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Intro scrolltext

the very last issue is presented to you by omg and volker of amok... every group is doing its own mag,every group has copied our ideas,every month omg wrote 160 blocks of text,every month i had to go to venlo(lame!)... why? there are too many baaad mags around,all groups do(cheat) their own and so on... - we always made our best in counting votes,getting hot news and so on... why? anyway,we thaught it is time to quit now! maybe we will be back if the scene is a real scene again and no bunch of (....)! for the last time ever(?): volker is signing off.... english sucks - latin rules!!!


sex'n'crime #021           december 1990
1.........editorial  6....exory's letter
2.........reactions  7.............mixed
3..rumours and news  8............charts and previews  9..........contacts and movies  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen

if you have coded a game or utility and
want to sell it for the best prices,then
do not hesitate and send it to:



welcome to the twentyfirst issue of the
first and last and best disk-magazine!
gosh! it's two years ago since the very
first issue of SEX'N'CRIME! two years...
wild times we had! we from AMOK managed
to accomplish what noone else had ever
done before... we started a new aera!
we published all the latest news,all the
rumours and everything that was going on
in the c-64 scene! we were there when
people did something outstanding...
when freaks coded world records,cracked
uncrackable copy-protections and drew
radical graphics... but we were also the
first to report about all the lameness,
all the mendacity in this scene...
recrackers,rippers and freezers had no
easy life... no wonder they started to
rag on us,but they had no arguments...
they just called us "lame" because we
did what noone else had ever dared to do
before: we wrote the truth! some of them
started "wars" against us... but they
all failed to overcome their own poor
lameness,which in fact was our weapon!
SEX'N'CRIME has always been the mirror
of the scene. whatever people did...
it was reflected in here... sadly some
lamers never understood that the only
thing they needed to make us stop WRITE
bad things about them simply was to stop
DOING bad things!
however,finally we decided to stop with
SEX'N'CRIME. this will (probably) be the
last issue of this software legend!
the reasons were many. above all we do
noot have the time to release an issue
every month anymore. right now i am in
the last year at college,so i am busy
writing exams and the like...
another reason is that there is no sense
in publishing this mag anymore. there
simply are too many of these magazines
around. not that we were afraid of
competition,but there simply has never
been any competition. we accidently got
famous as we had all the ideas... the
only thing the others did was ripping
our ideas. have a look at the magazines
nowadays... it's all just poor S'N'C
imitations! then,some of these creeps
called us "lame" again... but: if we are
lame,why can't we do a single thing
without everyone imitating us? i mean,
if MOSKWA TV would start something up,
nobody would ever possibly imitate him,
but if we do something... everyone else
does so,too! aahhh... who gives a shit?!
the last and maybe most important reason
for us to stop was that releasing a mag
simply does not pay out. we used to have
a lot of fun,people respected all the
work in this... but nowadays people have
only one thing in mind if they think
they are too low in the charts...
"bah! omg must have cheated it! we are
the no.1 and he doesn't like us!"
shit,man! to count,validate and set up
all the charts per issue takes more than
4 days of hard work... and then some
lame wankers comes along and destroys
all the work of fours days by simply
saying "don't believe this... it's all
cheated!". fuck! but,instead of really
starting to cheat the charts to spare
me all the work (like ALL other socalled
mags actually do!) we decided to avoid
the worthless work by stopping it all.
just have a look... really every little
fucking lamer-group tries to be cool by
releasing a mag (=imitating us!) though
they got nothing to say,no news or any
other good reason to start up a mag.
fuck! this scene is lame! but,if they
would ever see how much work "charts"
really are (if for once,they would
really GET many votings and really
COUNT them all!) they would stop doing
a mag at once. for two years this mag
has been the ONLY real magazine,with
REAL (uncheated) charts as we were the
ONLY ones who let people see all the
voting-papers... not just in venlo
(there is no time to count thousands of
points properly!) but we even sent the
papers home to those bigmouths who had
the loudest doubts. we as the first and
the only have proved all the things we
wrote to be right! those lamers who
were victims of SEX'N'CRIME as we
reflected their lameness (not by just
calling them "lame" but by giving exact
DETAILS and PROOFS!!) said that S'N'C
only contained lies,but they never gave
precise statements what exaclty was
wrong... because,if (for instance)
EXORY would say that it's not true that
he recracked CURSE OF RA,people would
simply check his version ...and find out
that i was right! so,the only thing he
will write after reading this issue will
be "sex'n'crime writes only lies!".
and then again some mega-lamers will
come along and try to be cool by saying
that EXORY is sooo fucking cool and that
i made all the recracks in his name...
(yes,VINCENT of FRESH,i mean you!)
really,i was pissed off first... but
finally i give it up. if you people
prefer believing in lamers like EXORY
or MOSKWA TV instead of me,although i
NEVER write anything bad without giving
proofs and details which can be checked
by )EVERYONE,then ok... fuck off and
suffocate in your own lameness...
i won't waste anymore time in trying to
open your eyes. believe what you want!



