Skyhigh 05 ch02 Editorial

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 yo yo yo..

 looooong time have passed since last
 issue of this mag..
 last time i promised you a new outfit
 for this time - but ...

 these lazy oxyron coders hasn't found
 any time to code one for me yet..
 and that's the reason for this huge

 i wanted to wait for the new outfit to
 arrive before i released another issue
 but the fact that it's almost 2 months
 ago since issue #04 was out forced me
 to use this outfit once more !!
 i know everybody who would have new out
 fits for their mags has done the same
 and i actually didn't think/hope it
 would happend to me - but it did !!!

 and as i say :


 well right now i'm having an oxyron -
 meeting at my place.
 people who's represented :

 graham - axis - scrapper and biz kid
 all oxy's
 furthermore is vangelis of orgado and
 the authentic of jacuzzi here!!

 i thought that the new outfit was ready
 to use but it seems that graham was too
 lazy too start. but he has promised me
 it will be finish for next issue
 -ok enough about the outfit!!

 i know i made a mistake last time..
 i used some wrong gfx for the intro,
 well i had packed and spreaded the mag
 at tcc in sweden - and then it was to

 this time you have an intro done by a
 cool  friend of mine :

           nucleus of tempest

 thanx  a lot pal...

 i also had another problem i had to use
 both sides for the mag.and i'm sorry to
 inform you that this time will be the
 same. coz there's no textpacker in this
 lame outfit.   sorry!!!

           but next time!!!!!


i have just recently received the latest
issue of newspress  ( #010 )

a very good issue i might admit.

but there was some very scaring text in
it. a statistic over the 'nazi-killings'
in germany. - i really got shocked!!
in the end of this particulary chapter
was this note :

groups like sunrise and OXYRYN are well-
known for their antifaschistic opinions
well i didn't know that - but i might
say it made me very proud!!!!

               FUCK NAZISM

yeah that's right,fuck nazism...i won't
write much more on this subject right
now..(but check out  'tha biz-mix!' for
a bad nazi-experienc at tcc)
well the staff of n.p. asked us to make
a demo against nazism - well who knows!
i for a start had made this fuck nazism
logo which ya saw in the intro..

just one more thing :

don't close your eyes and let it happend
again.we don't want and we don't need a
new hitler - fuck no!!

get up and fight it instead!!!


ok what do i have for you this time..

ofcoz the useally chapters like charts
news'n'rumours and reactions
i also have the honor to bring you 3
interviews.this time with following guyz




read and enjoy.

the addy chapters has also been edited
coz as ya know then all germans had a
new post code (5 numbers instead of 4)
so i had to delete all the addies which
wasn't updated.

and then there's as promised the party-
report from tcc/sweden..
this you find in the biz mix chapter!!

also spread the word seems to be quite a
success.this really makes me happy - so
just keep sending in your stuff dudes!!

well once again i would like to use the
opportunity to appeal to all you music-
composers to make a tune for the mag.

and remember :

        location : $1000 - $1fff

        init     : $1000
        jsr      : $1003

everything will be dearly welcomed!!

 send it to :

               SKYHIGH HQ        (noe)


         or call me for details


well i don't have anything more one my
mind for time being. so i would stop for
now and wish you all a good time and a
good holliday..

                                see ya

                                BIZ KID
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