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 this time THA BIZ+MIX will try to start
 the story of the c-64.

looooong time ago i read an article in

          brutal recall issue 10

some guy i can't remember who wanted
someone to write the story of the scene.

       what a fucking great idea..

i think that's retty right. i say as you
that a lot of newcomers (as my self)
dont know shit about the history in the
world of the c-64.

i still remember the good old times when
we saw a lot of good and revolutionary
code from the groups.

who can remember when 1001 crew made the
first sideborderscroll or the legendary
tmc with all his great demo's such as


 try take a look back and remember all
the dope routines which was invented in
the past.

routines as :

          a simple split screen

        (and later on rasterbars)

            all borders open



              dycp or dysp

                tech tech

             hardware scroll

   and some of the 'latest' inventions






    well all these routines are today


but just think back some years and
everybody would have sworn that alot of
them couldn't be done ever...

        but they did anyway.....

(and that's the main-reason to continue)

who remember the war between sodan and
the 1001 crew.  not to mention the :

    federation against danish elite..

well as some of us know then sodan and
1001 came to the result :


     'that sodan is the best but that

      1001 always is and has been the


yo these were the days were we saw a lot
of cracks from groups like :

             dynamic duo



              1001 crew

             the softteam

              u.s.a team


        swedish cracking crew

     and the list goes on and on...

well at the time there was a whole lot
more games than today. but at that time
you could make alot of money by selling

therefore many softwarehouses had to
close down.they didn't get paid for the
games becoz you could buy a cracked ver-
sion for 5 - 10% off the real price

as a result of this softwarehouses star-
ted to hunt the pirates.

the promised rewards if someone back-
stabbed a pirate and got him nailed for
selling crax.

(but i don't think they ever got someone
nailed for selling and cracking games)

       well more nostalgic talk..

try sit back and remember the times.

remember the musicwizards  ..

                people as

               ROB HUBBARD
              MARTIN GALWAY

almost monopolized the music scene.

yeeaahhh boy  these were the days...

but nowadays a lot of people don't give
a shit about things like that or a lot
don't even know about all that...

but i'll support you lets find someone
with a good memory and lets write the
history of the commy 64....

fuck i got so irritated that i couldn't
remember the dudes name..
so i had to stop writing and load up
brutal recall #10 to find it..

             and ofcourse..

         bachhus of fairlight..

well i don't know if he's still active
in the scene (i don't think soo)

but i would very much try to follow up
his idea.

i would like to try to write the history
of the c-64 scene.

                  B U T

that requires the help of you all.
especially all the old-timers are welcom
to drop a line .

more specific then i am looking for
information about everythig concerning
the scene:

information like :

- who cracked the 1st game
- who started making intros
- who started making demos
- who made the first magazine

- which groups where at the beginning
  and up to now

- which group is the oldest and still

- which person/group invented a new
  routine (date/year)

         and so on and so on ..

well i think you got the point now

i hope ya'll will help me to do this
story of the c-64.
help me to get it as correct as possible

please spread this mag/chapter to every-
body coz i need the help of every scene-

and for every mag-editor please put in a
note about my idea and my adress.

             BIZ KID/OXYRON



this wasn't the beginning of the real
story but just some few hints to guide
ya in the right direction.
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