             * REACTIONS: *

i'm sorry. i really don't get the point.
both,MAMBA and SEX'N'CRIME co-existed
peacefully. then suddenly you put lame
sprites ("fuck s'n'c") into MAMBA and
write a completely wrong story about
what had happened when SYS attacked me.
finally i sent a correction to you,but
you devalued it with stupid comments.
you tried everything to annoy AMOK and
GENESIS. now that we react and counter-
attack,you suddenly call us "jealous"...
well,jealous of what? it's more likely
that YOU are jealous! what can anyone in
CRAZY do,that people in GENESIS or AMOK
couldn't do ten times better?

why don't you just shut up? nobody ever
believed in your pathetic lies. don't
you realize how ridiculous you are?
you annoyed me in the S'N'C-mailbox for
about 6 months before i finally reacted.
and then you claim that i have started
to attack you or your mother without any
reason. finally you called me,we talked
and both apologised for whatsoever.
alter on you called me again and said
that even now that we are "friends" you
would have too fight with me although
you didn't even have a reason anymore
(actually never had!) as the people
would start laughing at you elsewise.
being afraid of the public opinion is
very inmature. finally you spread plenty
of little notes saying that you would
hunt me etc. come on,be serious...
you are acting like a stupid little kid.
in your notes you said that S'N'C #20
included only lies and "bullshit"...
but of course you did not say what in
particular. (spreading lies is easy...
trying to state out proper criticism is
hard... too hard for you.) then,as the
reason for no detailed information,what
actually should be wrong in S'N'C,you
simply write that you don't really care.
but,if you don't really care why do you
write plenty of notes,draw pictures and
talk about nothing else? sorry,but i am
most certain that all this is just your
poor try to get a bit of publicty...
you are not good enough to amaze people
with your skills,so you have to get
famous with nothing but a big mouth.
see,if i'd despise anyone i wouldn't
warn him by writing millions of stupid
notes... i would meet him and beat him.
but,in fact,i would never beat up anyone
anyway. physical violence is so poor.
die angst,im taeglichen konkurrenzkampf
um erfolg und anerkennung nicht bestehen
zu koennen laesst hilflose jugendliche
zu gewalt greifen. allzu leicht entsteht
bei charakterschwachen jugendlichen der
unterschicht das gefuehl von ohnmacht.
-gewalt- verspricht wenigstens kurz-
fristig ein gefuehl der befreiung aus
dieser ohnmacht.
...i have written this is german to make
sure you get the sense,as your english
seems to be nothing but a collection of
phrases out of heavy metal-songs.

dear ROY of DYNAMIX,
let me say this from the bottom of my
heart: you are lame! this word achieves
new meanings in combination with your
name. remember the times when you were
kicked out of almost 10 groups as i was
watching all your lame steps?! remember
my lamer-monument for you? remember how
you recracked BLUE MAX 2010 and the old
easy it was to destroy your carreer?
remember how i kicked you out of CONTEX?
remember how all the SUCCESS members
laughed when they saw you? remember how
you promised to beat them all up at the
cebit and they were all there but you
stayed at home and later on said that
you were there but they weren't?
remember your letter in which you admit
the shit you did and apologised for it?
i still have it. remember you first
FAO-note in which you published my
private adress as a proof for your great
power? (everybody has my adress anyway!)
remember how ANTICHRIST published your
private adress in return? remember your
second note in which you published my
private adress again because ANTICHRIST
published your adress? remember how you
wrote that i am ANTICHRIST? remember how
you wrote that SCRAP writes on all
envelopes for ANTICHRIST? so,who do you
say is the ANTICHRIST now? me? SCRAP?
or maybe everybody in aachen?
ROY,let me give you an advice:
watch your mouth! and try not to forget
again who is the lamer here!


