacts, there
  are around 40. look at the greetings!

+ do you use cheated stamps ?

- i don't use cheated stamps, cause the
  danger to get caught by the post
  is to high.

+ about demos : do ya like 'em ?
  is there too many or too few ?

- i like demos very much, but there
  are too few of really good ones like
  my favourites are.

+ and the same for mags ?

- often i haven't got the time to read
  a mag, but we all need all the mags to
  have something for our spreaddiscs.

+ if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  ask to join in?

- if i form a group, i wouldn't look
  at first at their abilities, i want to
  have a group together with my friends.


+ what do you say when i say :

+ group : 1001.

+ coca cola : cool tv-advertisements.

+ friendship : the most important thing
               in the scene, but not
               only there.

+ c-64 : if the developer of this little
         machine would see the effects,
         he would be really surprised.

+ lameness : look to my explanations

+ beers : doppelbock!

+ magazines : news, charts + addies.

+ groupwars : sometimes silly, sometimes
              funny to look at.

+ demos : mathematics and design.

+ parties : mostly to far from my home.

+ interviews : some questions you asked
               i have really to think
               hard about!

+ and last ' skyhigh ' :

- its a good mag in the scene with the
  three issues til now. its always
  worth the time for reading it.

+ ok we are close to the end now.

  so now you got the opportunity to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

- make love not war.

+ is there some guys ya wanna greet or
  tell something then better do it now .

- greetings flying to acidchild (we'll
  meet us), syndrom (we'll too), earth-
  quake (i call you next time), abi
  (thanks for moral support and helping
  me sometimes), mason (hallo alter
  funker!), warp 8 (hope we have a nice
  swaptime), hogan (when is the next
  data-live-party, i'll come for sure
  again), splatterhead (always good
  stuff), animal (immer viele discs),
  gettoboy (always many+nice covers),
  creb (hope we have a nice swaptime),
  code 18 (powerful comeback), sacoma
  (we'll phone sometime), drom,
  orson, nitro, pat, benno, pvt, ody,
  pvcf, shark, manathan, black lady,
  scow, rave, nantco, mj, bumboo,
  to you biz kid, to all my contacts
  and all forgotten ones.

+ allright dude.that's it.
  we reached the end of this interview.

  i want to thanx you a lot for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  thanx a lot homie  !!!!

- thanx to you for making this interview
  with me! i wish you success with
  making this mag!

           yo thanx alot pal!!

 ps latest news say that happymaker has
 left indigents and joined - reflex -

 i would like to wish you good luck with
 your new group!!

                                BIZ KID
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