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          +  skyhigh

          -  nightshade/success

+ handle & group ?

- nightshade of success

+ real name ?

- norbert v/d laan

+ give us a small introduction of your-
  self! (age, country, personal facts,
  sparetime, other interests  and so on)

- at 30-12 1971 i was delivered to this
  world,so i'm 21 years old.i live again
  at my parents place and i've got a
  girlfriend called gwendolyn,she's 17
  years old.i guitted school last year
  and now i'm working for the time being
  i have to do my civil service from 10
  may'93 till may' my sparetime you
  can find me at/with my girl or at a
  local bar/dancing called the showboot
  i also like to play on fruitmachines
  that's all i quess

+ how did it all start?

- i contacted a guy called trc of tbb
  and he asked me to join his group and
  so i did.this was 20-02-1990!!

+ when did you enter the scene, and in
  which groups have ya been ?

- as i said,20-02-1990 that means i'm
  hanging in for 3 years already.the
  groups i've been in:tbb-desire(the rea
l one)-sense designs-stash-crusade-

+ what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

- i'm organiser+leading,originalsuppl.
  and megaswapper.memberstatus:nsd-brg-

+ favourite food?

- boerenkool (dutch vegetable)

+ favourite drink(s)?

- beer-safari-milk

+ favourite music?

- prince-house-top40 music

+ favourite girl(s)?

- cindy crawford

+ favourite movie ?

- can't buy me love

+ favourite demo ?

- dutch breeze

+ favourite mag?

- disk:script  board:shock

+ favourite game?

- pirates

+ and last :
  friend(s) in the scene

- all my contax!!burglar-moren-arrogance
  -tss-skarabee-artix+rest of success!!

+ well that was the faves, and among 'em
  was favourite friends.
  what about dudes you hate/dislike in
  the scene. ?
  if you got some please tell us who -
  and why you don't like them !

- pacific(icetray) of triad for obvious
  reasons.all this guy says he makes up
  to look cool.he stole the original
  of greystorm and tried to gain respect
  with it!!!

+ what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

- scene:success #1

  real life:be happy and get a good
  paying job

+ when the c64 dies(hopefylly many years
  from now !!!!) what will you do then ?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc. ?
  or simply quit the whole compy-scene?

- i'm probably quit,by the pc or snes
  is/are also very interesting.for sure
  no amiga!!!!

+ please tell me what a lamer is in your
  opinion ?

- someone who really is nothing,but by
  lying,cheating and pretending he tries
  to gain respect:pacific

+ what do you think about the -
  'elite contra lame' thing ?

  is there anything we can do about it?

- there are very few people i consider
  elite.there is nothing you can do
  about it.the thing is that you are not
  automaticly lamewhen you're not elite,
  and that's what you should keep in
+          about your contacts

+ do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

- between 300 and 400.i'm not sure,coz
  i haven't heard from several for a
  long time:clive/epic,crossfire/epic,
  to name a few

+ do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  or mayby both from your contacts.

- own products,or hot wares,it doesn't
  matter what is is.the people who send
  me something as first are theones who
  i keep in mind!!!!

+ do you use cheated stamps ?

- never,and i would appreciate if all of
  you stopped doing it to me!!!

+ about demos : do ya like 'em ?
  is there to many or to few ?

- well,lately bcoz of the parties there
  were enough,but i quess a demoless
  period is coming till the easter.i
  like them alot and i don't think there
  are too many of them

+ and the same for mags ?

- oh well,it seems a group is not
  complete without a mag,so let every
  group have more.i dislike groups who
  do more than one mag!

+ if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

- whole success,derby ram,irata and
  that's it


+ what do you say when i say :

+ group :success

+ coca cola :pepsi sux

+ friendship : remix

+ c-64 : fun

+ girls : gwen

+ lameness : pacific

+ beers : heineken

+ magazines : charts

+ groupwars : fun to look at

+ demos : blackmail

+ parties : quarters

+ interviews : done too much of them

+ and last ' skyhigh ' :

- as i said to you before i liked it
  alot,i've seen alote of cool new
  mags around and skyhigh is for sure
  one of them

+ ok we are close to the end now.

  so now you got the opportunity to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

- computing is fun,but don't let it
  interfere with your real life too much
  things such as school,girls and going
  out should be more important than
  spending your saturdaynight behind
  a monitor.being a coolie in the scene
  doesn't mean you are a coolie in real
  life,and once this scene dies and you
  will have to life your normal life
  again and if you ruined it becoz of
  the scene you'll feel pretty fucked up

+ is there some guys ya wanna greet or
  tell something then better do it now .

-      may u live 2 see the dawn

                see ya

         nightshade of success

+ allright dude.that's it.
  we reached the end of this interview.

  i want to thanx you a lot for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  thanx a lot homie  !!!!
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