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

NATO is running down the hill. MR.SMART
and INFOCOMIE wanted to join EXTASY,but
were turned down... so they now joined
BONZAI instead. MACRO NIT left NATO,too.
he rejoined his fromer group DOMINATORS.
actually he and DOGFRIEND don't like
each other too much... finally DOGFRIEND
left the DOMINATORS.

recracked "curse of ra" from PULSAR.
also rumours are going around that he
recracked "the spy who loved me" from

TRAP of BONZAI started composing music.
(in fact quite well!) the ex-WOT members
(ROOSTER,TAMTRAX etc.) went for amiga,
so "slowpoke" is dead,but TRAP will
revive "lethal news". CRUSH will from
now on take the lead in BONZAI. FOX left
them and joined the DOMINATORS. some
BONZAI-members will be kicked out soon.
(hopefully that lamer R.C.S.!)

PARAMOUNT are planning to release a new
paper-magazine in the near future. also
"corruption" will appear in a new outfit
soon. TWIST left them and joined HITMEN.

VISION splitted up. their good coders
from denmark and sweden joined LIGHT
while all the germans joined HITMEN.
also DWARF of HOLOCAUST thinks about
joined them.

did you read the interview with a member
of the BRAINBOMBS in X-RAY's new mag
"BILD zeitung"? they said they used to
be germany's elite in the past. but in
fact they are just a bunch of former
SUCCESS members. they seem to be in the
state of severe misery... they released
an eeeeeeaarly preview (5% maybe) of
their own game(?) WARSHIPS,which in fact
was coded by BRAINBOMBS members.

MARKUS WIEDERSTEIN was not kicked out of
left them because he was never paid
properly. he will continue protecting
games for several companies.

DAMIEN was kicked out of GENESIS.
LUMBERJACK retired from the scene. he
will produce games and utilites for AMOK
on amiga now. SES of FEAR and TYPHOON
they are both very good german coders.
SES published several programs and world
records in the 64'ER magazine (paper).

PRICE of MEGASTYLE changed his handle
into FRODE (hiis real name) since he had
some problems with the post-office.

CRAZY "won" the HIGHSCORE-competition.
their HERBERTZAN competed against parts
from CEBIT 90 from RED SECTOR on amiga
and some strange atari-st demo. in fact
the whole demo-competition was one big
cheat as MUMBO JUMBO (ex-CRAZY) is
working for the HIGHSCORE show and he
set the jury up. it was obvious CRAZY
would win right from the beginning,
although there were a lot better demos
on c-64 and the CEBIT 90 demo was a lot

FRESH died (once again...) and their
lame members joined various groups.
and DAVE joined IKARI+TALENT...
(aaaarghh! what does TALENT need these
lamers for?) FREoSTYLE released a lame
versionoof BALLMANIA a few weeks ago...
it oas becouse: year too late!
2.full of graphio bugs
3.the fli-title picture was missing
4.they counted 11gtrainers and claimed
  to have a better version than GENESIS
  PROJECT. actually G*P only counted 5-6
  trainers,but they had 1 trainer more
  (view end-sequence) than FREESTYLE.
  also the G*P version was one year
  earlier,worked 100%,had no graphic bug
  and included the fli-title screen and
  yet it was shorter than the lame

SNACKY of GENESIS once again proved that
he is superior to all other so-called
crackers. he put the 210 files of "CURSE
OF RA" into only 3 files and packed it
down to approx. 350 blocks. this is yet
another world-record!
anyway,i think "cracking" does not mean
"linking an intro in front of a game and
search some easy trainer-pokes with my
cartrige" but "remove a really hard copy
protection and insert some handy new
routines (trainers,level-pack,iffl,etc)"
anyone can buy an original in a fast
shop and link a stupid intro in front of
it nowadays... so,it's nothing special
anymore... therefore "crackers" like
not deserve to be in the charts of the
"BEST (b-e-s-t) single CRACKERS"!
and very few others are the only good
(i mean GOOD) crackers nowadays.
by the way,up to now only POWERPLANT and
the GOBLIN released proper cracks of

there will be a little CRUSADE-party in
a few days. also GENESIS and LEGEND will
be there. they invited the swiss lamers
from CRAZY and TALENT (ex-FRESH) to beat
them up real hard,but they were scared.

