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   +  skyhigh


+ handle & group ?

- calypso/topaz beerline/amnesia

+ real name ?

- terry wentinck

+ give us a small introduction of your-
  self! (age, country, personal facts,
  sparetime, other interests  and so on)

- ok,i was born on a beautiful day,in
  the hot summer of '73,so that makes me
  19 years nationality is dutch
  and i am having black hair,and brown the moment i am serving the
  dutch army,but within 3 weeks i will
  be out,so life will be beautiful again
  in my spare time (which is very rare)
  i like to go out with friend,party on
  all night,or just visit some friends!

+ how did it all start?

- oh well,it started about 3 years ago,
  when riggs/amnesia showed me a demo,
  after that i wanted more...much more!

+ when did you enter the scene, and in
  which groups have ya been ?

- hmm...i entered the scene for real
  about 2 years ago...groups i were in
  are : centaury-sav-eternal-crystal-
  varsity (3 days)-f4cg and now finally

+ what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

- i am a swapper with apr.150 contacts
  and i'm a graphician...amnesia status:
  l,viking,firefly,slayer,radical 'n me!

         tell us about your faves!

+ favourite food?

- lasagna,pizza,bloemkool (dutch)

+ favourite drink(s)?

- coca cola,pisang ambon,apfelcorn

+ favourite music?

- j.m.jarre

+ favourite girl(s)?

- erika eleniak

+ favourite movie ?

- death becomes her,waynes world

+ favourite demo ?

- dutch breeze,prometheus unbound

+ favourite mag?

- script,shock,slowpoke

+ favourite game?

- turrican 2,the last ninja 1-3

+ and last :
  favourite friend(s) in the scene

- well some real special like : tpm'n
  iad,perplex/t'pau,derby ram/ils,and
  many more...also all in topaz'n amn!

+ well that was the faves, and among 'em
  was favourite friends.
  what about dudes you hate/dislike in
  the scene. ?
  if you got some please tell us who -
  and why you don't like them !

- need to explain!
  -tmb/entropy for attacking me in the
  tribune #35 without any reason!

+ what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

- scene: i'd like to know some more
  about code...and keep on kicking,hehe!

  private: stay in good health,get a
  good (well payed) job!

+ when the c64 dies(hopefylly many years
  from now !!!!) what will you do then ?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc. ?
  or simply quit the whole compy-scene?

- well,if the c64 dies,then i will die
  with it,i have no interests in jumping
  over to any other i will
  quit the total compy-scene!

+ please tell me what a lamer is in your
  opinion ?

- a person slagging on other people,to
  gain some publicity,as he's to poor to
  gain some respect himself!

+ what do you think about the -
  'elite contra lame' thing ?

  is there anything we can do about it?

- hmm..well,i  think it depends very
  much on the person you are yourself,
  i think it is up to yourself,neither
  you get elite or people just
  have to work on it themselves!

+          about your contacts

+ do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

- i have aproximate 190 contacts,of
  which are 150 very active..most famous
  are: nsd,derby ram,syndrom,henry,frees
  tyle,tbb,mr.wax,pri+some more...

+ do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  or mayby both from your contacts.

- what ever my contacts send,is not of
  any importance to me... for me the
  first priority is friendship!

+ do you use cheated stamps ?

- yes,i do!

+ about demos : do ya like 'em ?
  is there to many or to few ?

- oh,i just love them...i think there a
  a lot of them released,just a shame
  that there are just not enough real
  good ones like for exam:dutch breeze!

+ and the same for mags ?

- another thing i love...the more mags
  the better,i try to read as much as

+ if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

- oh well...seal+burglar as cracker!
  nsd as swapper,mirage as painter,
  drax+syndrom as composers and d'arc,
  wizvis and swoffa as coders!


+ what do you say when i say :

+ group :

- amnesia+topaz

+ coca cola :

- the one and only

+ friendship :

- for ever

+ c-64 :

- never dies

+ girls :

- the only thing better then the c64!

+ lameness :

- we need it

+ beers :

- not that much

+ magazines :

- script,shock,slowpoke

+ groupwars :

- rather not,but when unavoidable...

+ demos :

- excellent

+ parties :

- yeaaaah

+ interviews :

- nice

+ and last ' skyhigh ' :

- in my opinion a very nice magazine,
  all i can say is keep it going,i love
  to read it!!!

+ ok we are close to the end now.

  so now you got the opportunity to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

- to all out there..if you trade with me
  or have the intension to contact me,
  then be sure not to cheat,as the post
  checks my incoming mail,and keeps the
  cheated packs!!
  if you didnt get a send from me in a
  while,please,send again...uncheated!

+ is there some guys ya wanna greet or
  tell something then better do it now .

- well,just greetings to all my contacts
  and friends,especially in amnesia and
  topaz like:seal,wizvis,riggs,firefly,
  scapegoat and the rest..'ll be on my mind!

+ allright dude.that's it.
  we reached the end of this interview.

  i want to thanx you a lot for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  thanx a lot homie  !!!!

- no sweat,it was a pleasure!!!
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