TRISTAR died just as fast as they were
built. VIOLATOR joined PARAMOUNT and
DAVE (ex-HOLOCAUST) built his own group,
called RAISERS.


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

ORIGO coded a game which might be sold
to the new 64'ER DISK.

ASM,germany's most popular computer-
magazine, started a new demo-competition
(the last one was won by CREST.) the
deadline is the 31.12.1990 so,you better
hurry up if you want to win a couple of
hundred dm!

AMOK's latest (and biggest) game WOODY
THE WORM will be out soon,so watch out
for it! also KILLOZAP will be released


Games and Movies

          * GAMES AND MOVIES *

SENSITIVE is a highly addictive strategy
game with nice,plain graphics and a bad
music. you have to steer a little ball
over platforms.the fields disappear
after rolling over them,like in the old
games BOMBUZAL and PLATOU.   rating: 75%

TILT is yet another short strategy game.
again you have to roll a ball through a
variety of 4 different playfields...
just,you don't steer the ball but the
playfield... funny!          rating: 89%

ESWAT is a pretty good coin-up coversion
much like MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE. worth a
look,so get it!              rating: 85%

PRESUMED INNOCENT is the latest movie
with harrison ford. this time he doesn't
act the role of a daredevil adventurer
but of a lawyer. a good thriller and
you won't guess who the killer really
was after all! (hehe!)       rating: 76%

WERNER BEINHART is the latest and best
german cartoon ever made. WERNER is a
famous northern german comic-character.
stupid and associal... he used to ride
a motorbike called RED PORSCHE KILLER.
well,it's not as good as a DISNEY movie,
but quite funny though!      rating: 65%


Exory's Letter

           * EXORY'S LETTER *

dear entire scene!
i (EXORY/HOLOCAUST) have finally decided
to apologise for my behavior of the past
6 months (or so!),and i'd just like to
say that: yes! it's true,i bribed some
lamers to vote for HOLOCAUST,but none of
them wanted to do so,so i decided to
send in false votes under LEECH/COLDCUT,
which was a handle i sued about 1 1/2
years ago. also,it's true, i re-cracked
a couple of games,but not plenty as some
mags wrote,i think it was about 5 out of
about 100 or so. it was true that i
intended to stop,and DYSTAN entered. but
after only one month of not computing i
decided to come back to HOLOCAUST.
unfortunately,i and DYSTAN had a fight,
and he and RECONNER left and formed a
new group,later on some others joined it
aswell. so,the members of HOLOCAUST is,
as far as i'm concerned,EXORY,DWARF,
hope the scene will forgive me and i
promise NEVER to do things like that
                      EXORY of HOLOCAUST

OMG's comment:
no,this letter is no joke and no fake!!
EXORY really sent this letter to me!
i may send it (together with the danish
envelope+stamp etc.) to anyone who does
still doubt that it is real!
this letter finally proves even to the
last lamers among you that i was right
once again! in fact everybody who had
seen HOLOCAUST wares before knew it
anyway,but some super-smart hero-lamers
still spread the stupid lie that i had
invented all these stories about EXORY
because i don't like him... they didn't
understand that i don't like EXORY
BECAUSE he recracked and cheated!
however,EXORY's letter sounds good in
first place... but still he is a fucking
liar! he admitted a few things as it had
no use for him to keep on denying it...
but,what he still did not admit is:
-he did not only use the name LEECH but
he also sent PLENTY of cheated votes
under the name GLAFF of ATOMIC WASTE.
-MENDRAKE left (like all the others) for
EXORY's incredible lameness and joined
the RAISERS.also DWARF desperately wants
to leave HOLOCAUST and join a decent
group. (maybe HITMEN or anyone else...)
the only true reason why he wrote this
letter is because it was his last
attempt to escape... he puts all the
blame on his handle EXORY and tries to
clean the image of his new handle DYSTAN
of TRAUMA... lame! it's true that i said
i would give him another chance if he
would apologise,but that includes also
that he has to regret and change!
but as he still tries to get away under
DYSTAN he doesn't regret a shit and he
won't stop recracking! if he wants a new
chance he must stop ALL this lame shit!



               * MIXED: *

bah! hey you fucken lamerz in CHROMANCE!
why did PAINKILLER recrack our version
of SENSITIVE without giving us creditz??
in ze scrolla u write u got no time... time to give creditz?
...but time to write all ur stupid
contact adresses and shit like dat!
u built a federation against HOLOCAUST?
u r just as lame as HOLOCAUST urself!
                LOCAL LAMER of BAD TASTE

dear,omg! in this letter i've to say
sumthing about your unfair activities
against CRAZY. yes,it7s true! CRAZY MAN
did sumthink very LAME,coz he wanted to
make MAMBA to the best (he also gave me
wrong news and be sure i'm quite angry
with him!)but why must we make bad think
just while another did thesame? why cant
the people 4-give or ignore those unfair
activities? if ya don't wanna ignore
those thinks there are still many other
thinks ya could do,but you choosed also
an very unfair and stupid way to fight
back. to print the private adress of
sumone who does illegal bussines on his
mashine is sumthink really lame. so the
things in issue #20 happend can't be
changed anymore,but don't print sum more
privat addys in da following issues. i
think we don't need more wars in da
scene.                   FRESH of EXOTIC

i do agree with you,fresh! but the most
important precondition of criticism is
knowledge of the matter to critisize.
publishing private adresses or trying to
get someone caught by the police is the
worst and lowest thing one can do...
we didn't harm MAMBA,but suddenly they
released an issue and ragged on us from
the first to the last page. they even
wrote i am ANTICHRIST. he is illegal.
i am not. everybody has my adress...
so,if police believes i am illegal,they
will come to my house at once and then
my parents will kill me! this behavior
is super-mega-hyper-lame. if the wankers
in CRAZY believe that turning people in
is fun,i will act likewise... the first
thing i will tell police is how GOTCHA
abuses at+t and spreads pirated wares.
i will do EVERYTHING to get him turned
in. a normal-intelligent person would
realize the consequences for himself
resulting from calling me ANTICHRIST...
(even if i would be ANTICHRIST,what the
fuck would it change? and why should i
deny to be ANTICHRIST anyway? he is one
of the 3 leaders and the last of the
genuine founders of GP) but instead of
stopping they tried even more to annoy
me. finally they even published their
own adresses as "legal" (haha) freaks
in MAMBA. i mean,it's not my fault if
they are totally stupid,is it? i wasn't
asking for trouble,they were! i was
willing to give in if they apologise,
but they wrote even more shit instead.
why,does everybody always expect ME to
be the reasonable? what about writing a
letter to CRAZY instead?
                             OMG of AMOK



             * THE CHARTS *

      BEST CRACKING GROUPS   minimum: 50

01.   genesis       37  38  36 172   283
02.   dominators    37  28  32 136   231
03.   ikari+talent  20  27  20 149   216
04.   illusion      20  24  24 124   192
05.   legend        15  15  14  83   127
06.   f4cg          27  20  23  50   120
07.   extasy        14  18  16  44    92
08.   tristar       18  18  20  32    88
09.   paramount     11  10  11  51    83
10.   censor        13  15  12  30    70
10.   action        16  12  13  29    70
12.   x-ray         12  14  13  25    64

censor deserves a higher place! tristar
deserves no place at all...

      BEST DEMO GROUPS       minimum: 50

01.   crest         24  30  28 156   218
02.   bonzai        23  24  18 139   204
03.   censor        24  27  19  59   129
04.   flash inc.    17  18  13  73   121
05.   horizon        8   9   7  71    95
06.   megastyle     10   8   1  73    92
07.   padua         19  16   9  49    63
08.   the voice     10  10  10  30    60
09.   panoramic      3   9   1  38    51
10.   origo          0   0   0  50    50

finally padua managed to get into the
charts! they sure deserve it. genesis
dropped out... but i suppose they will
re-enter very high as soon as their new
coders release the first demos!

      BEST IMPORTING GROUPS  minimum: --

01.   culture        0   0   0  29    29
02.   ikari+talent   0   0   0  22    22
03.   exodus         0   0   0  18    18
04.   manowar        0   0   0  16    16
05.   nei            0   0   0   8     8
05.   legend         0   0   0   8     8
07.   illusion       0   0   0   7     7
08.   genesis        0   0   0   6     6
08.   crazy          0   0   0   6     6

this cathegory is boring... i would have
skipped that in the future...

      BEST SINGLE CRACKERS   minimum: 30

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   snacky      genesis             78
02.   bod         talent              65
03.   dogfriend   ???                 57
04.   sauron      illusion            54
05.   powerplant  legend              44
06.   goblin      genesis             31

a pity dogfriend is no longer in dom!?
now they got no real cracker anymore...

      BEST GRAPHIC ARTISTS   minimum: 30

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   bizzmo      genesis            114
02.   redstar     logic               64
03.   gbf         crest               61
04.   gotcha      crazy               60
05.   scrap       genesis             37

bizzmo is the best! check out the cute
girl's face in front of this issue...

      BEST MUSIC ARTISTS     minimum: 30

PLACE NAME        GROUP           POINTS
01.   jch         vibrants           127
02.   drax        vibrants/bonzai    124
03.   link        vibrants            70
04.   deek        vibrants/genesis    46
05.   chr.deenen  maniacs of noise    32
06.   laxity      vibrants            30

hugh? who's vibrants? hehehe!
well,all other musicians failed to get
more than 30 points... vibrants rule!

and LEO told me what will be IN and OUT
in 1991! (hehehe...)

MEGA-IN                         MEGA-OUT
genesis*project                    crazy
woody the worm            saddam hussein
dominators                         fresh
legend                           tristar
ikari+talent                  brainbombs
censor                             lazer
extasy                   sys/alphaflight
helmut kohl                        amiga



          * ILLEGAL CONTACTS *

to swap all the latest pirated software,
write to:


hurray! it's done! the very last issue
has come to an end... all this fucking
work is over! no more counting stupid
vote-sheets from ignorant lamers...
(RCS of BONZAI: strike force #1 in 1990)
hahaha! boy! i guess i'll miss all these
funny vote-sheets of lamers who know
nothing about what is going on...

anyway,i would like to thank all my dear
friends for their support in these two
stressful years of SEX'N'CRIME! thanks
for spreading,thanks for all the latest
news,thanks for the nice graphics and
music,thanks for your time! YOU made
this magazine a legend and the start of
a new aera!

and thanks again to LEO for the future
slogans of january 1991:

ROY: "yeah! i'm fucking mighty! S'N'C
was banned from a DYNAMIX bbs! and now
it is dead! i have real power!"

SYS:"what,SEX'N'CRIME stopped? fuck!
how could he do that? i will beat him up
real hard for that! i didn't get famous
enough yet!"

GOTCHA: "it stopped?! probably because
CRAZY is so cool and AMOK were jealous!"

EXORY: "i am the no.1 of the future!"

MOSKWA TV: "yeah... i won!"

hehe... yupp! i bet we'll hear them say
that! hehehe...
this is the last issue of SEX'N'CRIME...
but of course that doesn't mean we quit
or anything. in fact AMOK will continue
releasing games (our prime concern) and
utilities. also,if we find out about any
real lamer cheating or recracking,we
will release little "lamer-monuments"
once in a while and tell you about them!

if you coded a good game or a handy tool
do not hesitate to send it to AMOK! we
will promote and publish it for you for
highest prices! but you can also earn a
lot of money if you want to work under
the AMOK label. we always need talented
music composers,graphic artists and good
coders. if you need anything to be coded
we code it for you! AMOK has everything
you need!

                 THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

-amok was in venlo in march !!!
-ey,lamer ! why didn't ya copy the cool

D64 MD5: f7a558760a2b68c0bda57618aa7db11b

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